Two Men for Piper (MFM)

The Men of Space Station One 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,430
18 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light bondage, spanking, HEA]

Piper can’t get enough of Tripp and Keith. They are worried that she won’t be safe while they are working. Will their determination to keep her safe dampen her lust for them? And is she too aggressive for their bad-boy ways, or will they take her any way they can get her?

When Keith gets hurt, Piper is scared she’s going to lose him. She’s never told either man that she loves them. She vows to do that if he makes it. When he improves, she confesses her feelings. The men tell her they love her as well. Everything seems to be going fine until all of their careful plans to keep Piper safe fail and she is nearly killed. The men blame themselves and vow to not make the same mistake twice. Will she recover, and if she does, will she trust the men to keep her safe?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Two Men for Piper (MFM)
18 Ratings (4.2)

Two Men for Piper (MFM)

The Men of Space Station One 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,430
18 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Awesome series!!!
Simply Brilliant, so looking forward to reading another is this fabulous series.
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“Piper, are you ready?” Sandra, one of the other women, asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be. I just want off this ship.”


“Whatever. I want off.”

“Have you seen your husbands at all?”

“No, have you seen yours?”

“No. I don’t understand why they kept us segregated.”

Piper sighed. “I think it was to keep us from getting too friendly while we are supposed to be learning. It seems that in the past they’ve had some issues where families have skipped classes to um, fraternize, if you know what I mean.”

Sandra giggled then sobered. “What do you think about your men? Do you like them?”

“I guess. I only talked to them for like five minutes before the ceremony, and then we were separated right afterward.”

“Yeah, me, too.”

An alarm sounded, startling them.

“There’s the signal for us to strap in. I guess they plan for us to sleep through the entry and landing. I’ll see you later.” Sandra hurried back to her quarters.

Piper continued looking out the observation window at the planet they were about to land on. Right now, it just looked like a larger version of their moon since there were clouds covering the area she could see.

She didn’t know what to expect out of her husbands, but she hoped they were good men who would treat her right. Supposedly the government had used computer programs to match the families up, but she didn’t put much faith in computers making decisions as important as who she would spend the rest of her life with.

The signal sounded again. She sighed and turned around to head to her quarters only to run right into her men.


* * * *


Tripp and Keith caught Piper before she bounced off of them and fell on her ass. She turned startled eyes up at them.

“W–What are you doing over here?” It was the women’s side of the shuttle, not the men’s.

“We were looking for you. When you didn’t answer your door, we figured you would be here, looking out the observation windows.” Tripp reluctantly let her go.

“Oh. What did you want?”

“We wanted to talk to you about where to meet us. We’re going to go get the transport and all of our supplies before we come around and pick you up. You’ll probably have a couple of hours to wait once they let us off the shuttle tomorrow.” Tripp ran a finger down her arm to curl around her wrist before he let go.

“I can amuse myself. Don’t worry about me. I’ll wait for you where they drop off our luggage. Is yours marked with your names?”

“Yep. Don’t worry about it, though. We’ll find it once we get there. Maybe there will be someone you can talk with at least part of the time while you wait. We just think it will work better if we go ahead and grab the supplies instead of waiting in line afterwards,” Keith said

“Like I said. Don’t worry about me. I can read if nothing else. It’s not like we don’t have plenty of reading material.”

They all three laughed. The reading material referred to the massive amounts of paper they were given to keep up with during classes. They had several notebooks filled with it and enough loose paper for several more when they managed to locate more.

“We’ll walk you to your quarters. You better get strapped in. It’s supposed to be a rough entry.” Tripp took one hand while Keith took the other one.

“Funny, they neglected to mention that to us.” She narrowed her eyes. “They don’t seem to mention much to us in the way of obstacles or problems. They avoid talking about anything that could possibly scare anyone. I’d rather know what to expect than to be blindsided once we get there.”

“I’m of the same mind, Piper. I have a feeling nothing is going to be as we were taught, so get ready.” Tripp stopped outside her quarters and waited for her to decode the pass before he opened the door for her.

“Thanks for walking me back. I’ll see you tomorrow, guys.”

“Sleep well. Night.” Keith squeezed her hand, and they both backed up so she could close the door and secure it.

“We better hurry back to our side and get strapped in before they catch us out again.” Keith grinned over at Tripp.

They made it back to their quarters just before their counselor called over the intercom checking on them. They replied and mimicked wiping sweat off their foreheads before bursting into laughter. Outwitting their counselor had been their one act of rebellion since being on the godforsaken shuttle.

Tripp thought that marrying them off to someone then keeping them sequestered from them for six fucking months was nothing but torture. You just didn’t do that to healthy, red-blooded American men in their late twenties. It was cruel and unusual punishment as far as they were concerned. He couldn’t wait to sink his cock into their new wife’s sweet pussy. Everything about her had turned him on from the first time they had seen her, even before they found out she was to be their wife.

