Sarah's Crew (LoveXtreme)

Coalition Mates 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,156
18 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren LoveXtreme Special Edition: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, HEA]
Sarah Lowen is leaving her past for a fresh start, but when fate has other ideas she finds herself with six rescuers that need her just as much as she needs them. When Sarah wakes up from her accident to see that she’s been rescued by beautiful alien men she thinks she must be dreaming; but her imagination couldn’t have prepared her for the reality of what they need from her.
Daegan was relieved that they had found a suitable female to bond with, fearing he had condemned his bond-mates and crew to certain death by trusting the wrong woman. Tristan, Vaughn, Rykken, and Callen seem to be more than content with sweet little Sarah, but Zane seems determined to keep his distance. Will Zane’s unwillingness to love Sarah cost them all their future?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Sarah's Crew (LoveXtreme)
18 Ratings (4.4)

Sarah's Crew (LoveXtreme)

Coalition Mates 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,156
18 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Sarah was leaving behind a bad relationship. She is rescue by a clan from Zorn. She submit to bond with the clan, she doesn't have the full support of the clan. Zane is still holding out to fully accept her, cause of what happen with Calla and her betray to the clan. Then all changes when Sarah shield Zane from getting shot. They are a finally bonded.
virginia lee
A great unusual read
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "There is nothing worse than finding your boyfriend in your bed with another woman. That is, unless it is dying. That is just how bad Sara Lowen's day begins and ends. But has dying opened a whole new world for her? In SARAH'S CREW by Sarah Marsh, Sarah is given not only a new lease on life but also on love. The question is will she find the courage to grasp an uncertain future full of potential happiness? I really enjoyed this story by Ms. Marsh. She gave us a spunky female character in Sarah. Sarah was devastated to find the relationship she nurtured to be nothing but a figment of her imagination. But when she learns that her options have been limited by death, she makes a decision that will affect what remains of her life. She grabbed the bulls by the horn and went way outside her comfort zone. I loved that Sarah didn't allow her despair to stop her from grabbing at a future. Ms. Marsh also gave us great men in Tristan, Vaughn, Rykken, Zane and Callen. Each brought something unique to their budding relationship with Sarah. I really enjoyed the fact that Ms. Marsh allowed each to have something unique and special with Sarah. Even though the men were disillusioned by their previous bonding, they were willing to take a chance. Zane may have been the holdout but Ms. Marsh articulated his misgivings very well. I understood and appreciated where Zane was coming from even as Sarah worked her magic and found her way into his heart. This was my first time reading this author and I can say with certainty it will not be the last. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Sarah and her crew and I am looking forward to seeing where Ms. Marsh will take this interesting series. " -- Tangie, The Romance Reviews

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Sarah was having the most incredibly erotic dream, the feel of hands caressing all over her body. Soothing voices were all around her, although she could seem to make out what they were saying, she didn’t so much care because all she felt was pure bliss. When she opened her eyes everything around her was so fuzzy, but she could see the outline of two men standing beside her bed. As she looked at them she decided it was most definitely a dream, she’d never seen men so beautiful. They looked like warrior gods sent straight from Olympus. The one closest to her had the most amazing long hair that was a pewter colour. As he knelt down closer to her she ran her hands through it and sighed. He smiled at her and looked up to the other man, who was watching her closely. She heard him ask in a deep low whisper, “Will you accept us, Sarah Lowell?”

“Daegan? How do I know your name?” she murmured to herself confused.

The other male she knew instinctively as Tristan cupped her cheek in his hand. “We gave you a data download with all of our clan and species information when I was healing you, Sarah. That’s why you know us, little one.”

“Oh,” she answered softly, and as she thought more about them a wealth of information swirled through her head. She knew that there were four more men in their clan, all about life and customs on their planet of Zorn. Sarah was trying to make sense of the fact that she knew all about an alien race when she was pretty sure she didn’t even believe in aliens in the first place. What a strange dream this was.

At the confused look on Sarah’s face, Tristan began to explain, “Sarah, yes this is a dream in your mind, but we are here because we need to discuss something very important with you. You know about our species and the need for a female bond mate in our clan?”

“Of course,” she said, still absently stroking her hand through Tristan’s silky hair.

This time Daegan began to speak. “We are in desperate need of you, Sarah. We are far from Zorn and without a female bond mate. Our youngest is already feeling the effects, and we rescued you from death on your planet in hopes that you would agree to help us.”

“Help you?” Sarah was still feeling the slow dreamlike drag on her thoughts. “Wait, death? What do you mean?”

“Your personal transport was crushed by another and we brought you here at the time of your death and healed you. It was the only way we could remove you from your planet within the realm of our laws,” Daegan answered.

Sarah just looked at them both for a moment, stunned. Was this really happening?

“Will you be our bond mate for a contract of five years, Sarah? We will take care of your every need, and once the contract is up we will help you to decide what you’d like to do next,” said the stoic captain.

“I can’t go home again, can I?” she said quietly as she looked at the two men who stood before her.

Tristan looked sad as he shook his head no. Daegan looked like he wanted to reach out and comfort her, but instead she saw his fists clench as he held himself back. She reached into her mind and went through the new information about the men she would be tying herself to, well for five years anyways. It wasn’t really all that long in the grand scheme of things. She’d been with Robbie for almost that long and been unhappy for most of it. At least this way she knew she was definitely attracted to two of them and knowing that she’d saved them from certain death was a far more noble cause then being Robbie’s housekeeper and live-in cook while he’d been screwing any available female except her! Why not say yes and take on six virile men to take care of her in return? She’d also see other planets and things most of her kind would never dream of. So she’d decided then, and once that decision was made her very neglected body and mind began to imagine what it would be like to have sex with six alien men…..

