More Than Enough (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 22,020
0 Ratings (0.0)

Bart Smith, struggles with the day to day life of trying to keep his minor sister out of the range of their abusive father. He dreams of getting them both away once she turns eighteen. He doesn’t think any guy would have an interest in someone like him, but he does have a thing for athletes. The one time he gave into that attraction, however, turned out to be a complete disaster. Now he’s leery of all guys, especially gorgeous junior, Evan Caruthers.

Sweet, sexy Bart is just Evan’s type, though it takes a bit of doing to convince the hot little redhead that his interest in genuine. Eventually Evan's patience pays off, and Bart lets down his guard, believing he's ready to take a chance on a relationship with Evan.

But as Bart's home life goes from bad to worse, Bart and Evan may lose that chance for good.

More Than Enough (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

More Than Enough (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 22,020
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

"I, um, I had a bit of a crush on you when I was a sophomore and you were a senior. Of course, you didn't know I was alive."

He couldn't deny that, so he didn't even try. Besides he already admitted that he hadn't remembered Bart from high school.

"I definitely know who you are now." He scooted closer to Bart so that their bodies touched. He snagged Bart's hand and held it. "Was this all before the asshole that hurt you?"


He rubbed his thumb over Bart's palm. "Who was that asshole, Bart?"



Bart sighed, but smiled slightly. "You aren't going to drop this until I tell you, huh?"

"Nope. If you won't tell me, I'll ask your friend, Shayne. He's seeing my cousin, Des."

"He told me."

"So, who was he?"

"I doubt you know him."

He huffed out a breath. "I'm about to tickle it out of you."

"Okay, okay. If you're going to threaten me. Parker Hennessey."

"Hennessey? Does he have an older sister?"

"Piper. Yeah."

"Cheerleader." Evan nodded. "I remember her. She was a senior same year I was. Bitch, too."

Bart laughed. "Yeah, that about sums up the whole family, I think."

"I kind of remember seeing him around. He played basketball."

"Right." Bart's voice had dropped to a soft, sorrowful whisper.

Evan grasped Bart's chin and turned his head so they were looking straight at each other's eyes. "Listen. I don't care what that idiot told you, Bart. He was attracted to you. I think he had some hang-ups about being gay, hated that he wanted you, and took it out on you."

"I don't know."

"I do. You are gorgeous. Didn't I tell you I'm really attracted to you?"

"Well, I don't remember the word ‘really' being said."

He chuckled. "I didn't know you were a brat."



"Are you going to kiss me or just look at me?"

Well, hell, he didn't need any other invitation to taste those plump limps. The brief kiss he'd stolen at dinner hadn't done much to quench his desire for Bart. Ratcheted it up was more like it.

He tiled his head and slanted his lips over Bart's. They were soft and warm and fucking addicting. His fingers tightened on Bart's jaw as he pressed their mouths together. When he probed the seam of Bart's lips, Evan slipped his tongue inside.

Bart scooted closer and, with a moan, linked his arms around Evan's neck.

Oh, God.

Slipping one hand around Bart's waist, Evan's other hand roamed to Bart's lap, his fingers fluttering to the growing bulge in the blue swim trunks. When his hand closed over the crotch, squeezing ever so slightly, Bart tensed.

"Shh, it's all right, Bart. We don't have to anything you don't want," Evan said against Bart's mouth. He returned to kissing Bart, deepening the kiss. He slid his hand across Bart's inner thigh, causing the younger man to shiver.

Evan wouldn't go all the way. He knew Bart wasn't ready for that. He could tell. And anyway, he doubted his parents would thank him for having sex in the spa.

Bart whimpered and practically crawled into Evan's lap as the kissing continued. He smoothed his hand along Bart's bare back and the other one over Bart's thigh.

A light blinked on from a room upstairs and Bart broke the kiss. His pretty blue eyes were hazy and dazed with lust.

"Evan," he whispered.

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