Cougar Desires (MF)

Cougarlicious 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,070
7 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal May-December Romance, shape-shifters, HEA]
Gwen Ford has just about given up on meeting a man, any man, much less the younger one that she and her friends had agreed to hunt for. She agrees to go out with her son to meet people and get out of the house on a Friday night when she meets the man who is happy to make her a cougar. Too bad he’s one of her son’s best friends.
Jaxon Stanopolis recognizes his mate as soon as he holds her on the dance floor. It does not matter to him that she is 14 years older than he is. It does not matter that he is her son’s mentor at the fire department. Nothing matters to him except claiming his mate.
Will she give into the attraction she feels? Or will she allow her son to keep her away from the man of her desires?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cougar Desires (MF)
7 Ratings (4.0)

Cougar Desires (MF)

Cougarlicious 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,070
7 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Looking into a pair of the darkest eyes she had ever seen, Gwen’s breathing stopped and her brain froze as she fell into their black-brown depths. Pulling her focus back, she took in swarthy dark looks, square jaw, and full lips surrounded by a golden-blond mustache and goatee.

He was a Grecian god with blond hair. For the first time in years, her sex drive shifted from neutral into high gear. Shifting in her chair, she felt her pussy clench as it overflowed.

This was the Jax her son had been talking about since joining the department? How had she never met him before? And why was he looking at her like she was the only woman in the room?

Sanity returned after a moment, and she wondered if maybe he had an older brother or cousin who looked like him and oozed the same virile manliness.

His slow blink broke the connection, allowing her brain to click back into gear. She gasped at her rude behavior.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she apologized softly as she tried unsuccessfully to pull her hand from where he still held it in his.

“Why?” he asked. His smile appeared genuine while his expression was one of confusion.

“For…um…well. Oh, never mind,” she said, still trying to get all her brain cells focused on something other than a mental image what he would look like spread across the white sheets of her bed.

Still he did not release her hand. Instead, he used the connection to pull her from her chair as he straightened. “Why don’t we dance and you can answer my question?”

Gwen looked to her son, but he was still lost in conversation with the young lady who had been flirting with him since five minutes after they sat down.

The reason she had agreed to coming out returned in a flash. She wanted to get out, meet new people, and dance. And this beautiful man was offering all three. It was not like she would be going home with him.

“All right,” she said softly. “Thank you. I’d love to dance.”

It had been years since she had been on a dance floor with a partner. She hoped he would take it easy on her and not expect perfection. Once they reached the edge of the open area in the center of the room, which served as a dance floor, she hesitated as the song ended.

When a classic Alabama song came on, she smiled ruefully and wondered if maybe they should sit this one out as well. “Lady Down on Love” described her perfectly, but not for the reasons named in the song. Before she could tell him of her change of heart, Jax gently turned her to face him.

Looking up into dark, dark eyes that seemed to see into her heart, Gwen lost her train of thought. Instead of pulling away and returning to her seat, she allowed him to slip his other arm around her waist. His fingers spread across her back, but only his pinky rested below the waistband of her skirt. He stepped closer, but not too close, as if leaving room for propriety’s sake. Absently, she wondered how many times a night his laid-back, no-pressure approach seduced women into offering much, much more than they normally would.

She was surprised how well they fit together. He was tall and broad and oh so muscular, and she was anything but. Her husband had been tall and thin, but dancing together had always been awkward. With Jax it instantly felt comfortable and very, very right. He guided her to the middle of the dance floor then began to move slowly with the music.

She remained stiff and tense in his arms, afraid of what might happen if she relaxed. She was not sure what she was anticipating, but warm, tingly, feelings of intense arousal were nowhere on the list of expectations. Jax did not take push for advantage, though from his expression she thought he was as attracted to her as she was to him. Other than bringing their linked hands up to rest against the front of his shoulder, Jax made no other move to close the last two inches that separated their bodies.

When she finally took a breath and relaxed marginally, he dropped his head forward and brushed his cheek against her temple. “Answer my question, please,” he requested softly.

