Giving His Heart Away (MM)

Heart Stealers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,063
14 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
Charlie Hawkes comes home one day to realize his shifter boyfriend has emptied out his bank account and stolen from his close friends. Dejected, depressed, but refusing to give up and return to his hometown after working hard to make it the city, Charlie decides to give his life a full 360-degree turn. The last thing Charlie expects is to become insanely attracted to a gorgeous dominant werewolf. But his ex boyfriend shattered his ability to love. Can Charlie learn to open his heart to another again?
Ex-military paranormal special ops werewolf Zane Denver only intends to buy his friend a birthday present. Instead, he finds his mate in Charlie. Despite discovering the human has been hurt before by another shifter, Zane refuses to give up. Zane has never wanted anyone more in his life. The hunt is on and when a werewolf sights his mate, Zane will not stop until Charlie is his forever. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Giving His Heart Away (MM)
14 Ratings (4.4)

Giving His Heart Away (MM)

Heart Stealers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,063
14 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Speechless? I get that often,” the stranger drawled.

Charlie wanted to punch himself in the face if he could. Of course. This guy probably had no problems getting whoever and whatever he wanted.

“So, let me get this straight,” he said, recovering. “You want an ugly shirt? Won’t you lose your friend that way?”

Shit. Charlie shouldn’t be speaking to a customer like this, but men like him got on his nerves. Self-assured and arrogant guys like this asshole could probably get away with anything, even leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him.

“Nah. We’ll get a good laugh, and his mate will like me. Bonus points.”

Mate? His stomach churned. Only shifters used that word. If this stranger’s friend was one, then this guy was probably a shifter, too. Charlie would be lying if he said he had nothing against that particular paranormal species.

After Randy ran out on him, he went on the net for other heartbreak stories. True enough, he found out most werewolves stuck with their own kind and seldom showed interest in humans. Humans were inferior to them.

How was Charlie sure this man was a werewolf anyway? Perhaps the stranger was a were-rabbit or something, but he doubted it. Despite the easy smile, he wasn’t fooled. Every inch of this man screamed danger, but instead of coming up with an excuse to leave, he lingered. Charlie didn’t know why either.

“What will it take,” the man said as Charlie realized he hadn’t said a thing in a while, “for you to smile for me?”

Charlie scoffed. “Does that line normally work for you?”

“Don’t need to use it, because I never encountered a roadblock before.”

“I bet,” he grumbled. “How sweet, no one’s ever called me roadblock.”

“I try my best. Is that a hint of a smile on your lips? By the way, I’m Zane.”

“As if I’m about to give my name to a complete stranger,” he retorted, startled when Zane tapped at his name tag. He groaned.

“Pleased to meet you, too, Charlie.”

“I’m sure guys like you spend all their time working their charms on poor, gullible suckers, but other people are still working,” he stated.

He must have said something wrong, because Zane dropped the smile and that made all the harsh angles of his face stand out, making Zane appear more serious, dangerous even. Those black eyes glowed, had hints of yellow in them, telling him Zane’s animal started to peek out.

“You know nothing about me,” Zane quietly said, and his attention moved to a small scar on the side of Zane’s neck he hadn’t noticed before.

He swallowed.

What right did Charlie have to judge a complete stranger? For all he knew, Zane was only harmlessly flirting with him. He had no right to make assumptions. Ever since Randy ran two weeks ago, he’d been on edge. Losing his job was the last thing he needed. For one, he could barely pay both his rent and his debt to his friends. Casey and Donovan’s insurance covered some of their stolen items, but not all.

“I’m sorry. That was uncalled for. I’m not normally this rude to customers. I’ve been having a bad day, well, bad weeks,” he admitted. Now, why would he say that to someone he just met? Charlie didn’t know. His reaction to Zane confused him. Maybe it was just him being tired. He’d been working extra shifts, after all.

“What do you say I take you out for a drink?”

Charlie blinked. “You’re asking me out after the way I treated you?”

It wasn’t just his treatment, but what could a guy like Zane want with a plain looking man like him? Was Zane being nice or did he have other intentions?

As if Zane sensed his growing distrust, Zane said, “Just one drink. That’s all. I promise you, I won’t do anything against your consent. After that drink, you can tell me to fuck off and I will. Werewolf’s honor.”

God. What if Zane actually turned out to be a nice guy? After Randy, Charlie lost all hope of ever finding a decent man. He began to believe they didn’t exist, and yet here was Zane, proving him wrong. Charlie even felt a little better, less miserable than when he started his shift that morning. Spotting his grumpy manager Todd in the distance, he cleared his throat.

“Right, let’s find that shirt.” He purposely chose to not answer Zane. Charlie still didn’t know if he was ready to date again, and thankfully, Zane didn’t press.

Zane followed his line of sight and grinned. “What you got?”

Charlie ended up having more fun than he imagined, plowing through polo selections with Zane. They eventually decided on a purple and yellow polo tee.

“This is the one,” Zane said, holding the shirt up. “So, can I get this gift wrapped or something somewhere?”

“You haven’t shopped at a lot of department stores, have you?” he had to ask.

Zane shook his head. “Feel like I’ve been in the army my entire life. Before that, I lived in a really remote and small town. No malls there.”

