[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]
FBI Agent Justin Dorm has been undercover for the past two years. When an opposing drug lord enters the home where he is working, Dorm knows something isn’t right. The man feels wholly evil and Dorm finds himself in the middle of a bloodbath.
Bobby Saldaña was pulled off the streets at a young age to work for Diaz Chavez. He's wanted Dorm since first laying eyes on the man. But Dorm has made it very clear that he wants no part of Bobby—that is until all hell breaks loose and the two must run for their lives.  
Deputy Ernest Varnes knew that Dorm was his mate when the agent left town two years ago. When out on patrol, Ernest discovers Dorm and another man sleeping in a car behind Lassiter's clothing store. 
But their troubles have just begun. Not only has a shadow god marked Bobby, but Bobby fights the mating tooth and nail, putting himself and the others in danger.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Dorm (MMM)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole




Dorm glanced over his shoulder as he and Bobby hurried down the cobblestone street. The man hadn’t said a word the entire time. He just kept pace with Dorm as they ducked in and out of shadows. If the sting went down, he wouldn’t have a clue. Someone was tailing them, and Dorm was determined to stay alive, stay ahead of whoever it was.

“Do you have anywhere we could hide out?” Bobby finally spoke. His voice was strained, and his gaze kept bouncing everywhere. Dorm wasn’t even sure why he had taken the guy with him. That urge to protect the man was still there, which made Dorm question his own sanity. Bobby Saldaña was one of Chavez’s men. Why was he even bothering to keep the man alive?

He had someplace to hide. Unfortunately, it was all the way across the country. Taking a plane was out of the question. Castañeda’s men would no doubt check the airport and train station. It seemed the man hadn’t wanted any survivors. Dorm had a gut feeling he and Bobby would be ruthlessly hunted down.

Grabbing Bobby by the back of his collar, Dorm pulled him into a dark alcove when headlights appeared on the street. The truck passed them slowly, the driver searching. Dorm pulled even farther into the shadows when it passed them by. He had his Walther P99 in one hand, the other covering Bobby’s mouth. The guy hadn’t made a sound, but Dorm didn’t really know him and wasn’t taking any chances.

He gripped the compact snub-nose loosely in his hand as the truck moved passed them. There was a car parked at the curb right in front of Dorm, and he knew that was his way out of here. But before he could get to it, the same truck passed by them again.

Dorm waited. When it seemed the truck had moved on, he hauled Bobby out of the trash-littered alcove and shoved him toward the car. Lady Luck was with him tonight because the car was unlocked. Bobby slid into the backseat, lying down as Dorm had instructed before he hotwired the car.

Amidio Castañeda ran the East Coast, and Dorm wasn’t too sure how safe he would be going in that direction, but he didn’t know who else to turn to. Zeus and his men were the only nonhumans he knew. If he had half a chance of survival, Zeus was the man to keep him and Bobby safe from whatever the hell Castañeda and his men were.

Easing the car from its parked spot, Dorm took back alleys and less traveled streets as he made his way through the small town. He didn’t breathe again until he was well past the town limits and on his way. Bobby popped his head up, glancing out the back window for a long moment before he crawled into the front seat.

“Do you know what he was?” Dorm asked.

“No.” Bobby glanced behind them once more. “But I felt it.”

Dorm had as well. He wasn’t sure why he and Bobby had felt the evil, but Chavez’s men hadn’t. Maybe they were immune to the feeling since they worked for a corrupt man. Speaking of which…

“What do you do for Chavez?”

“Nothing now,” Bobby answered. “But I was one of his low-ranking foot soldiers, a throwaway. You were his lieutenant, but you ran at the first sign of trouble.”

The way the man said it Dorm would have sworn he had lost points in the guy’s eyes. “We weren’t that close to where I would act as his fucking shield.” He glanced over at Bobby. “You don’t seem the type to be one of Chavez’s men.”

Bobby smiled, but the smile didn’t conceal the fear in the man’s eyes. “I was taken from the streets. When Chavez wants you, it’s suicidal to say no. I had no choice. You did. I have watched the way you rose up through the ranks. You seem to enjoy being the underboss. God knows what heinous acts you committed to gain that position of power.”

Dorm gazed at the large sign that welcomed him to Arizona. “I’m an FBI agent.”

Bobby’s green eyes blinked a few times as he stared up at Dorm. “Say that again.”

He didn’t repeat himself. He knew Bobby had heard him. They were no longer at the drug lord’s home and wouldn’t be returning. Chavez was dead. There was no reason for him to hide the truth any longer. He needed to contact the assistant director and find out what happened to the team that was on standby.

After driving through the night, Dorm pulled into a shit motel complete with drug dealers and hookers hanging around the parking lot. Bobby stayed glued to his side as Dorm registered them under aliases, paying cash.

He didn’t even bother to threaten the thugs ogling the car he’d arrived in. Stealing the damn thing would be doing him a favor. Dorm didn’t want to continue to drive around in a car with plates from California. Putting the entire nation between him and Castañeda was the only thing on his mind right now.

Using the warped keycard, Dorm let him and Bobby into their room. The place wasn’t Chavez’s palace, but he didn’t care. He never wanted to see tiled floors and vault ceilings again.

Dorm took the bed closest to the door, sliding his gun under his pillow before dropping onto the mattress. Luckily, he was a very light sleeper. If Bobby tried anything, Dorm would blow the man’s head off.




