Meet Me at Midnight (MF)

Midnight in Montana 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 49,081
2 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance, HEA] 
Becky Francis endures a thankless waitressing job, an ex–boyfriend constantly harassing her, and a rent-hike set to render her homeless.
She’s intrigued to find a message, ‘Meet Me at Midnight’, scribbled on a napkin by a customer at her workplace. Seeing a chance for some distraction and adventure, she pursues Jay Turner, the handsome cowboy who left it.
The note is not quite as it seems, and she soon finds herself in the town of Midnight, Montana, falling for its sheriff, John Brooker. But John is a dominant man, and his high-handed attitude shocks and enthralls her.
When John discovers Becky’s just escaped a life of being bullied, he questions whether he is actually the right man for her.
Lost and confused, Becky overhears a lovers’ tiff which suggests all is not as it seems in the sleepy hamlet of Moonlight Hollow, and she is soon placed in peril when she unwittingly unearths a plot of blackmail and theft.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Meet Me at Midnight (MF)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Meet Me at Midnight (MF)

Midnight in Montana 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 49,081
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Becky was awakened a while later by someone banging on the door downstairs. It was quite dark, and she shot up with a jolt. Recalling where she was, she glanced over at her alarm clock. Nine thirty. Surely everyone knew that the diner would be closed by now? She jumped from the bed and went through to the front room, opening the window wide.

“We’re closed,” she called down, seeing nothing but a cowboy hat below her. The hat tilted, and John Brooker smiled up at her.

“I should hope so, too,” he said with a grin.

She felt a lurch in her stomach. He really was gorgeous, but she had to remind herself that the last time she had seen him he had another woman in his arms.

Taking a deep breath to quell her nerves, she called back down. “Sheriff? Is something wrong?”

He frowned slightly. “I’d say there is. You’re up there, and I’m down here getting a crick in my neck. Are you gonna let me in, or do I have to stand out here all night?”

He sounded jovial enough, but she wasn’t about to be taken in. It was only her first night in town, and she intended to start the way she meant to go on.

“Well now, that all depends on what it is you want, Sheriff?” She tried to keep her voice cool. “Has there been a break in or something?”

He huffed. “Not yet there ain’t, but there may well be if you don’t get down here and open this door up soon,” he said, sounding quite demanding.

She narrowed her eyes at him. He sounded very dominant, and she wasn’t sure that she liked it too much. After all, she’d been bullied enough by that fucker over in Columbus–she certainly didn’t need it here, too. Still, there was something about the handsome sheriff…

With a sigh she closed the window and headed downstairs. She had a sickly, excited feeling in her stomach as she smoothed her wayward curls with her hand. The sheriff sure was bossy at times.

“I wasn’t expecting visitors,” she told him as she opened the front door. “Is everything all right?”

He removed his hat as he barged into the hallway. “Well, funnily enough, that’s exactly what I wanted to ask you. You left without saying good-bye, and then I heard you’d returned without stopping by to say hi. Is something wrong between us I don’t know about?”

His vibrant blue eyes shone in the dimly lit hall, and Becky had to catch her breath. She forced herself to drag her eyes from his and stared at the floor instead. “You were…busy…when I left town.” She shrugged. “When I got here today I had all my stuff with me, so I just needed to get it to the apartment.”

“I would have helped carry your things for you.”

She seethed, noting that he hadn’t mentioned how “busy” he had been with that woman when she left. “I didn’t need any help,” she told him indignantly, glancing up at his handsome face. “I can manage just fine on my own, thank you. Now was there anything else you wanted, Sheriff, or can I get back to what I was doing?”

“Well now. You’re dressed, so I’m assuming you weren’t in bed. And there were no lights on up there, so you couldn’t have been unpacking or reading, so what were you doing?”

He looked curious, but she was fuming. “I was minding my own business, Sheriff. Is there a law against that around here?” She spat the words at him and was surprised to see how hurt he looked.

“No, ma’am. There’s no law against it. I’m sorry for the intrusion. I just came to invite you out. That’s all. With it being your first night in town, I thought I’d offer to take you to the bar, introduce you to a few of the locals. Of course, if you’re too busy taking care of your own business—”

“Yes, I am. Thanks all the same.” She felt like shit but couldn’t back down now. She opened the front door again and waited expectantly.

He looked as though he was about to say something else but obviously thought better of it. “Well, good night, then.”

He sounded very formal as he put his hat back on and walked toward the bar.

Becky slammed the door shut and leaned against it, letting hot, angry tears roll down her cheeks. He had looked so miserable, and she genuinely felt awful for treating him like that, but she couldn’t forget that he had a woman. She had never been a home wrecker and wasn’t about to change that now. Angrily she locked the front door and raced back upstairs.




