The Casper Graham ManLove Collection, Volume 6 (LoveXtreme)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 74,905
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Contemporary, Menage, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, MMMMM/MMMM, HEA]

What Sweet Dreams Were Made Of

Dillon Braun is a supreme male omega, being born with a womb and able to get impregnated. After stopping years of suppressant-consumption, Dillon is about to have a full-blown heat. Uncertain about its extent, he needs a compatible alpha's assistance, whose rut will be triggered by his heat. Failing that, he requires multiple alphas to keep up with him. He decides to ask four alphas, who he's infatuated with, to help get him through it.

Spencer Hess, Miles Nicholson, Paul Carver, and Chad Heath are excited to assist Dillon through his heat. Not only are they compatible with the omega, they're also attracted to him, but their side job as webcam sex-performers makes them wary of asking Dillon out on a date. The alphas also have issues with their respective families to contend with. They're certain that an independent omega like Dillon won't be interested in them.

Will the five men get to spend their mutual heat and ruts together?

Thanks to a Blind Date

A pregnant male is normal. A pregnant female is disgusting. Men are to be impregnated. Women are to spread their seeds. A woman is either an alpha or a beta. A man is either an omega or a beta. That's how things have always been.

Roland Harrington, Marcelo Wilcox, and Westin Hart are mated male alphas who are driven by their instincts to breed. However, most people aren't accepting of their kind. Male omegas or betas may have sex with them because their kind is a taboo, but they aren’t mate-materials.

Cael is a good-looking and successful omega. He’s more than just a trophy omega and a baby-popping machine. His latest blind date is a disaster, but he also encounters three rare male alphas who ask him out on a date. He has his reservation, but he agrees to give them a chance.

Will the four men find their happy ending together?

The Casper Graham ManLove Collection, Volume 6 (LoveXtreme)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Casper Graham ManLove Collection, Volume 6 (LoveXtreme)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 74,905
0 Ratings (0.0)
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What Sweet Dreams Were Made Of


“Come again?” Miles asked, feeling uncertain if he heard right the first time around.

He had stepped into the bakery first, followed by Spencer, Chad, and Paul. Since it was already nine o’clock in the morning, it didn’t surprise him that there were no other customers around, except for the four of them. He noticed Amber, another beta employee at the bakery, rushing toward the kitchen at the back the moment the four of them made their way in. Judging by the hushed whispers exchanged between Dillon and her, he was certain that the omega must have asked her to make herself scarce. He hadn’t understood the reasoning behind that, but now he did.

“I said I’m about to go into my first full-blown heat in years, and I need the four of you to assist me through it,” Dillon repeated. “I went to the doctor yesterday. He told me that it might be stronger because I had been consuming suppressants for years to weaken my heat and reduce the number of times it happened throughout the years.”

“That’s what I heard,” Miles responded, still a little stunned.

“Why us?” Spencer inquired. “Not that we’re not willing to. We will be more than honored to help you. I’ll be lying if I tell you that I’m not hard right now just thinking about it, but…are you sure?”

Miles blushed when Dillon snickered and pointed at the four of them, specifically their crotch areas. “You guys aren’t the first few male alphas who pop large tents in your pants. Male alphas’ penises are always obscenely massive when they’re erect. Moreover, male alphas’ ball sacks are also huge. The combination makes the front parts of your pants look as if you’ve all stuffed several rolled up socks in them. Believe me when I tell you that it’s very hard to miss when the bulges are so obvious.”

Paul heaved out a sigh of relief. “We’re worried because some omegas can be rather…well, sensitive.”

Dillon snorted. “As if! They’re fakers. The fucking lot of them. They’re playing up to your alpha egos. Quite a few alphas love to fantasize about virginal and shy omegas. Those damn omegas pretend to be shocked and embarrassed to stroke the alphas’ egos. Fucking idiots! All of them.”

“Can we discuss the heat thing, please? Stop talking about alpha cocks for a minute,” Chad pleaded. “I’m so hard right now that it will only take one gentle touch and my cum will explode through the slit of my leaking cock.”

Miles glanced at Chad’s bulge and chuckled at the other alpha. “Damn! It appears that you already came inside your damn pants. Commando again, Chad?”

“Fuck you, Miles! I always have plenty of precum flowing out when I’m aroused. Asshole!”

Miles winked at Chad before slinging one arm around the alpha’s shoulders. “Sorry, man.”

Chad pouted, but the alpha was also laughing. Miles was sure that he was already forgiven. “Whatever. Can we sit at the table?”

“Oh, yeah. Go ahead. Let me grab something to eat and drink. I’ll be with you in a minute,” Dillon replied.

Spencer shook his head at Dillon. “No, you don’t have to.”

“Oh, but I insist.”