Ernest broke the kiss and gazed at Dorm, giving him a look that said Ernest wasn’t finished with him, not by far. Dorm dipped his head, saying he understood, and then Ernest lay down, pressing his bare chest to Bobby’s naked back.

Bobby stiffened.

“Tell me to back off, and I’ll move away,” Ernest said as he pressed his lips to Bobby’s ear. “I promise.”

Bobby didn’t say a word, but neither did he relax. Ernest lay there holding him, his own breath shallow. Bobby’s heat began to slowly seep into Ernest as his cock pressed between Bobby’s butt cheeks.

The man didn’t move away.

Splaying his fingers, Ernest ran his hand down Bobby’s chest. When his hand reached the man’s lower stomach, he felt the head of his mate’s cock.

Bobby was rock hard.

Dorm moved in behind Ernest, his lips grazing over Ernest’s exposed shoulder, sending tiny sparks of electricity along his flesh. This would be the first time Ernest had ever been with two men at the same time, and the thought excited him. Dorm and Bobby weren’t two strangers slating a need, but his mates. That thought made what they were doing only more intimate, more profound in his eyes.

And having the ocelot shifter that he’d nearly lost only solidified Ernest’s need to protect the man from the world and from himself. Ernest had heard the conversation in the bathroom, and Dorm was right. Bobby’s self-worth was in the toilet. Ernest planned on changing that.

He grazed his fingers over the head of Bobby’s cock and then played in the man’s pre-cum. He slid the clear liquid over his fingers, enjoying how it felt. Bobby’s breath was coming out in short gasps.

Ernest pressed his lips to the nape of Bobby’s neck and slid his tongue across the smooth expanse, tasting the salty skin as Dorm’s fingers curved around Ernest’s ass. He wasn’t sure if he should press forward into the crease his cock was nestled in or push back into Dorm’s warm hand.

Both options filled him with desire and a need that was making his head spin and his wolf howl in pleasure.

“Place him between us,” Dorm whispered into Ernest’s ear. “Let us both show Bobby how much we want him.”

It was Bobby’s decision. Ernest wasn’t going to force him. If Bobby wanted them both, he would let them know. If he wanted only Ernest, then he wasn’t going to move the guy.

Bobby gave a slight nod.

Ernest mentally pumped his arm in the air. He was going to tap that tight little ass. He had to breathe out slowly, gaining a measure of control before sliding Bobby over him and settling the smaller man between him and Dorm.

Of course, Ernest made sure Bobby’s ass was turned toward him.

“Greedy bastard,” Dorm said to Ernest with a chuckle. The smile made the man’s dark eyes shimmer. It was a beautiful sight.

“Damn right,” Ernest said.

“Uh, hello. Right here,” Bobby said.

“Trust me, I know,” Dorm replied.

“Are we going to keep debating or get this show started?” Ernest asked, and Dorm laughed. Ernest felt the stroke of the man’s laughter deep inside of him. The sound was beautiful and deep, and Ernest had feared over the past two years that he would never hear it.

Bobby gave a throaty growl, which only made Ernest’s cock throb. The noise was too damn sexy.

“Then I call dibs on his tempting cock,” Dorm said.

Bobby just lay between them, his green eyes wide as they flickered from Ernest to Dorm. “What am I supposed to do?”

“Watch,” Ernest said as he bounced his brows up and down. Bobby looked skeptically at Ernest until Dorm slid down the bed and swallowed Bobby’s cock down to the root.

“Goddamn!” Bobby shouted as his hands slammed onto Dorm’s head.

Ernest just watched in fascination as the human worked Bobby’s cock with expertise. Dorm was using his lips, tongue, and teeth as Bobby arched into Ernest’s chest, his breathing becoming labored.

Gripping Bobby’s chin, Ernest tilted the guy’s head back and kissed a trail down his neck, adding pleasure to what Dorm was already giving Bobby. The man in his arms bucked, his moans echoing through the room. Ernest hitched his hips as he sucked at Bobby’s neck, letting his cock slide up and down between the crease in Bobby’s ass.

“You want to feel my cock in your ass, stretching you wide?” Ernest asked Bobby, keeping his tone silky smooth.

Ernest’s eyes dipped, locking with Dorm’s as the man continued to drive Bobby wild with his wicked mouth. There was a sparkle of lust in Dorm’s eyes. The man wanted to see Ernest fuck Bobby.

The two men made Ernest feel raw and wild things that threatened to drive him insane. Feeling the bond already growing between the three of them, Ernest reached down and ran the tips of his fingers over Bobby’s tight entrance. “I’m going to shove my dick right in here.” He pressed a tip into the tight muscle.

“God, yes…please,” Bobby begged breathlessly as he pushed back on Ernest’s finger.

Ernest chuckled and nipped the cat’s ear. “I want to hear you purr, kitten.”

Dorm released Bobby’s cock and moved up the bed, his eyes sultry and dark. “And then I’m going to shove my cock into your ass, Ernest.”

Ernest forgot how to breathe. That was an invitation he would gladly take the man up on. It had been too long since he felt rough hands holding him down as he was fucked clean into the mattress. He’d been without sex since finding out that Dorm was his mate. Ernest was so turned on that his body hummed with anticipation.

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