In The Alpha Wolf Kidnaps a Mate, Alpha werewolf James DeWitt has just found his mate. Unfortunately, the young blonde man already has a significant other…or so it would seem. In reality, this man poses a threat to Corey Black’s life, as well as James’s pack. But James won’t give up that easily, and he certainly won’t leave his mate in the hands of an abuser, even if that means he must kidnap his mate to rescue him. But the abusive boyfriend has other plans, and when he fails to kill Corey to prevent him from leaving, he is determined to track down the pair and finish the job. Can James save Corey and his pack? Or will their love destroy them both?

In The Hunter’s Omega Mate, Tristan Scott ran away from his pack to escape the roving eye of a cruel Alpha. He never expected to save Isaac Foster from drowning in the river. Nor did he expect the gorgeous, purple eyed man to be his mate…or a werewolf hunter. Isaac Foster has been a hunter ever since he was a child, when his family was murdered in front of him. He hasn’t had time for relationships, but there’s something about Tristan he can’t get enough of. That is, until they’re attacked and Tristan is forced to transform to defend them. Isaac is horrified, and threatens to kill Tristan if they ever meet again. But meet they do. Is their love stronger than the danger they find themselves in?

In Handcuffed to the Werewolf, Jason Snowe wakes up in a nightmare: kidnapped, thrown into a cement hole, and chained to a werewolf that is supposed to eat him. Mick Stewart hates that he was caught by such lowbrow hunters, but there is always a silver lining. The human they chained him to is his mate! Although Jason is still wary of him, they both agree that working together is their only chance of escape. But quickly, the silver in the chain connecting them begins to poison Mick. For Jason, finding out that he has a mate is surreal enough, but now he might lose Mick to the hunters before they even have a chance to really know each other.

In The Blind Werewolf Assassin, Nick Larosa is not pleased about visiting the DeWitt pack, especially since his first love Adam Trenton will be there. Things didn’t end well after Nick broke things off ten years ago when he discovered he was going blind. Seeing Nick’s cloudy and sightless eyes is definitely a shock for Adam. Nick, however, is no less of a skilled warrior, and begins to teach other alphas to better use their senses. When Adam discovers Nick left him because of his failing eyesight, old angers resurface. But the two will have to learn to trust each other if they stand a chance of defeating the wild pack of rogues coming for DeWitt’s pack. Can they stay alive long enough to admit they still love each other?

In Eli’s Reluctant Mate, Eli Martin sinks into a deep depression after the death of his brother, hiding behind cheap liquor, and hardly caring that his alpha is considering banishing him. Until he meets Chris Lefroy, the gorgeous man with multicolored eyes that gives Eli some of his humanity back. Although Chris feels something for Eli, he insists that he is straight, and that he wants nothing to do with the dangers of being mated to a werewolf. Eli has to come to terms with the fact that his love will always put Chris in danger. Can he be selfish enough to ask Chris to stay, even if that means Chris might pay the ultimate price?


A Siren Erotic Romance


Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

DeWitt's Pack, Volume 1
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Not the right thing to say, apparently.

Dean stood and grabbed his jacket from off the hook above the booth. He shrugged it on.

“Dean.” Corey hated it when Dean did this. “Can’t we talk about this?”

“Nothing to talk about. I’m leaving.”

Dean threw down enough bills to cover the burger he’d been eating, but nothing else.

He knew Corey didn’t have a lot of cash on him, but now that Corey had pissed him off it seemed that lunch was no longer on him.

Corey, as quickly as he could, pulled every small bill and quarter out of his wallet and put it down on the table. He followed Dean out before the barmaid could come on over and see that there was no tip waiting for her and shoot her accusing glare at him.

It was a shame, too. Corey really liked coming here.

He caught a hold of Dean’s arm as they left the bar, and damn whoever was watching. “Will you stop and talk to me?”

Dean jerked his arm away. “Why bother when you don’t want to be with me because you think I’m dangerous or something.”

Corey fought the urge to sigh his frustration, but that would only make things worse. “I didn’t say you were dangerous, just, some of the things you go out and do?”

Corey didn’t get a chance to finish as he was shoved into the brick wall of the bar. Dean’s hand was on his shoulder, his blue eyes up close, intense, and filled with a little bit of that paranoia that made Corey worry for his own safety.

