One-Night Stand with a Werewolf (MM)

DeWitt's Pack 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,483
26 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Markus Lane was depressed when the man he loved mated with someone else. To take his mind away from the pain, he decides to take to bed the beautiful stranger he sees sitting in the bar behind him. Little did he realize that his one-night stand is actually his mate.

Lance Malloy is out to prove that werewolves exist. He's searched for that proof ever since he was a child and a shifter saved his life. That the gorgeous man who has been showing him all the best hiking trails is a werewolf, and claims they are mated, is the best news he's ever heard.

But to protect his lover he must give up his research. The packs need to stay hidden, and when some of Lance's old colleagues turn out to be hunters, and they track him down and attack DeWitt's pack, how will he ever get Markus to trust that he had no hand in this betrayal?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

One-Night Stand with a Werewolf (MM)
26 Ratings (4.5)

One-Night Stand with a Werewolf (MM)

DeWitt's Pack 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,483
26 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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Markus wanted to grab the guy and pull him into the bathroom, drag him inside one of the stalls, press him against the wall, and fuck him until he moaned and thrashed so violently that his wire-rimmed glasses fell from his face.

Markus thought about what he’d seen in those two seconds before he’d turned away and ran to hide in the bathroom like a teenage girl or something.

The hair hadn’t been blond, not really, but it wasn’t dark enough to be considered brown. Even a light brown. It was the color of dark sand, with a few darker strands streaking the hair, but it seemed more natural somehow. It was like honey. As stupid and cliché a description as that sounded, that was the only thing he could call it.

Not that Markus was an expert in hair care or anything. He’d never been to a barber shop before, and every time he’d had a haircut, it had been done by Old Maggie, the pack’s wise woman.

He needed a haircut right now. His darker hair was disheveled and didn’t look like it was done well, or on purpose, like the hair of the stranger in the booth.

He was simply perfect. If there was one thing in the world that would help Markus overcome his grief over losing John, it would be having the man sitting out there, looking through his menu.

Markus needed to clean up first. Looking himself over in the mirror one last time, he wanted to groan. He looked like the fucking undead or something.

He splashed cold water over his face, and then did it again three more times, rubbing the cold water into his eyes especially. He dried his face off and combed his fingers through his hair, using the water to try to style it to his liking.

He still looked like shit, but it was the difference of comparing someone who looked like the walking dead to someone who just looked like they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It was still pretty noticeable.

With nothing else going for him, Markus took in a deep breath. If he, by some miracle, managed to convince the guy out there to let Markus fuck him, he would be more than happy.

For a time.

If Markus was turned down, well, it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen it coming. He could always comfort himself by saying that he’d at least tried for something else when everything seemed so shitty lately.

He stepped out of the bathroom.

The gorgeous stranger was still in his booth. The only difference was that he now had a cold beer beside him. He also had a book in his hand, some big and heavy tome that looked like it came from a classroom.

He looked young, around Markus’s age at twenty-five or so. Maybe he was a student or perhaps a teacher’s assistant.

Suddenly those glasses on his face became a whole lot sexier.

Markus walked by the booth, pretending he didn’t care about the man’s presence at all. He kept his back straight and his eyes firmly ahead, but he was still able to notice the way the man’s head turned just barely when Markus passed him by, and the scent that came from him was all wanting lust.

He could barely contain his excitement when he made it back to his barstool. His body practically trembled with desire.

Holy shit, was that man digging him, too? Markus had hoped for this and everything, but he hadn’t expected it would be so easy as that.

He thought he was going to have to work for it at the very least.

Markus half turned in his seat, looking back at the handsome professor as he sat there reading his book with a straight back.

His eyes slowly turned to the side, though his head didn’t move.

Their eyes met, and Markus smiled at him. The man’s eyes snapped back to his book, and the blush that bloomed over his cheeks was adorable.

For whatever reason, despite how lousy Markus knew that he looked, this guy was still into him.

He was totally going for this.

Markus took his beer, turned, and slid into the booth at the stranger’s table, just across from him.

He was still looking at Markus with that partly curious, partly wanting, and partly worried look on his face.

Markus cleared his throat and put out his hand. “Markus Lane, don’t think I’ve ever seen you around here before.”

The man with the face a Hollywood actor would pay, or kill, to have smiled and reached his hand across the table and grasped Markus’s.

“Lance Malloy, and I’m just passing through.”

Markus pushed back the stab of disappointment he felt. Well, whatever, most people who came to a town this size were just passing through anyway. It wasn’t like there was a very big reason to settle down in a one-street town like Brampton. He was probably off to visit family somewhere several hours away.

If he was just stopping by for lunch and heading out in a matter of minutes, then Markus’s chances of getting this man naked had just shot down to practically nothing. There was no telling with some people, really, but the man sitting across from Markus, Lance Malloy, didn’t look like the type who would go for a quickie with a stranger in the bathroom of the only restaurant in town.

