Kiss of Air (MM)

Elemental Seduction 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 72,856
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Fantasy Romance, M/M, witches, spanking, HEA]

An attempt to take over a psychic nexus on his land puts incubus Grayson Price between two adversaries determined to claim his land and his life, and he turns to security expert and powerful Elemental Air witch Raphael Windstorm for help.

A straight man, Grayson finds himself unwillingly attracted to Rafe, but soon attraction turns into a passion too strong to contain, too hot to deny. Terrified of what loving a man means, he tries to escape the storm of desire. But the harder he fights, the closer he’s pulled toward the eye of the dark and sensual hungers ignited by Rafe’s touch.

Rafe’s a man unused to losing and refuses to walk away from his mate and does everything in his power to win his heart and keep him safe. As the danger closes in with deadly precision, Grayson realizes embracing his feelings may be their only hope of survival.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Kiss of Air (MM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Kiss of Air (MM)

Elemental Seduction 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 72,856
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



Grayson blinked, taken aback by the man’s ability to just turn off his emotions and change lanes so fast. That cerebral attitude had the incubus clawing at Grayson’s mind. It wanted to seduce him, steal Rafe’s will for shutting him out so effectively while the man wanted to throttle him.

“What business?” Grayson forced the words out as Rafe slid his hands into the pockets of his casual navy pants. His aquamarine gaze followed the movement, and his mouth went dry at the sight of the impressive bulge Rafe sported so unashamedly. How was the man so self-possessed, so confident he could stand there like that after being dumped? 

In contrast, his chest was tight with the effort not to cry. Grayson fisted his hands as he battled the confusion and sadness twisting him up inside. He’d wanted it to be over. He’d wanted Rafe to make it easy and he had, so why was he so hollow inside?

“The things we talked about last night,” Rafe said, his lips twisting in amusement. “Baby, get that mind of yours off my dick.” Rafe perched on the edge of Grayson’s desk.

“I wasn’t—” He glared. Damn the man’s knowing mind.

“Yeah, you were.” Rafe’s low voice was a sensual rake over Grayson’s skin. Grayson shivered. “The plan I’ve come up with won’t cost you much money,” he drawled distantly. “But it will give your patrons maximum protection and you peace of mind. It will mean a slight increase in the number of guards you said you wanted, though.”

“I can’t really afford an increase in staff.” His budget was already close to being strained.

He’d hired Rafe to trace the validity of the information he’d received. Then, after his attack and his grandmother’s murder on the premises, he’d hired him to secure his business premises. The staff his grandmother had on payroll had been inadequate in their greatest moments of need.

“We’ll be able to monitor every inch of the grounds at all times,” Rafe began. “We’ve put out motion detectors that are advanced enough to pick up the smallest movement and read whether it’s human or animal. We’ll be able to see and prevent most attacks. Unless a teleport drops in.”

Grayson sighed heavily. “At what price?”

“Don’t worry about the cost,” Rafe told him calmly.

“Because you’ll take it out in trade?” Disgust didn’t quite reach his eyes, though it stained his voice. It was more self-disgust than anything else because he wanted the man so damn bad he could practically feel Rafe all over him.

“My services don’t come cheap,” Rafe told him coolly as he pushed to his feet. “But I don’t do business that way, Grayson,” Rafe replied patiently.

“Did you find anything out about my grandmother’s murder?” His chest had been cut open that night, and he’d nearly bled to death right on the hall floor. 

Rafe sighed heavily. The murder itself wasn’t something he was willing to discuss at the moment, but the rest was an unfolding mystery that he was reluctant to tell because of the hurt it would cause his lover. “I have some intel, but first I need to know if you’ve been experiencing any telepathic issues,” Rafe said.

“No, what has that to do with my grandmother’s death?”

Rafe smelled the acrid tang of the lie as easily as Grayson averted his gaze. Rafe wasn’t sure whether a full-scale attack would be launched against Grayson now that Madeline was dead, but he was aware of the psychic attacks that had continued against Grayson. They varied in severity, but he wasn’t sure what the end goal was. Rafe did know he would continue to protect Grayson, though he was no longer shielding his mind.

“Here?” he demanded. “Or in your home?”

Grayson gave him a fearful look. Rafe couldn’t know he’d been telepathically attacked that night. He hadn’t told him because he hadn’t wanted Rafe to think him weak for being unable to protect his own mind. “It’s not your—”

“Answer me, damn it,” Rafe snapped, reaching out to grip his arm. Grayson’s gaze flared as Rafe’s touch seared him.

“Both.” He jerked away and put a bit of distance between them.

“I’ll have your place searched, and I’ll put in stronger protocols here,” Rafe told him. “In the meantime, keep me abreast of any problems. I can’t protect you if I don’t know what you need.”

“Now, tell me what you found out.”

“I—” Rafe broke off. His air expanded and swirled in a cyclone inside of him, the gold-and-blue energy rising as one in recognition of a predator.