Miles shrugged at Spencer, who seemed torn between protesting further and giving a delighted smile at being taken care of by a potential mate. He was attracted to Dillon. He was aware that Paul and Chad liked the omega just as much as he did. However, out of the four of them, Spencer was the one who was totally gone on Dillon. Spencer was just better at hiding his possessiveness.

“Can you imagine breathing in that incredible scent every morning when you wake up?” Spencer muttered to nobody in particular.

Paul nodded. “It will be like heaven on earth.”

Chad shook his head up and down, obviously excited. “Ditto. I wonder what his slick tastes like.”

Miles groaned. “Shut up, Chad. You’re not helping with my damn erection.”

“It’s not a big deal. Everyone knows alpha males get hard once in a while.”

Paul gritted his teeth in irritation. “Chad?”


“Shut the fuck up!”

“Make me!”

Miles sighed before standing and dragging Paul up. He pushed the alpha toward the chair he just vacated and took the seat next to Chad. “The two of you are like babies.”

Paul snorted. “Whatever. Spencer smells better anyway.”

Spencer raised both arms, eyes darting back and forth between Paul and Chad. “Leave me out of this.”

“Spence, what happened to you? You used to be the ‘punch first, talk later’ kind of alpha.”

“I grew up, jerk!”




Paul groaned as he opened his eyes. Everything in his blurry vision was tinged with redness. He was perspiring like crazy and he could feel his dick straining against the cool air in the bedroom. His balls felt heavy, as if they were about to explode. Moreover, he could smell the musky, woody stench of his alpha mates. Instead of being turned off, the scent acted as an aphrodisiac.

He rumbled deep in his throat as he wiped at his eyes. That was the moment it hit him. The most delicious, mouth-watering aroma of everything sweet that was trapped inside the bedroom, allowing him to savor it one bit at a time. It was overwhelming all of his senses, but he managed to grab on to his sanity.

He searched for the source. Seconds later, he caught the sight of Chad, Spencer, and Miles rutting against Dillon from the sides and above the omega. He could barely think after that. All he wanted to do was to get closer to Dillon. Nothing else was inside his mind, except to get some cooling relief from Dillon and breed the omega.

When he got closer, Chad, Miles, and Spencer snarled in warning at him, but he wouldn’t be deterred from approaching Dillon. Hence, he bared his teeth and growled at the three alphas in return. Abruptly, he sensed something coursing through him. It was as if the three other alphas were apologizing through the bonds they shared. He could also feel their affection coming through, so he calmed down in an instant.

“How…how long has he…” he trailed off.

“Not sure,” Miles lisped out, unable to form the words properly due to the lengthening canines.

He gripped Miles’s head and kissed the alpha for a moment before pulling back. “You don’t need your canines, stud. Dillon is our omega. There’s no foreign alpha in the room.”

Miles gave him a sheepish smile while attempting to cool down enough for the canines to retract on their own. He would have teased Miles further if he wasn’t so hard and horny for Dillon himself. He inhaled the scent of the omega. The effect was immediate. He could feel the heat throughout his body decreasing a little.

Spencer frowned at the other alphas. “Dillon is shivering. Our touches and scents aren’t working. We can’t take it slow. His heat is worse than expected. We have to fuck it out of him. Oh, can one of you send a text message to either Todd or Amber? We need to inform them about Dillon’s heat. They know to expect it. Dillon warned them weeks ago.”

Chad waved his smartphone at Spencer before putting it down. “I just messaged them both. Let’s get started before we lose all of our senses.”

“I’ll take his mouth,” Miles volunteered, slurring his words.

Paul could tell that Miles was barely holding on to his control. The truth was he, Chad, and Spencer were probably in the same boat as Miles. The heat caused by his rut was making his body way too warm. His dick was throbbing so hard that it felt as if there was no blood anywhere else except in his groin area. Paul observed as Miles moved toward the top of Dillon’s head. Then, he tapped Spencer and Chad on their shoulders, gesturing at the two alphas to assist Miles in lifting Dillon’s legs up and turn the omega around.

He chuckled under his breath as Dillon whined at being manhandled, but he was more focused on the sight of the omega’s leaking slick flowing down those muscled thighs. He watched as Miles grabbed Dillon’s head and guided the omega’s mouth toward his cock. He was certain that Miles could be rougher in his treatment of the omega, especially under the current lust-hazed situation, but the alpha was holding back, which was an impressive feat. He was aware that his own control was slipping away by the second.

He remembered from the books he read that the first day of the combination of heat and rut would be the worst. It wouldn’t be long before none of them had any restraint left within them. They had to find their positions inside or somewhere on the omega before that occurred in order to reduce the possibility of severe injuries. Scratches, aches, and soreness were common, but they had to minimize the probability of inflicting worse wounds.

