Twisted Nights (MFM)

The Protectors 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,935
3 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, MFM, HEA]

Maddy is in a world of trouble, but can she trust Jethro and Justin, whom she’s just met, to keep her safe? They save her from a fate worse than death and whisk her away to their home, offering her protection. But who’s going to protect her heart from them?

Jethro and Justin know as soon as they see her that Maddy is perfect for them. She’s got fight in her, and when they get to know her, she’s sweet and spunky. It doesn’t take long for them to fall in love with her. But they want her safe before they confess their love.

Can they keep her safe long enough to convince her that they are perfect for her so that she can’t help but fall for them? Can they convince her to take on two men when she’s had such bad luck with one in the past?


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Twisted Nights (MFM)
3 Ratings (4.7)

Twisted Nights (MFM)

The Protectors 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,935
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Terror sharp as acid burned through her veins so thickly that she could taste it at the back of her throat and feel it in the pit of her stomach. They were close. She was sure of it. If they found her, she was dead. If only that was all she had to fear from them. Death would be a kindness to her. No, they would draw it out and make it hurt.

Madison Rustin eased along the alley, keeping to the shadows in hopes she could remain hidden. She watched her feet carefully so that she didn’t disturb something that would give her position away. All she needed was to kick a can or rock and call attention to where she was. She had to be smart. Smarter than they were.

She could hear music coming from the bar in the building next to her. If she could make it around to the front of the building, maybe she could lose herself in the crowd of the bar. They wouldn’t think she’d go somewhere as open as a bar. They’d believe she’d keep creeping around in the dark trying to hide. It was her first instinct. Inside, she wanted to keep going, keep hiding, afraid that once they found her they’d torture her long before they would kill her. That was their way.

Maddy had overheard too much, and so she had to die. She’d made too many mistakes in her life. First when she’d followed her heart and left home with a man much older than herself, believing he loved her. Then when he’d left her high and dry when she’d joined the biker club, the Devil’s Blood for him. And lastly when she’d decided to get a drink last night and overheard the club’s vice president and enforcer discussing how they’d killed a cop with no one the wiser. Well unfortunately, she was the wiser. Now she had to die.

She’d have been fine if she hadn’t dropped the glass of water in shock. They’d immediately come running into the kitchen and found her running out the back door and across the field out back. They would have had her, but she had a head start and was a fast runner.

How did she get herself into these situations? Maddy had no idea. Just bad luck, she guessed. Now she had to get herself out of this one. That meant thinking, which she wasn’t always very good at. Her mind jumped from one thing to another when she needed it to be clear.

First, get to the end of the alley, then slip into the bar and blend in with rest of the crowd. Thank God she’d pulled on her clothes before going into the kitchen to get that water. She’d learned the hard way to always be dressed in the club. There was never any telling what was on the floor there to step on or who she would find walking around in there.

After a few more tense moments, Maddy made it to the end of the alley. Light poured into the edge of the alley. She remained just out of sight as she looked back to be sure no one had followed her into the alley. Then she peered into the street to see if she noticed either of the two club members walking around out there. As best as she could tell, they weren’t out there. She drew in a deep breath and rounded the corner and ran right into Heckler’s chest. He was the enforcer of the Devil’s Blood MC. He laughed and wrapped a hand around her throat.

“Thought you’d run away from us? No one runs from us and gets away,” he said in a gravelly voice from having smoked too much for too long.

Maddy clawed at his hands with her nails to no avail. He didn’t even acknowledge her attempts at getting him to let go of her neck. She went for his face and managed to dig a furrow down one cheek before he slammed her against the brick building, making her see stars.

“Bitch! I’ll make you pay for that.” He rammed her against the building again.

Suddenly, he was torn away from her and thrown to the ground.

“That’s no way to treat a lady.” The voice was deep and strong.

Maddy struggled to see the face of her savior around the stars blurring her vision but to no avail. He had an amazing voice, though. It was the last thing she remembered before she blacked out.


* * * *


“She still isn’t awake,” Justin Wells said. “Maybe we should have taken her to the hospital.”

“Something tells me that she’d be in deeper shit if we took her there. It doesn’t smell right. That asshole was the enforcer of their MC. He wasn’t just screwing around. He was planning to kill her. You heard him. She has something on them he wanted silenced,” Jethro, his twin brother, said.

Jethro and Justin had just walked out of the bar when he’d seen the man wrap his hand around the pretty woman’s neck and thrust her hard against the brick building. He’d heard him say that no one ran from them and got away. He’d hit Justin on the chest and nodded toward them. Neither of them could stand to see a woman man-handled like that. They strode over to put a stop to it when the little minx had dug her nails into the man’s face.

Jethro had grinned. Good for her. Then the man had slammed her against the bricks even harder. That had set his blood to boil. He’d reacted without even thinking about it. Jethro grabbed the man’s shoulder and spun him around, plowing into him as soon as he had a decent shot at his face. He kept hitting him until Justin had pulled him off.

“That’s enough, brother. We need to see about her. She’s out. She’s probably got a concussion,” Justin had said.