“Which question?” she answered. Taking the initiative, she shifted closer until her breasts pressed lightly against his chest.

It had been a long time since a man had wrapped himself around her in a relatively nonerotic manner. Jax tightened his hold and shifted even closer, and all at once Gwen needed more. So much more. Her pussy clenched with a need to feel him pressed skin to skin against her, around her, and in her. She needed their hearts to beat as one as they breathed the essence of the other in.

“What do people call you when they don’t call you Mom?” In the last few seconds, his voice had dropped and grown growly.

She drew in a sharp breath when her nipples tightened and pressed more firmly against her bra. The song ended before she could respond. When she tried to step back, his arms firmed against her, holding her in place.

“Don’t go yet,” he murmured, rubbing his cheek up and down the side of her head as if trying to rub his scent on her.

And oh what a scent it was, too, like freshly mown spring grass and summer rain after a long, hot day. Taking a deep breath, she relaxed and stopped trying to gain her freedom. Truth be told, for the first time all evening, she was having fun.

“Gwenalynn Ford. Gwen. Or Miz Ford if you want to be formal,” she said, tilting her head to see his face.

He smiled, like a child receiving an early birthday present. “Gwenalynn, I like that. And I bet no one ever calls you that, do they?”




She met his gaze, grinned, and winked. “But what if I want to?” she said just before opening her mouth, extending her tongue and swirling it around just the pre-cum-slicked head of his cock.

“Oooo,” he breathed at her touch as he dropped his head back to the bed. “Then go right ahead.”

The cock between her lips muffled her laughter, but the sound vibrated through his cock and rippled through the rest of him to settle in his heart. In the next instant, her lips closed around his shaft and she began to move bob up and down the top half of his long, strong erection. 

Occasionally she would take him too deep and gag but soon found that a hand around the lower half not only kept her from hurting herself, it also gave him added pleasure and had him shifting on the bed while making all sorts of deep, guttural noises. His legs would not keep still, and he found himself hugging her sides with his thighs as his arousal went higher and higher.

He needed more. He wanted to watch her soar with orgasm as well. Just as he was about to sit up and push her off his cock, she released his cock and sat up. Smiling at him with a hunger he had never seen in a woman’s expression before, she crawled up his body until she straddled his hips with her legs and her pussy hovered just an inch above his cock.


* * * *


“I hope you don’t mind, but it is my desire to see if cougars can be ridden,” she said, her voice low and sexy.

Not sure how he would feel at her boldness, but too aroused to give a damn, Gwen reached between her legs and pulled her lower lips apart. A moment later, she lowered her hips until her labia wrapped around the sides of his cock. She pulled in a gasp that harmonized with his sucking breath as her clit settled on his cock. She began to slide her hips back and forth, stroking her clit up and down the underside of his cock.

As she did, her clit grew even bigger and more sensitive. Feeling more than a little off-balance, she leaned forward, resting her hands on his chest with her index finger covering his small, dark brown nipples. Lowering herself further, she kissed him long and deep, thoroughly embracing this new, brave side of herself that she never thought she had. When she lifted her head, he growled as his hands took possession of her hips and began to guide her movements.

Looking into his eyes, she saw they had changed, were no longer dark chocolate brown, but glowed amber and appeared more cat-like. But instead of frightening her, the change aroused her until she could think of nothing else but driving this man wild with need. All at once, she wanted to connect with him in every way possible.

Without a thought to anything but finding her orgasm with Jax, Gwen pushed until she was sitting straight up on his hips. Lifting her hips, she reached for his cock, and after stroking the tip of his cock from the top of her slit to her overflowing pussy, she fit the tip into her widely parted entrance.

Staring into Jax’s eyes, she slowly lowered herself over him, sucking shallow breaths as his long, wide cock filled her. It took several strokes up and down, taking a little more of his cock with each stroke until his cock was fully embedded in her. Once her ass rested on his pelvis, she stopped long enough to rein in her out-of-control emotions. Instead of her own desires, she tried to keep her focus on him, concentrating on massaging the muscles of his chest as her pussy stretched and accustomed itself to his bigger-than-average size.

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