Submitting to the Hellhound (FF)

Succubus Heat 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,045
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, F/F, HEA] 
Mara’s life had been filled with fear and longing for a home. Nowhere was safe enough from those who chase her. Anyone she dared love would die with her if Mara was ever caught. Still, she ached for love despite knowing that if her lover was her mate, her life would change. And not for the better. She’d become a submissive destined to be at her mate’s service.
Just a look from Cassidy, the dean of the college of liberal arts, and her blood burns. Unknowing that Cassidy is a succubus, Mara submits to her in a reckless moment of hunger. She wakes a pure succubus with powerful healing abilities and the property of a lady. 
Drawn to Cassidy, yet angry over her dominance, Mara decides to give her new life a chance. To her surprise, in Cassidy’s arms, she finds not only solace from the danger stalking her, but love.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Submitting to the Hellhound (FF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Submitting to the Hellhound (FF)

Succubus Heat 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,045
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Mara was quiet as Cassidy walked her out to her car thirty minutes later. Her body was a little sore and her mind was reeling with the sudden changes that had altered her life in the very short span of a few hours. She didn’t remember a lot of the dynamics of the cubae world, but she knew as a mated young woman, she was now no longer in true control of her life.

“We’ll have a lot to talk about,” Cassidy murmured. “So, we’ll have to find time.”

“I know.”

“Mara, I didn’t expect to mate you, but I’m not going to shirk my responsibilities.”


“I’m not necessarily a responsibility. Anyway, what even makes you think we’re mated?” Mara came to a stop at her car and leaned against the driver’s side door. Her statement was made in bravado, but she could feel the fledgling bond in her mind.

Cassidy captured her chin and forced Mara to look up at her. “A nyad comes into part of her powers as she grows. She remains human-like until she’s mated. Then she’s turned and becomes true cubae with the hunger for energy.”

Mara sighed. “You didn’t turn me, Cassidy,” she muttered angrily. “You merely brought out what was already there, but that doesn’t make me your responsibility.”

“Each covenant has its own laws, which gives it a sort of autonomy,” Cassidy murmured. The lesbians always had a little more autonomy than the others when their alpha was strong and her enforcers were willing to die for her. Demons respected their power, knew if challenged, that power would fight to the death. “But according to the laws of the covenant I belong to, a dominant mate cannot knowingly walk away from her woman.”

“I can take care of myself,” Mara insisted. Her chest tightened with fear of the unknown and anger pulsed through her at the loss of her power over life.

“Once we mate, we owe our mates everything that we are,” Cassidy replied. “A courtship isn’t out of the question. It’s even advised after sudden matings between cubae who knew very little about each other.”

“So, you’re going to court me?” Mara asked with a little smile. She liked the idea of being romanced by Cassidy.

Cassidy offered her a smile in return. “I’m an alpha. I will act like one. I will take control if I think it’s necessary without giving you a chance to make a decision. I lead, and you follow that lead.”

“I guess you’re laying down the law already and you haven’t even put a ring on my finger.” Her comment held a bitter note.

“You won’t get a ring because our covenant doesn’t support that tradition, but you will get a collar,” Cassidy told her. “So, you’re going to have to move in with me. Our mates aren’t allowed to live away from us. We live within a covenstead.”

She frowned. “I could lose my job if someone found out.”

“I won’t let my woman live on her own,” Cassidy told her firmly.

Mara glared up at her. “You can’t force me, Cassidy.”

Cassidy’s eyes darkened and a low rumble of sound issued forth. The predator was clear in eyes that turned stormy. Her voice was low and rough and not human as she said, “Do you really want to test that theory, mate?”

Mara trembled with rage, hands clenched tight at her sides. “I’m not your mate,” she snarled. “And I won’t be moving anywhere, do you understand? I’ve been on my own for damn near all my life. I don’t need you to swoop in and decree you’re in charge of me. I’ll be fine on my own even if I have to leave this state to get away from you.” She turned to insert her key into the lock, only to be jerked around and pressed against the door.

The eyes that stared down into hers were hard, and glittered like black diamonds. The demon inside Mara went still in the presence of the predator before her.

“Don’t even think this is going to be that easy, sweetheart,” Cassidy drawled calmly. “Try to run, I’ll chase you, and when I catch you, I’ll lock your ass up, Mara. Don’t make me do that to you, lover.”

“Get off me,” she snapped. “And stay away from me. Tonight was a mistake.”

Cassidy chuckled and rested a hand on the roof of the car as she leaned toward Mara. “You’re mine now,” she murmured.

“I don’t want this life!”

Cassidy frowned and pulled her vibrating cell phone from her pocket. She glanced at the message. “I have to go, Mara. I want you to go straight home.” She pressed a kiss to Mara’s forehead. “Unlock the door and get in. We’ll finish this tomorrow.”

Mara turned and gladly did just that.




Cassidy gave her breast a light slap with an open hand before she drew the blade on an unerring path to her nipple. The sharp point brought a moan to her lips as it cut barely into the fleshy curve of her breast before kissing over her nipple.

