When a Man Needs a Man (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,327
2 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, HEA]
Grayson believes he’s finally found love with the right man...right up until that man shows up to arrest him. Nothing could prepare him for the heart wrenching pain that turns what he thought was the love of his life into his worst enemy.
Tim came into his life one night and turned his whole world upside. Everything he thought he knew was put on hold as he became more and more enamored by the handsome stranger. He had been with men who were good in bed, but he had never been with a man that made his heart beat out of his chest or his whole body shake and shiver with desire.
Every night they were together he became the submissive Tim needed. Why, he asks himself, does he still lust for what he shouldn’t want and need a man that used him?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Kalissa Alexander is a Siren-exclusive author.


When a Man Needs a Man (MM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

When a Man Needs a Man (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,327
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Tim was deep in thought, still nursing his first drink, when Grayson walked up behind him. “Hey there,” he said, smiling. “I hope you weren’t waiting too long.”

Tim took Grayson’s hand and squeezed it as he gazed up into his handsome but flushed face. God, how he wanted this man. But if Grayson ever fucking found out about what he was doing for Paul…

“No, not too long.” He looked over at the bartender and said, “Is the Weston table, party of two ready, do you know?”

The bartender picked up a phone and then smiled. “Yes, sir, it’s ready. The host is waiting for you.”

Dinner was a New York Strip, a baked potato, and a salad. They both had ordered the same thing along with a Merlot to wash it down. The food, as usual, was delicious. They both went silent as they enjoyed their meal. Tim was grateful. So many men wanted to talk your ear off during dinner, and for him, a good meal needed the proper attention. He liked that Grayson seemed to feel the same way.

An older man had started playing the piano near the bar. It was light dinner music that just added the right atmosphere of elegance and comfort. Tim felt his anger from his earlier conversation with Paul subsiding. He didn’t want to know if Grayson was involved or not, or at least that was what he wanted to believe, but truth was, he did want to know if this beautiful man was a crook. He needed to know before he got more involved. He might be a dominant, but his heart was as vulnerable as—or maybe more so than—any submissive, and no one had ever gotten to him as quickly as Grayson. That, he thought, gazing at Grayson who was finishing his meal, was a real worry.

Tim sat back and smiled. “That was good.”

“It was,” Grayson said, also sitting back in his chair.

“I was thinking,” Tim said, “we don’t really know much about each other.”

“I’d say we know nothing about each other,” Grayson said, his gaze on Tim’s.

“Okay, I’ll start,” Tim said and smiled. “I’m twenty-eight years old and grew up in Rhode Island with two sisters and two brothers. My mother’s a nurse and my father’s a dentist.”

“Ah, that explains the even white teeth.”

“Yup. Dad made sure we all got braces. I couldn’t wait to get mine off, but the pearly whites, well, I can thank him.”

“Sounds like a great childhood,” Grayson said somewhat wistfully.

“It was. My parents were great. When I came out, the whole family supported me. It helped that they were all liberals.”

“My mother died when I was a teenager. Never knew my father. I was close with the neighbors, a loving couple with no children. They kind of adopted me. They’re the only family I have. They love me unconditionally. I’d do anything for them. They literally saved my life. I’d have ended up in the system, and who knows what would have happened to me.”

“I’m sorry about your mother, but in the end, you got a good deal,” Tim said, knowing what Grayson had just told him was the truth. He wondered if Grayson that he would do anything for them.

“They made sure I got through college, and now I’m on Wall Street making the bucks, or at least trying to. It’s not what I want to do forever. How about you? What do you do?”

The lie slipped from his lips without hesitation. He’d prepared for this. “I’m in investments, too. I work as a day trader mostly. I have a number of clients.”

“You like it then?”

“It’s okay. It pays the bills, and sometimes it more than pays the bills. I have a knack for it, or at least that’s what people tell me. I’m always looking for new clients.”

They talked shop a little more until Tim felt he couldn’t push it any further. When he suggested they go back to his place for a drink, Grayson didn’t hesitate to say yes. The cab ride to his apartment felt like it was taking forever. All he wanted to do was tear Grayson’s clothes off and admire his strong, athletic body before he topped him. He was feeling extremely aggressive, and his Dom nature was raging.




He watched Grayson’s face as he took in the room and the large brass bed that only had a sheet on it. Tim felt his own body shiver with desire, knowing Grayson was going to test his control. He was more than looking forward to it. However, he still needed to know more about Grayson, and what better way than to have him totally at his mercy.

“What do you think?” he asked Grayson.

“Holy shit!”

Tim laughed, but also felt a thread of trepidation run through his body. What if Grayson didn’t like it, didn’t want it? His cock was so hard he could barely stand it. If Grayson turned around and walked out…fuck! There was no way he could have misjudged Grayson this badly. He knew a submissive when he saw one, and Grayson was just that—submissive and sensual. A combination Tim knew could be his undoing.

