Polar Opposites (MM)

Brac Village 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,194
54 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, elves, HEA]
Everyone has their secrets and not everyone wants to regale in the memories of their past. But for Reese and Kiki, that is no longer an option. For both men, coming to terms with what had happened will become detrimental to what lies ahead—especially when one of their pasts has a deadly intent.
Kiki had a sick and twisted father. For him, the only way to deal with something that horrifying is to not deal with it. But he soon finds that he can't run forever, not when Reese is there to show him that letting go can be so pleasurable.
Reese is not who he seems. He's reinvented himself after being pulled into an agency twenty years ago that was not on the up-and-up. But when his handler comes to Brac Village to seek revenge for Reese nearly killing him so long ago, Reese must hunt down the man who is hunting him and keep Kiki safe.
Unfortunately, having one person after him isn't enough. Reese had a one-night stand before meeting Kiki, and now the little twink is hell-bent on making Reese his—even if he has to kill Kiki to get the man he wants.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Polar Opposites (MM)
54 Ratings (4.8)

Polar Opposites (MM)

Brac Village 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,194
54 Ratings (4.8)
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I have been waiting on this book and it did NOT dissapoint. Lynn Hagen is one of my favorite authors and I can't seem to get enough of her stories.
You can't go wrong with any of her books....WARNING opening this book will cause you to hunt down all series connect to it....A MUST READ BOOK.....Good hunting for the next one...

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Brushing his hands over his new uniform shirt, Kiki continually nodded as the head waiter spoke. He liked Rico. He was svelte and moved with a grace that made Kiki envious. But the guy was real nice and explained things to him in terms that a person who’d never done this type of work before could understand.

“Got it?” Rico asked as he flashed his award-winning smile at Kiki.

“I guess we’ll find out,” he replied, hoping he didn’t screw this up. Angelo had been ecstatic that Kiki was employed and had said that they would celebrate as soon as Kiki’s shift was over. The Lucky Clover didn’t close until midnight, but Angelo was talking about celebrating at the twenty-four-hour diner in town.

His roommate had declared that the smoothies were on him.

“Okay, I’ve only given you one table to wait on tonight, Kiki. I didn’t want to overload you since this is your first time.” Rico winked at him good-naturedly.

With a thrum of nervous excitement buzzing through him, Kiki walked out to the dining area and took the drink orders flawlessly. He even remembered to give a half bow before going over to the bar and placing the orders. This wasn’t so bad. The atmosphere was cozy and intimate and the people at his one and only table had been extremely pleasant.

As soon as the bartender had the drinks ready, Kiki took them to the table and set them down. He pulled his pad out and smiled at the couple. “Are we ready to order?”

He listened as the woman rattled off what she wanted and then took the gentleman’s order. Kiki headed toward the kitchen when he dropped his pad. Bending down to retrieve it, there was suddenly a pair of matte black boots in front of him. Kiki arched his neck back and allowed his line of sight to rise. The black slacks outlined intense thighs that seemed to be straining against the fabric that were attached to a wide, powerful waist that had him swallowing hard. He was so far impressed with all that magnificent maleness as his eyes continued to rise. Arms were crossed over a thick chest and the biceps were straining and bulging against the buttoned light-blue dress shirt that was tucked neatly into the waistband.

Before Kiki could see the guy’s face, the man crouched directly in front of him and all that exquisite masculinity was at eye level, making it hard for him to breathe. He was completely stunned by the smooth coco-brown skin and full lips. The man’s hair was cut close to the scalp and he had thick, naturally arched brows that sat over the prettiest light-brown eyes he had ever seen.

“Need help?”

Kiki became instantly hard at the guy’s deep, luxuriant voice that rumbled through him and set his blood on fire. The stranger had only said two words, yet they had felt so intimate, so sensually erotic that a course of lust enveloped him and he had to bite back a whimper.

He quickly snatched the pad from the floor and stood, blushing when the guy was still crouched in front of him, his face level with Kiki's… “I’ve got it.”

Spinning around, Kiki took off into the kitchen to suck in much-needed air. His hands were trembling as he handed in his table’s order. He had caught the guy’s scent and knew the gorgeous and enthralling embodiment of masculinity was his mate. But Kiki had never been this affected by anyone, ever. His insides shook as he stood in the kitchen, wondering if he could go back out there and face the man who seemed to make his heart rate work overtime.

Until the dinners were ready, Kiki stayed out of sight. He wasn’t sure what to do, and thankfully his mate hadn’t come looking for him. Was he a customer or did he work here?

Kiki wasn’t sure. He had a feeling he wouldn’t be seeing the last of the tall and gorgeous male though. Grabbing the tray when it was ready, he took it out to his table, all the while scanning the dining area for the provocative man.

The rest of his evening went fairly well, not a glimpse of the guy who had crouched down in front of him. His table finally cleared of the customers he had waited on and Kiki headed for the time clock. For his first night, it hadn't been that bad. He could only hope all his nights went this smoothly.

