[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, HEA]

Sheriff Silence Foster had everything under control in the quaint town of Silent Falls, until a group of rogue lycans begins raining terror down upon the people she’s sworn to protect.

Billionaire cowboy and land developer Walker Helmsley has plans for Silent Falls, but returning to his hometown could prove dangerous as family secrets begin to unfold, marking him for certain death.

Cattle rancher Lance Hickman is attacked by lycans, and a supernatural force begins an immediate transition. Once conscious, he catches the scent of his mate.

Primal passions erupt, leaving these virile men craving Silence and fighting for their lives. Together, they must uncover the mysteries of Silent Falls before it kills them all.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Craving Silence (MFM)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Outstanding first book of this series! I can't wait to see what happens next! great job!
Lydia Mazza
Great story! I was not sure how cowboys and werewolves coming together would work out, but I was pleasantly surprised and greatly entertained.I enjoyed how the story was written and how the characters came together and worked together. This book is worth your time and it's s fast read.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: Silence Foster is the protector of a small Texas town known as Silent Falls. Unbeknownced to the humans of the town, a number of werewolves and witches also inhabit the area and live among the humans without sharing their secret. Silence is among Lycans that have shared a place in Silent Falls for years. A member of the werewolf council and she works hard to protect the local packs and keep things calm in town. Walker Helmsley is a wealthy business man with a big secret. He grew up in Silent Falls and has come back to save his little town from ruin. He has also returned to win the heart of his childhood sweetheart Silence Foster. After a chance meeting at the Sheriff's office, Silence realizes her craving for Walker is more than a simple infatuation but can't seem to figure out why. What is worse? Walker somehow knew that she was a wolf and apparently knows much more than he let on. Unfortunately she isn't given much time to figure things out when a 911 call interupts their interludes causing chaos in Silent Falls. The 911 call resulted in a newly made werewolf named Lance and when he sets his senses on Silence, the attraction is animalistic and unavoidable. Can Walker handle the competition? Can Silence choose between the man she loves and the man she craves? I can't say enough about how animalistically intense this book was. While the story is short, is was packed with animal magnetism and fierce scenes that had me craving to be claimed. The struggle between the feeling of love and the instinct of a wolf was intriguing and reading about Silence trying to fight her instincts was a page turner to say the least. I wish the story had gone on longer so I could read more about this threesome and I hope there is more to come!" -- Alyn, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

4 CUPS: "Silence Foster is the sheriff of Silent Falls, and a werewolf. Usually the town that sports humans and supernatural beings is a quiet and safe place to live, until rogue werewolves start to terrorize the townspeople. Walker Helmsley used to live in Silent Falls under a different name. Now that he is back, the billionaire cowboy has plans for developing some land and possibly getting a certain sheriff to share his bed. Lance Hickman is delivering some cattle to Silent Falls when he is attacked by animals. He does not realize that the wild animals are actually the rogue lycans that Sheriff Foster has been hunting. Just as Silence begins to think there could be something between her and Walker, Lance’s attack has him changing into a werewolf and hunting down his mate. When Walker realizes that Lance and Silence are mates just as he is Silence’s mate, he will have to put aside the issues he has or walk away from the woman he has cared for since he was in high school. As the relationships between the three begin to spiral out of control, secrets come to light which will shock all of them. Can Silence save the day and her love for the two men, or is she destined to fail at everything? Craving Silence is a hot read with some dynamic characters that seem to ooze sensuality. The way Walker reacts to Silence and Lance’s mating gave the story a very realistic feel, which you do not always sense in a paranormal book. Ms. Fox brings new life into a world of supernatural beings, including a very interesting mesh of unique abilities in one of the characters. The twists and turns that are in the novel also add flavor to the pages. Nicely done." -- Danielle, Coffee Time Romance

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Story Excerpt


Her lycan senses kicked into hyperdrive before she exited the vehicle. She took a quick surveillance of her surroundings, inhaling the numerous aromas that made up the night, taking mental notes of all the chaos her supernatural eyes could devour. Blood and carcasses were strewn across the unlit highway as if the sky had simply opened up and dropped the animals from unimaginable heights. From the smell of the blood, the mutilated bodies were cattle, but there was also a faint scent of—

A sudden movement caught her eyes as she glanced toward the front of the overturned truck. The image clear to her, she immediately flung the door open and charged toward the cowboy boots that shifted and scraped against the gravel and dry soil. She slid on her knees, and she came to an immediate stop beside the human victim.

