Trusting Her Doms (MFM)

Pleasure, Texas 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,279
7 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, voyeurism, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
The men in Carly Rivers’s life have lied and cheated on her. The only thing she can count on is that she can’t count on men. She’s on her own, back in Pleasure, and determined to get her mother to leave her abusive father.
Ranchers Hank Irons and Ron Callows moonlight as Doms at the BDSM club at Pleasure Ranch. After hiring Carly as a waitress, they hope they can turn her into the submissive they’ve longed for. But when she freaks out while getting a spanking, they’re thrown. Can she handle being a submissive? Can they help her lose the chip on her shoulder regarding men? Or will her lack of trust ruin all their plans?
Carly’s past comes back to haunt her forcing a showdown between her men and her father and mother. Who will she trust? Her family? Or her Doms?
Note: This book contains graphic depictions of domestic abuse.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Trusting Her Doms (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.1)

Trusting Her Doms (MFM)

Pleasure, Texas 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,279
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A series that I really like and look forward to. Love this book.
I really wanted to like this but there wan't enough to make me fall in love with the characters - it was missing something.




Seeing Carly, having her body close to his, made the rest of the night go smoothly. Even a few of the employees noticed Hank’s good mood.

After having her turn the job down, he and Ron had talked about their options. They were positive that she was the woman who’d become their one and only submissive. Yet after she’d gone, they weren’t sure how they were going to make that happen.

Then there she was, back at the club, asking for the job. Hell, practically demanding the job.

Life could be a roller coaster at times, but the ride was well worth it. Hank smiled and texted Paul about tomorrow’s interview. As he’d expected, Paul was surprised, but readily agreed to give her another chance. Especially since the interview would once again be handled by Ron and Hank.

Hank grinned as he pushed through the back door of the club and strode toward his Jeep. Lucinda would see to closing up. Sunrise was only a few hours away and he needed to get what little rest he could. He’d have to get up early to get the chores on the ranch handled before he and Ron went back to the club for her interview.

He was so engrossed in texting the good news to Ron that he didn’t realize that a car was still in the otherwise empty lot. Was there a client still inside? He almost pivoted on his heel until the curly mass of brunette hair caught his attention.

Carly? Why hadn’t she gone home?

The closer he got to the car, the more certain he was that she was asleep.

Or is she?

Panic gripped him as his walk became a run.

She’s asleep. She has to be. If something’s happened to her…

He didn’t allow himself to finish the thought. It was simply too unbearable to think.

Pressing his hands and face against the front windshield, he studied her. She was leaning against the driver’s side door with her purse smashed against the door as a makeshift pillow. He didn’t see any blood or anything that might lead him to believe she’d been attacked. In fact, now that his heart was beginning to get back to its normal rhythm, he could see that she was sleeping.

Her full lips were parted just enough for her tongue to peek out. Her cheeks held the hint of a rosy blush. Her long, thick eyelashes were feathered outward like small fans that hid the beauty of her eyes behind them. Her chest rose and fell in an easy flow, making her not-too-big and not-too-small breasts entice him even more than they usually did. She was curled up with her knees brought toward her chest while one arm held the purse and the other lay palm up over her stomach. Her dress rode up exposing her long legs.

But why was she sleeping in her car? Why hadn’t she gone home? And yet, wasn’t the explanation clear enough?

Damn that Bill Rivers.

She hadn’t looked like she’d been hit, but he had no doubt that her father was the reason she was spending a night in her car.

He looked around the empty lot. Although Pleasure Ranch was the safest place around, he couldn’t let her stay there.

Hating to disturb her peaceful sleep, he knocked on the windshield, then knocked a little harder when it didn’t rouse her.

She stretched her arms above her head, giving another added boost to the rise of her breasts, then yawned and opened her eyes. Recognition hit her and she sat up straight in the seat.

“What are you doing here, Carly?”

She was hunting for an answer he’d believe. Her mouth opened twice as she rejected one idea, then another. “I guess I kind of fell asleep.”

“In the parking lot?” He shot her a disbelieving grin, then made the universal circling motion for her to put her window down. “What’d you do? Let me guess. You put the key into the ignition, then just keeled over before you knew what hit you?”

He had her and she knew it. “I needed a place to sleep, okay? And I figured what better place than right here? That way, I was sure not to be late to my interview tomorrow.”

He liked her spunk, even when she was trying to make a ridiculous lie fly. “Come on, baby. Don’t feed me a load of crap.” If he hadn’t already guessed, he would’ve known from the expression on her face. Something had gone wrong at home.

“You still live at your dad’s place, right?”

She didn’t respond, giving him the answer.