Cassidy licked over her nipple and then pinched it. Mara gasped from the pain and Cassidy pinched her again before catching the pert tip between her teeth and bitting down lightly.

Mara pushed out a harsh breath as pleasure rose over her like a tidal wave. Her head rolled back against the wall as Cassidy continued her sensual assault.

“Cassidy.” She breathed roughly. Mara licked her bottom lip as her blood began to boil and her pussy wept like a faucet, sending her juices to coat the inside of her thighs.

Cassidy slapped her other breast before swirling her tongue around the stiff peak. Mara whimpered as Cassidy took another hard draw and then slapped the already flushed flesh.

“You have such pretty nipples, Mara.” Cassidy swatted her breast again and used the knife to cut the bra completely away. She tossed the fabric aside and set the knife on the shelf. She pinched both nipples and Mara gasped.


“You’re so pretty with pink skin,” Cassidy murmured. She took a whip with suede tails from the shelf. Cassidy flicked her wrist, sending the tails licking over Mara’s breasts.

The first lash was a caress but the second stung enough to make Mara moan as the bite of pain rushed over her nerve endings. Another lash had her pussy clenching.

“Mistress,” she said in a pleading tone. She wanted more, needed it just a little harder.

“Tell me what you want, wench,” she ordered softly.


Cassidy lashed her breasts harder and Mara groaned roughly as the tails hit her nipples. Her womb convulsed in pleasure. “Oh Goddess. I like that.”

“Do you like this too?” Cassidy flicked her wrist, allowing the tails to fall over Mara’s pussy lips.

Mara whimpered and Cassidy smiled. She hit her again. Mara cried out and Cassidy slapped one nipple before delivering another lash to Mara’s pussy.

“Yes. I love it.” Her hips were pulled taut as she strained forward.

Cassidy slapped her cunt with her hand and Mara let out a soft cry. Cassidy lashed her breast with the whip and her pussy and then the other breast, lashing the fronts of her thighs.

Mara writhed as the ribbons stung across her skin. Her clit throbbed and ached, her pussy dripped, and she tugged at her restraints as Cassidy delivered lash after lash over her body. The pleasure was unbearable, her mind slipping into a hazy state of sub-space.

Her breathing came in harsh pants and her pussy was lashed over and over. The stings were a delicious pain that had her body thrumming with life, her flesh sensitive to the very air that blew across it.

A slap to one breast and the other, and Mara was on a precipice. Her clit ached so bad, her womb clenched tight as if in need of something more, but the pleasure was so incredible, it tore at her senses and burned through her system.

One more lash and the suede tapped her pussy just right, hitting the outer lips and her clit with perfect force and delicious sting. Her body pulled tight and her release was wrenched from her as she went tumbling over with a strangled cry.

“That’s my girl,” Cassidy said as she stroked her fingers between Mara’s legs. She brushed her clit. “Sweet little pleasure button.” She flicked the nubbin with her finger.

“Oh, fuck,” Mara said roughly. Her body was readying again, her juices already gathering. “Cassidy.”

Cassidy stroked her clit. “Your body is so responsive.”

“I need you,” she said shakily.

“Like this?” Cassidy gave Mara’s clit a swat.

“Uh-huh.” She nodded and panted. The tap sent pulses of heated delight down her spine.

“Or like this?” She pushed two fingers into Mara’s tight pussy and pressed her thumb to her clit. She fucked into her with even strokes and firmly rotated her thumb against Mara’s clit.

Her muscles tightened around Cassidy’s fingers. “Cassie!”

Cassidy drew her fingers out and thrust them back in again. “Pussy’s so fucking tight.” Cassidy fucked her hard and deep and Mara thrust against her fingers.

“Oh, shit, I’m going to come again,” she cried and Cassidy drew her fingers out. She whimpered. “Cassie, please. I need you.”

Cassidy gave her clit a swat and Mara groaned. The heavy thud made her clit throb. “You want to come so bad, don’t you, baby?”

“Yes,” Mara whimpered. “Please.”

Cassidy unsnapped her slacks and dragged the zipper down. “I want to come too,” she said. “Just listening to your little moans has me hotter than hell.” She lifted Mara against the wall and used one hand to pull the dildo free.

Cassidy lifted Mara against the wall before easing into Mara’s heated cavern, and sank slowly into her. She pushed in deeper and Mara panted hard as the dildo stretched her and woke up sleeping nerve endings.

“Oh, baby, yes,” Mara said on a ragged moan.

Cassidy sank the dildo in to the hilt. Mara closed her eyes and sensation washed over her. The burn of the stretch and the softness of Cassidy’s shirt heightened her pleasure.

Cassidy’s fingers clenched on her hips, and then she thrust into her. Cassidy didn’t take her easy. The thrusts were rough and hard.

“Cassie.” The sound was a breathless exhalation and pleasure pumped into her. Each thrust caressed nerve endings and sent shards of rapture whipping through her. She tried to move, to meet the thrusts that were stealing her mind, but Cassidy held her with rough hands.

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