She balked as he slowly slid a hand down her stomach and toyed with the waistband of her panties. It was her last shred of modesty, although she was sure that the sodden material was probably quite transparent by now as it stuck to her folds. He had eased his weight from her slightly, though his cock was still long enough to reach her, and it teased her inner thigh where it carefully mapped out a sticky trail of his excitement.

Becky thought she would combust as the heat welled in her, and she arched her back again, desperately pushing her satin-covered pussy toward him.

A deep chuckle reverberated through him before he traced a path down to her pussy with his hot mouth, and she yelped as his lips covered her aching mound. Through the soaked satin, she could feel him seeking out her hood until he found her hard nub and flicked his tongue over it mercilessly as she writhed and wriggled beneath him, her moans becoming louder. Boiling agitation coursed through her quivering body, and she tensed while she gripped his hair. He still had one hand on her breast, and he tweaked the nipple just as he tenaciously swiped his tongue over her hard clit, and she screamed her release as a million stars shot in front of her eyes.

“That’s it, baby. Come for me!”

His deep voice spurred her on, and she felt the heat rising again within her. Swiftly John pulled away the soaked satin and replaced it with his hot mouth. She yelled as the feel of his flesh against hers took her to new heights. His lips were soft and his mouth an inferno while he probed her folds with his thick tongue and lapped at her juices. She could hear him sucking and moaning, every movement reverberating deliciously through her dripping cunt.

His hot tongue then swept in long strokes from her overly-sensitive perineum right up to her clit, as he gently lifted her butt from the bed. Becky spasmed and shook as new sensations bombarded her, and she was aware of his rasping voice as he urged her on.

“Come on, baby. Just enjoy it. Yeah you like that, don’t ya?”

She could only gurgle and groan in response, but it seemed to be enough.

“Yeah? You want more? I’ll give you everything, baby. Everything you could ever wish for.”

His low voice was husky, and it was clear he was beginning to lose control.

“I want you!” she managed to whisper, squeezing the coverlet with one hand and his scalp with the other.

“You sure, baby? You sure that’s what you want?”


His lips left her pussy momentarily, replaced by the long fingers of one hand while he quickly opened a foil packet with the other.

“You better be certain about that, baby.” His growling continued.

God! There was nothing I could want more in the whole world!

“Yes!” she wailed, barely able to utter a word. Her head was already in another realm, her heart firmly in his hands. She could see how much he wanted her, and the caring way he treated her made her want to cry.

She felt his sheathed dick nudge at her pussy and suddenly flinched. She tried to twist around. Surely he wasn’t going to…

“Stay still, baby, I can’t stop!”

His voice was a hoarse groan as he pinned her hips to the bed with his strong hands. She screamed as he stretched her deliciously to accommodate his massive girth, and she felt his length practically hit her womb. She had never felt anything like it! Every nerve ending in her channel was set alight, and she gasped for breath as he hammered intoxicatingly in and out of her.

“Yes, baby?”

His eyes bore into hers. She gazed at him in wonder. Her confusion was compounded by the sight of his beautiful face and by the way he looked at her, wanted her. She had never seen such a gorgeous sight in her life. She had also never experienced the pleasure he was giving her, and she felt like a virgin again, giving herself to him and only him. She squeezed her eyes tight as a myriad of delicious sensations assaulted her body.

 “Look at me, baby.” His voice was a rasping growl, feral, desperate yet demanding.

Shocked, she popped her eyes open, and stared at him, utterly speechless. Seconds later, Becky screamed her inevitable release as he roared with his own, clenching her skin even tighter. She wailed as her orgasm surged through her body like a massive tidal wave, and her pussy clenched his cock tighter, never wanting to lose it, never wanting to lose him. Her mind emptied, and all that was left were the sensations wracking her helpless body.

Gazing up into his gorgeous face, she had seen the wonder in his eyes, the effort as he had climaxed and the smile that spread across his lips as he gradually drifted back to Earth.

Aftershocks bombarded each of her nerves like electric pulses, causing her to twitch and jump subconsciously. She lay in a daze, the whole experience far too mind-blowing for her poor brain to compute. The intensity of the emotions he had awakened in her were completely overwhelming and prevented her from thinking straight.

She felt him slowly lift his weight from her, and his cock slowly slid from her dripping channel. She cringed as it eventually left her, and she heard him move slightly, presumably discarding the condom. The air was full of gasps and the smell of sex while her head was a mass of exhilaration and wonder.

Her body ached deliciously, and she slowly slid up to her pillow, curling into a tight ball. Moments later she felt him put a thin sheet over her, and she nestled into his heaving chest as he held her in his arms, both slowly drifting back to normality—although this wasn’t normal for Becky.

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