Sexual Expression (MFMM)

Contemporary Cowboys 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,968
7 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren LoveEdge: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, whipping, HEA]
Coco Baldini is no stranger to the underworld and its dirty dealings. Her father’s enemies have been circling small town Erwin, Tennessee, threatening the Baldini sisters. Even with a dangerous past, Coco aligns herself with a family embedded in illegal activity. When the family matriarch and her sons are killed, a question rolls to the fore. Were the senseless killings the work of Baldini’s enemies or were the Blaziers’ adversaries closer to home?  
Brandon Blazier can’t keep Coco safe. Expected to take the reins to a lucrative arms business, Brandon releases Coco as his submissive and places some distance between them. In the meantime, Kurt  and Liam Blazier make their intentions for Coco known.
The Blazier brothers are then forced to evaluate the dangers surrounding them. Will they put material gains behind them and embrace the woman they love or will they continue their mother’s hazardous legacy? Soon, the Blazier brothers must decide between love and an ongoing treacherous war.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Natalie Acres is a Siren-exclusive author.
Sexual Expression (MFMM)
7 Ratings (4.7)

Sexual Expression (MFMM)

Contemporary Cowboys 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,968
7 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Absolutely love this series by Natalie Acres! This is book 2 in The Contemporary Cowboys Series.
Coco Baldini has suffered a loss. The Blazier family took her in and made her part of their family. When tragedy happens, she is sent away without so much as a word from her Dom, Brandon. When the dust finally settles, it is another Blazier brother that comes to retrieve her. She and Kurt explore their feelings for one another. Can Brandon handle letting another man around Coco, even if it is his brother? And let's not forget Liam who is head over heels in love with her also.
Then there is the chaos that is surrounded with being a Baldini and a Blazier. People always trying to kill you.
This installment has smoking hot scenes and lots of turmoil. Drina gets access to a Blazier brother and Coco realizes she needs more then one! Cannot wait for the next book!
Shirley W.
Good series. All of them are well written.




“Brandon, this isn’t necessary,” Zak said. “I know where you’re heading with all this. I play in the community, too, but this isn’t the day for it. This is uncalled for, not to mention inappropriate.”

“Then leave, Zak.” Brandon nodded at Coco. “Go on, sub.”

As if the pause had given her time to regroup, Coco lifted her head and with restored confidence, or maybe it was defiance, she said, “Kurt put his hands under my bottom and sort of held me up at an angle. He then ate my pussy, licked me until I was crazy, need-ridden, and dying to get off.”

Brandon peered over his shoulder. Kurt shot him a scowl. Liam appeared distraught. Hales and Zak might as well have given Kurt high fives given their smirks. Brandon imagined them issuing their congratulations, too.

When the kitchen was quiet again, Brandon said, “And did you?”

“Did I what, Sir?”

“Did you get off?”

“Not then,” she said.

“Then when?” Brandon felt his eyes become heavy. His cock was painfully hard, rock solid. When she didn’t answer him, he stood up and rushed her. “Damn it to hell, I asked you when!”

“If you raise a hand to her, I’ll knock you to the floor and brother or not, you’ll never get up the same way you went down,” Kurt said tightly.

“He doesn’t hit me,” Coco said, still looking at Brandon as if she would honor him yet he knew better now. He understood her and while a part of him was hurt, another part of him was proud of her, too. He had sent mixed signals. At one time, he’d told his brothers he’d share her. He’d told her the same. Then, he’d changed his mind.

As of late, he’d told her he wasn’t sure where their relationship was headed but he felt confident they weren’t in the same place and then he’d sent her home when his family members had been killed. He hadn’t taken her calls. He hadn’t gone to see her. He’d kept her at a distance and she most likely had assumed they were over, done.

“Finish, Coco,” he said quietly.

 Her breasts rose and fell as she took shallow breaths. “I came when he fucked me, Sir.”

“I see,” he said, petting her head, and watching his brothers as a mix of emotions crossed their faces. Kurt’s anger was now easily detectable in his body language.

“You broke our rules today, sub.”

“Yes, Sir. I broke the rules.”

“And you know what this means. Don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.” Her eyes watered.

“And yet you cry for me?”

“I cry for us, Sir. For all of us.” She studied his brothers, at least those still courageous enough to remain in the room. “Look at us. We’re a family.” She returned her focus to Brandon. “We’re grieving and yet you want to do this now. So do it.” She looked bitter then. “Per our contract, we part with a final blowjob or fuck. Which would you like, Sir?”

“I did write that into the contract. Didn’t I?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He locked gazes with her then, trying to determine what she would want, what she would most enjoy. They shared a mutual bond that would forever tie them together. They used sex for a variety of purposes and always had. For them sex was a matter of various expressions and used for relaxation, to ease the tension, to make up, to bring them together again even if they hadn’t made up and the list of reasons and variations of those reasons ran long. They’d had a healthy sex life and because of that, he truly understood why she would turn to Kurt.

It had been a month to the day since he’d seen her, since he’d touched her. Even though he hadn’t released her formally, he had dismissed her when she’d needed him most.

“I’ll let you choose. Before I release you as my submissive, would you like to give me head, fuck me, or would you prefer to simply part ways?”

Her gaze flicked to Zak and Brandon noticed. “Have you been sleeping with my submissive?”

“No. I respect both of you more than that,” Zak said, but Zak was in the lifestyle, too. He understood the bond between a Dom and his submissive.