Her instincts had been correct. This was another malicious lycan attack. Glancing down at the menacing tear marks in the flesh of the man’s shoulders and back, she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that rogue werewolves had brutalized this poor man. And for what? She growled to herself. To make more monsters? The attacks were becoming worse, more violent, and dangerous for everyone in Silent Falls. Something drastic had to be done and soon.

Glancing up at the sky, she muttered, “Poor bastard.” The full moon was only a week away. She could feel the heat of the moon along her skin. The fine hairs at the nape of her neck rose with awareness.

Glancing back down at the man in her arms, she whispered aloud, “If you knew what was in store for you, you’d have preferred they’d killed you instead.”

With a heavy sigh, she pulled her cell phone from her hip pocket. “Gavin, I’ve got an animal attack victim in pretty bad shape in need of medical assistance on highway five just north of Murphy’s Ranch.” She sucked in a sharp breath. “Before you head out here, notify Doc Brock that his help is required, and please let him know that he’s going to need to bring some heavy machinery with him. We’ve got about a dozen slaughtered cows blocking the road.”

“Animal attack?” Gavin’s knowing voice clearly told her he knew exactly what kind of animal attack she was referring to. He was the only person, besides the pack of peaceful werewolves that lived in Silent Falls, that even knew lycans or shape-shifters existed, and he helped her to keep it that way.

“Yes,” she hissed. “Now hurry. This guy’s not looking so hot.”

Before she closed her phone, Gavin said, “On my way.” She immediately placed her cell back into her pocket.

Easing the driver onto his back, she used her leg to keep his head slightly elevated. His eyes batted open, and his hands came up in a blink, gripping hold of her shirt, pulling her closer to him. A trickle of blood seeped from the corner of his mouth.

“Help me,” he stuttered, choking on the blood that filled the back of his throat. “Wild beasts at…” His voice trailed off as his body fought the exhaustion ravaging him.

He wouldn’t die. Not now. His body was already infected with the lycan anomaly, and the transition was certainly underway. The man might have been covered in blood, but she could smell the changes in him. Lycanthropy worked fast. Soon he’d be stronger, faster, his vision sharper, and there’d be no way to stop him if he wanted to turn rogue. Silence couldn’t allow that to happen, and she wouldn’t. Not in her town.

“Just lie still. Help’s on the way.” She placed her hand over top of his, and his trembling grip loosened. His heavy-lidded eyes closed once again as he drifted back into unconsciousness. She cradled him in her arms, using her accelerated body heat to keep him warm. He was shaking like a leaf, most likely from loss of blood and shock.

Reaching into his denim coat pocket, she pulled his wallet free and flipped it open. “Lance Hickman from Kerrville, Texas,” she murmured and blew out a hard sympathetic breath, staring down at the blood-covered face of the man she couldn’t help but pity. His life would be hell soon, and that was only if she decided to let him live.

“Well, Mr. Hickman, welcome to Silent Falls.”


Adult Excerpt


With her eyes, she followed Lance as he circled around the back of the sofa toward her. Walker continued to close the distance between them. Her heart raced as her mates surrounded her. They took possession of her body, their hands caressing her shoulders, waist, breasts, and hips. Then Walker’s power flooded through her once more, and instantly her head fell back, finding Lance’s hard chest.

Her arm cradled around his neck, holding Lance close to her as his hands did wicked things to her body. Honestly, she wasn’t sure whose hands were doing what. All she did know was that it felt mind-blowing.

Gasping for air, she begged, “Please tell me we’re going to be okay after this, that it won’t be weird when this is all over.”

