Teach Me Tonight (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 99,134
0 Ratings (0.0)

After six years of undergrad, Luke just wants to graduate university and get the hell out of Texas. He isn’t expecting to meet older, sexy Hardy, who is the embodiment of all of Luke’s dirty fantasies ... and also his professor.

When Luke’s best friend takes him to the local BDSM club, he’s approached by a handsome, authoritative Dom who pushes all his buttons. Hardy introduces Luke to the world of Domination and submission with a scorching hot scene that only leaves him wanting more. After their explosive weekend together, they part ways with plans to see each other again.

However, when the first day of classes comes, they find out Hardy is Luke’s university professor ... and unwilling to jeopardize his job to be with Luke. Luke is stubborn and adamant in pursuing Hardy. Their relationship is forbidden and could potentially destroy Hardy’s career, but he won’t take no for an answer.

Hardy doesn’t do relationships, but Luke is determined to convince Hardy to train him as his submissive. The attraction between them is electric, and Luke uses that to the best of his advantage, trying to seduce Hardy into being with him. But each time Hardy rejects him, Hardy’s determination abates.

How can they be together when Hardy is afraid of falling in love and getting hurt, and Luke is leaving the state once he graduates?

Teach Me Tonight (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Teach Me Tonight (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 99,134
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

“Breakfast is ready,” Hardy announces, setting the plate and glass at the end of the table, right next to Luke. Luke, who thought the announcement meant he could stand up. Granted, being on his knees for that long for the first time must have left him cramping.

“Wait, why only one plate?” Luke frowns.

“Who said you were allowed to stand up?” Hardy demands.

“But --”

“Who said you were allowed to stand up?” Hardy repeats, voice growing harder.

“Um.” Luke gulps, eyes huge. “No one.”

“So, kneel by the table where you were one minute ago.”

“But I want to eat too!”

“Shush. No talking.” Hardy sits on a chair. “Now kneel beside me.”

Luke’s jaw tightens as he purses his lips, but he obeys, miraculously staying silent as he awkwardly kneels again. Hardy cuts their meal into irregular pieces, small enough for them to be easily chewed. He eats the bacon first, crispy and curly. It tastes perfect, and he hums as he takes another bite. Hardy has to stop himself from laughing at the comical way Luke eyes his food with plain desire and fiery envy.

Taking pity on the boy, Hardy cuts a piece of the sausage and brings it forward. Luke raises his eyebrows but allows himself to be fed. As the loaded fork fills his mouth, Luke’s luscious lips wrap around the metal. Luke closes his eyes and moans low as he chews on the meat. The noise goes straight to Hardy’s cock. The way the boy looks so blissed out by the food doesn’t help Hardy’s case either. Hardy resumes eating, pointedly ignoring how hard his cock is getting.

When it’s time to give Luke the orange juice, Hardy almost regrets adding the white plastic straw to the glass. Luke’s pink tongue fights with the straw for a few moments, trying to drive it inside his mouth and making Hardy wonder how would that tongue feel like while lapping on his dick. When Luke sucks on the plastic, the hollowing of his cheeks and the small slurping noise filling the kitchen make Hardy’s mind go somewhere else. He has a thousand ideas on how to fill that mouth ... but first they need to finish their meal. That’s Hardy’s sacred routine: wake up early, read the newspaper, and eat a full English breakfast.

“Do you know how to cook?” Hardy asks Luke, trying to get distracted from this maddening feeding.

“Oh, God, no.” Luke shakes his head with fervor. “Not unless you want to go to the hospital with food poisoning.” Hardy bursts out laughing. “I’m serious. I’m a disaster in the kitchen. And so is Ash.”

“Then who cooks?” Hardy stabs a piece of the eggs with his fork.

“Well, back home we have a cook, but here in Westcrest when it’s just me and Ash? No one. We survive on takeout, frozen meals, and fast food.”

Parents buying a huge house and now a cook? Luke comes from a family with money. But apart from showing clear signs of being spoiled, he doesn’t seem to be a snob.

Hardy brings the fork to Luke’s mouth. Luke chews on the egg as Hardy asks an honest question, “How do you manage to stay so fit?” If Hardy ate like that, he’d gain twenty pounds in one month.

“I don’t know. Fast metabolism?” Luke shrugs, licking his lips. His wet tongue comes forward, dangerously inviting. It only gets worse when Hardy notices the small yellow smear at the corner of Luke’s mouth.

“It’s not healthy to live off fast food, Luke,” Hardy says with a surprisingly stable tone of voice. He eyes the smear one more time before impulsively reaching out. He rubs his thumb over the yolk and drives it into Luke’s mouth to clean it. Luke opens his jaw, inviting Hardy with a low moan. Hardy pushes inside. He caresses Luke’s tongue as he sucks Hardy’s thumb obscenely. Hardy’s dick throbs in his pants, begging to be in the shoes of his finger.

Hardy doesn’t like how easily his control slips where Luke is concerned. First taking him to his house, then letting him sleep in, now this intruding desire that makes him want to grab Luke, shove him on the kitchen table, and fuck his brains out. But before anything, they need to eat breakfast.

Hardy pops his thumb out of Luke’s mouth with reluctance. He’d love to let Luke suck his fingers until Luke is begging to suck something else. And Hardy is sure that would happen, as Luke seems to have enjoyed the exchange as much as Hardy did. In only a few seconds of contact, Luke’s cheeks have flushed and his pupils have blown wide, hiding the stunning hazel hue of his irises. His dick is also growing at record speed.

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