Perfect Match (MFM)

Mé 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,028
10 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Who would have thought promoting a dating website that caters to ménage relationships would lead Elise Sinclair straight into the arms of Dakota and Chad Collins?

All she wanted to do was market the site in Triple, Arizona, where there is an abundance of ménages, and then get out of Dodge. But when her cell phone is destroyed, her car breaks down, and the men declare that they think she is meant for them, things go from bad to worse when someone threatens her life.

As an author, Elise couldn’t have come up with a better plot, but this wasn’t one of her books where happy endings are the norm. Seeing as this is real life, Elise can’t write herself out of town or keep her heart protected. Will Dakota and Chad be able to keep her safe? Can they convince Elise that they are her perfect match?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Peyton Elizabeth is a Siren-exclusive author.

Perfect Match (MFM)
10 Ratings (4.1)

Perfect Match (MFM)

Mé 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,028
10 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Was so good, I couldnt put it down. I loved Elise's story with her two hot men, Dakota and Chad. I cant wait to read more in this amazing series!
Barefoot Okie
Awesome book loved everything about it, Peyton Elizabeth is one of those great writers who writes for the reader look forward to not only the next book in this series but anyother books from this writer.



“Well, it was nice meeting you both,” Elise said, feeling a bit awkward now that Elliot was gone. She hadn’t realized she’d been using him as a buffer. Now that it was just the three of them, Elise could feel the tension start to mount. It wasn’t sexual tension—it wasn’t. “I’ll be by in the morning, if that’s okay?”

“Actually, we don’t open until noon,” Chad answered, twirling his bottle of beer with his fingers. His grip was light, and she imagined him twirling her nipple in between his fingers. She felt them pucker and quickly looked down, making sure they didn’t show through her shirt. “But you haven’t finished your beer. We’ll keep you company while you do, and you can tell us a little bit about yourself.”

Elise felt Dakota’s knee brush against hers. She was grateful they both had jeans on, because she wasn’t sure she could handle skin-to-skin contact. Her mind was in overdrive, and the last thing she needed was for them to realize her body was reacting to every little thing they did. When his knee stayed pressed against hers, Elise looked at him and realized he was doing it on purpose. Elise intentionally scooted closer to the wall, ignoring his smirk. He had sexy laugh lines around his mouth as well. She grabbed her mug and took a long swig. She needed to get out of here before she did something stupid.

“What made you write about ménages?” Chad asked.

“Well, I told you that I write with Shea and Cyn. It was Cyn’s idea, and when we wrote our first anthology together, it seemed to hit a chord with the readers. We were lucky to find a publishing company that is as good as the one we have.”

“So you have no personal experience in the lifestyle?” Dakota inquired, his right eyebrow raised.

Elise noticed that he wasn’t drinking like she or Chad were, and wondered if it was because he was in charge tonight. According to what she knew, they were both owners of Shooters. But Dakota seemed to be the one making the decisions this evening.

“No, I don’t believe in relationships,” Elise answered automatically. Now why the hell had she said something like that? That was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. She hadn’t meant it as a challenge and hoped they wouldn’t take it as one.

“What exactly does that mean?” Chad looked at her skeptically, as if he thought she was lying. “You’re a romance author. You can’t write about it unless you have confidence in what you are telling, right?”

“That’s the best thing about being a writer,” Elise replied, her smile tight. She took another drink, making the glass half empty. “An author can spin anything to make it believable.”

“So you create a story of romance for other people.” Dakota leaned forward, clasping both hands on the table. They were large hands, just like his brother’s, and a body part that was usually overlooked. She wondered how soft his touch would be and if he was a gentle lover. The skin of her arms rose with goose bumps, and a slight tremor took up residence in her fingers. Dakota’s voice brought her focus back to the conversation. “When you say you don’t believe in relationships, are you saying you’ve never been in one? I find it hard to believe that someone as beautiful as you hasn’t fallen in love.”

“Love is a myth. It’s for fools.” Elise took another swig and slammed the mug on the table. “And why would I need a man when technology can take care of my needs? Look, I appreciate the flattering words, but I’m not in the market for a man. I truly appreciate you letting me advertise the site in your bar. I’ll hit up some of the other stores as well, before I head out of town. Maybe you can find the woman you are looking for if you sign up.”

Elise grabbed the pieces of her phone that she had set on the table earlier and scooted her way out of the booth. Before she could stop them, both Dakota and Chad got out as well. Their size made her feel small, as she was probably almost eight inches shorter than them. Her height put her at eye level with her favorite part of their anatomy. Her hands itched to run across their chests, so she tightened her grip on the plastic she held. She needed to get out of this town before she lost her sanity—or her virginity.