Grayson frowned and a knock at the door announced they were no longer alone. He jerked his gaze to the door, surprised. He knew the man was a telepath, but damn he was good.

“Come in,” Grayson called. The door opened, and a six-foot-one-inch tall male in a dark suit and red tie strode in. His dark-blond hair was neatly combed into place, and his shrewd blue eyes were alight with that usual cold fire.

It was Grayson’s father, James Price. The man who gave him half his genes but none of his love. James didn’t even bother talking to him much these days not that he ever had, so Grayson couldn’t help wondering what brought him here today.




“Bad little boys get punished, Gray, when they tell lies.” Rafe dragged him to the desk, and with one hand still in Gray’s hair, he used the other to open the bottom drawer where the lube was stored for office play. Grayson had been mortified when he told him he’d be leaving it there.

“I didn’t lie,” he snapped.

“You think I could possibly fuck her after I’ve had you?” Rafe demanded, bringing his face close to Grayson’s. “Not even a possibility.” He pulled him over to the couch, using his magick to cause the coffee table to slide effortlessly out of the way. He pushed Grayson facedown onto the couch cushions. As he tried to get up, Rafe pushed him back down.

“Rafe—” He struggled against Rafe. The man’s grip on the back of his head was a vice without hurting him. His hard body was pressed tight against his, Rafe’s cock to his butt crack. It made him harder and angrier at the same time.

“Only you have what I crave.”

“That’s why you’ve been blowing me off for days.” That was what made him angry. That Rafe had been avoiding him when he really needed him. This whole situation had been draining him, and the loneliness was crushing.

“You don’t have a clue, do you, baby?” he murmured. He used his magick to dispose of Gray’s shoes. He used one hand to open the button of his pants and tug down the zipper then yanked Grayson’s pants down over his narrow hips, dragging his briefs with them. Rafe stroked his hand over his smooth masculine curves. He drew back and let his hand fall heavily.

“Ouch!” Grayson flinched, but the sting went straight to his balls, and energy slid through him, a warm, tingling taste. “Stop.”

“Not the safe word,” Rafe whispered at his ear. “You started this, and now you want to run like a little coward?” he taunted. “Kingston will be more than happy to save your punk ass. Just scream like a little bitch, and he’ll come running.”

Now that made him mad. “Get the fuck off.” But he didn’t want to stop. The dominance fueled the energy that was rushing through him hard and sweet.

Rafe delivered another stinging blow. Grayson grunted, and Rafe shackled both hands above his head and used magick to bind them in place. “I thought you wanted me,” he crooned.

“Rafe—” He stopped cold as a stroke of heated air washed over him. The Elemental was truly in control, and from the feel of it, it was angrier than the man and demanding his submission.

“Don’t you want me to prove I’m your man, baby?” Rafe asked him softly.

“Not my man,” he snarled.

Rafe ran the fingers of one hand through Grayson’s silky hair. He pulled his head back so their eyes met. “Then, what makes you think you have a right to go get your ass nearly killed over what I might be doing with a woman, twink?”

He struggled against the bonds, a little afraid but a whole lot aroused. “I—your freaking j—”

“My job?” Rafe cut in. “This has nothing to do with work, baby,” he murmured at his ear. “This has everything to do with one man teaching his little twink a much-needed lesson. Rafe reached between Grayson’s legs to stroke his balls back to his perineum. His fingers played over the tight bud of his anus.

Grayson gasped as pleasure raced through him. Rafe repeated the action and, this time, pushed his fingertip just inside his anus. “You are mine,” he whispered against his ear.

Grayson bucked against him. “I’m not.” Rafe brought his hand down on his ass one more time. “I need to come,” he whimpered.

“Keep needing it.” Rafe stroked his ass then pushed a lubed finger up his tight entrance. “So tight,” Rafe breathed, his own arousal riding him hard. He eased his finger out, and Grayson wanted to howl.

“Rafe, please—” he begged then gasped as his back entrance was breached again. He pushed back against his fingers.

Rafe withdrew his fingers and gave him a hard slap. “No one else, just you. I need you. Want you.”

“Liar.” The words were ripped from him.

Rafe pushed his fingers back into Grayson’s ass and fucked him harder while he pumped his cock. Grayson fucked into his grip, pushed back against his fingers, and rode the wave that took him over.

He was too hot and was going to combust right here. Grayson whimpered in pleasure. “Fuck, please make me come.” He was there, but Rafe had his cock gripped at the base, preventing it.

“This ass is mine, Gray,” he growled. “Say it. You belong to me.”

He gripped the couch cushion with trembling hands. Gods it wasn’t a lie. “My ass is yours.” He gasped as Rafe rewarded him with a light slap. “I belong to you.”

“Scream for me.” Rafe slammed his fingers into Grayson’s ass one more time and jerked his cock.


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