Piper’s long black hair held some natural curl in it because it had waves that lapped at her ass when she moved. Her oval face and slightly upturned eyes gave her an exotic appearance. He loved her soft gray eyes and olive complexion. She stood around five feet four inches and had curves where it counted. Her generous breasts were perfect as far as he was concerned. He knew Keith had fallen in love with them already. Tripp was an ass man, though. Nothing got him hot and hard faster than a nicely rounded ass, and Piper had a prime piece of real estate going on back there.

His cock was already hard as a rock, and they were strapped in, ready to land. This sucked. He glanced over at Keith, his best friend. By the look of the expression on his face, he wasn’t in much better shape.




Tripp began to nibble on her neck from her earlobe to her shoulder. He moved to the other side, flipping her hair out of the way. He nipped and bit his way to her shoulder once again then bit her there, sending chills down her spine. She couldn’t help the tiny moan that escaped.

“I think we should head upstairs, Tripp.”

“Sounds good to me.” He released her arms from her blouse, and the men massaged them before Tripp picked her up out of Keith’s lap.

She clung to him, afraid that he would drop her. She wasn’t a small woman by any means. He didn’t juggle her or reposition her. He just climbed the stairs with her in his arms, hers wrapped tightly around his neck.

Once they were in the bedroom, Keith pulled back the covers, and Tripp let her slide down his body. She couldn’t miss the heavily aroused cock straining at his zipper. She sat down on the side of the bed and began unfastening his jeans. She shimmied them down to his thighs, and his very long cock popped out. She eyed it hungrily, licking her lips.

Piper looked up when she heard a growl rumble through his chest. His eyes were heavy lidded and dark. She suppressed a grin and grasped him at the base of his dick before running her tongue up his cock over and over again as if licking an all-day sucker. It jumped in her hand. Without breaking stride, she licked over the slit and gathered up the little drop of cum that emerged. Tripp hissed out a breath before grabbing her head in both of his hands.

The added stimulation of his hands fisting in her hair had her pussy gushing fluids faster than she was licking his dick. She ran her tongue around the rim of his cockhead then sucked in just the head while her tongue continued to tease the slit, looking for more of the salty cum.

“Hell, yeah. Suck me down, Piper. I want to feel the back of your throat against my cock.”

Piper slowly moved down the length of him until he was lodged at the back of her throat. Then she swallowed around him.

“Fuck! That’s it, Piper. Swallow my dick.”

She backed off of him, scraping his cock with her teeth then sucking him back down and repeating it again. He growled as she bobbed up and down on his hard cock. Then he was pulling her off of him by the hair.

“Enough. I’m going to come, and I don’t want the first time to be down your throat.” He massaged her scalp with his fingertips then pressed her down on the bed with her legs hanging off the edge.

A very naked Keith crawled up on the bed beside her and latched onto her nipples with mouth and fingers. She closed her eyes in pleasure as he sucked one nipple tight against the roof of his mouth and tickled the tip with his tongue. He plucked on the other one, letting her feel just a smidgeon of pain. It was perfect.

Then Tripp knelt between her legs and spread them around his shoulders. He blew against her sopping wet pussy. His warm breath there had her closing her eyes. The anticipation of knowing he was going to touch her there, lick her there was enough to send shivers over her body.

“You smell delicious. I know you’re going to taste like golden honey.”

“Please, Tripp.”

“What, baby?”

“Lick me. I want to feel your tongue on my pussy.”

Tripp ran just the tip of his tongue up her slit, through her pussy lips, and around her clit. He was teasing her and doing a damn good job of it. She squirmed and lifted her hips in invitation.

“I was right. You taste wonderful.”

She wasn’t prepared for the full body of his tongue to delve deep into her pussy and lap like a little kitten with a bowl of milk. It sent shock waves through her system, drawing out a low moan from her.

Tripp sucked on her pussy lips then entered her with two fingers. He pumped them slowly in and out of her until she began to thrust her hips again to meet him halfway. She needed more than two fingers. She needed his cock inside of her.

He chuckled and stopped for several seconds. Then he curled his fingers and stroked over her sweet spot. She almost came up off the bed the feeling was so intense. He continued to rasp them back and forth then tap at it and stroke once again.

Keith nipped at her nipples then licked them to soothe the small sting. He massaged her breasts as he forced as much of them into his mouth as he could. She felt as if he were devouring her alive. They both were. She was being eaten and loving every minute of it. Between Tripp tending to her pussy and Keith tormenting her breasts, Piper had nowhere to go but up in smoke.



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