The Orchard: Command Me (MF)

The Orchard 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,402
2 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, sex toys, HFN] 
Emerald has always had trouble controlling her anger. Her problem isn't getting any better now that she has a boss and a coworker who seem determined to make her life hell. She turns some of her pent-up stress toward enjoying play at The Orchard, a BDSM club. A few times, however, her anger gets the best of her. Will the Doms make her leave the club for good? When she meets Master Roman, she hopes he'll see the real person she is inside.
Master Roman instantly recognizes Emerald's problem with anger. He has his own abusive past at the hands of angry women. Master Roman believes she needs a strict and tough Dom, but he's not sure he can trust himself with her. Can he get past his demons to help her? Can she, in return, help him with those inner demons?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Orchard: Command Me (MF)
2 Ratings (4.0)

The Orchard: Command Me (MF)

The Orchard 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,402
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



Emerald absentmindedly squeezed her ass cheeks together. Her asshole was sore, but she could already feel the desire to do it again. Did all subs feel that way? Was it just for his enjoyment? As her mind slowly ran through more questions, she scanned the room, not really looking for, or at, anything until she saw that odd painting.

It was small, so it was hard to really make out what it was. Emerald stood and took the few steps toward it. Her mind didn't register that the water had stopped in the small bathroom attached to the bedroom. She stared up at the painting that was hanging a bit too high. It was much higher than normal eye level.

Em cocked her head to the side, taking it in. The colors seemed muted. There were pale blues, pinks, and yellows. She tilted her head the other direction and could now make out that it was a woman sitting on a tall-backed wooden chair. Across her lap was a child, a small boy. She squinted and saw that the woman had a hand raised. She’s spanking him.

“What are you doing? Get dressed!” Master Roman boomed from the other side of the room, making her jump.

Emerald spun around and almost fell against the wall. “Sorry. I just…didn’t know if I should put on my uniform or my regular clothes.” She took a step away from the wall, wringing her hands.

“Street clothes. We are done for the night.”

She watched him move. He was wearing a towel around his waist while rubbing his damp hair with a smaller one. He looked like he was stressed out but trying extremely hard to not show it. Emerald walked over to the pile of clothes she had worn before and casually started to dress. Master Roman dropped the small towel onto the bed while claiming his dark pants from the floor as well.

Emerald put on her bra and shirt before speaking. “Master Roman, what’s that painting about?”

He stilled, and his arms tensed. He slowly raised his head and turned toward her. The Dom exhaled roughly before speaking over his shoulder to her.


“Well”—Em slid her panties on—“I just figured since it was the only decoration in this whole place that it meant something to you.”

Now Master Roman turned his full attention on her. She stopped midway through pulling on her jeans as his stare captured her. His eyes were so intense that she actually gasped. They looked like they held so many emotions inside that if he tried to release them all, he might explode.

“I said nothing.”

He spoke that last word like it was poison. She tried to exhale while he turned away from her again. Frozen, she watched him finish dressing. After several seconds, her body finally came back under her control, and she finished dressing herself. Then she decided she needed to change the subject.

“Master Roman, when is the next party, and is it casual?”

The Dom didn’t even look at her as he spoke. He was tying his black boots. “I’m not bringing you, so you’ll have to wait until another Dom tells you.”

“What do you mean? I thought that—”

Em was cutoff when her Master stood from his bed and walked to the door. He opened it nonchalantly while pointing at her bag.

“I got you back on the list of available subs. I didn’t claim you.”

Emerald felt a swirl of hurt, but also anger, filling her gut. She folded her arms over her chest in indication that she wasn’t going to grab her bag and just leave quietly. She tilted her head to the side while narrowing her eyes slightly.

“Master Roman, I think I’ve been a good sub to you and for you. I know you’ve been a great Dom to me. I don’t want to come back next time without you.” The words rushed from her without her really contemplating what his reaction would be.

“Slave, you are beginning to irritate me. I made it perfectly clear in the beginning what this was!”

Emerald could see his facial expression tighten and grow angrier. Thankfully, she wasn’t a reserved, shy sub. Well, not at the moment.

“Please. Bring me back next time and then…” She didn’t really have a plan for what would happen next. Could she ever be happy here with someone else? Maybe with practice. “I mean, just one more time and then I’ll leave you alone.”

Surprisingly, the Dom’s expression actually lightened. A crooked smirk slowly pulled up one corner of his lips. He rubbed his chin, obviously weighing out the options. Finally, he put his fists on his hips and snorted, shaking his head.

“Very well then, slave. I will bring you back next time, but you are in my debt, which means, I will be as harsh as I wish. Understood?”

