[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romantic Suspense, M/M, public exhibition, bondage, HEA]

Jason Reddicker grew up without a mother and under the thumb of a father who drank too much and parented too little. It wasn’t long before their roles were reversed, and Jason became the one to take care of things on his family’s land. It's a simple life, but it is his. Shawn Carter is the undersheriff for the west corner of Rio Arriba County. Being in charge of the quiet neck of the New Mexico desert isn’t a glamorous job, but he loves it there. The crime rate is down, and his spirits are up. Jason and Shawn grew up together, and after years, their close friendship blooms into something more. As their relationship grows, there is terror lurking in the mountains above. A homicidal maniac is on the loose, and before long their lives hang in the balance as Shawn does everything he can to catch a killer and save the people of his town.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Taylor Brooks is a Siren-exclusive author.

Carter's Salvation (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
These 2 guys were so sweet and sexy! !!! Loved it!!! Can not wait for more
donna b buccella




Long before either of them had come out to their friends and families, they each would push boundaries and walk a fine line between casual flirtation and downright propositions. Whatever it was happening to their relationship, it was new and excited Jason like nothing else in his life ever had. They were evolving. No longer just friends, they were testing the waters with one another. Each of them dipped their toes in to see just how deep they were willing to dive in.

Even with their games, neither one of them ever jumped fully in. They both held back, never revealing too much of what they were feeling. So for months and years that was as far as things went.

To Jason it seemed like an eternity. He often wondered if he’d wind up going blind from jacking off and never getting any real action. All that changed one night, which went much differently than he had anticipated.

After a long week they both decided to meet up for an impromptu camping trip. The idea was to sleep under the stars and rise before the sun so they could get in some good fishing when the rainbow trout were the most active.

Hidden Lake had been their choice of fishing hole that weekend, and while its name may sound secretive, it really was anything but. It was a popular spot for many of the locals. Surprisingly they had found themselves alone that night. For a Friday night with spring right around the corner it had surprised them both. The beginning of March had been unseasonably warm that year.

They’d only been there an hour by the time Shawn was cooking hot dogs over the campfire Jason had made and they were each enjoying a cold beer. The combination of quiet night and longneck bottle of barley and hops was the perfect recipe for a shitty week.

Jason had bailed his dad out of jail for the third time that year. His dad, the consummate alcoholic who would never change, had managed to get himself arrested for a drunk and disorderly after starting a ruckus in one of the local taverns.

Shawn’s week hadn’t been quite as bad, but he’d just gotten back from a deputy training facility in the neighboring county. His new job as an official deputy for Rio Arriba County was to start the following week. He’d told Jason that he looked at his fishing and camping trip as being his last hurrah before he had to act all grown up and responsible.

Jason could still remember that night just like it was yesterday. Shawn had made a sarcastic remark about the hot dogs being too small. That was when Jason had made one of the cheesiest comments known to mankind when he asked Shawn if he liked his wieners big.

They both had burst out laughing at the ridiculous question, but after several minutes of hilarity, they both became quiet and just stared at one another. The fire illuminated the area around them, adding light to the darkness of the desert. The flames danced and licked at the air as sparks rose up and disappeared into the night.

After a while, Shawn finally broke the silence between them by asking what they were doing. Maybe it was nerves, or apprehension, but Jason played stupid, pretending to not know what Shawn meant.

“Having a campfire,” he said matter-of-factly.

“Come on, Jason. You know what I mean. What are we really doing? What is this game? This back and forth, this push and pull, am I just wasting my time?” Shawn asked.

Shawn had always been the more serious of the two, but there was something in his stare, the inflection of his voice which brought a whole new level of seriousness to the situation. His blue eyes, which normally reminded him of dark denim, now seemed almost black, like the ocean on a moonlit night.

As Jason looked deeper he was sure he could see them both, kissing and exploring one another. It was an image that sucker punched him square in the gut. It left him with no smart-ass retort or quick-witted reply. There was no more denying it, no more holding back. What they felt wasn’t going away and the truth of it was, Jason didn’t want it to.

“You’re not wasting your time,” Jason whispered to him before moving closer to Shawn. “Not by a long shot.”

That was the moment Jason had said to hell with his fears and worries and just dove right in. He’d closed the distance between them and pressed his lips to Shawn’s and after moments of them sitting as still as virgins in Sunday church, finally he’d experienced the sweet seduction of Shawn’s tongue as he slid it inside Jason’s mouth.

That was the night which became so many firsts for them, their first kiss, their first blow jobs to one another. It was the first night that Jason knew he was in over his head with Shawn. Anything he thought he felt for Shawn paled in comparison to what enveloped him that night.

They didn’t go to sleep early that night. They didn’t rise before the sun to go catch fish. Instead they made love to one another under the stars. Their sex may have only been in the oral form, but to Jason he had fallen in love with Shawn.