Jethro had wiped his bloody knuckles on the man’s shirt then nodded and walked over to help his brother with the woman. Justin carried her over to their truck. Jethro had opened the door and let his brother climb up in the back seat with her so that he could stretch her out. Then he’d climbed in the driver’s seat and belted in before driving toward their motel room. Now, he wished they’d picked a better place to stay, but nothing could change that now.

Once he’d backed into the parking spot, he’d jumped down and helped his brother out of the truck with the woman. He’d unlocked the door and held it open while Justin carried the unconscious woman in and laid her on one of the beds.

“If she doesn’t come around in another hour, we’ll take her to the emergency room,” Jethro said.

“Whatever she’s got on them is going to make her a target for as long as she’s alive,” Justin said.

“Until we know what she knows, we can’t do anything about it.”

“Do you want to do something about it?”

“Hell yes.”

“I thought so.”




Maddy found herself in Justin’s arms before she knew what hit her. He carried her inside then through the living room that was empty. She had no idea where Jethro was, but he wasn’t in the kitchen where they’d come in, the living room, or the hall. When Justin kicked open the door to the master suite, he wasn’t in there either. He closed the door behind them and gently put her on the edge of the bed.

“I’m going to undress the prettiest package I’ve ever gotten before,” he said.

It was all Maddy could do not to swoon from his sweet words. He was killing her. No one had ever talked to her the way he did. It sank deep inside her, pulling her ever closer to falling for him. She tried to resist, but really, resistance was futile with these men. They were too good to her.

Justin lifted the T-shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor. Then he went to his knees and removed her shoes and unfastened her jeans and slowly pulled them down her legs. She moaned when he buried his nose in her crotch and inhaled. Who did that? She closed her eyes as he grabbed her panties with his teeth and pulled them down with them. Then he grabbed them and pulled them off her legs so that she had to hold on to his shoulder to lift first one leg then the other as she stepped out of them.

Once again, he held them to his nose and inhaled. “You smell like Christmas to me. The best thing in the world. I can’t wait to taste you, sweetness.”

He stood again and reached around to unsnap her bra and remove it. When he stared at her breasts with lust in his eyes that made them darker than usual, she wanted to cover herself feeling entirely too vulnerable.

“You’re beautiful, Maddy. So fucking beautiful, and you’re ours. I can’t wait for Jethro to see you. He goes crazy over breasts, and he’s going to really go crazy over yours,” Justin said.

He reached out and tweaked her nipples before lowering his head and licking first one, then the other. He sucked on them then nipped at them before sucking on them once more. It was all Maddy could do to remain on her feet. It felt so good. No one had ever treated her like this before. Usually, it was a hard squeeze or two and move on to fucking. This was more tender and loving.

“On the bed, sweet thing. I want to taste that pussy of yours. I’m betting it tastes like heaven,” Justin said.

He helped her lie back as he knelt at the foot of the bed and spread her legs apart so that he could fit his shoulders between them. She propped up on her elbows to watch him as he spread her pussy lips apart and took that first lick up her slit. She let her head drop back with an audible moan. It felt so good. No one had ever gone down on her before. This was heaven.

He licked her again then licked around her clit, making her jerk so that he moved his hands beneath her hips to hold her still. He stiffened his tongue and fucked her with it until she was moving her pelvis in rhythm with his thrusts, needing more. Begging for more. Finally, he lapped at her clit so that she was wild beneath him as her climax stole her breath to the point that she screamed silently into the room. He slowly brought her back down and crawled up her body as she panted, trying to regain her breath. He kissed her, sharing her taste with her.

“You taste like honey and vanilla. I love it, sweet thing. You truly are sweetness all over,” he said.

“That was amazing. Thank you, Justin.”

“My pleasure. Love going down on you, Maddy. You’re delicious and respond perfectly to my touch,” he said.

She smiled as she continued to pant and try to regain her composure. She watched as he leaned over to rummage in the bedside table. He came back with a box of condoms that hadn’t been opened before. He opened them, pulled out one, and tossed the box back in the drawer without bothering to close it.

“We haven’t had the birth control talk yet, so I’ll suit up for now,” he said.

Maddy was thankful he’d thought about that. She sure hadn’t. She wasn’t thinking much at all right then. All she could do was feel as her body was not her own anymore.

“You still okay with this, Maddy? If not, I can stop. Don’t want to, but I don’t want to do anything you aren’t willing to give.”

“I want you, Justin. I’m good.”

“Thank fuck,” he said.

Justin lifted one of her legs over his arm and moved the tip of his cock up and down her pussy, coating it with her juices before fitting it at her slit and slowly pressing into her. She moaned at the fullness as he slowly entered her. He was so thick and hard. He filled her wonderfully as he slowly slid deeper and deeper into her channel.

“God, your cunt’s like a wet, silk glove. You’ve got me in a vice grip, sweetness,” he said in a strained voice. “I’ll never last long.”

He pulled nearly all the way out then thrust back in and groaned when he did. “Fuck.”

Maddy gripped his arms as he tunneled in and out of her pussy in fast thrusts that left her shaking with ecstasy each time he reached the end of her and bumped her cervix. Who knew it could feel so good? This wasn’t the usual slam, bam, thank you, ma’am. This was how sex was meant to be done.

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