Emerald unfolded her arms and nodded. His tone was starting a slow tingle in her cunt.

“And furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you say you will leave me alone or not.” He let his arms drop down as he stepped to her. Master Roman stopped just inches from her face and looked down at her. “It only matters if I decide to leave you alone. If I walk away, you will stay away from me or be banished from The Orchard. You don’t have a say.”

Emerald was trying to think of a witty comeback, but nothing came to mind. She stared up into his deep eyes, feeling her clit once again begging for his touch. Master Roman reached down and grabbed her chin, a bit harder than just a loving gesture.

She leaned into him, hoping for a kiss. He didn’t give her one.

“Yes, Sir.”




The butterfly toy still buzzed against her begging clit. Emerald squeezed her pussy muscles together, and a deep tingle ran through her. The need to come was so great that she could think of nothing or no one else.

“No.” The word rushed from her with no thought.

“Excuse me?” Master Lucas stepped closer to her. “I don’t think I heard you correctly.”

“Master Lucas, let me take over from here. My pet seems to be near gone.”

Emerald’s body tensed at his tone. Before she could regret her actions, she heard her Dom moving his punishment device through the air. Master Roman was spinning it quickly. The sound of the strands of leather whipping through the air caused her to clench her pussy muscles again.

Em held her breath. The air from the spinning flogger cooled the heated skin of her ass. The anticipation was almost thick enough to choke her. Her eyes then moved to the Dom that had been touching himself earlier. He smirked at her and then made a kissing motion with his lips while never stopping his self-stroking.

“Now, pet. It seems as if your mind doesn’t want to play any longer. Let’s see if your ass still does.”

With that, Master Roman neared with the flogger still spinning. She exhaled, trying to calm herself. It didn’t work. Suddenly then she felt it. The flogger just barely skimmed her ass. The experienced Dom kept it spinning as he moved it down her thigh. The leather strands were lightly hitting her in a fast downward motion. It didn’t stay light for long, however. Emerald whimpered as the flogger struck her ass harder, still spinning. It felt like a human car wash, minus the soap and water.

Master Roman let the flogger strike her upper thigh harder still, and a loud moan flew from his sub. A few more seconds of the fast moving leather, and Em trembled. That orgasm was closer still.

Just then, Master Roman stepped back from her, taking the flogger away, but she could still hear it moving quickly through the air. After several tense seconds and without warning, the Dom brought it back to her, but this time it struck her bare pussy lips.

Emerald cried out as it hit her sensitive skin over and over. That was all she needed. Her climax spilled from her clit, and she screamed out again. Master Roman continued to strike her but had pulled back just a bit. She whimpered loudly as the butterfly helped her orgasm rush through her.

Suddenly, the flogger stopped moving altogether, and Emerald tried to quiet her moans and her trembling. She was breathing heavily and having quite a bit of trouble not falling off the stool.

“Aaahhh, so beautiful.” Master Roman touched her ass and she winced.

Emerald tried to stand because her legs were starting to cramp.

“No, sweet. We aren’t done yet.”

She whimpered. Her Dom’s deep voice had her next orgasm building already. Emerald tried to readjust her chest on the hard stool. She tried not to look out at the Masters before her because she knew that it wouldn’t do anything to help calm her.

She lifted herself off the stool just an inch so she could get more comfortable, but her Dom had other ideas. In the split second that she was off the stool, Master Roman reached down and unhooked her bra top. Emerald gasped as it popped open immediately, letting her large breasts bounce free.

“There. I believe the audience wanted to see that.” Master Roman ran his warm hand down her back.

Emerald couldn’t stop from shaking as goose bumps broke out on her arms. Her bra lay limply under her. In this odd position, her tits were shoved up uncomfortably. Screw it. Em moved forward, letting her breasts hang off the edge of the stool. She ignored the few whistles that came from the men.

Master Roman leaned down to whisper in her ear. Another shiver ran over her as his warm breath licked her neck.

“Sub, we are almost done here. We’ve taken the stage for too long. I know how I want this to end. Do you know your safe word still?”

“Core, Sir.” Her response was automatic.

“Good girl.”

Master Roman stood up and stepped back from her, now addressing the audience. “Men, I will finish off my slave. I can see some of you are getting restless for your turn.” He returned to standing behind her. “Master Lucas, hand me the second one.”

Instant panic mixed with her need to be fucked. Both flared in her stomach. Em was having trouble slowing her breathing as Master Lucas returned to Master Roman holding a second flogger. It matched the first one, beautiful and threatening.

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