He would give anything for just one more night with Shawn like they used to have. The nights when they would talk until the wee hours, until their talking turned into kissing, and then their kissing turned into fucking.

Damn, but they could suck and fuck one another for hours on end. Neither one of them would grow tired or want to stop. They didn’t need food or water to sustain themselves, only each other.

The pleasure they brought one another seemed unreal, like the kind that no one before them had ever experienced. He was sure that no other couple’s passion could even come close to the fires they ignited inside one another.

The shower water was starting to warm. Droplets of liquid heat dripped down his body until his cock was soaked. Beads of steamy moisture slid down his length and tickled his balls. His hand moved on its own accord and fisted his cock.

Fuck he wanted Shawn so damn bad. He could almost taste the memory of his cum. There was so much he wanted to do, and yet so much that he no longer thought he was entitled to.

He worked his hand up and down, stroking and trying to swallow the giant lump in his throat. His body was on fire, but his heart fucking hurt. He wanted Shawn back. Not just his body, but who he used to be.

The sound of the bathroom door closing jerked his mind back to the present. He turned his head and saw Shawn standing there. Surprisingly there was a bulge in his trousers which was indicative of the old Shawn, the Shawn he used to know.

“Don’t stop,” Shawn told him.

Jason turned away. He felt tears sting his eyes and he refused to allow Shawn access to such a raw emotion. He was so angry that anyone had this much control over him. He hated that he cared so damn much and felt so vulnerable to a man that had shown him such little interest of late.

The shower door opened. Startled, Jason turned to see Shawn stepping inside. His clothes were no longer hiding his beautiful body. Nervously, Jason dropped his eyes downward and looked at the object which poked at his peripheral vision.

There it was. Shawn’s cock, standing up at attention so thick and hard. It was just as beautiful Jason remembered it to be. Maybe even more so.

Jason forgot about his dinner and the normalcy of everyday life. He suddenly felt starved, like a man who hadn’t eaten in weeks, maybe even months. His need to feed on the sustenance of Shawn overwhelmed him, and without hesitation he dropped to his knees on the hard shower floor.

With Shawn’s heavy cock in his fingers, Jason opened up his mouth wide and took the entire length of Shawn’s dick into the back of his throat. The combination of that day’s sweat mixed with the musky scent of Shawn filled Jason’s senses. His nostrils flared and he inhaled deeply the aroma that always managed to drive him insane with lust.

Jason’s own balls drew up tight with the tease of climax. He wasn’t close yet, but that didn’t stop his cock from reminding him how quickly he could fall with Shawn.

Shawn’s longer fingers grabbed the back of Jason’s head and pushed him farther down on his length. Jason heard a groan of satisfaction when he opened that much wider, allowing Shawn to fuck his throat.

The sounds of pleasure which echoed in the shower only added fuel to Jason’s fire. He closed his lips tightly around Shawn’s cock and sucked in his cheeks. With his fingers he massaged Shawn’s tight ball sac. He wanted, no he needed to taste his cum. He needed it just as much as he needed air to breathe.

Shawn was saying something, but whatever it was Jason couldn’t understand. His head was pounding with the thump of his heartbeat and the adrenaline coursing through his veins. Finally a tug on the back of his hair forced him to stop and pay attention.

“I need to fuck you. Not your mouth, your ass. Please. I need you so fucking bad right now.”

Jason looked up at Shawn through the steam-filled mist and listened to the man that meant more to him than anything in the world. He felt Shawn’s arms reach down and pull him up and even as they stood face to face Jason couldn’t help but feel like he was in some sort of a dream. His head was swimming with so many thoughts and emotions he couldn’t form a single word.

Shawn grabbed the bottle of baby oil which sat beside the shampoo and turned Jason around. The hot grease rained down on Jason’s ass and he felt Shawn’s hands work the slippery liquid in his asshole with fingers that felt like such a tease in comparison to what he knew was coming.

Suddenly his muscles were throbbing in anticipation. He loved being filled by Shawn. There was nothing quite so fulfilling as having his thick eight-inch length bury itself deep inside him until Shawn’s balls slapped against his ass. Still, even knowing how good it felt, he couldn’t remember a time when he wanted or needed it so badly.

Jason leaned over and placed his hands on the tiled wall. Spreading his legs apart, he waited for Shawn. Not a second passed before he felt the blunt head of Shawn’s cock push at his puckered entrance.

He relaxed his muscles as best he could and pressed his fingers against the porcelain wall. His knuckles became white as he braced himself for the intrusion. A second passed, and then two, before finally the third second came and Shawn thrust his hard cock deep inside Jason’s ass.

It wasn’t soft or gentle. It was rough, hard and unrelenting. It was exactly what Jason wanted.

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