A Brac Pack Crazy Family Christmas (MM)

Brac Pack 24

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,615
200 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, sex toys]

When Maverick decides he wants everyone to participate in the nativity scene play, the mates scatter, trying their best not to get handed a manuscript. The problem is, Maverick isn’t taking no for an answer.

When Kota decides to pay off a Christmas elf to remind Blair what the season is all about, he has no clue that the elf will decide to get even for making him wear tights. He leaves little gifts for the mates as he whistles his way through the Den.

Can the mates pull together and participate in the play, or is Maverick going to put his foot down and demand that the mates give the Brac Pack babies a show to remember?

Warning, this book contains a mischievous elf, a pet reindeer, off-key singing, lots and lots of hot sex, and a surprise ending that none of the warriors see coming!

NOTE! A Brac Pack Crazy Family Christmas is a holiday reunion book in the Brac Pack series and is not stand-alone. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

A Brac Pack Crazy Family Christmas (MM)
200 Ratings (4.7)

A Brac Pack Crazy Family Christmas (MM)

Brac Pack 24

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,615
200 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
The crazy Brac pack family, you just gotta love them. I'm glad we were able to get an update on the key players of the series.I absolutely love this series and I can't say that I've ever truly been disappointed with any of the characters.
I read all the books in the series They were hot steamy, the story lines were fabulous and the characters were a riot. The mates will make you laugh until you go in your pants.
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "A Brac Pack Crazy Family Christmas is the twenty-fourth of the Brac Pack stories, but it’s actually thirty-fifth in the greater story arc that Ms. Hagen has created. In many ways this story is a Christmas gift to the readers and fans of the Brac Pack saga. We get to catch up with old friends, learn a little more about the babies and see everyone interacting as one big, large, dysfunctional, lovable pack! The two factors that push this story forward are a prankster “elf” and Alpha Maverick’s desire to put on a Christmas pageant for the kiddos. Each couple gets their own chapter and set of stumbling blocks. In the end, there’s a new twist on an old favorite Christmas story, we find out some fun news about a new pairing, meet another new potential pack member and the Christmas pageant is HILARIOUS! If you love these characters as much as I do, you’ll enjoy this installment." -- GennieG, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Maverick, the leader of the Brac Pack, has watched his pack grow as each of his warriors found their mate. Maverick's life changed the moment he found his mate Cecil, and he wouldn't change a thing about it. Cecil is always up for mischief and Maverick never has a dull moment dealing with his mates antics. It's almost Christmas and Maverick tells his pack that instead of buying presents for everyone, there will be a Secret Santa for the adults, but it doesn't include the many children in the pack who will still get lots of presents. What he hasn't told everyone is that this Christmas they will be putting on a play for the kids and he will be choosing who will be playing the parts. As each of the mates get into the holiday festivities, their warriors are left following in their wake, trying to keep up with them. As the day approaches, things start to go wrong for each mate, from the stove burning everything in it, to a singing jock strap, making them wonder what is going on. Will the mates unravel the mystery? Will everyone have a Merry Christmas? I love how each chapter was centered on a different couple while continuing the story line. It was fun to read about what was happening in everyone's life and all of the mischief they are still getting into. From Johnny's love of bright colored things, to Nero's germ phobia, the reader is engaged into their lives once again. With the addition of the mischievous Christmas spirit, Saint Nicholas himself, and Rudolph, the feeling of Christmas magic comes alive. It was hysterical how Maverick manipulated the mates into performing in the play while the warriors hid in terror of the possibility of going on stage. I will never look upon the nativity scene in the same way, but it was exactly depicting the Brac Pack style. " -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Maverick knows just what his pack needs to have a wonderful Christmas if he could only get them to agree. The Brac Pack warriors and their mates realize they have one crazy family but things are more out of control than usual and, to top it off, Maverick is running around handing out parts in his Nativity play that seems to have strayed from the original version. During the holiday season, many authors of a series will throw out a short holiday novella for their readers. Author Lynn Hagen has followed that tradition, however, instead of a short story touching on only one of the series couples, A Brac Pack Crazy Family Christmas touches on all of the main couples in the Brac Pack series. Each couple gets their own section in the story, which flows smoothly one into the other and keeps the story going without any issues. This is a fun filled story that centers on the family, so the troubles usually faced by the various members of the pack do not show up. That is not to say all is calm and quiet. When Kota inadvertently insults one of Santa’s elves, the elf decides to cause a little mischief with other members of the pack. What follows is sure to cause more than one reader to bust out laughing. The mates are their usual feisty selves, in fact, I couldn’t help wishing for the chance to go shopping in Paris the way the mates did. It was also funny watching both the mates and warriors run in fear whenever Maverick showed up to pass out copies of his Nativity play. Many times I wanted to rush to the end just to see how the play would turn out. When I finally arrived to that part of the story I was not disappointed. The play was probably one of my favorite parts of the book; I loved how each of the pack members finally got pulled into doing the play, giving it their all so the children would be given something special for Christmas. The blurb on the publisher’s website mentions a surprise ending and they weren’t kidding. I did not see the twist the author threw in at the end and can’t wait to see how it will play out in the rest of the series." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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He was willing to do just about anything not to have to be in the play. He hated holiday plays. They gave him the willies—all those frilly costumes, bright lights, and people saying stupid shit. It was downright creepy.