“You cannot talk about that. You can never talk about that.”

He was serious. Corey could see it in his eyes. He’d always known how strongly Dean felt about his…job, but Corey didn’t feel altogether fine with the way Dean was holding him, or looking at him.

Corey shoved him off. “I haven’t been.”

“Good. Because if you have?”

“What? You’ll what?” Corey demanded, body shaking with rage and, dare he admit it, fear.

Dean was by far the most dangerous man Corey knew. If that had been a threat he was about to utter, what could Corey have done about it?

Dean shook his head and turned away. “Nothing. Let’s go.”




There was no clearer invitation, but this had been the reaction James had feared. This eager let’s have sex now even though I was hesitant to say anything before reaction. He had to yank his mouth away from Corey’s so kissable lips, had to force himself to focus on the other man’s face and his still-golden eyes.

“Corey, do you want this?” he asked, making his voice as clear as he could through the movements of Corey’s hips that made James’s dick jump with need.

“Yes,” Corey moaned, grinding into James’s dick again, as much as he was able with the comforter, that is. It made the sensation that much more torturous.

“Do you accept me as yours?” he asked.

“Yes!” Corey snarled, those golden eyes glowing angry and hot. Clearly he was getting sick of the questions.

That was good enough. James kissed him again, surprised when Corey’s tongue invaded his mouth instead of the other way around.

His mate had a tiny bit of the alpha inside him, it seemed.

He hoped that topping wasn’t Corey’s main preference, because for now, James needed to be in control, to be the one to do the claiming.

James took hold of that stupid comforter and ripped it away, lifting himself just enough so that he could get his pajama bottoms off as well.

Fuck it. He didn’t care anymore if Maggie saw him naked. Let her. If James wanted to walk around his own house with nothing on, that was none of her damn business.

He lost his patience and finally just ripped it, just enough to break the elastic and a little bit of the cotton seam. Getting it off after that was easy, even with Corey’s mouth suckling on James’s neck, his tongue darting out, touching, tasting.

“Fuck,” James muttered.

“Yes,” Corey said again.





So Tristan packed up and left an hour before dawn, officially taking the burden from James’s shoulders, and now he was free like the wind. He walked along the water’s edge of the river, kicking rocks away with his orange flip-flops. If James or someone else from his pack decided to come looking for him, they would expect him to walk along the water to keep his scent out of the air. Tristan didn’t mind that so much. It was being found by a member of Deacon’s pack that he was worried about. They wouldn’t know he’d left, but Tristan didn’t want his scent floating around just in case one of those flea-ridden goons happened to be in the area.

A wandering omega was pretty much open season for any werewolf to claim if they wanted, and Tristan would prefer to avoid that until he came upon some human civilization. He’d go a few towns over, make some money doing a couple of odd jobs, and maybe find a place to live with the humans.

At least it was a beautiful day.


* * * *


Fuck ’em all, Isaac Foster thought as he spotted his rifle, sitting innocently enough on top of two crossed tree branches, which stretched out dangerously over the running water.

It was like a skeletal hand that held what he wanted but was playing a cruel game of keep-away with him.

Isaac and the others were here to hunt wolves, not dick around with each other.

The water was calm enough, but it was dark, suggesting how deep it really was, and the way it sounded as it moved on by suggested how powerful that current really was.

Isaac should have never told those idiot motherfuckers that he was afraid of the water.

There was a cackle of laughter behind him and an overly loud hoot.

It was like dealing with a bunch of goddamn frat boys. He was the new guy in their group with the least amount of experience, brought in mostly for the sake of adding numbers and strength to their mission. Just for that, he was the one who had to deal with this shit the most, handling these stupid pranks until he proved himself.

“If that falls in the water, one of you idiots are replacing it!”

More laughter in the distance. The guys were all content to sit around their breakfast fire, pretending no one had a hand in Isaac’s predicament, all the while listening closely for the sounds of his enraged cursing.

Fucking frat boys. Isaac was actually the youngest out of the lot of them.

He took off his holster that held his handgun and got to work on climbing the gray-looking tree, trying not to think too hard about whether it could actually even hold his weight. One of those other idiots had gotten it up there and come back down safe enough, after all.

