Overtime Under Two Cowboys (MFM)

DIG Security 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,287
4 Ratings (3.8)
[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Cowboy Menage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, HEA]
Daphne Douglas moves to Texas, the land of cowboys and Stetsons, to leave loneliness and boredom behind. But when she works overtime one night and overhears a deal to sell the company's government secrets, she knows she could go from bored to dead in seconds if she is caught.
For Gideon Black and Zane McCann, Army Rangers turned cowboys and sometime security guards, the delectable Daphne is the answer to a deep unspoken desire for a woman of their own, a woman they could share. Both men are instantly attracted and dedicated to keeping her body safe between them, day and night, but will that be enough when death comes calling?
They know they can deliver on Daphne’s secret fantasy of love with two cowboys, but with the threat hanging over Daphne's head and the clock ticking on their time together, will they be able to seduce her into their bed and their lives on a more permanent basis?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Overtime Under Two Cowboys (MFM)
4 Ratings (3.8)

Overtime Under Two Cowboys (MFM)

DIG Security 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,287
4 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I highly enjoyed this story. I enjoyed the whole series and hope that there is more to come.
Karlyn Plett
An OK book. I liked the heroes and heroine, just though the insta-love was too simplistic. Unless it's a paranormal book, I generally feel like insta-love plots are kind of lazy. But having said that, I did enjoy the book--it was a nice, easy read. Just wish it could've been a a tad more complex.





Daphne sat in the big kitchen of Mr. Black’s ranch house and fiddled with her purse strap to give her hands something to do.

She had finished her explanation, as detailed as she could make it, but Mr. Black said nothing. He tapped one long finger on the table over and over. The tension was so thick that she didn’t know if she could bear it. Her throat clogged and her eyes burned. Even though the danger was over, she still thought she might give in to the overwhelming panic and burst into tears.

The door opened suddenly, and she shot to her feet with a startled cry.

“Whoa, there. Easy, girl. Easy,” Mr. Black said to her as he stood.

Daphne pursed her lips, torn between surprise and a bizarre desire to laugh. Did he realize that he was talking to her as if she were a skittish horse?

Two tall cowboys walked in, dwarfing her and everything in the kitchen. One was black haired, and the other had a shock of sunny blond hair over his forehead, and both were wearing those Stetsons that she loved. They were gorgeous, lean and muscular and exactly what she had always imagined cowboys to be. Heat surged through her, frothy and effervescent like a spring tide. The blond one had such an engaging grin as he swept off his hat that it took her a moment to process that the black haired one wore a formidable frown.

“You must be the girl from accounting who’s trying to set up my uncle,” the black haired one said, crossing muscled arms across his wide chest.

Instead of folding under that aggressive statement, Daphne straightened. Damned if these Texans didn’t get her back up.

“What a horrible thing to say. I’m the girl from accounting who is trying to save your uncle,” she corrected firmly. “We hold contracts for the government at Wolcott Wade Black, you know, and your uncle might be blamed if this new process is leaked out. This is serious business.”

She swept her skirt to the side and sat down again.

“Well, gentlemen?” she said and indicated the empty chairs. Sometimes she was grateful for her red hair and matching attitude. She wasn’t about to let them intimidate her.

Mr. Black grinned and rubbed his balding head.

“Have a seat, boys, and I’ll ask Miss Douglas to go through it again. My nephew Gideon Black,” he nudged the black-haired devil toward the table, “and Mr. Zane McCann. Army Rangers turned ranchers, and sometimes security consultants for D.I.G. Security out of San Antonio. I called these boys as soon as I heard from you, Daphne.”

“I’m glad you’ll have someone to protect you, sir,” she said, relieved that she hadn’t been forced to suggest it herself. She had noticed that the men in Texas had a tendency to think that they could take on an army single-handed, and Mr. Black wasn’t exactly young.

Mr. Black laughed. “I’ve got my driver, Heath, and I’ve got a nice Remington. No, my dear. They’re here to protect you.”

She looked from one big man to the other. They were a fantasy in the flesh. Broad shoulders and long muscled legs in denim walked through her dreams every lonely night, but neither one of these cowboys looked happy.

For the second time in one day, Daphne considered it a shame that she wasn’t given to fainting.


* * * *


“Well, that puts a twist on things,” Zane said as he sat at the table.

Gideon set up the recorder, and Henry busied himself making coffee while Zane studied Miss Daphne Douglas.

She sat in the old ranch kitchen with the pride and grace of a young queen. Her eyes were a clear, intelligent green behind her gold-rimmed spectacles, and the tendril of red hair that had escaped her tight bun curled sweetly against a cheek still pink with insult.

She had reacted spectacularly to Gideon’s opening gambit, but not in the way Zane had been expecting. There had been no guilt in her expression, only surprise followed by a righteous indignation that had thinned those full lips.

