Sensual Sabotage (MFM)

To Handcuff a Thief 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,277
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HFN] 
McKenna James came to work for Hamilton and Brewer Associates with only one thing on her mind. And it isn't a long lasting career. She's after a copy of their plans for a waste-less oil refinery that a rival company will pay her six figures to take. But, when Sawyer and Chris catch her in the act, she learns a lot more about her bosses as they handcuff her to a chair and torture the truth out of her.
When Sawyer Hamilton and Chris Brewer stumble upon their receptionist trying to fleece their newest designs, the dominant in both of them comes raging to the surface. They intend to protect what is theirs. No matter what. But when their interrogation turns sexy, they are both in danger of losing more than just their plans. Luckily they both have experience with bound women who have smart mouths.
Can two nerdy doms tame a thief bent on stealing from them? Or will the red harlot take their hearts along with their plans?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Sensual Sabotage (MFM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Sensual Sabotage (MFM)

To Handcuff a Thief 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,277
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“What are you still doing here?”

McKenna looked up from the spreadsheet she’d been engrossed in for the last hour to see the man walking toward the receptionist desk.

Sawyer Hamilton smiled over at her, and she couldn’t help but grin back. There was no doubt he was dedicated and intelligent—being half the powerhouse behind an engineering firm with his best friend tended to show that, not to mention his deep intelligent gaze. He was also drop-dead gorgeous, looking more like a Viking god than the geek he really was. His blond hair hung long around his face, his big, bright blue eyes stared into hers.

What she wouldn’t give to twine her fingers in that long hair or trace the defined line of his square jaw with her lips. A tiny sigh escaped from her lips. If only.

“Come on, it’s quitting time.” He placed two tube-shaped packages in the outgoing mail. Drafts of two more projects, ready for inspections. “Whatever you’re doing can wait till Monday.”

“It’s fine. I don’t mind.” In fact she was counting on it. “I want to get this report off to Mr. McKinsey before I leave. I promised I’d send it to him by the end of the day. It’s already five.”

“Ha, that old coot. I’m surprised he hasn’t already called screaming.”

“He’s not that bad.” She glanced up at Sawyer, enjoying how his eyes sparkled back at her. Exactly what she’d been shooting for. “If you talk to him the right way, he can be very understanding.” She batted her eyelashes up at Sawyer, unable to stop the corners of her lips from curling up. McKinsey was a pussy cat compared to some of the bears she’d been pitted against before. Like all men, he was easy to manipulate, with the right incentive.

Sawyer chuckled. “First week and you already have our most demanding customer eating out of the palm of your hand.” He leaned on the reception desk, invading her personal space. His clean soap smell and masculine aroma drifted across the space, warm and enticing. “I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next week.”

His dark, husky tone sent little tingles across her skin. Oh he’d find out, probably sooner than he wanted to, but she doubted after her next act he’d be interested in making kissy faces at her. Unless they were through bars.

“Sawyer, stop bothering the new girl.” Chris Brewer, Sawyer’s best friend and other half of the Brewer and Hamilton Associates power team, strode into the lobby from the direction of his office.

The opposite of Sawyer, Chris’s gorgeous mocha skin displayed his Hispanic heritage. If he were a deity, he’d be an Incan god you’d be all too happy to be sacrificed to.

“She’s the best the temp agency has ever sent us. I don’t want to get another one.” A heavy messenger bag dangled from his shoulder, no doubt full of designs to fill his weekend. If anyone painted a picture of a workaholic, it would be of Chris.

“That won’t happen.” Not because she worked a little late on a Friday at least. The reason for her exit would be much bigger than a little overtime. “I don’t mind the extra work.” No matter what the job required. “A happy client means more business. And I have somewhere to keep working.”

Sawyer leaned back, glancing over at his friend, and she let out a thankful breath for the space. “We’d better watch this girl. If we’re not careful, she’ll be running us out of a job.”

Chris looked over at her. She squirmed beneath his dark penetrating eyes. Dark chocolate, the kind that added padding to your ass but you couldn’t turn away from, no matter how many pounds you gained. His penetrating gaze stared at her, like he could see more of her than she wanted to share.

After a few seconds, the corners of his mouth turned up in a smile and her body relaxed a fraction. Whatever he saw, he liked. “You might be right, Sawyer.”

Sawyer leaned over her desk again. His smell and heat permeated too close for comfort, and her stomach quivered. She could walk into a secure bank vault with hardly a nerve but for some reason being close to these guys had her shaking. She must be getting soft.

“Just remember”—his bright blue eyes connected with hers, one of his eyebrows raising in a quirky smirk—“all work and no play makes McKenna a dull girl.” The glint in Sawyer’s eye tightened her stomach, and not in a nervous anxious way.

Oh, she’d have her fun! Once she dropped off the package and got her commission, she’d have a lot of fun. A hundred thousand smackaroos of fun.

“I promise. One more e-mail, and I’ll leave.”