His reply was a nice slam for Kurt, but Brandon didn’t say as much. Instead, he returned his full attention to Coco. He noticed the hard press of her nipples against the thin shirt she wore and wondered then if Kurt had told her to wear her breasts free and without a bra or if she’d made the choice. Either way, he appreciated the choice now.

“What would you like to do, sub?”

“I’ll do whatever will please you most.”

“Anything at all?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Will you take your punishment here in front of my brothers and then suck my dick before I dismiss you?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said tightly, only her reply was recognized as lust. Others might translate it as disgust.

“Go get the whip.”

She left the room.

“Are you out of your blazing mind?” Kurt’s face was red.

“Let him finish,” Zak said, his inner Dom most likely forcing him to now show his full support of Brandon. “If you want her and I’m sure you do or you wouldn’t have spent the entire afternoon with her, let him release her the way he is supposed to. You’ll be glad later.”

Kurt clenched his fists. “This is for me, isn’t it?”

“No, little brother. Believe me when I tell you this doesn’t have anything to do with you at all. What you never bothered to understand is some of the Doms living here are actually in the lifestyle for real. We don’t play. We don’t practice or pretend. We live it. Now, if you want my submissive free and clear, you’ll let us formally part ways.”

“If you hurt her, I’ll make you pay.” Kurt never flinched.

“I wouldn’t hurt her, brother. In my own way, I love her.”

“That’s the whole problem though, isn’t it?” Kurt glared at him. “You’ve always loved in your own way. In return, you’ve wanted everyone to bow at your feet.”

“Not everyone,” Brandon said snidely. “Just Coco.”




Coco was living the dream. The men she desired most, the men she had always craved in many ways just like this were now her reality, her right now, very much her real world.

She was naked. Her bottom was primed with globs of lube. Her pussy was slick, hot. And her mouth was ready, conditioned as Brandon used to say.

Brandon wore a condom and now Liam rolled on a rubber, too. Kurt watched her lips as if he’d placed dibs on them long before they’d decided to haul her off to the bedroom.

No one had said a word when they’d moved her from the lounger to the bed and in some ways she couldn’t help but wonder. Were they afraid one uttered word would put a stop to all this? Had she, too, kept a stiff upper lip for fear of interrupting this surreal moment?

Kurt stood by the bed. Brandon was on his back and he wasted no time in pulling her over him. He kissed her breasts, rubbing his fingers and mouth over her nipples until she was mewling, literally crying softly from the friction. She rubbed her heat over his shaft, feeling the moisture she left on his dick as she slipped up and down, driving her own desire as much as his.

Liam took her hips, pushing his way between her tight ass as if he believed he had to pry her cheeks apart. His technique was working, making her wet and crazy.

Discovery. That’s what she wanted for them, for herself—true and complete discovery.

His tip breached her rim and he tapped the pulsing rosette, the term Brandon had given her hole late one night when they’d been experiencing with anal sex. She’d loved the way he’d rimmed her, the way he’d taken his tongue around the pulsing circle and talked to her as he’d loved her, coached her, schooled and trained her.

“God bless,” Kurt said, fucking his shaft with his hand as he aimed his tip at her mouth. “This is so sexy to watch.”

He was right. The mirrors on the ceilings, floors, and walls, made the bedroom a very special place in their high-end suite. Brandon and Zak had paid a mint for their place there and today, at least for a little while, she planned to help Brandon get his money’s worth.

“Kiss it, sweetheart,” Brandon said, turning his head and staring into the mirror as she sucked Kurt’s cock to her throat, loving the pulse of his head against her tonsils, the thickness brushing across her tongue.

Liam pressed inside her ass. He didn’t push too far or try to take her with too much force. Brandon entered her from the front. His cock twitched inside her pussy and she felt the fullness, the thickness of two shafts filling their independent spaces and making her crazy with a profound need she’d never imagined as being so completely raw and intimate.

She sucked Kurt, pulling his cockhead to the roof of her mouth and massaging him with vibrations. Her pussy was wetter now, clenching around Brandon’s size as he pushed down on her breasts, holding fast to her nipples and twisting them until she had tears in her eyes.

Kurt pulled back. “Careful. You’re hurting her.”

Brandon’s wicked smile drove her. “Am I, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Does it feel good?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Do you want more?” He released her nipples and she cried from the ache, missing that addictive sting.

“Yes. Pinch me. Please, Sir.”

Kurt guided her by steering her chin. He fed her his cock and he wasn’t quite as gentle as before. In him, she now saw a smidgen of that dark and dangerous man, a man who wasn’t afraid to take what he wanted, introduce those desires to the woman in his bed. Liam thrust a little faster. Brandon kept his fingers on her nipples, his face still turned to the wall of mirrors.

She hummed aloud, mere seconds from exploding, just minutes from riding out the most pleasure-filled morning of her life.

Brandon rammed her cunt. Liam took her ass and lost his seed high inside her channel, stamping his place inside her so she would never forget who’d ridden her from behind. At the same time, Kurt jerked, his hot cum filling her throat until the only taste she knew was unmistakably him.

“More,” she pleaded, releasing Kurt and rubbing her lips across his salty slit.

“More it is,” Liam said, slamming inside her now with a broken beat. “Hmmm, yes! Oh fuck yeah!” His words were choppy as Brandon rushed the finish, too.

They tore into her with sensual beats, a loving decree. In the end the only thing she could think of was her three men and the kind of fucking that ruined a woman for another intimate partner or any other man except those who had somehow made her life irrevocably complete.

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