He also felt like a fraud. He was a big badass warrior, a force of nature, and he had fled like a scared pup at the first mention of the word play. He couldn’t begin to consider what Drew must think of him. He was a wuss.

“Hey, Remi, you said you’d help me with my lines.”

Remi grimaced as he nodded. “Yeah, pup.” He glanced up when he heard the bedroom door lock and nearly swallowed his tongue. “Wha—” Remi swallowed as his cock hardened to instant steel. “What in the hell are you wearing?”

“Like it?” Drew asked as he twirled in a circle.

Remi’s eyes felt like they were going to bug out of his head. Drew had on the shortest, skimpiest, downright thinnest piece of material Remi had ever seen. It wrapped fully around Drew’s waist then up over one shoulder. The curve of Drew’s ass could be seen just under the edge of the material, and one sparkly nipple was exposed on his chest. It was obvious that Drew was totally naked under his outfit.

“It’s my costume for the play.”

“Oh, hell, no!” Remi growled as he jumped up from the side of the bed. There was no way his mate was ever going to leave the room in that outfit. No way in hell. Of course, if he wanted to wear it in their bedroom, that was another story.

“You don’t like it?”

Remi growled as his canines punched down through his gums. Oh, he liked it, all right. The more he looked at it, the more—to hell with it. Remy grabbed Drew and tossed him on the bed, coming down on top of his mate.

“You’re not leaving this fucking room in this outfit.”

Drew wiggled once, and the material slid up enough to expose Drew’s hard cock. “So, you do like it then?”

“I fucking love it.” Remi growled.

“Good.” Drew wiggled his eyebrows as his little canines dropped down. “’Cause I got you one, too.”

Remi was too turned on by the sight of Drew’s fangs to care about some slip of material. He wanted to feel those sharp teeth sink into his skin. And he wanted to feel the beautiful cock in front of him sink into his ass.

“Fuck me?”


Remi scooted up and grabbed the bottle of lube off the nightstand then rolled over onto his back, holding the large bottle out to his mate. Drew’s teeth glimmered in the light as he grinned and grabbed the bottle.

“That is so fucking hot,” Remi groaned. “You’ve always been hot, Drew. You just seem to get that way more and more each day. Tracking your sexy ass down was the best thing I ever did.”

Drew grinned. “Bet in the days that followed when I was so sick, you thought about changing your mind.”

“Never.” Remi blinked rapidly at the tears that sprang to his eyes when he thought of the pain his mate had gone through getting off drugs. It was still a war that they fought, but the battles were getting fewer and far between. “I never once regretted anything with you.”

Drew stopped pouring lube on his fingers and looked down at Remi. “It was a hard time, Remi. I wouldn’t have blamed you if you had run in the other direction. The withdrawal symptoms alone would have made me think twice.”

“No.” The corner of Remi’s mouth curved up. “You never would have left me.”

Drew’s skin flushed. “You’re right, I wouldn’t have.” Drew tossed the bottle of lube onto the bed beside him then reached down between Remi’s ass cheeks. Remi inhaled softly as he felt one finger breach his tight ass. “You always did make it hard for me to say no to you.”

“Well.” Remi chuckled then groaned when Drew began to work his ass. “It’s hard anyway.”

“Oh, yes it is.” Drew swooped down and raked his tongue across the head of Remi’s cock. “Just the way I like it.”

Remi drew his legs up and let them drop to his sides. His breath stuttered in his throat when another finger sank into his ass. “No–no one does this to me, Drew.”

Drew growled and flashed Remi his canines. “And no one’d better.”

Remi grinned at the look of possessiveness his mate displayed. He watched as a blush crept across Drew’s face. Drew was still as charming as the day they met.

Drew’s hand circled Remi’s cock, licking the glistening liquid seeping out once again. Remi whimpered as he watched Drew’s tongue come out and lick the little drops away. Did anyone arouse him as much as this man? Hell no!

Remi went out of his mind as Drew moved slow, twisting his fingers until he found Remi’s prostate, and he grazed it.

“Oh, my god!” Remi shot up, crying out in pleasure. “I fucking love that.”

“This?” Drew asked as he stroked over it again and again, adding a third finger.


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