Walker cupped her face, and her eyes fluttered open, bringing her gaze to his. “First, things between us will never be over. Secondly, I promise that nothing will ever change how I feel about you. Silence, nothing could ever stop me from loving you.”

“Or wanting to love you,” Lance whispered and then began kissing the lobe of her ear.

With a devilish grin on his face, Walker dropped to his knees in front of her and raised her leg, draping it over his broad, powerful shoulder. Spreading the folds of her pussy with his fingers, his tongue slid over her clit again and again. She cried out as waves of pleasure rocked her almost off her feet.

Lance had been there to steady her, his mouth trailing wild and sensual kisses along her neck and shoulders, while his hands cupped her breasts, playing and plucking at her nipples. He whispered sweet nothings in her ear, and her pussy clenched with heated desires.

Walker’s wicked tongue danced over her throbbing clit as his finger pressed deep inside her. Moaning, she couldn’t help but grip him by his dark brown hair to keep him close. She didn’t want him to stop his fevered pursuit of her pussy. When he inserted a second finger inside her and pumped them slowly as if fucking her with his cock, she sprung up onto her toes.

“Oh, God, that feels so good,” she cried out. “Please don’t stop.”

With two fingers fucking her, Walker used his free hand to spread the moist lips of her pussy so he could take her clit fully into his mouth. He sucked on the pulsing bud until stars fluttered in her vision and her body surged with wild and wicked vigor.

Spasms shook her as she found her release, coming with a blinding fury. Her hips bucked forward, riding the fingers still lodged deep inside her pussy. Walker’s tongue glided sensually over her clit and deeper, replacing his fingers. Licking his lips, he rose to his full height and took her by the hand.

“Come with me,” he told her, and she did, but her other hand was securely laced with Lance’s.

The three of them stepped into her bedroom. Walker sat at the edge of the bed and lay back, his cock hard and ready for her.

“Sit on my cock, Silence, but face Lance.” She did, spreading her legs to the outside of Walker’s. She slid down his monstrous shaft and took him as deep inside her cunt as she could.

The tight feel of him had her gasping the moment they were fully joined. Walker clasped his hands on her hips, forcing her to ride him at a pace he commanded.

“Now, take Lance’s cock and do with it what you will,” he said, groaning.

Lance stepped close to her, his hands cradling her face. He dipped his head down to kiss her, sliding his tongue deep into her mouth. Once she had her fill of his fevered kisses, she smiled at him. Her fingers trailed down the hard ridge of muscles on his chest and stomach. Leaning forward, she traced over the sexy curve of his hips and lower abdomen with her tongue, sliding down to lick the head of his cock. Her hands molded to his hips, nails digging into the firm globes of his ass, pulling him closer as she took his thick shaft into her mouth.

Sucking him slowly, she licked the salty sweetness of his skin, loving the velvety smoothness wrapped over hard steel. Not for one moment did she ever imagine that she would find pleasure with both her mates at the same time, but here they were, together.

Her body was on fire, alive with energy and passions never before discovered. She couldn’t keep her heart from racing or her skin from tingling as she felt the exhilarating connection of being joined with her mates.

Walker’s hips continued to pump up and down while she sucked Lance’s cock deep into her mouth, their hands still exploring one another’s bodies. The pulsing union left her breathless and yearning for more.

The intensity with which Walker fucked her increased, surging deeper and deeper inside her. Her pussy throbbed and tingled as she felt the first wave of her orgasm hit her. Pulling away from Lance, she cried out, an explosion of ecstasy flooding her body. Walker was teasing her. Not only had he made her come with wild abandon, but he’d drenched her mind and body in magical euphoria.

Catching her breath, she gazed at him from over her shoulder and said, “That’s cheating.”

“Not from where I’m sitting,” he said with a gleaming smile. “Now, be a good girl and get on all fours for Lance. I’m sure he’d like to have a little fun, too.”

Nervous flutters whipped around in her belly. Not from nerves of fear or worry, but from complete and total sexual wantonness. She rose to her feet just as Walker scooted back, moving to his knees on the bed. She turned and placed both of her knees at the edge of the bed, her hands resting on the mattress just in front of Walker.

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