Alpha Moon (MFM)

Alpha Protectors 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,508
1 Ratings (3.0)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Cathy Swift's car broke down in Heat Springs, Texas, just as she reached the auto dealership and garage of billionaires Renato Cordova and Chuck Nunez.
They can't believe their good fortune when the beautiful, blond, swimsuit model enters their lives. Ranchers' kids, and champion team ropers in college, they're haunted by their failure as kids to protect friends from Wra, the evil shape-shifter.
Recently, Chuck was badly injured by Wra's gang while trying to protect one of his friends, Shane Adams. Recovered, Chuck still feels the effects of that injury. He could still be targeted by Wra, as could his friends. Chuck and Ren worry that Cathy could now be Wra's target as well.
Cathy helps Chuck and Ren make peace with the guilt from their childhood while the three of them fall in love. Will she still love them when she discovers they're shape-shifters? When she is threatened by Wra, Chuck and Ren must face their worst fear and rescue Cathy before she becomes Wra's next victim. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Alpha Moon (MFM)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Alpha Moon (MFM)

Alpha Protectors 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,508
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“What the hell is she doing parking in the street?” Ren swiped his fingers through his dark hair like he usually did when something puzzled him. “That’s not a safe place to leave a parked car, not to mention get out on the driver’s side.” He started toward the door, and Chuck joined him.

As the voluptuous blond walked slowly toward the front doors of their building, taking in the clean, shiny, new autos as she passed them, the loud rumbling engine of a pickup truck could be heard coming their way down the street. Ren opened the door, and Chuck stepped outside with him. The guys in the truck whistled and made catcalls at the pretty woman as they sped by.

“Damn yahoos,” Chuck said, swearing.

They hurried to meet the lady and escort her inside before the bastards came back. “Shit, that looked like some of Wra’s gang of shape-shifters,” Ren said soft enough so that only Chuck heard him. Next time Chuck got close to Wra’s gang members, he hoped to give them back what they’d done to him.

They both smiled at the tall, willowy lady as they drew closer to her.

“Hi, how are you? I’m Renato Cordova, Ren for short.” He squeezed her offered hand.

“Hi, I’m Chuck Nunez.” He offered his hand as well. “What can we help you with today?” Chuck asked her, smiling.

She released Chuck’s hand. “I’m Cathy Swift.” She frowned and shook her beautiful mane of blond hair that touched her shoulders. “My car isn’t working right. I saw your sign on the highway and hoped I could have someone see what’s wrong with it.”

Chuck was struck by the softness of her perfectly-cared-for hand, her slender fingers grasping theirs as she shook their hands.

“We’ll get someone to take a look at your car and let you know what’s causing the problem,” Ren said. “If you’d like, we can have one of our guys drive it into the garage.”

 “Thank you, that would be great,” she said.

“We should know pretty quickly what the problem is,” Chuck said as she handed the keys to Ren. “Come inside and have a seat. How about a soda and some chips?” Chuck gestured toward the doorway to their office.

Ren caught up to them after handing her keys over to Jerry, their head serviceman. He opened the glass door to their office, and Chuck escorted her inside. He waited, holding the door for her as she walked inside.

She had the most graceful way of walking that Chuck had ever admired. He offered her a chair, and he and Ren brought cold sodas and chips from the refreshment area. “Have you driven for a long while today?” Chuck asked after giving the soda to her.

“I’ve been driving since this morning after breakfast. With the car not acting right, it’s been sort of tiring.”

“Is this your first trip to Heat Springs?” Ren asked.

“Yes, I haven’t been through here before.”

“Sorry about those bad-mannered idiots who drove by,” Ren said.

She waved a hand. “Don’t worry about it. I’m used to that sort of thing. I ignore it for the most part. In my line of work, you expect it.”

“What line of work are you in, if you don’t mind saying?” Chuck asked.

“I’ve been working as a model for a swimsuit line. That’s not too bad, but the director for the advertising photo shoots for that line of swimming apparel is a scumbag I met a few years ago, and he is so overbearing and hard to get along with that I quit yesterday. After he called me over and over all evening demanding that I return to work the next day, I decided it was time to make a change for the better. I told him I was giving up my job immediately. He wouldn’t believe me, so I decided it would be best to get out of town for a while. I was on my way for a little vacation when my car started acting up.” She smiled and shook her head. “I can’t believe my luck.”

“It’s good that you stopped here at our place,” Chuck said. “We’ll get your car working for you again. In fact, we’ll check on your car right now. The garage manager could already have word on what the mechanics have found that needs to be done for your car.”

“Thanks so much,” she said. “I should go sit in the reception room and get out of your way while I wait to hear.”

“Not at all,” Chuck said.

“You’re welcome to stay in our office,” Ren said. “Make yourself comfortable. We’ll be in and out if someone needs us for anything.

Both Chuck and Ren left their office and headed for the garage. Chuck turned to Ren. “Wow, she’s a gorgeous lady. I hope she stays in town for a while. I’d like some time to get to know her.”

“So would I,” Ren said.

They found the manager of their repair garage and talked about Cathy’s car. After finding out that the repairs would take at the least a couple of days, they headed back to their office to let Cathy know.

She was still sitting in their office. She looked up and smiled at them as they opened the door and entered the room.

“What’s the verdict?” she asked.

“It looks like it will take at least a couple days to fix your car,” Ren said.

  “You’ll need a place to stay,” Chuck said. “Have you reserved a hotel room?”

“No, I haven’t,” she said, sounding dismayed. Her beautiful, blue eyes widened. “I hadn’t planned to stop here.”

