[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Fantasy Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Abraham Westlake is a Quintessence Mage, controlling the elements of earth, water, air, fire, and spirit. He lost most of his magic after being betrayed by a man he loved. Later, he manages to regain all of his magic and finds love with Jayden Chesterman.
Jayden dies in a battle with Lucifer while protecting Abraham, but he's brought back to life as a mixture of werewolf, siren, and fairy. Aside from troubles with Lucifer, he has brand-new urges, further complicating his relationship with Abraham.
After losing Jayden once, Abraham finds it difficult to let his lover out of his sight, especially when a supernatural emergency occurs. The two men also end up adopting a pair of twin girls from the fairy community. He discovers that he's not as great with children as he expects. He's also worried about Lucifer continuing to harm innocent people.
Can the two men overcome all obstacles and remain together? Or will they crack under pressure?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Spirit (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Abe, what is it?” Jayden asked while running toward him.

He got distracted at the sight of Jayden’s muscular torso. He knew that Jayden perspired easily. After a short and intense bout of practice battle with a fellow crusader, it wasn’t strange to find Jayden’s body all slick with sweat. His mate had surprised him earlier that morning by joining his first class of the day. Jayden explained to him that he would have been present the previous morning, as well, if there weren’t so many Fortress-related tasks and reports to deal with. Jayden also informed him that Matilda and Louisa would join the second group later while Gavin and Norman were supposed to be part of his third batch of students. He was aware that the five of them were some of the senior members of the Fortress, so they were busier than most of the other crusaders. That was the main reason why he didn’t worry when none of them appeared in his classes the previous day.

“The Fortress has some amazing instructors,” he answered. “Some are regulars while the rest are nonconformists. I understand that most of the weapon specialists are nonconformists and the Fortress relies on them to enchant all of the weapons utilized by the crusaders. They’re also the ones who have to train the crusaders for battles, but these are terrible.”

“Really? I thought everyone’s fighting skills are up to par. I checked up on some of the training in the past. I also read the reports and—”

“Jay,” he interrupted. “Their fighting skills are awesome. I can tell that the techniques have been drilled into them, but none of them seem to display any strategies.”

“The Fortress teaches us strategies in—”

“No, Jay. You’re not listening to me,” he cut his lover off midsentence. “Watch them all now.”

He waited for a few minutes before gesturing at the crusaders. He noticed even more mistakes now that could have cost the crusaders the battles or even their lives, but Jayden appeared to be confused.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong.”

He huffed out a frustrated sigh. “Love, you’re not paying attention. The crusaders only know one strategy. They charge and attack without considering other aspects.”

“Like what?”

He shook his head. “How about a practice fight between us? Then, I’ll use us as an example to all of the other crusaders. I’ll minimize the use of my magic, but you can use as much of yours as you like.”

Jayden smirked at him. “Baby, I know that you’re a good fighter. I’ve witnessed you in real battles, but I don’t think that’s a smart move on your part. Not to blow my own horn, but I have a whole lot more muscle mass than you do. Without your magic, I’ll crush you like a bug in five minutes tops.”

He sneered at Jayden in return. “Care to make this more interesting?”


“If you win against me, I’ll let you fuck me in your office.” He snickered when Jayden’s eyes dilated from the man’s obvious arousal. “Just imagine the thrill of getting caught in such a compromising position while your cock is tied inside my ass for an hour, filling me full of your cum and breeding me like a slutty cum whore. You like the image, don’t you?”

Jayden swallowed and nodded. “Fuck yeah. What if you win?”

He leered at Jayden before stepping closer toward his mate. “You’re going to eat my ass out until I’m satisfied.”

Jayden gulped. “That’s…that’s a win-win situation.”

“Not if you can’t come.”


“You get to ream my ass, but you’re not allowed to come.”

“But that’s—”

“Backing out already? Your cock and balls not big enough for the challenge?”