He knew without the shadow of a doubt that Dillon wouldn’t be able to protect himself during his heat, especially when the omega had to contend with four rutting, dominant alphas. A selfish part of him was relieved that Dillon had never spent heat with any other alphas. He would be beyond furious if Dillon had been injured in the past by some alphas with no self-control. He also enjoyed the knowledge that no one else aside from him, Chad, Miles, and Spencer got to admire Dillon while the omega was lost in his heat.

“Oh, shit. Fuck yeah. Swallow my dick, sweetheart.”

Miles’s gentle voice startled him. He was amazed that Dillon was able to deep throat Miles’s cock all the way to the base. The heat must have made the omega a lot more pliant and relaxed. He knew that it was also due to Dillon’s desperation to please his alphas. He couldn’t wait for his turn. He had to have the omega. He scooted himself underneath Dillon. Once the omega was straddled on his waist, he grabbed his cock with one hand while using the other to pull Dillon’s ass downward.


Thanks to a Blind Date


Roland and his alpha mates had experienced wild sex with a few female omegas. However, the percentage of female omegas in the world was even smaller than the number for male alphas, which stood at less than a quarter of one percent at the moment. It wasn’t that he, Marcelo, and Westin never wanted to claim a female omega as their mate. They had dated a couple of female omegas, but there was too much pressure and prejudice from the people around them. Moreover, the three of them were still building up their businesses back then. They were also much younger when they had dated those female omegas, and they weren’t dealing well with all the frustrations. All those factors combined had ended all their relationships with the female omegas.

The three of them could have dated and mated with a male beta, and they had done so a couple of times in the past. However, male betas had their own issues because they were able to both breed and get impregnated. Most of them also refused to date and mate with a male alpha, much less three. Things simply didn’t work out no matter how hard they tried. Roland had been friends with Marcelo and Westin ever since they were kids. They had stuck together once they discovered they were all male alphas. They had to put up a united front against everyone who disliked or even hated them. Hence, it felt like a natural progression for them to be business partners first. A few years later, they mated with one another.

Roland cleared his throat before jumping back into the conversation. “Tell us a little bit about you, Cael.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Anything you’re willing to share,” Marcelo prompted with both hands now on Cael’s shoulders, gently squeezing them over and over again. “How about your family?”

“We’re a normal family. I have an alpha mom and an omega dad. They wanted to have a large family, but it wasn’t meant to be.”

“Why not?” Westin asked, obviously curious.

“Dad had almost died giving birth to me. My mom had refused to have another child after that. Or so they told me. My parents are the most disgusting mated couple in the whole universe. I still remember all the embarrassing moments of them flirting with each other in public as if they were the only two people who existed while I was growing up. Yuck! The memories are making me nauseous even at this very moment. Don’t get me started on all the kisses and touches they shared. They don’t seem to understand the difference between public displays of affections versus full-on exhibitionism. Ugh. I think I just puked in my mouth.”

Marcelo laughed for a brief moment before abruptly becoming quiet. “At least you have your parents.”

Cael darted his eyes from one alpha to the next before his eyes widened in shock and sympathy. “I…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to—”

“It’s fine,” Roland cut Cael off midsentence before lifting their joined hands up high and kissing the back of the omega’s palm. “My parents had abandoned me at an orphanage as a baby. A female omega who worked at the orphanage had relented and informed me about it in secret after I hounded her and insisted on knowing the truth. They had also left a letter, stating they didn’t want a freak like me as a son and not to look for them ever. Not that I would know how to contact them or even think about searching for them.”

Cael stared at Roland in shock. “I…I see. That’s…insane. I don’t know how to respond to something like that.”

Roland shrugged. “I’m over it. I’m forty years old now. I’ve survived just fine without them.”

“You’re thirteen years older than me. You’re an old man,” Cael teased while winking at Roland, who snorted in response. Then, Cael turned toward Marcelo and Westin. “What about you two? How old are you?”

“Thirty-eight,” Marcelo replied before pointing at Westin. “West is one year younger than me. He’s the baby among the three of us.”

“Fuck off, Marc. At least I’m much bigger than either of you where it counts.”

Roland scoffed. “As if. Are you referring to your needle dick?”

Marcelo chortled. “You tell him, Ro. That’s why my dick is the largest among us.”

Westin glared at Marcelo. “Yeah. Right. Keep on dreaming.”

Cael whistled loudly to grab the alphas’ attention. “Excuse me? Can we cool it with the dick size contest?”

Roland gave Cael a sheepish smile before focusing back on the road and speaking up at the same time. “Sorry. The three of us tend to get extremely competitive, especially when there’s an omega around us.”

