Brian's Freedom (MM)

Darkfall Mountain Pack 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,319
18 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA] 
Ever since werewolf A.J. Rogers lost his arm and his boyfriend, he’s become half a man. Worse, he’s half a werewolf, and A.J believes a flawed shifter isn’t any good to anyone. The Darkfall Mountain Pack is A.J’s only family. The wolves are supportive, but A.J. doesn’t want pity and sympathy. He wants to build a home with a mate who doesn’t care about his disability, but he doubts that is still a possibility…until he meets Brian.
Finally free from the humans eager to treat him as a science experiment, Brian Wells isn’t sure if freedom is what he really wants. Scarred inside and out, nothing in the world makes any sense anymore, especially now that Brian can’t return to his old life. Meeting A.J. is exactly what Brian needs. Can he convince the dominant wolf they’re two broken souls perfect for each other?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Brian's Freedom (MM)
18 Ratings (4.6)

Brian's Freedom (MM)

Darkfall Mountain Pack 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,319
18 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Brian shivered, not resisting when A.J. banded one arm around his waist to pull him close. He felt so warm. Brian leaned against his shoulder. Why did their bodies fit so well together? Surely this wasn’t the way two people reacted on a first date. What was it about A.J. that gave Brian so much certainty?

Jon might call him crazy for putting his fate in a stranger’s hands, but Brian knew something his friend didn’t. If this went any further, Brian knew they wouldn’t stop. He wanted it all, the amazing sex with A.J., and how could it not be mind-blowing? And also what happened after. Brian wanted more conversations like the one they had in A.J.’s car, and he needed to know what made A.J. tick.

Falling for someone hard and fast, could Brian possibly call this love?

Brian blinked. He was getting too far ahead. Jesus. If A.J. knew what he thought, A.J. would be running for the hills. Brian needed to focus on the conversation, not fantasize about the uncertain future.

“You guys look…” Brian fumbled for a word.

He studied the picture again. For a bunch of the most feared werewolves in the region, every member of the Darkfall Mountain pack looked relaxed and at ease. The camera man caught them off-guard, laughing, talking, and having the time of their lives. Brian envied him, and realized a second later, so did A.J. Brian couldn’t quite forget the jealousy in A.J.’s voice when he spoke of no longer being able to run with his pack.

Brian might belong to his parent’s pack, but he’d never formed close ties with any of the wolves there before, or after, his captivity. Establishing any sort of relationship with any shifter there was useless when Brian knew they merely saw him as a means to an end. To them, he was a breeding partner. At least fewer wolves hit on him, now that he was damaged.

A.J., though, didn’t just make him feel like a person, but made Brian feel like himself.

Brian shivered when A.J. nuzzled his neck. “Pizza’s here.”

Brian reluctantly parted from A.J., watching the other man answer the door.

“Let’s eat on the couch. See if there are some decent shows on,” A.J. said, pizza boxes in hand as he nodded to the TV.

That sounded simple enough. Brian had always been shy and awkward. He’d dated sparingly, but all the men he’d been out with eventually lost interest, even Chad, his ex-boyfriend before the kidnapping. Brian couldn’t blame them. There was nothing remotely interesting about him, and it seemed he always said the wrong things. A.J. didn’t look like he was about to run though.

Brian settled on the couch. The moment, A.J. flipped opened the box, Brian reached for one slice the same time A.J. did. A.J. grinned, letting him have it.

“A well-fed pup is a happy pup,” A.J. commented.

“A satisfied pup has enough energy for what happens after,” Brian quipped.

“And what’s that?”

Brian’s cheeks burned. Did he actually say those words? Why did he react so differently around A.J.? It wasn’t different bad, but it felt like Brian was seeing a side of himself he never knew existed. This new him, a bold go-getter…he was starting to like. Never in a million years would he flirt back in his old life. Wasn’t this what Jon had wanted him to do, to go get some and start living again?

“Are you really going to make me say it?” Brian asked.

“Of course.” A.J. grinned, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at Brian and making him laugh.

“You know, sex.”

“Sex is in the menu, then?” A.J. chuckled when Brian glared at him. “God, pup. Don’t pout, or you’ll drive me mad.”


“I’m this close to losing control.”

Brian breathed, forgetting the pizza boxes and bottles of Pepsi on the coffee table in front of them. He was suddenly aware only mere inches separated A.J. and him. Normally, when it came to matters of intimacy, Brian would demand his date to slow down. Pacing was good, but not in this case. If there was one thing his captivity taught him, it was knowing life was too short and Brian needed to grab it by the balls.

“Why don’t you?”

A.J. growled. “Even defiance tastes fucking sweet on you, pup.”

Defiance? Brian always played by the book all his life. His parents and pack brainwashed him into thinking his value as a male Omega lay in his ability to give another man pups. He went to the school they wanted, took the jobs they recommended, and dated whomever they set him up with—even if it killed him.

Brian strived and struggled to be a good son, a loyal member to his pack. He trusted they would protect him, but they did jack shit when he was kidnapped. It was A.J.’s pack who took action and freed him and the other prisoners from a life behind bars until death.

That place left scars that couldn’t be erased easily. His parents didn’t understand how he couldn’t easily move on from something like that. A.J. did, because he was trapped in a hell of his own making.

Where did being good and careful get him? Nowhere. Brian tasted wild recklessness the moment A.J. crushed his lips with his, and he wanted that, that heady dose of courage.