“Did you leave?” He gritted his teeth, holding back the anger that was boiling within him. “Did your father do something to you?”

She dropped her gaze, again giving him his answer, then brought it up to meet his dead-on. “I left. I couldn’t stay there a second longer.”

“And you don’t have any place to stay? What about another family member? Or a friend?”

“They’re all the family I have, and my best friend, Suzie Wittacre, is out of town.”

So she was stuck sleeping in her car? “Why not stay at the B&B? Or a hotel?”

He could smell her fragrance as he put his hands on the car and leaned closer. Hers wasn’t one of those store-bought sweet aromas, but one all her own.

“I work at the market. You do the math.”




Carly’s eyes widened even as she tried to maintain her composure. A composure that was threatened by the rush of desire his command gave her. “I’m sorry?”

Hank’s hazel eyes darkened to a deep green. “I’m just trying to see if you want to do this, Carly. Remember. Anytime you want to, you—”

“I can stop. I get that.”

“Then let’s see how you do.” His mouth parted, his expression one that echoed her own growing need. “Like I said. I told you to drop your dress. I want to see your body. The waitresses all wear the same outfit.”

“I’ve heard that it’s very tight, very small, and without any underwear.” She added the next when he lifted one eyebrow. “Sir.” It was easier saying the term of respect this time.

“Okay, then. Drop it.”

Ron edged closer to his friend. “I don’t know whether she needs to do that.”

At first, relief came to her when Ron stepped in, but then the questions came hard and fast. Didn’t he want to see her body? Did that mean he wasn’t interested?

“Yeah, Ron. I think she does. Besides, it’s how Paul would handle it.”

She immediately chastised herself. She wasn’t there to turn them on no matter how long she’d had a crush on them. Although if she did, who knew what could happen?

When Hank had asked—no, commanded—her to drop her dress, her pussy had warped into a high-energy machine, revving up for his pleasure. Her nipples had hardened and the hairs on the back of her neck tickled her skin.

If Hank wanted her to lose her dress, and if that would help get her the job, then she’d do it. It wasn’t like she didn’t like the way they were looking at her. She’d do it to test herself. And she’d do it for her mother.

Yeah, right. For Mom. Like it has nothing to do with my wanting their hands all over my body and their cocks inside me.

She was horny, that was all. It wasn’t like she wanted them for anything but sex. They were men, just like all other men, and having feelings for them, real, heartfelt feelings, would be foolish. Sooner or later, they’d let her down by either lying or cheating or both.

And yet, even as she thought that, she couldn’t deny the thrill at the chance that maybe, just maybe, they were different than any men she’d ever known.

Ron shrugged. “He’s right. That’s normally part of the interview process.”

“Carly, I don’t want to embarrass you.”

“I know.” And she did. She didn’t think he’d ever do anything to hurt or humiliate her. That made the idea of disrobing for him, for them, even more appealing.

“Again, it’s not a requirement. It’s just that it makes the members of the club feel better if the people waiting on them are easy around nudity, including their own.”

“I get that. Really, I do. It makes sense.”

“Then do you want to give it a try?”

Did she? If she didn’t try, would she regret it later? And what if it brought them closer to her? She’d taken the first step when she’d told them she’d had a crush on them. Now she could show them how much she wanted them.

She took hold of her sundress and slid the straps down her arms. She’d meant to give them a little more of her cleavage, but the dress fell far enough down to expose her breasts, then hung on her hips.

Ron and Hank stood side by side, their expressions carefully neutral. But their eyes told her what they were thinking. They wanted her. Her pussy answered their call, throbbing until she had to tighten her muscles to slow the pounding down. The swirl of lust grew stronger. She’d almost forgotten how that felt.

“All the way.” Ron’s voice was thick with need.

Now was her last chance to back out. But she’d never been a coward and she wasn’t about to be one starting now. Instead, the farther she went, the farther she wanted to go.

She hooked her thumb in the dress and gave it a little shove. It puddled at her feet, leaving her clothed in only her panties. Holding her head high, she waited for their reaction.

It was several anxious moments before they gave it.

“You’re beautiful.” Ron’s voice was low, awed.

She hadn’t expected that. Had, in fact, thought he’d say something about how wide her hips were or how she needed to wax the remaining strip of hair covering her mons. Surely, he saw what was wrong with her body. She was anything but amazing with her rounded hips and her not-so-flat belly. Even her breasts were a little saggy for her age.

“He’s right. You’re fucking amazing.” Hank gnawed at his lower lip as though he were trying to restrain an urge to use his mouth on her.

Go ahead. Kiss me. Lick me. Bite me.

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