Cael grinned while shaking his head. “I get it. The female alphas are just as horrible when they’re around an omega. Or more than one.”

“Have you dated plenty of female alphas?” Marcelo asked, sounding a little annoyed.

Cael snickered. “Cool it with the jealousy, Marc. To answer your question, yes, I have, but I’ve only been in serious relationships with two of them.”

Westin chuckled. “Things didn’t work out?”

Cael heaved out a sigh. “I liked them.”




Cael wasn’t a virgin. He had experienced a few sexual relations in the past. However, all of his previous partners were either a female alpha or a male beta. He had never had sex with a male alpha, much less three of them at the same time. It wasn’t as if he had zero idea about male alphas. He had learned in school about the anatomies of the various combinations of primary and secondary genders. Everything had been done in an academic, almost clinical manner, though.

He certainly had never seen a male alpha’s dick in real life, and he couldn’t help but gape at the three cocks in front of him. The three alphas were kneeling near the foot of the bed. Their cocks were leaking massive amount of precum. It appeared as if they had already climaxed, but Cael had no doubt the alphas were just getting started. The alphas’ dicks weren’t ten, eleven, or twelve inches in length, but they were definitely impressive, both in terms of length and girth. To make it even more awkward, he was still fully clothed while lying on the alphas’ bed after a brief make-out session with all three alphas.

He had enjoyed himself so much it took him a moment to realize the alphas had stripped themselves bare in the process. Hence, he was now staring at the naked alphas and their cocks, which lasted for a few seconds longer before he remembered about his own clothes. He was about to unbutton his shirt when the alphas leaned forward and captured his hands. They were so much closer to him he could smell the scent of their musk and masculine arousal. It was a heady combination, and he could feel his slick leaking through his ass. The alphas could obviously sniff out the powerful odor of his slick because they growled for a second before proceeding to kiss and lick him on his lips, cheeks, and all over his neck.

“Don’t take your clothes off, sweetheart,” Roland whispered into his right ear a moment later while rubbing that throbbing alpha cock against his pants on the side. “We want to do it for you.”

Marcelo glanced down at him and nodded. “May I have the honor?”

Cael couldn’t focus well enough to provide a verbal response because Roland and Westin were nipping on his sensitive ears and neck over and over again. In the end, he grabbed onto Marcelo’s hands and placed them on the top button of his shirt before bucking up against the alpha’s cock. That seemed to break the last vestige of Marcelo’s self-control because Cael soon heard his clothes ripping and being torn apart. Even his favorite pair of black pants couldn’t be salvaged after Marcelo was through with it.

“My clothes—”

Westin dumped the remnants of Cael’s clothes onto the floor next to the bed while continuing to pinch the omega’s left nipple. “Sorry, sweetheart. We’re losing our patience. We will make it up to you.”

Cael groaned as he gripped onto Roland and Westin’s cocks on either side of him and began to stroke them. “You better. I can’t go back to my apartment naked.”

Roland shook his head, and Cael noticed the alpha’s eyes turning redder by the second. “No one else gets to see you naked, except for Marc, West, and me. You’re our omega. No others are permitted to view you like this. I’ll fucking gouge their eyes out with my claws, and I’ll tear their necks off their head with my teeth.”

Cael shuddered when he caught sight of the sharp fangs and claws on all three alphas. “Okay, alphas. I’m yours, only yours.”

Marcelo moaned and ground his cock harder against Cael’s. “Fuck, sweetheart. You smell so fucking delicious.”

Cael was about to respond when Marcelo abruptly scooted down much lower and began to lick at his hole. He writhed and trembled as the pleasurable sensation overtook his senses. He was overwhelmed by the multiple feelings he was experiencing at the moment. He was trapped on his back on top of the most amazing bed. A tiny part of him mourned the damage his sweaty back must have caused to the incredible bedsheet underneath him. The thread count was probably over one million or something insane like that. The bedsheet was so soft it felt as if he was lying on the most tender puff of cotton.

However, the alphas didn’t seem to care about the bedsheet at all. They were perspiring even worse than him. He wouldn’t be exaggerating if he claimed all three of them were drenched in so much sweat that made them appear to have hundreds of gallons of water being poured onto them. Moreover, he could sense the heat from their bodies everywhere. An alpha’s body temperature was always a bit higher than a beta and much higher than an omega. He couldn’t stop himself from comparing the three alphas in bed with him to burning furnaces at the back of his mind. He was certain most of the perspiration on him belonged to the alphas.

He was biting down on his lower lip when Roland grabbed his chin and kissed him rough and hard for several seconds before pulling away. “Don’t hold back, sweetheart. Scream as loud as you want. We’re far away from our neighbors. I want to hear you. Make as much noise as you like. It will turn me on even more.”

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