“I mean, I’m here for a couple of days, but I won’t be staying,” Lance said, adjusting the glasses on his nose.

That little move actually made Markus’s cock twitch. He’d never known before now how sexy that looked.

Then his words registered, and Markus’s hopes lifted once more as his odds shot up. That was just fine. It wasn’t long term or anything, but Markus wasn’t sure if he wanted to jump into a relationship while he was nursing his stupid broken heart. Lance was good looking, and clearly he was interested in Markus.

A fling with a stranger would be just the sort of thing to make Markus feel better.




The sight of Lance’s cock, thick and uncut, sent all sorts of signals to Markus’s brain, all of which he again pushed back. There was only one message he wanted to pay attention to, and that was the instinct yammering inside his mind to take Lance as hard and fast as the other man could manage.

Lance seemed to get the idea of what Markus wanted by the way he stared, and the other man grabbed him by the hair and started pulling him down toward his dick. “Put me in your mouth. Suck me,” he commanded.

Markus gladly did as he was told. He was alpha all the way, but his lovers could command him during sex as much as they wanted.

Strange, since he normally hated giving head, but now the idea didn’t bother him so much. He wanted this. He wanted to put Lance’s prick inside his mouth and make the other man scream for him.

Markus put his lips over the swollen head. Lance shivered, and the skin of his thighs and legs pebbled with goose bumps. The tip of flesh was pulling back a little with how hard Lance had gotten. That looked a little painful even. He was going to do something about it.

Keeping his mouth still firmly pressed around the shaft and his hand gripping the base, Markus sank down.

He couldn’t really see up so well from the position he was in, but it kind of looked like Lance had let himself fall back into the grass, his head banging backward.

If it hurt, then the other man didn’t say anything about it as he moaned and shivered. Markus felt that shiver all the way down into Lance’s legs and cock. Lance lifted his knees and started pumping his hips, all the while keeping his hands on the back of Markus’s head.

“Fuck, that’s nice.”

It was nice. He especially enjoyed the little sounds of pleasure Lance made as he lost himself to what Markus was doing to him. Markus sucked back hard, moving his head up and down while periodically tightening his mouth. He did everything he liked to have done to him, and then he reached his hand up, pressing his fingers against Lance’s asshole.

Lance moaned as Markus circled his fingers around the entrance, and then he bucked hard when his fingers pressed inside.

“Oh, fuck! Yeah, just like that.”

A feeling of victory swept over Markus. Lance wanted it. He wanted it so much, and Markus was going to give it to him. The need he felt, and the musky smells right under his nose, nearly made him come. It was torture to still be wearing clothes. His body throbbed for the need to touch himself or have Lance touch him, but he was going to wait. He wanted to enjoy this and draw it out.

Even though his cheeks and jaw were both starting to hurt, Markus bobbed his head up and down faster. The more Lance moaned, and the louder, the better. Humans took longer to recover from their orgasms, but Markus wanted the other man to come. He wanted Lance to fuck his mouth until he came down it and Markus swallowed him.

He wanted Lance to claim him.

Lance’s hands vanished from Markus’s hair so he could grip his own. He pumped his hips with wild abandon, yelling out his pleasure. He was a screamer, it seemed.

That’s right, baby. Come for me.

He did. Lance came with another long shout, emptying himself down Markus’s throat with hard jerks of his body. It was one of the most intense orgasms Markus had ever seen in a human. He’d never been with many, but enough to know that the nearly ten-second experience Lance had just had wasn’t exactly common.

Markus kept his mouth moving the whole time, suckling and swirling his tongue until Lance stopped twitching, his body turning to slop on the ground.

His breathing rate slowly returned to normal, and so did his heart. Markus pulled his mouth away and looked down at him. He was somewhat disappointed to see that those glasses he was wearing hadn’t fogged over or anything like that, but maybe they needed to be in a more enclosed space.

Markus hurriedly began to undress. Lance might need some recovery time, but Markus hadn’t even had his chance to come yet, and just the friction of pulling down his jeans was enough to make him spasm and moan.

Lance looked at him, some awareness coming back into those blue eyes. “Shit!” he laughed. “Sorry, I’m a bastard. Let me help you with that.”

It could have been a cheesy line for all Markus knew, but right now the only thinking he was capable of doing came from his dick, so when Lance sat up and reached his hand out, taking hold of Markus’s engorged dick, he let him. Markus happily pumped his hips into that hand. It wasn’t even cold, so he was able to better enjoy himself.

Markus stayed on his knees, pumping against Lance’s hand and gripping the man’s shoulders. All the while, Lance stared down at his prick, like he was being mesmerized by it or something.

Well, it was a pretty awesome piece of equipment.

“You can return the favor if you want,” Markus said, gently putting his fingers into Lance’s blond hair and pulling him down toward his swollen cock.



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