Isaac had no problem with heights, so making it to the heavy branch that stretched out long and far, holding his rifle, was not a problem.




No foreplay needed here. They were both horny as hell, it seemed. Isaac more so than Tristan if his eyes weren’t deceiving him.

Considering he’d been smelling Isaac’s lust since they had their breakfast in the diner more than six hours ago, Tristan couldn’t blame him.

He panicked a little at the firm pressure against his hole.

“Wait.” He looked over his shoulder.

Isaac was looking back at him with that panicked, deer-in-the-headlights look that usually came when someone stopped sex. “What?”

Not his cock. Those were Isaac’s fingers. Tristan breathed a sigh as he realized Isaac was not so far gone that he would leave out the preparation part.

“Nothing, sorry, never mind. Keep going.”

Isaac didn’t need to be told twice.

Tristan inhaled a deep breath and pushed out as Isaac’s fingers pushed in. The burn was there, but not unbearable, despite the lack of lube.

“This all right?” Isaac asked.

“Yeah. Do another.”

Isaac complied and pushed another finger inside him, stretching his hole until this time, the burn damn near was unbearable.

“Relax, sweetheart, you’re too tense.”

No one had ever called him that before. Even though the pet name wasn’t said with any kind of seriousness to it, Tristan was able to do as he was told and force his muscles to go lax. Only then did the burn ease up a little.

Strange. It wasn’t like it was any kind of advice Tristan didn’t already know about, but the gentle reminder was more than helpful.

Isaac kept on pushing his fingers inside until his knuckles brushed against Tristan’s ass, and that’s when he realized Isaac had put them in as far as they could go, and he was still all right.

Then that feeling of those fingers moving inside him, wiggling around came upon him, followed by—

Tristan moaned out loud. He’d had his elbows locked straight, but they gave out on him, and he went face down into the pillow as the mind-bending pleasure came over him.

His hand scrambled down, desperately searching for his cock before he finally found it and held on for dear life, keeping himself from coming, prolonging his torture, and the rest of the night.

Isaac said something that sounded like “There it is” right before he slowly removed his fingers from Tristan’s body.

The next thing to press against Tristan’s hold was blunt—Isaac’s stiff cock—and Isaac pushed in with all the gentle care as he’d used with his fingers.

When Tristan felt the coarse hairs from Isaac’s balls touch his ass, Isaac stopped, waited for what seemed like a solid thirty seconds, and then began thrusting his hips.

Tristan clenched his jaw as that spot inside him was found again. His favorite place. Isaac played with it like it was his favorite place as well.

It was slow at first, but then the punching of their bodies became faster and faster as Tristan began pushing back against Isaac’s prick.





He figured out what exactly they were dragging into this pit when a giant furry animal was dropped in with a heavy thud less than ten feet away from where he lay.

Jason screamed. A bear! They’d just tossed a heavy fucking bear in here with him! Christ, was it alive or dead?

Someone said something else, but Jason was too busy screaming to know what it was.

He figured it out real quick when someone slapped a handcuff ring around his right wrist. Jason tried to yank his hand away. “Stop that!”

It seemed they only paid any attention to him when he was struggling, and he fought and kicked and bit down hard on any bit of flesh that came near him.

He got kicked in the head once or twice for that, so hard that his vision went foggy and his brain seemed to slow down.

He got back up to speed when he realized where the other side of the handcuff had gone.

The other ring had gone through a metal loop in one of the chains, which, as he looked, seemed to be connected to the bear in the pit with him.

What they had planned for him became apparent, and he flipped out. “Are you guys out of your fucking minds? He’s going to kill me! Let me out of here!”

They pretended to be deaf once more as the grim-looking men above the pit helped their friends out of it using rope ladders.

“Help! Help!” Jason screamed, as though he expected someone to rush into his rescue.

A slight whining groan caught his attention from beside him.

The bear. It was definitely alive, and…not a bear.

A long, heavy tail, shaggy and brown, started a lazy thump against the concrete flooring, the chest rising and falling in drugged breaths, and the body itself twitched.

Not a bear. A giant dog.

A huge wolf?

Not much better than a bear.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Jason muttered.




Fine by him. Mick grabbed him by his wet shoulders and pressed his body into Jason’s smaller one, pushing him against the wall, just the way he’d thought about doing only a couple of minutes ago.