He wanted to see those lips puffed up and wrapped around his rapidly lengthening cock, but it wasn’t the strength of his physical response to her that caught his attention.

He revised his original opinion in an instant.

No, whoever and whatever Daphne was, she had been too openly insulted by Gideon’s accusation to be involved in industrial espionage. In his experience, a genuine good woman was a rare commodity, and his honed instincts said that the delectable Miss Douglas was the real deal.


His gaze slid down her generous curves in a buttoned up white blouse and gray skirt to a slim ankle over sensible black flats. That sweet backside would give a monk the sweats, and Zane was no candidate for sainthood.

He glanced over at Gideon to see his partner doing the same careful assessment. Gideon’s glower of aggravation had changed to a frown of concentration as Daphne retold her story.

When Gideon looked over at him, he nodded. Yeah, they were on the same page, as usual. Too many years spent in life-or-death situations working for the Army Rangers had ensured that they could communicate without speaking a single word.


As much as Zane wanted the tempting little redhead, Gideon wanted her, too. For all her sass, she had a softness in her eyes that spoke of true innocence.




“God,” Gideon said thickly, and Zane watched as Daphne licked her lips. Gideon’s cock pulsed and a drop of pre-cum dampened his round crown.

“I know what I want when I see it,” Daphne said in a sexy little whisper, and dropped her head to engulf his cock in her hot mouth.

Zane felt sweat break out on his forehead as Daphne’s sweet mouth lowered over the head of Gideon’s monster cock. She was so beautiful and giving, soft skin glowing over generous curves, everything a woman should be in his opinion. A part of him, the part that believed in miracles, the piece of his soul he thought had died long ago, rejoiced in her closeness. He could almost believe that she was real and his. Theirs.

Gideon’s head fell back as pink lips stretched around his cock. Daphne bent further, sweet ass in the air, pussy swollen pink and glistening and suddenly Zane couldn’t wait another second to have her.

He stroked and cupped her pale buttocks, loving the resilience of her curves and the sight of his long dark fingers on her pearly skin.

He dipped lower to stroke her wet lips guarded by tiny red curls. He pushed his face right up against her and nuzzled, sipping at her fragrant honey. Zane swallowed, and the spicy cream on his tongue went to his head like a fifth of scotch.

Daphne arched back to meet Zane’s mouth and sank down further on Gideon’s dick as he swore in awe and desperation.

“Zane, fuck, get it in gear,” Gideon said in a rough whisper. “She’s killing me, here.”

Zane licked his lips and grinned in spite of his twitching dick. “Hang on, I’m enjoying the view. She’s like art, man. I want to grab my camera and take some shots for a painting of her.”

Gideon’s head thumped back against the wall as Daphne moaned.

“This is no time to take photos, for sweet Christ’s sake. Our woman is in need. Grab your sketchbook later, fuck her now.”

Zane didn’t think Gideon realized that he had referred to Daphne as their woman, but he would figure it out sooner or later. In the meantime, Zane planned to keep them all busy in bed.

He pumped two long fingers inside Daphne’s creaming pussy, and she released Gideon’s wide cock to gasp and pant out Zane’s name. She turned her head to look back at him, and the plea in her soft blue eyes made his dick throb and weep.

“Zane,” she cried again, “please!”

The urgent excitement in her voice got through to him, and he brought his aching cock to her pussy. She could have whatever she wanted, whatever she needed. His woman wanted pleasure, and he was happy to deliver.

He had never been so hard, so he pushed slowly, giving her time to adjust to his size. He watched the hard knob disappear into her beautiful body, her slick pink folds absorbing him. She undulated against him, taking a little more of his thickness and shredding his control.

He slammed home with a forceful thrust and paused at full extension to savor the tight clasp.

Daphne cried out and gobbled down Gideon’s cock again, bobbing her head up and down. The slippery sucking sounds combined with Daphne’s intimate grip on his hard flesh damned near blew the top of Zane’s head off.

He picked up the pace, gratified to feel her sweet body ripple and squeeze around him as Gideon grunted and shot in her mouth.

Zane reached around and rolled her little clit between his calloused fingers while he slammed home twice more. When Daphne let Gideon’s cock loose and shrieked out her pleasure, her sweet pussy squeezed and milked his hard flesh in a strong, rhythmic grip and release. Zane let go and burst in a volcanic eruption, the joy of his heart pouring out of him in blazing hot spasms.

But even as the pleasure overwhelmed him, he squeezed his eyes shut, alarmed at the hot prickle that threatened to take him over. God, she unmanned him.

She had stolen his heart already with her sexy body and sweet, generous nature. If she left after giving him this, she would take everything good in him with her.

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