Immediately erotic visions swam through her head of what she could do with the two beautiful men and she nodded slowly at them.

“Yes, I will bond with you,” she said, reaching out to take their hands.

She could instantly see the relief on both men’s faces, especially Daegan’s as the tension left his very large shoulders like he could breathe for the first time in ages.

“So how do we do this then?” she said, smiling up at them.

“We will need to keep you sedated while we initiate the bond, Sarah,” Tristan said tentatively. “This has never been attempted with one of your species and others of a similar physiology have been known to react to the bonding pheromones aggressively when it’s initiated. I’ve almost finished healing your body and I don’t want you to damage yourself. Are you alright with that?”

“You mean I’ll be sleeping through the entire thing?” she asked, sounding disappointed.

“You’ll be dreaming much like you are now. We’re not certain how much of the memory you will retain with the added hormones running rampant in your body. It’s just safer for us all this way,” Daegan answered.

“Okay, I understand,” she answered quietly.

“Well then, little one, we will see you soon once again in your dreams,” Tristan said with a charming smile and a wink. Daegan took her hand and kissed the back of it before both men turned and walked back into the darkness.

Moments later Sarah’s body began to come alive. She saw the other men step up around the bed from the shadows. They were all so different and so very beautiful, and the only thing in common was the hunger in their faces as they reached for her. Sarah’s body felt like it was in sensation overload, every inch of her was being kissed or stroked. Both of her breasts felt like they were being sucked hard, her neck was being nibbled, her clit was being sucked and licked in the most teasingly delicious way.

But she was still so tired, and as she tried her hardest to stay she slowly slipped back into the darkness with a smile on her face.




“Show me,” she whispered. “Show me how much you need me.” Sarah couldn’t believe those words had come out of her mouth, but it seemed that the new and improved Sarah was also a brazen seductress. Who knew?

“We’ll both show you how much we need you, little one, over and over again,” Daegan whispered, his lips barely brushing hers as he gently swiveled her legs so she was now facing him, straddling Tristan’s lap. “Can you feel how much Tristan likes holding you, Sarah?” he asked her as he moved her hips slowly forward and then back again until her pussy was cradling the doctor’s very hard cock.

“Yessss...oh that feels so good,” she said as she wiggled her hips more, making Tristan moan behind her and grab her hips to hold her firmer against him. Her breath hitched in her throat as she felt him begin to lick and nibble on her neck, then she opened her eyes to see if Daegan was finally going to kiss her and just then his tongue glided across her lower lip slowly and he gently sucked it into his mouth. As he began to explore her mouth she felt his large, hot hands move up from her legs all the way to cup her breasts and then lightly pinch and roll her nipples.

She couldn’t stand it anymore. She began to kiss him aggressively, sucking on his tongue until he was pushing both her and Tristan back to lay on the table behind them. She felt Tristan slide her off of his lap and set her down beside him and the burly captain climbed up on the other side of her. She felt like her skin was on fire. All she could think about was fucking them both, she didn’t know what was wrong with her.

“I feel like I’ll die if I don’t have you both right now,” she said, looking between the two of them like a starving woman at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Tristan began untying the back of her gown while Daegan started to take off his shirt. “You will have us both, Sarah, but the question is, how do you want us?” he asked her, staring boldly into her eyes.

That brought her back to reality a bit. She had no idea, she’d never been with more than one man before and Robbie was the least adventurous man in the bedroom she’d ever known. She’d never been allowed to talk about sex before, let alone what her fantasies were. She’d never been asked what she wanted.

“I’m not sure. I’ve never been with two men before. What normally happens?” she asked a bit cautiously.

“Has Tristan told you about our differences in anatomy from your human men?” Daegan asked her.

“Yes, he mentioned that you were built a little differently and that it would increase my pleasure,” she answered, looking less cautious.

“How about we finish undressing and you can see for yourself. We’ll do anything you need, Sarah, you just have to ask,” he said as he began to undo his pants and lower them down his legs.

Once they were off and he knelt up on the bed sitting back on his heels so she could see all of him, she couldn’t believe her eyes. He literally had two penises, and they were quite different that what poor Robbie had to offer! The one on the bottom was really much larger than she’d ever seen in person, but it looked much the same as a human man’s. It was the secondary penis that was enthralling her. It looked to be about a third in size of the first one, but the tip had an odd little indentation in it and the entire thing seemed to move independently as if he could control it. She reached out her hand before she realised what she was doing, then remembered herself and looked up into his eyes for permission to explore him.

“Gods yes, touch me,” he said in a low growl as he took her hand and wrapped it tightly around both of his cocks.

He used much more pressure than she would have thought a man would like but when she tested it and squeezed a bit harder she heard him sharply inhale and was rewarded with a small bead of pre-cum on the tip of his primary cock. Curious to taste him, she used her other hand to wipe it away with her finger and brought it up to her mouth, watching both his and Tristan’s faces as she sucked the finger. They both groaned and closed their eyes, and she all of the sudden felt sexier that she ever had before. To move such beautiful, strong men to the edge of their control was like nothing she had ever experienced. Just as she moved her other hand back down to explore his smaller secondary penis it moved closer to her hand and the end latched onto her thumb and began to suction.

“Oh my!” she said, completely surprised and very excited about the possibilities with this particular appendage.

She felt Tristan move up closer to her back and she knew he was now as naked as her and Daegan as she took in the heat of him, his gentle hands came around to cup and massage her breasts. She felt his cocks hard and ready against her hip and then she felt one of his hands move lower to cover her hand on Daegan’s cock.

“He likes it fast and hard, little one. Let me show you,” he whispered in her ear right before he gently ran his tongue around the rim.

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