“Okay.” Sawyer smiled back at her. “Don’t work too hard. We wouldn’t want to burn out the best receptionist we’ve ever had in the first week.”

McKenna nodded back. Not that it mattered. She wouldn’t be back next week either way. “You got it, boss.”

These guys were so trusting. That kind of trust could easily be taken advantage of. If someone wanted to, and felt something in this office was worth taking, it wouldn’t require much effort to do so. That was what she was counting on.

“Have a great weekend, McKenna,” Chris added as he pushed his messenger bag full of designs higher up on his shoulder.

“You, too. Good night.”

And with that, the two men exited the suite, leaving her behind in relative silence. She was alone in the office. It was time to make her move.

She grabbed her purse from behind her desk and headed down the hall, toward Sawyer’s and Chris’s offices. It didn’t matter which she entered. They both had what she needed. Access to the secure server.




A click and a hiss echoed from beneath her as she assumed Chris unzipped his pants. She couldn’t look, with Sawyer’s lips still molded across hers, his firm fingers in her hair keeping her pinned until the movement beneath her ceased.

“Fucking fantastic,” Sawyer grumbled as his lips slid down her throat before nipping at the skin below her ear. She didn’t know whether he meant her kiss or the fact that she wasn’t pulling away from either of them. The kiss was fucking fantastic, among other descriptions.

Not that it mattered. Especially since he kept kissing her, making it harder and harder to gather enough thoughts together to care.

“Wait your turn, buddy. She’s mine right now.” Chris’s arm wrapped around her, pulling her a little close to his body.

She turned back just in time to see him fish a condom from the inner seam of his wallet. Her heartbeat sped up at the rip of the foil. They were going to do this. She was going to have sex with these men. Her whole body vibrated at the idea. God, she wanted nothing more. This wasn’t how she’d envisioned the night evolving. She’d never been so glad to be wrong.

Chris slid the latex down his cock and her temperature rose to boiling. The sight of his firm cock in his own hand brought other thoughts to mind, images that had her entire skin feeling tight and itchy, wanting more.

Without a word she leaned over him, sliding her legs up his waist. The cool air wafted across her dripping pussy. Her nipples brushed his shirt, sending zings through her whole body. She pulled him close for a deep drugging kiss that had her whole body ready to melt against him. Who knew brilliant engineers were such good kissers? If the secret ever got out, Caltech would be overrun with horny women.

She positioned herself over his crotch. She only had to drop down and she’d have all she wanted. All she’d been begging for since their first kiss. Before she could move, two firm hands clamped around her hips, holding her perched above him, immobile.

What the fuck is this? Another torture tactic? They were supposed to be past all that shit. She’d told them who sent her, what they wanted her to retrieve. What more did they want? Her whole sordid criminal history? All the other companies she’d stolen from? She give them all up. Gladly. Just for the chance to have one or both of their thick cocks pressed deep inside her.

She looked up, ready to unleash all her anger upon him, but the eyes that meet hers stole her fire. Chris and Sawyer stared back at her with such concern she almost wanted to cry. Which made no fucking sense.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Sawyer brushed their hair from her face, pushing it behind her ear.

So much emotion radiated from that touch. They needed to know she wanted them. Not the passion-filled tortured and tied-up version of herself, but the free her. The thief with a choice, and who still choose them.

Which only made her want them more.

“Damn right I want this.” More than anything she’d ever wanted in her entire life.

A wicked, dangerous flare filled Sawyer’s eyes. His hand twisted around her throat, his touch possessive, filling her with a sizzling new heat. “Thank God.”

Chris pulled her closer. With one smooth motion he thrust inside her. She cried out at the invasion. His entry burned, her body stretching around him. Pleasure sizzled through her, overwhelming her system until all she wanted was to thrash and scream until her throat was dry and her limbs couldn’t move any more.

“Baby, you’re tight.” Chris squinted his eyes closed. His hands clutched her hips, holding her still, giving her—and him—time to adjust to the sensation.

She cast her eyes down, too embarrassed to respond. It had been a long time. Sneaking around and breaking the law didn’t leave a lot of time for relationships. Or allow her to stay in one place long enough to find anyone worth bringing home for even a night.

Not that she’d admit that to them.

Luckily he didn’t appear to need any explanation. He only gave her enough time to catch her breath before he started thrusting into her. First in short little flicks of his hips, gradually increasing in speed with each movement until she panted and clenched his shoulders to stay upright.

She let out a little breathy sigh, moving with him, unable to stop herself from grinding down into his thrusts. Her body acted on its own. Not that she had any reason to fight the reaction. Not when it felt this good to give in.

“Like that, baby?” Sawyer’s hot breath swirled around her ear and sent a shiver down her spine.

Of course. Is he not in the same room? Did he think she moaned and squirmed like this all on her own? Just to pass the time?

His lips coasted down her throat as he spoke, sucking on the delicate skin, leaving little nips behind him. “I bet we can make it even better.”

Oh God. No one had ever said anything sexier to her.

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