Jason made a noise of surprise at the forcefulness that Mick swallowed up with his mouth. He lifted Jason into the air just enough so that when he thrust his hips forward, his cock finally got some of that friction he’d been craving since he first laid eyes on his mate.

Jason’s prick instantly swelled under the force of the thrust, and he pushed back, the both of them just kissing and humping each other against the wall, groaning into each other’s mouths, holding on tight and not letting go.

Mick nearly dropped Jason, however, when he continued to squirm his arms around.

“What are you—?”

“The chain.” Jason held it up, and he was doing a pretty good job of keeping the silver handcuffs that kept them together safely in his fist, but it still left him with one less hand to hang on with.

“Don’t let go of that silver. Keep it in your hand,” Mick commanded then grabbed Jason by the wrists and hauled them high above his head, until he was stretched out and ready for the taking. “Now I have you,” Mick said.

“Good.” Jason planted a kiss on Mick’s mouth, darting his tongue out to taste them. “Now please fuck me.”

Mick didn’t need to be told twice as he began to move his hips again, swivelling them in strong, hard motions before picking up the beat once more, letting the pleasure of just rubbing his dick against Jason’s take over. And the sound of Jason’s panting moans was beautiful in his ears.

Mick had never reacted like this to another man since his first time, when he was still a teenager. It was good, so good, that building pressure had started the second his cock said hello to Jason’s, and there was nothing he could do but let it all out as his orgasm exploded out of him. Like the lid had been blown off.





“He’s trying to get his alphas more organized. A couple of them have taken on mates of their own recently, and one of his omegas even mated with a human.”

“Okay,” Nick said, still waiting to find out what this had to do with him.

“You’ve met him already, the last time he came to pay his respects. He knows about your blindness, and he’s pretty impressed with your kill rate despite that.”

“I’m a werewolf. Anyone in his pack could hunt like I do if they’d dedicate themselves.”

“Well, that’s what he’s asking you to do. He wants to know if he can borrow you for a couple of weeks so you can give his alphas some pointers on the way you hunt down the hunters. I swear, sometimes you can sniff them out before they even reveal themselves to be hunters.”

That was just because he could smell the gunpowder and metal from all their weapons hiding under the scent of all that leather and cologne they always doused themselves with to throw off any sniffing wolves.

What he did was nothing special, but his pack leader was asking him to do this, so he would. “When would you like me to leave?”

“As soon as you’ve packed. James put in the request a couple of days ago, and I told him I’d run it by you when you came back from your hunt.”

Nick tried to put together how much time he would need in his head. There was the shower, packing, getting transportation ready, and he was definitely taking a nap before he left…



Phillip hesitated, and Nick didn’t like the slight bit of anxiety he scented coming from the man’s pores. That wasn’t exactly a normal thing for a leading alpha.

“Ever since James came here those months ago…didn’t you recognize him?”

Had they ever met before? “No. Why?”




Adam gripped his shoulders with one hand. The other he used to cover his mouth, keeping the sounds he was making in check, not wanting anyone to come over and see what all the commotion was.

He thrust his hips against Nick’s mouth, hardly giving him any time to adjust, but Nick practically deep-throated him on the first go. He always had been good at this.

“Fuck, that’s good,” Adam moaned, thrusting and fucking Nick’s mouth. “I missed you so fucking much.”

Nick’s response was to grab Adam around the hips and sink down until his nose was right into Adam’s pubic hair. Then he pulled back until only the head of Adam’s cock remained between those pink lips of his, and then he sank back down. Again and again.

Adam moaned low in his throat. He wanted nothing better than to ram his cock down Nick’s throat as hard and fast as he could go. He wanted to claim the other man as his, the way he’d wanted to do back when they were both still twenty years old, but he couldn’t. Even in anger he couldn’t do something like that.

Instead, he just focused on the building pleasure and how good Nick’s warm mouth and tongue felt against his rigid prick.

He fought against his orgasm, as hard as he could and for as long as he could. He prevented its arrival until it finally swept through him, rushing out of him. Nick caught every drop of his cum in his mouth and swallowed it down.

Adam had to lean heavily on Nick’s shoulders after that. His one foot was still not ready for all the weight of his body, and the other was shaking after his release. His cane had dropped to the floor. Adam vaguely wondered when that had happened.