He felt like a jerk again. A soldier? That kind of explained the dangerous energy he sensed from Zane.

“Are you off-duty?” he asked, leading Zane to the cashier, but taking his time so they could chat more.

“Permanently.” Zane didn’t elaborate, which was odd, since the shifter seemed chatty earlier. Charlie guessed it was a topic best not broached yet.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what? Ultimately, I don’t regret it.”

Charlie began to open his mouth, but Zane interrupted him. “No other questions, unless you agree to that drink.”

What was it about this man that intrigued him so much?

Charlie knew he might regret this decision later, but all he said was, “Fine.”

Zane lit up. “Good. What time does your shift end?”




Charlie drowned in Zane’s urgent kisses, groaned when Zane reached his chest and flicked a tongue over his left nipple. The werewolf took the bud into his mouth sucking hard, at the same time reaching for his dick to give it a few tugs and pulls.

He groaned, squirming, but Zane’s huge body held him in place. Zane stroked his prick faster, then bit down, leaving his teeth mark on his nipple. Seeing the raised skin only turned him on. Werewolves loved biting in bed, and he didn’t mind that at all.

Zane took his mouth again and stroked him faster, until he was panting when Zane released his mouth. Charlie’s dick thickened at full length now, and Zane used his thumb to swipe the pre-cum off his tip.

“You want to come, little human?” Zane asked.

He let out a moan he hoped Zane took for assent.

“Good. Beg me.”

Seriously? How could Zane expect Charlie to do that, when he could barely speak? It was so hot having this big dominant man taking control of his body, claiming him in every sense of the word. After Randy, Charlie thought he’d never let another man into his heart again, but he was wrong. Randy had been a wrong choice, a mistake so fate could lead him to Zane, he began to believe that now.

“Please,” he uttered, crying out when Zane gave his dick another tug.

“Come for me, baby,” Zane ordered, squeezing his leaking tip.

That did the trick. The pressure inside him broke and he came, moaning as strings of his cum splattered Zane’s hard abs and ribs. Zane lifted his slick hand, covered with Charlie’s seed, and gave it a lick. Even in the bliss filled haze of post orgasm, he blushed. When Zane pressed his hand against his face, he lapped all the cum off, like a satisfied cat.

“Good boy.”

From another man, the words would come out strange, but not from Zane. Pleasure filled him at those words, but before he could answer, Zane flipped him on his hands and knees. A thrill went down his spine as he thrust his ass at Zane in offering. He jumped when Zane swatted his left ass cheek. Oh, that was freaking hot.

Who knew sex could be this fun? Sex always felt like an afterthought, a duty before, but Zane seemed intent on changing his mindset. He still couldn’t believe he was doing this, having sex this early with a not-stranger he met just yesterday.

No doubts filled him though, only a strange certainty that they were perfect for each other. He was definitely human and yet he knew this man was his fated soul mate.

“Lube?” Zane asked, voice harsh.

“Drawer under the bathroom sink,” he answered, groaned when Zane dragged a finger down the cleft of his ass. He pulled his legs further apart so Zane could trace his puckered entrance and give his balls a flick. How could he be this turned on after he just came?

“I’ll be right back,” Zane said.

He rested his cheek against his pillow, dick pulsing between his legs as Zane returned with the lube. This was another amazing thing about having a werewolf lover, shifters didn’t catch anything so that eliminated the need for a condom. That suited Charlie just fine, because he didn’t want a thin piece of plastic between them. He wanted his big bad wolf to ride him bare back, no barriers between them.

Zane joined him in bed. Charlie felt cool lube drizzling down his ass a moment later and Zane pushing one finger in. He shuddered in anticipation, unable to wait a second longer. Zane added a second and began widening him for access.

“Look at you. All primed up for me already?” Zane asked, giving his rising cock a squeeze.

“Can’t help it,” he mumbled. “Want you in me bad.”

“Me, too, little human, been thinking about doing this since last night” Zane pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his cock.

Finally, Charlie thought. Zane gripped his hips and pushed in without warning. He cried out as Zane’s huge dick penetrated him. A burn started, but once Zane pushed past the thick ring of muscles, it became smoother. Finally, Zane buried himself balls deep in him.

He took deep breaths. Zane was so huge, Charlie felt completely stretched. Still, it was the good kind of pain, one that promised mind-blowing ecstasy later on. Zane moved, thrusts steady, each one moving deep and deeper. He panted, clawing at the sheets for balance as Zane fucked him faster, harder.

Charlie always liked it rough, so he pleaded for more. Zane reached between his legs, began stroking his prick again, which was already at half-mast.

“Fuck, baby. Feels so good to be inside your tight little ass.”

He blushed at those words but couldn’t deny they turned him on.

Feeling like he should say something, he blurted, “A—and your cock feels great.”

Zane laughed. “You’re not used to talking during sex, are you?”

“Well, sex was always this quick, boring thing. Used to,” he corrected. “I’ll do better next time.”

His heart hammered. Could there be a next time?

“Fuck, little human. You surprise me at every turn.”

“That a good or bad thing?”

“Definitely good. I better bring my A-game next time.”

Then they couldn’t talk at all. 

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