The Soldiers of Pearl Collection, Volume 1 (LoveXtreme)

Soldiers of Pearl

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 154,754
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[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Light Consensual BDSM, Spanking, MFMMMM, HEA]

In Invasion of Hearts, Soldiers of Pearl 1: Invasion of Hearts

Arabella and her family are on the run. Mother, sister, daughter, aunt, bread-winner, and Arabella is getting burnt out. She’s tired of showing off her body to get better tips, tired of using her martial arts skills to fend off aggressive men, and she’s tired of always looking over her shoulder and having nothing to look forward to, and is barely surviving. She’s got a niece and nephew, a sister and mom to feed, protection to provide, and a leadership role that is taking its toll.

A small inquiry, some helpful persistent women, the compassion of four retired military men, and a town filled with protectors, Arabella may just be able to save her family after all. Finding a second chance at a real life was never in the plan. Falling in love with four men who represent practically everything she’s been running from could be resolution to her own demise. But only if she can trust them enough to let them.

In Healing Souls, sometimes the greatest fight one has, is the one within themselves. Cora only knows abuse and pain. She no longer believes that any man would want her after all she has sustained. Her focus is on her children and making a future for them of love, safety and security. She’s determined to be independent, to resist the anxiety attacks that rule her life, and to start anew.

When her sister challenges her capabilities, Cora sets out to prove her wrong. She never expects to win the hearts of five very intimidating, personally scarred soldiers. But the connection they feel, the shared losses, the vulnerability and challenges, are common between them. The love and compassion they show toward her children alters her belief that these men are cold hearted commanding men. Can she identify and accept true love, when it appears out of nowhere? Or are the scars of her past too deep to let anyone in? When danger appears closer then feared, Cora could lose it all.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Soldiers of Pearl Collection, Volume 1 (LoveXtreme)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Soldiers of Pearl Collection, Volume 1 (LoveXtreme)

Soldiers of Pearl

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 154,754
0 Ratings (0.0)
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“You still considering leaving?” Brock Reynolds asked Smith Spencer, his best friend and fellow team member.

Smith leaned on the fence that surrounding the ranch. Their ranch, the one Smith, Rex, Reno, and Brock bought together and had built up in the last year. Smith was antsy. Always had been despite their shared construction and development company. Brock wondered if this town, the military soldiers buying out the lots and purchasing the land quicker than their construction company could build, was making him feel overwhelmed.

“I don’t know. Why are you pushing this?” Smith asked, standing up to his full six feet four inches. Brock was two inches shorter, but he was the team leader. At least he had been until they retired from the military and headed out here to the town of Pearl. Brock came from money. When he retired from the military, he had taken back a construction and development company his other cousins on his mother’s side had been maintaining for him. In the last five years the company called Liberty Construction and Development was worth millions.

When Dale and Virgo London called them about them getting married along with his cousins, Matt and Quaid to some pretty young thing. It shocked them to learn about a place where ménage relationships were acceptable. It was something he and his men shared. Women. Plus other men they knew, ones retired from the service and trying to transition to civilian life, had recommended the town of Pearl. They had discussed settling down near their friends Gunner, Garrett, and Wes McCallister near their fathers’ place called Casper’s, but after visiting here for the wedding, they all wanted to settle down here.

As he offered a partnership with Brock, Rex O’Rourke, and Reno Davis, they brought out large acres of land to develop a housing community similar to ones they owned across the United States. Housing that consisted of four-acre lots where people could come build their dream homes through Liberty Construction and Development. They had established a program especially for retired military personnel. Wyatt Cantrell, a friend of Brock’s cousins jokingly called the development an invasion of military into Pearl.

“Listen, I’m not going to back out of my share of the company. I don’t want to leave here. I’m just feeling antsy, and I still can’t get this sensation of being on edge out of my system,” Smith explained.

“I understand. I get that way, too, sometimes. You need a little break. You need to stop stressing over everything we have going on. The work is going to be there whether you take a break or not. We’ll get through this chaos. Phase two is under way and if you’re feeling overwhelmed about selling the lots for phase four and five so early, then we’ll hold off. Wyatt said the town board wants to meet again to discuss the approvals for the various store owners who want to move here to start their businesses. The Town of Pearl is expanding.”