Nick got to his feet, and his palm found Adam’s cheek before pulling him into a long, deep kiss.





Eli fell onto his side, the ground almost shooting up and smacking him on his furry shoulder. He released a wolf grunt, wondering why everything was becoming all swirly again when he’d puked up all that alcohol.

Had that little bastard gotten him, and Eli had been too hyped up on adrenaline to notice?

Shit, wouldn’t that just suck. His brother murdered and he hadn’t even gotten the chance to kill the guy who did it, and now he was going to lie here like roadkill and die, right after finding his mate.


He let his body shift back into normal, forcing the change and shift into his bones until the rest started to handle itself. If he was going to die here, he was going to do it as a man. He didn’t want some animal control shit coming to pick up his wolf corpse and throwing his body into a furnace.

Tunnel vision came onto him, and he was pleased to see his bleeding paw shed its thin, short hair and turn back into a bleeding human arm, but right before the black completely took over his vision, a pair of sneakered feet, crunching on the rocks and dirt on the pavement, came into his line of sight.


* * * *


Chris ran when that guy trying to take his pants off finally jumped off of him and transformed--transformed!?--into an enormous wolf, and then started attacking that other huge wolf that was ripping the living hell out of their other attacker. Chris didn’t catch sight of that man, the big, handsome, if extremely drunk man who he’d been trying to help get home.

He couldn’t just run down the street, though. What he saw, people changing into animals, was the most amazing, most frightening thing, he’d ever seen.

Chris ran to the nearest set of shrubs he could find and got behind them.

It was like watching a dog fight, and Chris had seen YouTube videos on animal sites for preventing abuse, so he knew what it looked like.

For a few seconds, it was hard for him to tell the difference between the two gray wolves rolling around, biting and clawing and snarling at each other, until the one wolf nearly had his nose chopped off and turned back into that fucking prick who had been pawing at Chris.

He couldn’t help but watch as the guy handled his severely bleeding face and think, good. Chris had zero sympathy for the guy.

He and the other man, whom Chris could only assume was also a werewolf, ran off together after having their asses handed to them. Chris was amazed they could walk at all. The blood loss alone should have been enough to put them down.




Chris took his lubed fingers and pressed one into Eli’s hole. Eli had gotten onto his hands and knees to make this as easy as possible for the both of them, but he hadn’t been kidding when he said he would like anything Chris did to him.

That one finger was enough to make him moan in need, and Chris hadn’t even touched his prostate.

Chris jumped at the sound. “You sure about this?”

He asked as though he thought Eli had faked the noise just to encourage Chris on.

Eli’s body was on fire now, everything inside of him thumping, his blood rushing like a hot river of lava through his veins. He needed this. He had to mate. Needed to do it, to have Chris’s cock inside him, even if his body wasn’t prepared to take it yet. “Yes! Yes, just fuck me!” he demanded.

Chris, however, seemed determined to take his time, and whether he knew it or not, that was sheer torture for Eli.

As Chris inserted a third finger, Eli began pressing his body back against the digits, fucking himself on them, and the tips of Chris’s fingers came very close to rubbing against that spot inside of him.

Not a full on touch, but the electric sizzle was still there, and Eli groaned, his heavy cock pulsing between his legs, demanding satisfaction.

“Fuck me, right now!” he demanded. He’d seen what Chris’s dick had looked like when the other man had taken off his pants. He was as big, heavy, and thick as Eli. Maybe slightly more so. If Chris would just hurry it up and put that thing inside of him he would come with no problem at all.

And then they would do it again and again.

“You’re not ready yet,” Chris said. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

The fact that he was taking so long preparing him was hurting him! Couldn’t Chris see that?

It annoyed him that he had to do it, and it was a shot to his alpha pride, but, desperate times, and all that. “Please. I’m ready. Please fuck me, I can’t take it anymore.”

There was a hesitation of maybe one second. It felt more like an hour, and that was a helluva long time for a horny man to have to wait. Finally, Chris removed his fingers, and Eli heard the slight groan from behind him, and he looked to see Chris lubing his cock, gripping it from the base and sliding the lotion to the top of the shaft.

Chris’s face twisted in pleasure as he stroked himself. That was so fucking hot.

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