Task Force One: Dani's Got a Gun (LoveXtreme)

The Men of Five-0 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 60,843
47 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Daniella "Dani" Lynch is a homicide investigator in New York City. She's worked hard to achieve her gold shield. She's tough and has a love for guns and proving she's just as good at her job as any man out there.

She's on the hunt for a brutal serial killer. This individual leaves so much blood and gore at the crime scenes it's difficult to gather evidence or figure out exactly who could be responsible. One night, she's following a lead and walks right into the killer's path. He's not human. He's some kind of huge, wild wolf. Dani finds out that she is actually a healer and her abilities are very rare.

All hell breaks loose as she becomes the prey of not only the killer but also of a set of five sexy wolves and one irresistible vampire. She has some powers and charms that are desirable, and some sexy Alpha males, a charismatic and charmingly handsome vampire, rogue wolves, and evil scientists are all ready to claim Dani as their mate.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Task Force One: Dani's Got a Gun (LoveXtreme)
47 Ratings (4.5)

Task Force One: Dani's Got a Gun (LoveXtreme)

The Men of Five-0 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 60,843
47 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Yet another amazing read. The contents of this book give a whole new meaning to 'things aren't always what they seem.'
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is by far one of my favorite authors. She knows how to write a story that captures the readers attention and keeps it. This is one of my favorite stories because the heroine is a strong independent female who can take care of herself but slowly learns that you can depend on your loved ones and there is nothing wrong with embracing your femininity Buy this book you will not regret it..



Dani was sore. There was no denying that. This was the first time in her career, never mind her life, that she got injured like this. However, call her crazy, but she was feeling kind of on a high and numb around the Fagan men. It was so insane and there was this constant tingling, almost burning sensation on the back of her neck, just below the hairline. It felt as if an imaginary line extended down her spine and through her body, every part but especially her pussy and breasts.

She rubbed the back of her neck as she watched the five men that gathered around the large industrial-like kitchen, preparing dinner. The table was set, beer and wine being served as Miele added roasted chicken to a large white platter. He looked kind of sexy and domesticated. That made her chuckle to herself. It was hard to believe that these men could turn into wolves whenever they wanted to. She clutched her stomach and closed her eyes as she thought about the killer. She was scared. She was trying to be tough because she was a highly trained professional, in a profession and position as a homicide detective in New York City. She’d proven herself and her capabilities in the past, and this time would be no different.

“Are you feeling okay?” she heard Bently ask as he reached toward her face to gently push a loose strand of hair from her cheek.

He was a flirt and then some. She knew the type, except he also had that extra umph of something that made her pussy tingle just from his focus on her.

It was eerie and also interesting.

“I’m fine, thank you,” she whispered then got that burning sensation at the base of her neck. She reached back and rubbed it.

“Hey, you keep doing that. Is your neck bothering you?” Baher asked as he reached toward her shoulders from behind and began to massage there. The tingling subsided. How odd.

She didn’t want to tell them what she was feeling. As wild as it seemed that she trusted them, she didn’t want to give in so easily. It was her stubborn, “I can take care of myself” attitude. She knew this. She wasn’t denying her attraction to the men. That would be hopeless, but she didn’t have to come off as easy. Like she did upstairs in their damn bathroom. She was ready to spread her legs and yell, “Orgy…who’s in?”

She felt her cheeks warm. She needed more than sex from them. She felt it to the depths of her soul. She was standing her ground.

She wiggled off the stool, pushing Bently’s hands off her shoulders and nearly knocking him out of the way. As she stood, she cringed with pain and took a few short, necessary breaths. Damn did that hurt, and now that she placed some distance between herself and the two men, she felt that burning sensation on her neck. What the fuck!

Miele placed the platter of chicken on the table as the others grabbed the side dishes of food. Bently and Baher stared at her then both reached for her chair to hold it out so she could sit. She felt a little guilty for pushing them away, but she needed to establish some boundaries. If they kept touching her, any of them, then she was as good as fucked, literally, and right now she needed her wits about her.

Dani was surprised when Bently moved around to the other side of the table, next to Van who sat directly across from her. Randolph sat on the other side of Van. She looked toward him, and he had his hands clasped together a few inches below his chin as his bold green eyes bore into her. Again, her body was in full awareness of these men.

Now Baher and Miele took position on either side of her. Their arms brushed against her arms, and she felt herself take a quick inhale of breath, then feel the perspiration hit her brow. She was so oversensitive she felt like one of those live wires knocked down during a thunder-and-lightning storm that danced along the blacktop, out of control. She was doing everything she could to ignore these sensations as she squeezed her thighs together

“Eat, Dani. I can hear your stomach growling from here,” Van stated, his voice firm and authoritative, making her jump then stare at him. She was not used to being ordered around. They needed to understand that or they would fight all the time.

“Those are some intense wolf senses you have, Van, that you can hear my belly rumble from over there.” She used the tongs to grab a juicy piece of roasted chicken, the aroma making her belly rumble louder this time.

“As wolves, we have extraordinary senses, especially the sense of smell and instinctive abilities,” Van replied, taking a piece of chicken before adding a pile of potatoes to his plate. His brothers followed suit. They had let her take her food first, then the Alpha, interesting.