Dakota drew her body to his until he was lying flat on his back against the blanket and she was draped over top of him. Their lips connected, and she felt Chad undo the back of her bra, letting the ends fall to her side. Dakota suddenly turned over, making sure to position her gently on the blanket so that he and Chad were above her.

As Dakota continued to suckle at her lips, she felt her bra straps being drawn down her arms. When Dakota shifted to his left, she felt Chad suck in her nipple. Having never felt a man’s lips there before, Elise gave a whimper as the tingling shot straight down to her pussy, causing wetness to leak inside of her panties. He was so tender, but she needed something more. Not knowing exactly what that was, Elise reached up to try and grab a hold of his head.

Dakota took her wrist and pulled it up over her head. Ripping his lips from hers, he said, “Let Chad pleasure you.”

Elise knew now was the time to tell him about her virginity, but then Chad bit down on her nipple. She cried out, arching her back. God, that felt fantastic. It felt better than fantastic. It made her entire body light up.

“More,” Elise said in a hoarse whisper. “More.”

Dakota gave her what she wanted, although he never let go of her wrist. He had somehow managed to capture the other one, so both of her hands were above her head. When his lips closed over her right nipple, Elise almost lost it. How many women got to experience two men loving them? To have both breasts stimulated with warm, moist lips was the most sensual thing Elise had ever experienced. She didn’t think anything they could do would get better than this.

“Let’s get you out of these jeans. I want to taste you.”

She felt hands at the waist of her jeans and had to assume it was Chad. Dakota still had a firm grip on her wrists, and no matter how she tried to get him to release her, he held steady. As Chad worked on getting her jeans off, Dakota never released her nipple. She felt his tongue twirl several times around the distended tip, causing the tissue to become more sensitive. When he gave a gentle suction and brought the beaded tip up to the roof of his mouth, Elise gave a strangled cry.

It was so hard to concentrate on the two of them. Chad had rid her of her jeans and was now in the process of removing her black panties. Her body was too busy responding to Dakota’s mouth to care what Chad was doing. But when he spread her legs wide, Chad managed to get her attention.

“Chad, I—”

“Do you like having your breasts suckled?” Dakota asked, having finally released the tortured tissue. She never knew her nipple could throb like her clit, but the pulsating she felt in the tiny tip was agonizing. She needed him to play with it again. “If you like that, just wait until Chad gets your clit in between his lips.”

Elise couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth. She wrote her male characters that way, having them say naughty words, but actually hearing them fall from Dakota’s sensual lips was another thing altogether. She still hadn’t gotten to tell them what she needed to, but all thought fled when Chad’s tongue glided through her folds.

She likened the feeling to… There was nothing to compare it to, Elise decided. His tongue had captured her cream, bringing it up and over her clit. She was so slick with wetness, the bundle of nerves felt like it was getting shocked with tiny sparks of electricity. Her hips lifted of their own accord, begging for more.

“Please, more,” Elise pleaded, now trying frantically to get Dakota to release her wrists. “Let me touch you.”

“Honey, if you touch us now, this’ll be over before it ever starts,” Dakota murmured against the side of her breast. “There will be plenty of times in the future you can have your way with us. Right now, we want your first time to be about you.”

Elise lost the ability to speak when Chad entered a finger into her pussy, giving short strokes in and out. On one hand, she was glad that he wasn’t going in too far due to the tissue barrier she knew was there. On the other, if he pushed in farther, then she wouldn’t have to tell them because he would find out on his own. She knew that Dakota didn’t really mean her first time. He had been indicating their first time together, but she couldn’t bring herself to correct him. Her mind finally shut down when Chad’s lips reclaimed her engorged clit. Capturing it between his teeth, he used his rough tongue to rasp over and over that sensitive area. Her hips were now pumping in time with his finger.

Dakota had finally released her wrists, using one hand to bring her breast up to his mouth. The fingers of his right hand kneaded her nipple and, every once in a while, would pull it up. Her body felt like it was suspended, a feeling similar to the one she got when she stepped on the gas of her little red convertible on an open road.

“I need—”

“What do you need, sweetheart?” Chad asked, the vibrations of his voice traveling through her clit and into the recesses of her pussy. She could feel wetness drip down around his finger and down to her anus. They had her body so wired, sweat was now starting to bead in between her breasts. The sun was shining down, reaching places that had never been touched by its rays.

“You,” Elise whispered, wanting nothing more than to have one of them inside of her. She didn’t care anymore that they didn’t know she was a virgin. In the back of her mind, she knew that by the time they figured it out, it would be too late. It didn’t matter to her. She wanted them.

“Then you’ll have us, sweetheart.”

Both men released their hold on her body so that they could stand up and shed their clothes. Seeing their naked forms in the sunlight was like one of her cover arts come to life. They were beautiful. They were sensual. They were hers.

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