His feet slowed when he noticed his mate standing there talking with Rico, laughing at something the head waiter had said. God, even his smile suggested bold masculinity and sexuality. Kiki wanted to rip Rico’s eyes out for even seeing the handsome smile.

“There you are,” Rico said as he turned and spotted Kiki standing there openly ogling the stranger like a dork. “You did a great job today, Kiki. I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.”

All the moisture in Kiki’s mouth evaporated as he nodded at Rico, but his eyes were riveted on the man who was giving him a half, cocky smile as he leaned against the wall, his beefy arms crossed over his impressive chest. His eyelids were at half-mast as his eyes flickered up and down Kiki’s body with such heat that Kiki swore he was going up in flames.




“Kiki?” Reese said his name softly, his voice still deep with sleep. God, the man sounded so freaking sexy. Before Kiki could turn around, Reese was at his back, his heat soaking under Kiki’s skin.

Neither said a word as Reese reached up and placed Kiki’s hands on the glass of the door. “May I?”

Biting his bottom lip, Kiki nodded.

He sucked in a breath when Reese dropped to his knees and sensually kissed each exposed cheek.

Reese softly laughed against his skin. The feeling was hot and sent shivers across his skin. The bear kissed a line over the top of Kiki’s ass and even though he felt his heart rate speed up, all he could do was stand there with his toes curled and his dick getting harder beneath him.


“Shhh,” Reese reassured him between kisses. “You’ll like this.” He ran his fingers along the curves, kneading and stroking. How could something so relaxing also be so intense?

When Reese ran his tongue down the seam, Kiki tensed up, but not because it felt bad.

Quite the opposite, he thought.

He shuddered at the feelings, the tickle on his nerve endings. He made a small noise before he could stop himself and he just knew, even without looking, that Reese was smirking behind him.

The massaging of his cheeks continued, strong hands moving down his thighs before moving up to part him open and—

“I want to fuck you.” The voice was low, the rumble in his chest causing a vibration down Kiki’s spine, almost as much as the words did. The heavy press of Reese’s body, pushing him into the door had Kiki thinking that Reese could if he wanted to.

He could just take and there wouldn’t be a lot he could do to stop it. He also knew that Reese would never do that. “I want to pound my dick into this tight ass until I have you screaming my name.”

Kiki felt the air leave his lungs in a rush as Reese bit at his cheek. He moved his tongue across Kiki’s mounds and he knew Reese was right.

Kiki was longing for it so much that he would beg for it. How had the man changed his view and turned his world upside down? Kiki was still terrified, but somehow he knew Reese would never make him do anything he didn’t want to do.

But he wanted this, wanted it as much as he ever wanted anything in his life. It was crazy, and fantastic, and downright scary, but true. Kiki wanted Reese to claim him, to make him his. He wanted to belong to the man, even if he felt they were polar opposites.

He let his head fall forward as Reese parted his thighs. He could feel the solid warmth of Reese’s shoulders settle before his hands resumed their position, stroking and kneading before parting him again, and this time Kiki purposefully relaxed his body, trying not to tense up as he waited.

He felt the warm air puff, sending tingles up his spine before a fire rocket went off in his head. And then there was just heat. Heat and solid currents of electricity shot from where Reese’s tongue moved, down to his cock. The wet warmth of Reese’s tongue circled, relaxed, as he licked down the seam again before pressing hard against Kiki’s hole.

It was intense—intense like Kiki had never felt. The sensation short-circuited any thoughts or brainwaves he might have had. It made him grip at the door until he swore he’d rip the edge trimming off. Reese made his cock throb and ache, pressing Kiki’s shaft hard into the glass and Kiki moved his hand to ease the ache, but Reese beat him to it.

Kiki felt Reese slide a hand between his stomach and the door, dragging down his skin before reaching his cock, encircling with a tight grip at the base as his tongue continued to lave and lick.

Reese shifted behind him, and Kiki felt a firm hand grip his hip. The long fingers dug into his skin as he felt Reese lift him closer, and then the tongue pressed harder against his hole, before it gave way and allowed the man's tongue to delve in.

Kiki’s throat caught. It was a mix between a moan and a gasp. Like the air had just been pushed out of his lungs and he couldn’t complete the sound.

The pleasure had his skin humming and his heart was racing so hard that he could feel sweat forming at his temples.

His body was starting to take over. His mind completely shut up shop, cock desperately wanting to thrust into the glass, needing the friction to finish.

The pleasure from Reese’s hot tongue made him want to push up higher against his mouth. Both were unattainable as Reese’s heavy body was pressing him in, shoulders and arms over the backs of his thighs as he gripped and stroked him. He was unable to decide what he wanted more, Reese to finish this or fuck him.

Kiki clung at the door harder, and then pulled at it as his cock jerked. He was flying, flying high at what Reese was doing to him and he didn’t want to land anytime soon.

Reese buried his face into Kiki’s ass, his tongue pushing in and out of Kiki's body as his hand jerked his cock. Kiki snapped his hips forward, and then shoved his ass onto Reese’s tongue. Fireworks were going off in his head, making him see stars as his lips parted to accommodate more air.

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