“Are you all talk and no action, big wolf?” Brian taunted, marveling at the stranger who wore his face and spoke with his voice.

A.J. fisted a handful of his shirt, dragging them close. A breath escaped Brian’s lips. Blood surged right to his dick at the sight of A.J.’s golden eyes, so feral and hungry for him.

“You’re playing with fire, little Omega.”

“Don’t worry. I want to be burned.”

A.J. shook his head. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Brian let out mirthless laugh. “I’ve been hurt plenty in the last few months. Believe me, this, us, is pure pleasure.”

“I guess we have nothing else to discuss then.”




A.J. stroked his hair and Brian felt him bending his head and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

A.J.’s voice was warm against his ear. “I don’t want to fuck you here, pup.”



A.J. helped him to his feet and led him to sit on the edge of the bed.

“I’m getting a washcloth to clean us up,” A.J. said.

Disappearing into the bathroom, A.J. came back with a cloth, and he cleaned them both up. The gesture seemed intimate somehow, and by the time A.J. finished, Brian’s cock was awake again, eager for more. Seeing his dick at half-mast, A.J. chuckled.

“Looks like my pup has some energy left.”

My pup. Oh, Brian wanted nothing more than to belong to A.J., but he didn’t dare tell A.J. aloud, for fear of scaring him away.

“Strip, I want to see the rest of you,” A.J. said, nodding to his bottoms.

Brian kicked off his shoes and couldn’t get out of his jeans and boxers fast enough. It was then he was aware of A.J., still half-dressed, looking at him like he was the most desirable thing on earth. Brian’s skin felt hot again, and he couldn’t wait for A.J. to put his hands and mouth on his body again.

“Can I see you, too?” Brian asked.

A.J. got out of his bottom in record-time, impressive for a guy with one arm. Walking up to Brian, A.J. gave his chest a gentle push. Brian’s nipple flared with pain from A.J.’s bite just moments before. Laying on his back, Brian looked up at A.J. Some fear must have shown in his eyes, because A.J. said, “Relax, pup. Hurting you is the last thing I’ll do.”

“I know,” Brian whispered. “That’s why I’m afraid.”

A.J. frowned at his words. “What does that mean?”

“Nothing.” Brian shook his head, cursing himself for being so indecisive. “Aren’t you going to ride me?”

“Damn, Brian. You’re really one of a kind.”

A.J. walked over to the drawer by the side of the bed and pulled out a tube of lube. Shifters didn’t catch anything and Brian wanted to feel A.J. taking him bareback.

“Is that a good or bad thing?” Brian asked.

A.J. returned to the edge of the bed. “Definitely good.”

Parting Brian’s legs, A.J. hefted them over his shoulders. It made Brian aware of how intimate this position was. Brian wasn’t a virgin. He’d been with one man, Tom, an ex-boyfriend who lost interest after he admitted his preference to stay indoors after his captivity.

Losing Tom didn’t hurt as Brian initially thought it would, and, besides, their relationship was heading downhill even before he was captured. Tom didn’t make his body react and heart race the way A.J. did though. Brian knew he was in danger of falling hard and fast for A.J., but he didn’t care.

“A.J., please.”

“What do you want, pup?” A.J. asked, amused.

A.J. applied the lube on his fingers, and more down Brian’s crack. Brian moaned when he slipped one finger in, then a second, stretching him for his access.

“I want your dick in my ass.”

A.J. withdrew his fingers, then put one in again, curling it. Brian gasped when A.J. reached his sweet spot.

“Crude and direct. I like it, pup.”

“If you like it so much, then come and claim me.” It still shocked Brian he was capable of being so bold with A.J. This new him took getting used to, but Brian liked being this new person, who knew exactly what he wanted, and it was A.J.

A.J. took his fingers out. After applying more lube in his opening, A.J. positioned his cock head into his puckered hole. “Ready?”

Brian nodded. A.J. gripped his hip with his good hand, and began hammering into him, slow and easy, no doubt until Brian got used to his size.

“God,” Brian whispered.

Every inch A.J. put in him made him clench his internal muscles around A.J.’s dick.

“Fuck. You’re so tight, pup. Relax. I’ll make you feel good soon.”

Brian breathed in and out until A.J. sheathed himself all the way inside, his balls brushing against Brian’s ass.

“We good, pup?” A.J. asked.

“You’re so big, I can feel you in me,” Brian said, smiling.

A.J. blanketed his body over his and kissed him briefly on the lips. “Are you ready for me to move?”


A.J. began pistoning in and out of him, eventually finding a steady rhythm. The initial burn faded and soon gave way to pleasure. A.J. felt amazing. Brian’s and A.J.’s wolves nuzzled and rubbed against each other. Each time their bodies came together, it felt like their souls were connected as well.

“A.J.,” Brian murmured. “Faster, please.”

Complying, A.J. picked up speed, his thrusts going deeper, breaching places no one had touched before. A.J. reduced them both to panting messes. Needing something to hold onto, Brian locked his arms around A.J.’s neck, but A.J. didn’t seem to mind.

A.J. shifted the angle of his thrusts and hit Brian’s prostate. Throwing his head back, Brian arched his back and let out a gasp. Grinning, A.J. aimed for the spot repeatedly, nearly driving Brian to the edge. A.J. was on his haunches, Brian clinging to him with every thrust. He reached for Brian’s cock and began gliding his fist up and down his dick.

“Come for me, pup. Do it now, all over my fingers.”

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