“What else can you sense right now with all this delicious food filling the air?” she asked, kind of egging him on or almost challenging this concept of innate abilities wolves supposedly had.

She was cutting her chicken and glanced up at Van and those gorgeous green eyes of his, waiting for a response from him. He looked her over and every body part came alive.

“I can smell your arousal, Daniella, and sense your need to fight those sensations running rampant in your body. I can smell your sweet cream and practically taste it on my tongue.”

For the love of God, why, why did I antagonize this man?

She swallowed hard and tried not to falter at his stare. Her cheeks burned, and arousal filled her to the core. She noticed the others had a similar ability to stare deeply and almost expect others to lower their eyes and bow down, and it pissed her off that she felt that sensation now.

Dani put her shoulders back then forked a piece of chicken and brought it to her lips.

“Well, you’ve had a taste, Alpha, but it doesn’t mean you’ll get another.”




She suddenly felt keenly aware of the man’s size and heaviness of his hand. His fingers were thick and long, and her belly felt hot where it lay.

Her shirt must have lifted up as she slept, revealing her belly. Her insides tightened. Fuck, I hope I don’t look fat.

Dani was always self-conscious about her weight and the little rounded belly she just couldn’t seem to get rid of. She swallowed again, and the body behind her shifted. Instantly, she felt the long, thick object against her ass, making her insides burn with need. Her pussy clenched and her lips parted. The man was well built. He caressed her belly, moving his hand across her rib cage and now to her breast. But he didn’t touch it, he just grazed fingertips across the under part making her wiggle. She knew that the Fagan brother behind her was Randolph. Any of the others would have spoken to her by now. He was definitely the quiet type but also very lethal.

She didn’t want to acknowledge the effect he was having on her. She imagined his face in her mind as he continued to tease her skin. He was tough with dark hair and eyes that were nearly identical to the darkness of the strands of hair. He was covered with tattoos that stretched across and around each ridge of muscle on his weight-lifting body. She wondered if all wolves were so naturally fit and muscular, or perhaps they had very fast metabolisms. That was something she would love to have, a fast metabolism.

He took that moment to move his fingers higher and against her breast. The tip of his nail traced over the top of her nipple.

“Oh.” She moaned as he continued to massage her breast.

She felt his lips against her shoulder and neck. The tingling sensation filled her, and she parted her legs then rubbed her thighs slowly together to try to stop the hunger building there.

Immediately his hand moved off her breast, down her ribs, and to her pussy that he cupped above the material of the boxers she wore. She tightened up, and he kissed her shoulder and her neck then rubbed a finger back and forth across her mound, spreading the material and her pussy lips.

“Open for me,” he whispered, shocking her. She was surprised by the sudden sound of his voice almost as much as how quickly she parted her legs on Randolph’s command.

She rolled to her back, and she looked into his eyes, dark, shiny and oh so sexy staring back at her.

They held one another’s gaze as Randolph used his one hand to push her boxers down and off of her as she assisted. He remained staring into her eyes as he stroked a finger over her wet pussy. His expression hardened, his muscles in his shoulders tightened, and the need for him to be inside of her overwhelmed her senses.

Her lips parted and she took unsteady breaths as he began to press a digit up into her. As he breached her opening, she tilted her head back, losing the ability to hold his gaze as he pushed into her.

“Beautiful,” he whispered then continued to stroke her pussy, pressing his digit in and out of her as he adjusted his position on the bed.

“Look at me, Daniella,” Randolph stated, and she opened her eyes to stare at him.

He added a second digit after the next stroke, and she lifted her legs so he could gain better access.

“I want to taste you,” he told her, and oh for crying out loud did he sound so fucking sexy. She nodded her head like an idiot instead of a strong female who knew about sex. However, her gut instincts were screaming that she didn’t know shit about sex and that Randolph and his brothers wanted to teach her.

He began to move over her then between her legs. Before she could decipher his intentions, because she was in a dead staring contest with him, he lowered his head and his mouth latched onto her pussy.

He used the palms of his hands to spread her thighs as he ate at her, licking, sucking, and pulling at her sensitive flesh until she lost it.

“Randolph!” she said his name.

Her chest rose and fell in what she thought was an awkward manner as she locked gazes with Randolph. His dark eyes glimmered and shined like nothing she had ever seen before. They mesmerized her as he kissed her skin from mound to breasts to mouth.

She tasted herself on his lips, and as he plunged his tongue through her parted lips, she melted against his body.

Her legs were parted, spread by his large, thick thighs of steel covered in camo pants.

He released her lips only to breathe then went back for more as if he couldn’t get enough of her lips. She had never felt so sexy and attractive. It was a wild thought that she became putty in this man’s hands. He was a man who said few words but whose actions spoke in volumes.

Randolph lightened his strokes using his lips and teeth to nibble gently over her lips, down to her chin and over her neck.

She lifted her neck toward him, uncertain where the sensations were coming from. Flashes exploded inside her head with visions of him biting her. She never heard of any such thing until Margo explained a bit about wolves and mates. But I am human. Where are these thoughts coming from?

She gripped his shoulders best she could. “Randolph, please. This is going too fast.”

He thrust his hips gently against her sensitive mound, and she gasped.

“Fast is good. I want you, Daniella. Now.”




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