The Unclaimed Mail Order Bride (MF)

Brides for the Garrison Brothers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 47,946
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Contemporary Cowboy Romance, M/F, HEA]
Fletcher Garrison saw Abigail Strahan for the first time at the airport. She looked lost. He hurried to her side. Fletcher was surprised when Abigail said she was waiting for her future husband, Arthur Clements. Fletcher had heard Arthur had remarried. Something was wrong. Fletch drove Abigail to Arthur’s ranch, where they were greeted by Arthur’s new wife. Arthur was at his office. Fletcher took Abby’s arm to steady her while walking to the truck.
Pleasure Valley, Wyoming was a small town, and Abby had very little money. The handsome cowboy driving her had been nice and helpful, but she didn’t really know him. Arthur Clements insisted he’d sent a message. What was going to happen to her?
While standing by Fletcher’s truck, his Mom and Dad saw them and insisted on helping. Fletcher’s brothers soon noticed Fletch’s interest in Abigail, but he insisted he had no ideas of marriage, and anyway Abby thought he was controlling.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Paige Cameron is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Unclaimed Mail Order Bride (MF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

The Unclaimed Mail Order Bride (MF)

Brides for the Garrison Brothers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 47,946
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Dr. James leaned back in his chair and pursed his lips. “I’d like you to wait at least another week. Your hand won’t hurt as much, and the flexibility would be better. How did you say this happened?”

“A co-worker was pouring a cup of coffee, and another person bumped into her. The hot coffee splashed over my hand.”

“It must have been extremely hot.”

“She’d just made it before pouring my cup.” Abby’s throat tightened. A nasty thought had entered her mind when it happened. Had Eleanor done it on purpose? Abby hated to think anyone would be that mean. She had tried to tell Eleanor she had no interest in her boyfriend, Dennis, who also worked in the office. But Dennis continued to flirt with Abby, although she’d told him to stop.

Dr. James’s words brought her back to the present. “Since you insist, I will give you a note to return, but I’m telling you it is against my better judgment. I won’t see you as a patient again. I must have my instructions followed. Do you understand?”

“I do and thank you.” Abby grabbed her purse, took the note the doctor scribbled and left. I’ll go right to the factory and back to work tomorrow.

To save money, Abby walked down the streets, around corners, and took short-cuts. When she arrived, she leaned against the wall to catch her breath. Her body trembled from weakness. After about fifteen minutes, she straightened and went inside.

Mr. Hopps’s secretary smiled when she entered the office. “How are you doing?”

“Fine, can I see Mr. Hopps? I have my note to return to work.”

“Oh, honey, you don’t look good.”

“I need the work. I’ll do all right.”

Shaking her head, the secretary buzzed Mr. Hopps and told him Abby wanted to speak with him.

“Send her in.” His harsh voice was audible through the receiver.

“Sorry, Abby. He’s in a bad mood. Go on inside and good luck.”

Hopps’s face flushed an angry red, and he frowned at Abby. “What do you want?”

She handed him the note from the doctor. “I’d like to start back tomorrow.”

“We’ve hired someone to replace you.”

“But I have sick leave. You can’t do that.”

“I can. After checking the records, I discovered you are often not making your quota.”

“But I’m close.”

“That’s not good enough and”—he nodded at her hand—“with that injury you never will be.” He reached to the side of his desk. “I planned to have this mailed to you. It’s your final check with your one week vacation in it. We’re done. You may leave.”

Stunned, Abby automatically reached for the check. “How can you do this to me? I’m always on time, and I work during lunch to catch up.”

“You are required to take the full thirty minutes. I’ve made up my mind. Now go!” He pointed to the door.

Holding back tears, Abby hurried out the door and across the reception area. She heard the secretary call her name, but she kept on walking. Once outside and alone, she let the tears flow.

What am I going to do? I didn’t get to finish community college when my parents died in that car crash, and I have no particular marketable skills to make into a career.

Abby stopped at a newsstand and bought a paper. If she were lucky, there’d be a position she might apply for, but at this point, she needed a lot of luck.

Once inside her tiny apartment, Abby placed a pot on the stove and warmed some soup. She opened to the want ads. Most jobs required specific skills. She marked a few and called them. Two had been filled. The last one wanted an older woman to care for their child.

Tired to the bone, Abby glanced through the rest of the ads as she ate her soup and crackers. She blinked and reread the ad. Our business is finding nice women to be Brides for Lonely Country Gentlemen. Clients are checked to see if they have any criminal background or financial problems. This is a safe way to find your husband. Call for consideration.

Abby reached for the phone and then jerked her hand back. I can’t go somewhere and marry a stranger. The man might be hateful and beat me, or old and disgusting. She threw the paper in the trash. No way. Tomorrow, she’d check with local businesses near her apartment.

After finishing her soup, Abby pulled out the book where she kept track of her finances. The rent came due in two weeks. After rechecking the numbers, she included the check her boss gave her to the few dollars in the bank. Then she leaned back in her chair and rubbed her head.

There were no relatives to call for help. Abby had one aunt in Alaska, but they’d never met, and after she had called to notify her of Abby’s parents’ death, the aunt thanked her and said not to call again. She must have thought I might need help and didn’t want to be bothered. This thought brought on another crying spell. Abby had heard her father mention an uncle once, but she had no idea where he’d be or if he was even alive. As far as Abby knew, she was on her own.