“Here’s the number for the hotel.” Chuck handed her the flier about their only Heat Springs hotel and showed her the phone number.

“You can call on our phone,” Ren said. “There’s really only one hotel in Heat Springs. If they’re full, you’re welcome to stay at our place. We have plenty of room and privacy for folks who come to visit.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to impose,” she said as she dialed the number for the hotel. “Hello, yes, do you have a room for tonight?”

She grimaced slightly, and Chuck knew the hotel receptionist had told her they were full tonight.

“How about tomorrow night?” she asked. “Okay, thanks anyway.” She looked at Chuck and Ren. “You were right. They’re full and will continue to be full for the next few days.”

“The invitation still holds,” Ren said. “We can take you by our place so you can see if you would be comfortable staying there, and if you’re not, we can call some friends and see if someone else has room.”

“Thanks, I appreciate your help. I’d like to stay at your place, if it’s not putting you out.”

“We’re glad to help out,” Chuck said. “We’ll head home in a little while.”




Cathy turned away, her body aching almost painfully down low in her belly and growing too needy for her own comfort with that feeling of heat. The thought of having Chuck and Ren pleasure her at the same time made her even hotter with arousal. She realized she was breathing faster. She wondered if her reaction was evident to Ren and Chuck. What would they think of her? She hoped they wouldn’t think badly of her.

“Want to go for a swim?” Chuck asked her quietly.

She turned toward him. “I’d love to,” she told him, smiling with relief.

“Last one in,” Ren warned playfully on her other side.

She saw that they were both taking off their shirts. They left on their jeans cut-offs and slipped off their sandals. Cathy worked fast to strip down to her skimpy swimming suit. When she was ready, Chuck and Ren took hold of her hands.

“Come on, babe,” Ren said. With a little tug on her hands, they headed for the water, and she hurried to keep up.

She raced into the water with them, hoping the surface of the soil under the water would be hard and smooth under her bare feet. It was, and before she could catch her breath, they were in deep enough water to swim. Ren and Chuck released her hands, and they all started dog paddling beside each other.

“Oh, my God, she exclaimed. “The water feels wonderful.”

“Told you,” Chuck said, grinning at her.

“Swim with us to the other side,” Ren said.

She gave the distance a look. “I’ll try,” she said, not sure if she could actually swim that far.

 “If it’s too much, just tell us, and we’ll swim back,” Ren said.

“Okay, sounds good,” she agreed.

All three started swimming together to the opposite side. Ren and Chuck stayed with her, even though she knew they could swim faster if they were by themselves. She appreciated their consideration for her.

 About halfway there, she took a break to catch her breath, and they stopped and treaded water with her.

“I think maybe we decided on this swim before we realized we were losing the last of the sunlight,” Chuck said. “We’d best head back before it’s too dark to see where we’re going.” He grinned at Cathy.

“Good idea,” Ren said.

Before they reached the beach, the guys slowed down, and each one put an arm around Cathy.

“Are you doing all right?” Chuck asked her.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she said.

Chuck moved closer against her and kissed her cheek. “Want to be sure you’re all right, babe.”

Ren hugged her around her waist and kissed her other cheek. “Don’t want anything to happen to you, sweetheart.”

Their sincere concern touched her deeply. “Thank you, I appreciate that.”

“Put your legs and arms around me, hon, and we’ll just float here for a little while,” Ren said.

“Okay, that sounds like fun.” She rested her arms over his shoulders as he pulled her knees up and around his waist. She felt Chuck move close behind her as he cupped his hands around her waist. They floated together in the water as Chuck and Ren did all the work keeping their heads above water. She relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of the water swirling around her. Both guys moved closer to her, and she felt their chest muscles against her. They were both so strong. Then their cocks bumped against her. Her breath caught, as their touch aroused her as much as she aroused them evidently.

The touch of Ren’s hard cock against her belly tempted her to take hold of him with her hand and arouse him even more. They were as good as alone out here in the water with only Lacy and her boyfriends playing at the picnic area.

Chuck moved snug against her back, and she felt his stiffened cock touch her beneath her butt cheeks. Oh my, the aching heat he sent to her lower belly made her breathe faster. She wanted to rest her head back on his shoulder and enjoy their touches. She needed to give them only a little encouragement, and she had a feeling they would be happy to have sex with her. She wondered again what it would be like to have sex with two guys at the same time. She’d always wanted to avoid that while she was modeling. She wasn’t so sure she wanted to avoid it with Ren and Chuck.

Ren moved one hand down the front of her, his fingers trailing across her lower belly and finally tantalizing the sensitive flesh protecting her clit. She couldn’t hold back a moan of pleasure. She dropped her head back onto Chuck’s well-muscled shoulder.

“Do you like that, babe?” Ren asked her.

“Yes,” she said softly, almost hissing with the sweet ache that spread between her legs. More pleasure touched her as Chuck moved his hips against her and slid his cock forward and back beneath her cheeks. He held her securely with his hands at her waist. Even the touch of his big hands gave her erotic sensations.

“Tell me if you want me to stop,” Ren said as he smoothed one long finger between her folds and down her slit then up again to circle her clit.

“Oh, God,” she said, her voice tight and rasping with the need Ren created stroking the flesh between her thighs. She grasped his hard cock in her fist and squeezed. His low feral growl told her he liked that.

When Ren slid one long thick finger into her vagina a little way, she almost cried out in pleasure.

“Does that feel good, hon?” Ren asked her, his voice rough with his own arousal.

“Yes,” she hissed. “More, please,” she pleaded. He delved his long finger deeper inside her. She bucked against him. “Oh, God.” She was so close to climaxing.

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