Meant to be Theirs (MMM)

The Man Beyond the Beast 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,390
7 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Romantic Suspense, MMM, HEA]

Gilbert Burke is a zebra shifter with a terrifying past he’s trying to escape. It won’t be easy. The men responsible for him going feral want Gilbert dead. One of them, a tiger shifter, has made Gilbert terrified of predators and for good reason. He and his human accomplice killed Gilbert’s fellow captive. But when Gilbert meets two sexy lion shifters, that might just change. The men are mates and off-limits. Or so he thinks. Then they begin to show an interest in more than a friendship with him.

Heath Lofton and Hugh Maddox are mates, thoroughly committed to each other and very much in love. What neither of them expects is to be attracted to Gilbert. When they begin to consider him as a potential third in their relationship, they know it’s the right thing for them to do. Keeping him alive so they can have a future together is the obstacle they need to overcome first.

Meant to be Theirs (MMM)
7 Ratings (4.9)

Meant to be Theirs (MMM)

The Man Beyond the Beast 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,390
7 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Gilbert could detect the scent of the lion shifters. He’d watched them go, but that didn’t mean he felt safe. Far from it. Desperation, however, forced him to do something he would never have dreamed of doing in his past. He was about to break into a house and steal food and clothing. It was obvious he could no longer hide out as a zebra. That had served him well enough for a while, but he’d been discovered, and by the number of people still roaming over the area, his chances of not being seen weren’t good.

Neither were his chances of not dying of hypothermia if he didn’t get indoors soon. When he could no longer hear the truck, Gilbert crept around the front of the house and tried the door. He didn’t like being on this side the house, facing the road as it was, but the man who was working around the barn might see him.

So here he was, turning the doorknob, relief nearly causing Gilbert to faint when it turned and he heard the heavy steel panel pushed inward. He yelped in surprise when the storm door closed in on him as he moved, the icy panel touching his backside and adding to his misery. Slapping a hand over his mouth, he duck-walked into the house and closed the door firmly behind him. Then he did something the two lion shifters should have done. He locked it.

Straightening, Gilbert looked around and got his bearings as he walked slowly through the foyer toward the stairs. The cold was still clinging to him, and he shivered violently. He’d be lucky if he didn’t catch pneumonia.

It didn’t take long to find clothes, but the one resident of the house was so big that there was no chance Gilbert could get away with wearing anything the man owned. The other man was also bigger than Gilbert, but Gilbert had no choice but to find something to wear. After rooting around in the large closet, he came away with a pair of jeans that just might work and a heavy sweatshirt. He drew the line at wearing another man’s underwear. So, commando it is, he thought with a grimace as he dressed. Thick socks and a pair of beat-up old leather boots finished his new look.

As Gilbert walked past the bathroom and saw the shower, he wished he could take the time to clean up. He probably stank but wasn’t going to sniff his pits to confirm his suspicion.

When Gilbert got down to the kitchen, he saw the one thing he wanted more than food, clothing, or shelter. A phone. It was fixed to the kitchen wall and looked like it had been there for decades. He hoped like hell it still worked. Lucky for him, he knew how to dial the numbers in for his father’s phone. He knew what a rotary phone was, so there was no mystery. Once, when a friend and he had been visiting Gilbert’s grandparents, the friend had been confounded by how their phone worked and he’d subsequently played with it for a good hour, calling friends and family. His grandfather had been so amused, he had brought out his cassette player, a box of cassette tapes, and a pencil.


The familiar sound of his father’s deep voice was the most beautiful sound Gilbert had heard in ages. Tears instantly filled his eyes and streaked down his cheeks. “Dad?”

“Gilbert? Where are you, son? We heard you were sighted this morning on a ranch outside the town of Wildflower. Your mom and I sent you to get help when you found in your animal form and wouldn’t shift back.” The explanation was rushed, as if his father were desperate for Gilbert to know why he was there and their reasons for sending him to this place.

That was too much information for him to process at the moment. He’d think about it later. Much later. Like, after he was back home with his family, where he belonged and where he would finally be safe.

Gilbert shook his head in confusion. “I don’t know where Wildflower is. Dad, can you come get me?” he asked, his voice strained. He was on the verge of tears.

“Of course, Gilbert, your mother and I’ll fly out and be there by tomorrow morning. But your brothers are in Wildflower. They’re staying at hotel on Sunflower Boulevard. Where are you now? I’ll call them and have them come get you.”

He grimaced. “I guess I’m in the house on the ranch where I was seen this morning. Uh, I kind of broke in.”

Instead of reprimanding him, his father chuckled. “Whatever you needed to do. I’ll call your brothers. They might be out there helping to look for you. Stay put.”

“I’m going to grab something to eat, and then I’m going to go hide outside until John and Phillip show up.”

Gilbert heard a sigh. “Son, I know you’re scared, but you don’t have to be. Everyone who is looking for you has been vetted. They’re trustworthy. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have sent you there when you wouldn’t or couldn’t shift back to your human form.”

“I smell lions,” he told his father with a sniffle. “I don’t want to be in here. You don’t know what I went through when I was kidnapped.” Gilbert’s head jerked around when he heard something. He didn’t know what the sound had been, but he was more alert now that he was warm. “I have to go. Send John and Phillip for me. Please.”




