Never Too Good, If It's True (MM)

The Man Beyond the Beast 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,363
6 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

Jimmy and Jonas were housemates and best friends. Jimmy had moved in with Jonas when he was left homeless after the attack on Wildflower by extremist humans. Jonas’ feelings for Jimmy increased until he knew he wanted the man for his mate. His polar bear agreed. But Jimmy had gone through a traumatic time when he’d been kidnapped by a tiger shifter, so Jonas remained silent, giving his friend time to heal.

Neither Jimmy nor Jonas was aware that the other wanted more than a platonic friendship. After three years of living together, the truth of their feelings was finally known. This knowledge brought a breathtaking intensity to their lives. What neither could foresee, was a shadow from Jimmy’s past threatening their newfound happiness. Jonas would do whatever was necessary to keep his mate safe. But they had to identify the threat so it could be neutralized before it was too late.

Never Too Good, If It's True (MM)
6 Ratings (5.0)

Never Too Good, If It's True (MM)

The Man Beyond the Beast 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,363
6 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Hey, look at that. There’s a sale on tomatoes and cucumbers at Willoughby’s!” Jonas chuckled as his diminutive and enthusiastic housemate leaned over his shoulder while they perused the newspaper together. It had become part of their routine, and Jonas didn’t mind a bit. “Let me know if there’s anything special you want. I tend to get in a rut with what I buy.”

“Your choices are always good. I don’t have any complaints.” Jonas pulled the page out of the paper and handed it over. “There. And I already put your marker and pad out so you can make your list. Is the coffee ready yet?”

He would have gotten his own coffee, but Jimmy insisted on getting it for him every morning. The man often made Jonas’ lunches, if Jonas was working the day shift and didn’t want to take the time to go out for a meal. Jimmy would bring supper to the station if Jonas was working evenings. Part of Jonas enjoyed the fussing. Another part made him feel as if he was taking advantage of a nice guy. Mentioning it again would only start another argument, and that was something he wasn’t in the mood for. Besides, it was pointless arguing with the feisty human. It was actually something Jonas found endearing, one of many things and probably why he’d fallen in love with Jimmy.

“I have the next three days off and I’m only working a half day today. I don’t have to be back to work until Tuesday morning. How about we go to the mountains and find a nice cold lake to swim in?” It had been a while since they’d gone. At least a month. And Jimmy only worked three days a week, so a few days away wasn’t a problem. Jonas’ polar bear was getting restless, and that wasn’t a good thing. If his bear was twitchy, so was Jonas. Few people liked to deal with either of them.

Jimmy’s face lit up with excitement. “Sounds great. I’ll get to try out my new paddleboard.”

The first time they’d gone it had been in the middle of summer. However, the snow melt feeding the mountain lake was still nearly ice cold. Jimmy, with so little body fat, had turned blue almost instantly. Because of that, Jonas had purchased an insulated dry suit and accessories so his friend could enjoy the water with him. Jimmy still didn’t spend much time actually in the water, preferring to be on his board. It would be a new board this trip. The old one had somehow fallen behind Jimmy’s car and he’d accidently backed over it.

“Good. We’ll go late this afternoon, huh?. If you want, we can rent a cabin, or we can take our tents.” The cabins were in different locations and not as close to the water as they could camp with a tent, which was practically on the lake’s bank.

“I like camping in a tent. It gives me that real wilderness experience. I put a rope on my board so your bear can tow me around,” Jimmy finished with a happy clap of his hands.

Jonas stared for a minute at Jimmy to see if the guy was serious. When he saw the eager expression on the handsome face, he knew he didn’t have the heart to disappoint him. “Okay, sure, but only if you’re already tired from paddling.”

“Okay. I promise I won’t ask until my arms are ready to drop off.”

So much drama in one sweet little body. Yeah, Jonas’ mind went there. There were many times when he wanted to pull Jimmy into his arms and kiss him until he was mindless, but Jonas’ conscience always stopped him. Jimmy had never given any sign that he was interested in Jonas in a sexual way. They were friends, buds, chaps, and pals. There were a lot of names for their relationship. Except the one Jonas wanted. Mates.

Sighing, Jonas folded the paper neatly and rose. He wasn’t going to torture himself this morning, although the scent of cinnamon would stay with him for a while. His energetic housemate had been up at four o’clock that morning to bake two apple pies and a couple of dozen apple-cinnamon granola bars. Jonas wanted a taste, but not of what Jimmy had baked. Damn, he had it bad.

“I’ve got to get going. Why don’t we meet for lunch at one o’clock? It’ll give you a chance to relax after all your work this morning. My treat.”