“Get hold of yourself, Abigail. Mom and Dad would expect me to do what I must, even if it is unpleasant.” She glanced at the balance in her checkbook. Maybe three weeks at the most and she’d be broke. There wasn’t time to search for another job where she’d barely get by. Reaching down, she pulled the paper out of the trash. At least I can call and see what they say. I’m not committing myself to anything.




She unzipped his pants and kissed his hard stomach. Once she’d pushed his jeans down, he kicked them to the side and lifted her back onto the bed. He lay beside her and ran his rough hand along her face and down her neck. He kissed each place he touched.

“You are beautiful.”

“No one ever said that to me. I never thought I was attractive. Men didn’t seem interested except the one whose girlfriend worked with me. I told him to back off. I think he wanted to make her jealous.”

“Not a very confident man.”

“Are you saying you wouldn’t be jealous of me?”

“Ah, I see the twinkle in your eyes. No, I’d just punch any man flirting with you hard enough that he’d not only not look at you again, he’d cross the street to get away from you.”

Abby laughed with joy. “My strong fella.”

“And soon to be husband.”

“In a while. I want to be courted first.”

Fletch laughed. “Where did you come up with such an old-fashioned word?”

“Beneath the picture of your great-great-grandparents. Have you not read it? It says, ‘He courted her well’.”

“I guess I read it a long time ago and thought it was mushy. Enough talking. I want to make love to my lady.”

He rolled her to her side and unfastened her bra, then rolled her back. “Ah, what beauties.”

His hands slid lightly over her full breasts before kissing each rosy nipple, leaving her breathless and her skin feeling tingly. Then he moved upward and held her head between his hands. He feathered kisses over her forehead, down the side of her face and kissed her mouth. When she opened her lips, he ravished the inside. His tongue slid around the warm interior and tangled with hers. Her head spun with all the unfamiliar sensations racing through her body. Then he moved downward, bit the edge of her stubborn chin and grinned at Abby.

“I need to soften this tough chin.”

“Mom said when I wanted something I always tilted my chin and went after it.”

Fletch took another nip and grinned. “You didn’t grow out of your stubbornness.”


When he kissed the side of her neck, she shivered. His lips caressed the spot where her heart raced. Her lower body began to ache. She wanted him, badly, inside of her hot body.

Her body’s eager response surprised Abby. This was nothing like her first time.

Fletcher raised his head. “You are thinking too much.”

“Only about how much more responsive my body is to you than my first experience.”

“I’d hope so. I love you. The other man was a nothing.”

“True.” She gasped when he kissed her shoulder and pinched her nipple.

“Feel good?”

“I might explode before this is over.”

“I’ll pick up the pieces.” He caressed her breasts and explored the rosy tips. Then sucked on one nipple before his teeth nipped gently at the other one.

Heat rushed through her veins and her lower body pulsed with need. Fletcher moved further down, scattering kisses over her stomach as he got closer to her lower lips. He breathed in deeply as his fingers touched her pussy. Then he tasted her sweet fragrance.

She jumped, and he stopped to look up at her. “Do you want me to stop?”

Abby shook her head no. Her body trembled. “I think I’ll slow down a bit.” He sat up and straddled her body.

Fletcher’s fingertips slid down her arms. He kept eye contact with her the whole time. Then he raised one arm and, starting at her wrist, where she knew her heart was racing, he kissed all the way to the shoulder. His attention went from the right arm to her left. It was like having butterfly wings whisper over her skin as his lips moved across her shoulders to the other arm.

Fletch chuckled, and she opened her eyes. “You aren’t going to sleep on me, are you?”

“No, it feels so good, and when I close my eyes, I’m more deeply aware of you and your touch.”

“I thought so, just wanted to check.” Fletcher ran his hands along the sides of her body before he turned her on her stomach. Straddling her again, he massaged across her shoulders, and down her back to her buttocks. He massaged them and then kissed each one. When she moaned, he flipped her fast, opened her legs, and licked his tongue over her nub. Abby’s heart pounded as he grasped her breasts and rubbed the tip of her nipples.

Abby thought her heart would jump out of her chest. Fletcher sat back and stared into her eyes. “Ready?”

“Yes,” she said in a trembling whisper.


* * * *


He leaned over the bed and pulled something out of his jeans pocket. Fletch quickly rolled the condom onto his cock. Then he pulled her hips upward and kissed her lower lips again. When he saw her eyes were glazed over, he quickly pushed his hard cock into her tight, warm pussy.

He’d never had such a ravenous hunger to be part of a woman. His thrusts were forceful, but he watched her face to be certain she enjoyed the intensity of their desired union. She opened her eyes and stared into his. His heart filled with love for her. He went deeper and held still. Her hot pussy walls tightened in response, again and again, and his passion flowed out of him. He held her hips upward and stroked in and out a few more times before collapsing on her soft body. He raised enough to not hurt her and to kiss her swollen lips.


* * * *


When Fletcher looked into her eyes, a sense of ecstasy flowed over her, and her pussy throbbed with desire around his hard cock. Their eyes locked and her heart soared. His last few strokes caused an explosion of a voracious desire spiraling through her body.

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