“Maybe it’s expanding too quickly. Maybe Wyatt, Matt, and Quaid and the Santos brothers have a point in slowing down for a bit to ensure the town remains safe and maintains that Southern charm.”

“We’ve abided by the rules established by the development and construction committee. The communities we’re building on the edge of town are stunning. People coming into town from that direction get an impressive first glance at Pearl and all it has to offer. Besides, it’s not like just anyone can come in here to buy a lot. The Santos men, our cousins, and the security company in town evaluate and approve potential buyers and future residents. By offering homes at affordable prices to recently retired military and their families, we’re building an even stronger, safer community.”

Smith nodded. But Brock still felt like more was bothering him.




Brock was overwhelmed with emotions. His team never shared a woman before, but they knew this was what they always wanted. Arabella was already a part of them whether they were ready to face that fact or not. Tonight was going to be amazing.

Brock placed Arabella’s feet down onto the rug. Standing there in only her slip-on sandals showed how small and feminine she was compared to them. Behind her Smith undid the button to her skirt and pulled the zipper down. Her skirt fell to the floor and she held Brock’s gaze as she stepped from the material and her shoes as well. “God, you’re so gorgeous,” he told her.

Smith ran his hands over her shoulders and down her back while Brock licked his lips before leaning forward to take a taste of her breast.

She was shaking, and he didn’t want her scared. He wanted her pliant and accepting.

“Touch me, Arabella. Take off my shirt, show me what you want.”

Her hands shook as she reached out with her lip between her teeth.

She ran her hands up and down his chest as he tugged on her nipple. “Oh.” She moaned and tightened her thighs together. But Smith must have been caressing her thighs wider because she pressed her palms against Brock firmly for balance.

“Easy, doll, slow and easy. We want to explore what’s ours. You tell us what you like and what you don’t like.” Smith engaged her, probably to help her feel less out of control.

She undid the buttons on his shirt and pressed it apart. He released her breast and let his arms hang at his sides as she pushed the material all the way off. She looked up into his eyes and moaned. Smith had her legs parted in a wide stance and he was stroking his finger in and out of her cunt.

Brock’s dick hardened.

“Damn, baby, you have such beautiful breasts,” Reno whispered. She looked that way and gasped.

Reno and Rex were sitting by the bed stroking their cocks and were completely naked.

She shook again and moaned.

“Fuck, she’s flowing like a faucet. I think our Bella likes Reno’s and Rex’s cocks,” Smith teased.

Brock chuckled as he cupped Arabella’s face between his hands and kissed her mouth. He pulled back and gave her directions. “Undo my pants and see what else we have for you, baby.”

Smith continued to stroke her pussy from behind and Arabella continued to moan and move back and forth from the thrusts.

She undid Brock’s pants and pressed them down. He shimmied out of them and was glad he got rid of his boots in the office downstairs. He gripped his cock and her eyes widened. “Ever see a cock before?” he asked, and she shook her head.

Smith squeezed her ass and thrust against her. “That’s hot, baby. Tonight we’re doing a lot of firsts with you.”

“Want to taste one, Arabella?” Brock asked, hearing his own voice shake with excitement and nervousness.

“Yes,” she said and he couldn’t help but smile.

“Go ahead, baby, but just know that when I come, it’s going to be inside of you.”

“I want you all inside of me. I want this. I need more,” she said.

Smith pulled his fingers from her pussy from behind. “Pass me a condom, Reno. Brock gets her virgin mouth on his hard cock, and I get this virgin pussy.”

“Smith, oh God,” she said and moaned.

“Nice and easy, baby. You focus on this. Roll your tongue over the tip. Taste me, get a feel for it.” He guided her head and mouth to the tip of his cock. Her tongue hit the skin and he moaned aloud, closed his eyes, and prayed he wouldn’t come. “Damn, woman.” ]

“Did I do something wrong?” she asked, pulling slightly back.

“No, everything right. More. I need more, explore me, do what you feel is right, natural.”

She twirled her tongue around his long, hard cock then licked it like an ice pop. When she wrapped her lips around the top of it and tugged gently, he moaned and began to slowly stroke into her mouth. She hummed and then reached for his hip for support but used her other hand to manipulate his balls.