Hugh shifted first, leaving Heath stuck on stupid. Then he shifted, his body responding instantly to the Gilbert’s apparent arousal. The man was horny, and so were they. As the more dominant of them, Hugh moved first. Heath watched as his mate’s powerful arms pulled Gilbert close and he lowered his head to capture Gilbert’s mouth in a passionate kiss. The sight was hot as fuck.

He took his aching dick into his hand and began to stroke as he watched the pair. Gilbert seemed to be all for what was happening. His arms were wrapped around Hugh’s thick waist and appeared to be holding on for all he was worth.

Heath wondered if Gilbert wanted them to fuck him. A droplet of pre-cum leaked from the tip of his dick as his balls clenched at the thought. Fantasy images went through his mind. Hugh and he’d talked about Gilbert becoming their third. Until they’d met him, they had never considered having sex with anyone but each other. Now, here they were, bringing another person into the most intimate part of their lives. Heath knew it wasn’t a casual thing. This meant something. It wasn’t just sex.

The breath caught in Heath’s throat when Gilbert was released, and Gilbert proceeded to kneel in front of Hugh. The tall grass partially hid the man, but what could be seen of his body glowed in the moonlight. It was an image that would be burned into Heath’s memory for the remainder of his life.

The fingers Heath had wrapped around his dick tightened. His fist worked his shaft. He needed the lube. They would need lube if this continued to progress. A glance over his shoulder to the gate told him he wasn’t far from where he’d left the small bottle. A curse left his lips as he hurried to get it.

Hugh’s moans reached Heath as he returned. Neither man acknowledged him. Heath went to kneel behind Gilbert, leaning in to kiss the man along his shoulders, stroking his sleek body, before he opened the bottle of lube and coated his fingers. He dropped the bottle and moved closer, nudging between Gilbert’s slender legs. The man’s scent flowed into Heath as he inhaled. Man, mint, and musk. He knew he would never forget the combination.

Gilbert’s head bobbed as he sucked Hugh’s cock. His moans of pleasure blended with Hugh’s. The scent of their arousal was strong, as was his. The length of his cock was heavy, engorged with blood. His balls were becoming tighter. It wouldn’t take much to lose his load.

A chuckle escaped him at the thought. If he came, his spunk would shoot onto Gilbert, marking him. It wasn’t an unpleasant thought but better left for another time. If there was another time. This spontaneous coupling might not be repeated. They might not ever know what had brought Gilbert out here to the pasture, seeking them out in the moonlight.

Heath reached between the firm mounds of Gilbert’s ass and found his tightly puckered hole. It clenched even tighter as he touched it. When he pushed a lube-coated finger in to the second knuckle, Gilbert’s moan of pleasure was unmistakable. It was encouraging. Although they didn’t know the details of what had taken place when Gilbert had been abducted, they had their suspicions. Gilbert had likely been sexually abused by his captors, and Heath found it incredible that the man was able to share himself like this. And with two lion shifters.

Encouraged even further when Gilbert pushed back, Heath stroked the first few inches of Gilbert’s dark channel, pushing in before withdrawing, teasing, until it was obvious Gilbert was ready for more. Heath added a second finger and, a couple of minutes later, a third, penetrating deeper until he was able to stroke the ultra-sensitive gland. Gilbert whimpered as his hips began bucking. He came just as Hugh roared out his own pleasure. Having been in the position of sucking Hugh’s dick, he knew Gilbert would be swallowing a lot of warm, creamy spunk.

When Hugh stepped back, his dick slipping from between Gilbert’s lips, Gilbert fell to all fours in the grass. He lowered his shoulders, spread his legs wide, and offered up his ass, the one still being pleasured by Heath’s fingers.

Heath didn’t waste any more time. He threw Hugh a glance and saw that his mate was watching them closely. Hugh’s dick hadn’t softened completely. In fact, it appeared to be hardening again. Heath grabbed the bottle of lube and slicked his dick from tip to base. Then he tossed it in Hugh’s direction.

After that, Heath’s focus was solely on Gilbert. The trust the man was giving them was an incredible gift. Only a few months ago he’d been terrified by them. Now Gilbert was eagerly participating in what Heath hoped would make the man their third. Three mates weren’t unheard of. Hell, Heath had heard of more than three forming a mating bond. Two mates were enough for Heath.

With his dick in his hand, Heath guided the head to Gilbert’s stretched hole. He paused, giving Gilbert a moment to change his mind. Heath would be frustrated, but he wouldn’t be angry. Gilbert pushed back, and that was all Heath needed.

Inhaling deeply, Heath held his breath as the head of his dick slid through the guarding ring of muscles. Although he’d prepared Gilbert as much as he could, it was still a tight fit, and he knew he would have to go slowly. This first time was all about care and tenderness. Gilbert was setting the tone, and they would follow suit. In Heath’s mind, this would be a simple thing to do. His body, however, was aching, primed for a down-and-dirty session to celebrate this new and exciting change to his and Hugh’s lives. Hopefully, the result would be that Gilbert would want to be their third.

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