Jimmy gave Jonas a dazzling smile. It hit Jonas in the heart like an arrow. Great, now he would be aching with need the rest of the day.

As he walked toward the door to grab his keys and head out, Jimmy hurried after him. “Wait! You have lint on the back of your shirt.”

Jonas stood obediently as his roommate ran the lint roller over his back from shoulders to waist, relieved that the man couldn’t see how his dick was hardening behind the khaki trousers of his uniform. “Thanks, Jimmy. I’ll see you at lunch. Text me where you’d like to go today. Then we can talk about our trip and what time we’ll leave.”




Doing his part to feed the fantasy, Jonas went to the walk-in closet and took down a pair of his uniform slacks, exchanging his sweats for them, taking care not to catch his dick in the zipper. Then he put on a uniform shirt. He tucked it in but left it unbuttoned.

When Jonas returned to the bedroom, Jimmy was standing nervously at the end of the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of cherry-red-and-white-striped boy shorts. They were so tight they didn’t leave anything to the imagination. In fact, the top two inches of Jimmy’s dick was sticking out between the waistband and his rounded stomach. The man was incredibly sexy, and the scent of his arousal was a heady aphrodisiac.

“Wow, you are so hot in your uniform. You should always wear it like that.”

Jonas laughed. “Thank you. And I don’t believe the city council would approve.”

“Yeah, well, I think you’re wrong about that. So, I guess that means I get to keep all of your hotness to myself.”

He walked to one of two chairs in the corner by the window and sat down. Then he patted his lap. “Come here, Jimmy. I want you across my lap with your ass in the air. You can steady yourself by holding on to my legs.” His right eyebrow went up. “Unless you’ve done this before?” Jimmy shook his head vigorously. His eyes were wide in a face flushed with excitement. Smiling in what he hoped was a wicked manner, he patted his right thigh. “Come on, sweets. Right here.”

For a moment Jimmy looked like he might bolt. He even glanced toward the bedroom door. Then he was licking his lips, the tip of his tongue poking out to wet each until they were glistening.

Jonas had to bite back a laugh when Jimmy all but ran across the space between them, his feet silent on the thick plush carpet. When he stopped, he turned and hand-walked his way over Jonas’ lap before settling on his lap. Jimmy’s hard dick and tummy were between Jonas’ thighs. His ass was in the air, and his hands were gripping Jonas’ left calf.

“Oh, so pretty,” Jonas said, all but growling the words. “After I unwrap this sexy gift, I’m going to make it even prettier.”

There was no doubt that Jonas was as turned on by this unexpected game as Jimmy was. His balls were tight, and he could scent droplets of pre-cum oozing from the tip of his dick. A deep breath did nothing to help him to relax. Only coming deep inside his mate would do that for him. But he didn’t want to lose control like some green kid, and his wholly desirable mate was making it difficult for him to not do so.

Grasping the fabric of the short shorts Jimmy was wearing on either side of the seam, he pulled, easily separating the panels, each section of thread snapping easily. Then he did the same on the opposite side, glad of his strength. When both seams were destroyed, he pulled the back of the shorts down until the mounds of Jimmy’s ass were exposed. The globes were perfect. White, round, and smooth.

“Oh, sweets, your ass is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. You haven’t changed your mind, have you?”

Jimmy shook his head. “No. But do I need a safe word?”

“If you want one. Sometimes these games can get confusing without one. What’s your safe word?”


Jonas choked back a laugh. “Then gravy it is. Neither of us will mistake that word for anything else.”

Without any warning, Jonas raised his hand and applied it to the right mound. Jimmy yelped but didn’t utter the safe word. Jonas proceeded and within moments had Jimmy’s ass a beautiful bright red with sharp, but controlled slaps to the tender flesh, just enough sting to satisfy them both. It was more about the game than the pain. Jonas knew that. Jimmy was moaning and humping his leg, obviously trying to get himself off.

“I need something more,” Jimmy wheezed, desperate. “I’m so close to coming.”

Jonas wet his index finger, parted the cheeks of his mate’s ass, and slid the digit into the tight pink rosette. Jimmy shouted and came, his body jerking hard, his cum dampening the fabric between them.

Jimmy collapsed for a few seconds. He was panting hard. Then he was scrambling off of Jonas and kneeling on the floor. Jonas didn’t need to be told what was about to happen. He unzipped his uniform slacks and pulled out his dick. It hurt so much that he was almost afraid of letting Jimmy touch it. However, there was nothing but soothing sweet heat when Jimmy took the head of Jonas’ dick into his mouth and began to suck on the wide crown.

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