“Sweet mother, this is the best kind of torture.”




Cora lifted her head up from the pages of her journal and looked at the lake, the beautiful park in the center of town. She released a long sigh. Heart heavy, that sensation and fear that was eating her alive, burned within her. She closed her journal and looked out toward the lake. She was sitting on the bench in town. Liam was in preschool across the street, and Julia in kindergarten. They both attended the morning sessions so it gave her time to work on her journal like Camille had suggested she do for therapy.

It had been a year since Kever and Anthony crashed into the truck Arabella was driving on the way into Turbank. It was a whole year of therapy, terrible headaches, continued nightmares, anxiety attacks, and living in fear. All because Anthony got away and she nearly died from her head injury and, of course, her weak personality.

She sighed as she looked around, absorbing the people, all the families walking around and men pushing strollers, women smiling and enjoying their men’s company. This town was perfection, and she felt imperfect. But there was no place to go, to leave to. She was living in constant fear, and would continue to until Anthony was captured or killed. She was tired of this life, of being exhausted and feeling like some sort of zombie in her everyday activities. The stupidest things bothered her. The sound of something crashing to the floor. The loud honk of a horn, the blare of sirens, the insecure feeling of panic she had in crowds of people, even small groups of people. I’m tired of it. I’m so damn tired of it.

She was okay around Arabella and her men, but kept her distance. She sat with the wall to her back so she could keep an eye on everything around her. Even now, she chose the bench in front of the tall, solid tree. The one nearest to the playground where people were so in case someone tried to grab her from behind she could scream for help. She closed her eyes and prayed that the children were safe. She wanted to watch over them constantly and that was why she came here, and sat close to the schools. She felt the tightness in her chest, the sense of anxiety of not knowing if the kids were really okay. The only thing to make this sensation go away was to see for herself that they were fine. But she couldn’t go into the school and ask to see them. The staff would allow it. They were so understanding, but it wasn’t good for Cora to allow the anxiety to remain in control. She needed to get a grip.

She looked in their direction and spotted deputy Cason Parks. He was walking up toward her and she closed her eyes, felt her chest tighten. Does he have bad news for me? Wouldn’t Rex or Reno come tell me if something was wrong? She swallowed hard. Everything about this man made her nervous. He always came around when she was in town. He even visited Arabella’s place. Did he not trust her? Did he fear her causing a public scene with one of her anxiety attacks? A few months back, initially after the attack, Cora had a few spells. With counseling and building up her self-confidence those anxiety attacks were lessening. She wasn’t fragile like people said. Anger pooled in her belly.

“Good afternoon, Cora,” he said, and she looked up, lip quivering, she bit it to stop it, and he crunched his eyebrows together. The man was very attractive, with blond hair, cut neat and tight, and blue eyes, the color of a summer sky.

“Afternoon,” she whispered. She was instantly nervous, heard the quivering in her voice. She couldn’t help it. She was fragile, weak, and he was intimidating, strong, and of course extremely attractive. One of the women, Gina, from Francine’s restaurant, had her eye on him and his friends, Asher, Avery, Beau, and Blade. Blade and Beau were hard, older men. They caused some kind of reaction in her every time she saw one of them. She couldn’t quite describe what it was. Her belly kind of tingled, her palms became sweaty, and she felt nervous. Cason in uniform doubled the sensations.

“I saw you up here, writing, and thought I would say hello, and see how everything was going. How are the kids?” he asked, leaning his hand on his gun and holster as he watched her, Stetson and all. It hung low over his brow, slightly hiding his blue eyes that roamed over her slowly then back to her eyes. He didn’t quite smile. It was like he was gauging her reaction to him. She could smell his nice cologne. That did something to her too. Made her have a small ache of attraction, and she swallowed hard, dismissing her own stupidity. Been there, done that, got the scars to prove it.

He was an attractive man all around. So why was he talking to her?




Cora was so aroused it was difficult to stay focused on each sensation. Her fears were just lingering below the surface, and she hoped she could do this and not panic. Every touch, every sweet word of endearment, desire seemed to ease her mind, and the anxiety she felt. She didn’t think she would ever be able to let another man touch her so intimately, but here she was with five.