He crowed in silence when Jayden glared at him. “Bring it on. I’ll whoop your ass. Then, I’ll fuck you so hard, you’re going to be feeling my cock and cum for at least a week.”

“Let’s do it then. Three strikes and you’re out.”





Abraham hissed as his fingers roamed all over Jayden’s hair and muscular back while his lover was licking a wet trail around his left ear before moving toward his other ear. It was ticklish and arousing at the same time. He could feel his cock throbbing against Jayden’s body. His hole clenched tighter, feeling painfully empty, when Jayden started rutting that massive and leaking erection against one of his thighs. He trembled in anticipation when Jayden pushed his legs open and rested on top of him before lapping and nipping on his neck. He groaned when Jayden forced two fingers into his ass.

“Fuck,” Jayden rasped out. “Baby, why is your ass still so damn tight?”

He writhed a little at the intrusion. “To better squeeze your cock with, my dear.”

Jayden snorted. “Funny.”

He was about to retort when Jayden added a third finger, causing his hole to squeeze harder in surprise. Jayden groaned against his nipple before biting and suckling on it. He grabbed Jayden’s hair harder with one hand and scratched his lover’s back with the other while lifting his hips off their bed and rubbing his pulsing cock against the other man’s chest.

“Stop teasing me, Jay,” he grumbled. “Fuck me.”

“Patience is a virtue, babe.”

“It fucking isn’t. I need your big cock inside me.”

Jayden snickered, but Abraham cut that short when he used his water elemental magic to coat his lover’s cock with plenty of slick. He loved his magic. It was convenient for sure. Jayden moaned against his neck, and he shivered in excitement when he felt his lover’s cock head bumping against his ass. He wrapped his thighs around Jayden’s waist. Then, he brought Jayden’s face closer to his and kissed his lover with all the passion that he could muster when the man’s cock finally breached his hole. It wasn’t the first time they had made love. It wasn’t even their hundredth time. They must have done it at least a thousand times. They were always sexually hungry for each other, but Jayden’s huge cock never failed to fill him up in ways that no one else’s ever could or would. Jayden was the man for him for the remainder of their time together. They expelled their breaths at the same time when Jayden’s cock was fully sheathed inside him.

“Baby, don’t squeeze my cock like that. You’re going to make me come.”

“It’s fine. I want you to paint the inside of my hole with your cum,” he pleaded before lowering the volume of his voice even more. “Then, you can fuck me again and again, using your cum as lube.”

He noticed Jayden’s jaw and neck straining taut. He smirked at his lover’s obvious attempt to regain control.

“You’re a fucking dirty cum slut, aren’t you, baby? Is that how you want to play it? Are you trying to make me lose control?”

“Blah, blah, blah.” Then, he pretended to yawn. “Are you going to fuck me or not? If your limp dick isn’t up to the task, I’m sure I can find a real man to satisfy my craving for a good pounding. Maybe I’ll even drink his cum when he…fuck! Shit!”

He had to cling tighter to Jayden’s body with his arms and legs as his lover pounded into his hole without mercy. Jayden was like a madman possessed. His lover’s eyes were red. Jayden’s muscles seemed to expand with every thrust of the man’s hips against his hole. He was both terrified and aroused at the sight.

“You shut your fucking mouth, you fucking cock whore. Nobody else is allowed to touch you. Do you hear me? I’ll tear their heart out. I’ll claw their balls away from their crotch before choking them with their tiny cocks. You’re fucking mine.”

He couldn’t utter a word in response. Jayden was pumping into him too hard and too fast. He lost his breath time and time again. He gripped Jayden’s cheeks in his palms and pressed their lips together. Their kiss was ferocious. The more violent Jayden became, the crazier he grew, dragging his nails all over his lover’s back. His movement seemed to inflame Jayden’s fire. He didn’t know where Jayden got the extra stamina and strength from, but he was the ecstatic recipient. He wouldn’t be complaining. His hole was hammered so brutally that it felt as if Jayden was literally attempting to tear him up from within. It was painful and pleasurable, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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