“Holy shit,” Tim repeated. “You’re not giving me much here.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Grayson said, his voice throaty. “On the one hand, I think I should fucking run home as fast as I can, and on the other…I want to find out what’s going to happen next.”

“Kneel down on the floor, Grayson, and I’ll show you what comes next.”

Tim could sense the struggle in Grayson, but within seconds, Grayson was on his knees. Tim kissed each of his shoulders. “That’s a good boy, baby. Now spread those legs a bit and put your hands on your thighs, palms upward.”

“Okay,” Grayson said as he did as he was told.

“Oh, and when we’re in here, you are to call me Master. Some Doms like Sir, but I prefer Master because I own you in this room. I own your body and your mind. I own that beautiful cock that I plan to use not only for my pleasure, but yours. Do you understand, Grayson?”

“I understand, but what if it’s not what I want? What then?”

“I was just about to discuss a safe word with you. It’s a word that you can use at any time, and I’ll stop whatever I’m doing. I am the Master, but you, Grayson, as my submissive, will have control at all times. You never have to do anything you don’t want to do. Although I want you to please me and to stretch your imagination as well as your body, you should never be afraid of what’s coming next. I want it to excite you.”

“Fuck…I’m hard again.” Grayson groaned. “What do you recommend for a safe word?”

“Most people use ‘red’ for ‘stop’ and ‘yellow’ for ‘slow down.’ But it has to be your word, not mine. Any word will do as long as you don’t forget it.”

“Apple,” Grayson said. “My safe word is apple.”

Tim walked over to one of the drawers, opened it, and pulled out one of his favorite toys—nipple clamps. Grayson had a firm chest, and his nipples were small but succulent. Tim also grabbed a crop that was hanging on the wall and a black silk scarf. Smiling, he walked back to where Grayson was kneeling.

“I’m going to blindfold you. I want you to simply feel what I’m about to do to you. I don’t want you watching me. Can you handle that, baby?”


“Yes, what?” Tim asked firmly.

Grayson didn’t hesitate. “Yes, Master.”

Tim smiled and proceeded to tie the scarf around Grayson’s head. “Are you in total darkness, Grayson?”


Tim walked around Grayson, the crop in his hand. He ran it over Grayson’s chest, downward over his flat stomach, and lower yet to his hard eight-inch cock. His own cock throbbed between his legs as he continued to press the crop against the head of Grayson’s cock.

Grayson moaned. “I want you so bad, Tim.”

Tim lifted the crop slightly and let it smack the head of Grayson’s cock. Grayson jumped and cried out. “What the fuck?”

“Address me as Master, and you don’t speak unless I tell you to.”

“Yes, Master,” Grayson said, his voice shaking slightly.

“You will learn, Grayson, and I’m going to have such fun teaching you. When you don’t do as you’re told, you will be punished. How hard the punishment will be is entirely up to you. I promise you, your punishments will give you reason to want to do as you’re told, but they won’t be anything you can’t bear.”

Grayson groaned again. “Yes, Master.”

“Very good, baby.”

Tim laid the crop down, the clamps still in his hand. First, he brought his lips down on Grayson’s and kissed him thoroughly. He could feel Grayson’s passion, his need. Tim knew his own need for this man was fast becoming an obsession. He wanted to fuck him so bad, but he also needed for Grayson to have his first lesson in submission.

After taking his lips from Grayson’s, he immediately affixed clamps to Grayson’s left nipple and then to the right. Grayson tensed, but remained quiet. He was learning already what was required to be a good submissive.

Tim tightened the right clamp until he heard Grayson whimper. “That’s it, Grayson. Feel the tightness. It’s when I release the clamps that you will feel the full effect of this particular kind of play. This is the kind of kink your body was made for, baby.”

Grayson simply moaned, making Tim’s cock jump to attention. The pure lust he felt seeing Grayson like this, his naked body quivering, his nipples clamped, his cock hard, and now his eyes blindfolded, was more than he could have imagined. He picked up the crop and brought it down against Grayson’s right thigh and then his left. A purely primitive groan escaped Grayson’s lips, causing Tim’s cock to jerk as if he’d been smacked with the crop. He tried to suppress the need to push the man down on the floor and fuck his ass until it was oozing his cum.

Taking a slow, deep breath, Tim walked behind Grayson. “On all fours, now.”

He watched as Grayson scrambled to do his bidding, which exposed his ass and heavy balls. From behind, Tim ran the crop across Grayson’s ball sack and then smacked it, not terribly hard but hard enough to elicit a cry from Grayson. Bending down, he slid his hand forward through Grayson’s legs to jerk off his beautiful hard cock.

“What do you want?” Tim asked.

“Please,” Grayson begged. “Please, Master, I need to come.”

“I know you do, baby, but not just yet,” Tim said and then kissed Grayson’s neck and shoulders, and lower until he was running his tongue up and down Grayson’s ass crack.

“You’re so fucking sexy and beautiful, Grayson. I want to feel my cock fill your ass with my cum. I want you to feel my need. Tell me again, what the fuck do you want?”

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