Cason released her breast as he pushed the material of her panties down and off of her. Beau took that moment to press fingers to her cunt ever so slowly. It was torture, but it seemed he knew she needed slow, and she was grateful as her mind fought against the bad memories of the last time a man touched her there and the demands he made on her body. Liam was only born the week before. The doctors told her no sex until her checkup, but Anthony didn’t want to hear any of that. He hurt her that night. He forced fingers upon her and then his cock and the pain sent her into a fit of vomiting, never mind nearly hemorrhaging.

She squeezed her eyes tight, felt herself tense, and Beau’s fingers left her pussy, smoothed up her belly to her throat in a possessive, arousing manner. He whispered next her ear.

“Focus on my touch, on my voice, and know that I care for you deeply. I will never hurt you the way he hurt you. You will always come first, Cora. Always.”

She willed the tears away and demanded herself to believe Beau’s words and actions. These are good men. Anthony is in the past. This was her future, her children’s future right here.

He sat down on the bed as Cason lifted her up and cupped her cheeks. Beau maneuvered her body back to his front, her thighs over his thighs, using his palms to spread her open to their viewing. Her heart pounded inside of her chest, being exposed like this. That’s when she realized the others weren’t right there. She panicked as Cason held her face and stared down into her eyes.

“Focus on us, on the way we make you feel. You’re gorgeous, baby. You’re sexy, smart, an incredible woman, and Beau and I are going to show you how much we care about you.” He leaned forward and kissed her lips. His kiss was slow. He took his time tasting her lips as she felt Beau’s fingers return to her pussy and press up into her just as Cason thrust his tongue into her mouth. She felt needy, desirable, and sexy. They did this to her. They eased her mind of the past and her fears and gave her the time she needed to adjust and to let go.

Cason trailed kisses from her mouth to her neck, and she found herself reaching out to him despite the fears. Her hands collided with his waist and the muscles beneath the dress shirt he wore. Beau pumped his fingers a little faster and her cunt spasmed, releasing her cream, making her moan.

“Take off my shirt, Cora. Undress me. Show me that you want me too,” Cason whispered and then leaned forward to lick across her nipple then pull at the tiny bud. She gasped.

Beau’s strokes slowed, she felt the roughness of his dress pants and the hard ridge of his cock beneath her bottom, and she wiggled.

“Take off his clothes, Cora. Touch him, take from him, from whatever you want and need. We’re all yours,” Beau said and curled his fingers as he stroked her pussy, making her cream again.

She was so incredibly aroused, and with shaking fingers, she undid the buttons on Cason’s shirt. He removed it and threw it to the floor. She reached for his belt but fumbled with the strap of leather as Beau pumped fingers in and out of her pussy.

Cason smirked knowingly as he assisted, removed his clothes, and stood there in all his naked glory.

“Oh, Cason,” she whispered locking her eyes onto the long, thick cock before her and licking her lips.

“That’s right, baby. You do this to me.”

He stroked his cock, and then he reached forward and spread her thighs wider over Beau’s thighs.

“Oh God, Cason.”

“That’s one sexy tattoo you got there, baby,” Cason said trailing a finger along the tattoo and across her groin where Beau pumped his fingers.

“Beau’s got that sweet, pretty pussy nice and wet for me.” He lowered to his knees, inhaled with his eyes closed and licked his lips. “I need to taste that sweet cream. Move those fingers Beau. It’s my turn.”

Cora felt the torturous feeling of loss as Beau removed his thick fingers from her pussy and allowed Cason his turn.

Cason didn’t hesitate and licked between her pussy lips, swirling his tongue all over her pussy before sucking her clit hard.

“Oh,” she moaned and pressed forward only for Beau to reach under her and cup both breasts from behind her. His move caused Beau to push forward too, adding to the pressure on her clit. Beau pinched her nipples, massaged her tender, sensitive breasts as Cason pressed his tongue up into her pussy. Round and round, Cason’s tongue explored every crevice and nook, poking, thrusting, and licking her until she was wiggling and ready to explode. When she felt his tongue trail along her anus, she moaned louder.

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