[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, voyeurism, bondage, light spanking, HEA]
Christy Smith is all for a little partying, but when she gets stranded in Forever and the locals start going wild, she worries for her own sanity. Otherwise normal people are losing control and doing whatever they want, wherever they want, supposedly because of the moon. And yet her own inhibitions are fading away with every passing second. Should she give in to the advances of the three sexy men who have captured her lust and are threatening to claim her heart? Or can she wait until the Amber Moon passes and sanity returns?
Grant Harkness and cousins Duncan and Lance Thorne know Christy’s the woman for them. But if they give into the Amber Moon’s seductive power, they could risk losing the irresistible connection they share with her. Worse, if they let their inner wolves free, they could lose control and do the unthinkable, killing the one woman they will ever love.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Wolves Gone Wild (MFMM)
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another great book in Forever. Love this series and I really liked the 3 guys getting chained up!!! LOL
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5 STARS: "The Latest and The Best Yet! Christy Smith is finally fulfilling a dream. She is traveling America. She is stopping when she wants and going where she wants. She is on a country road when Sally, her car, decides she has gone as far as she can and she barely makes it into Forever, Texas. She makes it to a parking space in front of Milly's Coffee Spot before Sally gives up the ghost. She thinks the town is friendly when she steps into the diner, but the people in the restaurant are all staring at her and the owner, Milly, is in a hurry to see how fast she can get her out of town before sundown. Cousins Duncan and Lance Thorn and their friend Grant Harkness step through the door and Christy can only think of them and getting to know them a whole lot better. With the Amber Moon coming soon the towns people know it is not safe for a human to be in town once the moon rises for the next two nights. But if she goes how will Duncan, Lance and Grant find her again? Yet if they try to claim her during the Amber Moon Phase, they chance loosing their connection to her forever. Can they resist the pull of the Amber Moon and keep her safe. During this time supernatural beings loose all inhibitions and follow their every impulse. This is the last book presently available in the Werewolves of Forever, Texas series. I’m sorry to see it end, but hope Jane Jamison has plans to add to it at a later date. If this is the last book I have to admit Ms. Jamison is leaving on a book to be proud of. This book shows the truly wild side of the shifter world. Many of the previous characters are mentioned in this book and we are given three new hot alpha males to drool over. Duncan is my favorite of the three, he has it all, superior control (that does slip once in a while), is intelligent and is extremely loyal. The cousin are fantastic as well, Lance is easy going and fun, Duncan tries to act like he has it all together but is quick to get into mischief. If I had not read the previous books, I might have wondered why everyone was trying to rush Christy out of town so quickly, and why anyone would want to live there. After finishing the book you will understand, but in order to get the true feeling of the town and its residents you will want to read the series in its entirety starting from the very beginning. After you finish the series, keep in mind that Ms. Jamison also has a series set in the neighboring town of Shatland titled Werebears of Shatland, Texas. They are briefly mentioned in Wolves Gone Wild. I know what I will be reading next." -- Delanna, Night Owl Reviews

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Grant wouldn’t let her get away. Finding their intended mate was the last thing he thought would ever happen, but from the first moment he’d laid his eyes on her, he’d known. And once he’d touched her, it was game over. If that wasn’t the connection he’d heard about all his life, then he didn’t know shit.

He’d never bothered to fantasize about his mate. What good would it have done? Whoever she was, they’d share the connection that brought all werewolves together. Her looks, her personality, her everything would be secondary to the invisible bond. What was meant to be, would be. Those intended to mate, would mate. At least as long as they found each other. But to hope for her to possess beauty, intelligence, and courage was a fool’s errand.

They’d gotten lucky. She was all of those things and more. Her spirit shone in her silver-blue eyes, eyes that could take a man’s soul and wrap it around her little finger. Her beauty was evident not only in the superficial assets like her silky brown hair with coppery highlights that floated around her oval face, but in the way she held her body and her obvious self-confidence. She was dressed simply in jeans and a T-shirt, but her attire would never matter to him. The only way he’d ever care would be the times she’d be naked, free of any kind of clothing. He towered over her as he did most women. The important point was that, even as he gazed down at her, she didn’t flinch, didn’t cower, and didn’t flutter her eyelashes like some silly women did.

He couldn’t tell if Lance or Duncan had felt the connection. Had they touched her yet? Still, he suspected that their resolve to get her to stay was his answer. Once they had time alone, he’d confirm that they were feeling the same way he was.

He glared down at Lance, gritted his teeth, and fought against his anxiousness to get Milly’s apartment door open and Christy ushered inside before she changed her mind about accepting Milly’s hospitality. If Lance didn’t get the key from under the damn ceramic frog soon, he’d push him out of the way and do it himself. That or break the fucking door down.

Lance stood up a moment before he started to put that plan into action. “Here we go.”

He inserted it in the lock, turned it, then twisted the doorknob and opened the front door. “I’m not sure why Milly locks the place up. No one’s ever broken into a house around here.”

Grant held on to Christy’s arm and escorted her over the threshold. For one crazy second, it felt like he should scoop her into his arms and carry her over it. Maybe it was the continuous zap of energy that rushed back and forth between them. He couldn’t be sure and he didn’t much care.

The place wasn’t much, but it was neat and clean with a small kitchen that he doubted Christy would use other than to heat food up in the microwave. The furniture had seen better days, but that just made the couch and armchair more comfortable. The bedroom was down a short hallway. He could even see the bed from where he stood.

Damn, what I wouldn’t do to throw her over my shoulder and toss her on top of it.

He’d spread her legs, tear off her clothes and show her how good he could work his tongue. Once he had her nice and wet, he’d plant his cock inside her and make her scream his name.

He dragged in a long breath and fought to stay rational. Now was not the time to lose his head.

If he had any sense at all, he’d get the hell out and leave her alone until the amber moon had passed. Instead, it seemed sense had gone out the window ten minutes after he’d met her. One night of going wild with her, so wild that it might blow their connection sky-high, wasn’t worth risking the rest of their lives together. Yet, judging from the stories he’d heard about the way werewolves went crazy during the amber moon, he wasn’t sure he could keep away knowing that she was in Forever. Even then he might have been able to control himself, but that was before he’d gotten a good whiff of the lust oozing out of her, lust that was directed squarely at his friends and him.

He stepped back, his body rigid as he tried to hang on to that thin thread of restraint. He kept his breathing shallow, trying not to pick up her alluring scent. She walked around the room, checking it out. If she was swaying her hips on purpose to make him want her, then she was succeeding. He wouldn’t claim any responsibility if she turned toward him again and did something so erotic as to lick her lips. Or arch an eyebrow. Or, hell, just take a breath big enough to make her chest rise.

Get your mind off her.

“Christy, how’d you end up in Forever?”

She did turn toward him then as Lance came to his side. He could smell Lance’s arousal. If Lance looked to him for help in holding back, he’d be shit out of luck.

She gave him a quizzical look. “My car died, remember?”

“Yeah. What I meant was, what made you start down the road leading into town? It’s not a main highway or anything.”

Her unique silver-blue eyes clouded over in wonder. “I don’t really know. One minute, I’m on the highway headed west, then in the next minute I’m taking the exit. It was almost like something was pulling me here.”

She shook her head and gave a short laugh. “Wow. I must really be tired to talk like that. You’d think I believed in magic or…” She paused, searching for the right word.

“Fate?” He didn’t bother faking a smile. He was dead serious and wanted her to know it.

If anything was magical, it was her smile. “Yeah, sure. Why not? Not that I believe in such things.”

“What do you believe in?”

Lance tensed beside him, worried that Grant was taking the conversation in a direction they didn’t want to go. At least not yet.

“I don’t know what you mean.” She eased past them as though she was afraid to touch him.

Which means she must’ve felt the connection when we touched earlier.

“Do you believe in supernatural things?”




Duncan tenderly moved a hand from her breast and put his lips against her nipple. She ran her hand over his arm and reveled at the strength in it. Strength that seemed to be on the verge of breaking.

He’s trembling more than I am.

She sighed, then put her head to the side and closed her eyes. Sensations she hadn’t known were possible took her over, at once putting her at ease, then storming into her until all she wanted was to have their cocks filling her.

Lance brushed his mouth over her pussy lips in a gesture so intense yet gentle that she didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “Please, Lance.”

She almost added “I’ve waited so long” as Duncan had said, but that didn’t make sense. True, she’d yearned for a man in her life, one who would love her as much as she loved him, but the idea of having not one, but two—perhaps three—men had been beyond her capabilities to imagine.

She dropped her hand from Duncan’s arm and went searching. Soon, she found his cock and felt him jerk when she enclosed it. He was hot, twitching with life as it grew even thicker. She felt powerful holding such an immense instrument of passion.

Lance spread her lips and touched her almost so lightly that she didn’t realize it. Her pussy, however, burst into a flood of throbbing need, ready for him to press his mouth to her. She mewled, giving him permission, begging him to go on.

Hard. Quick and slow. Please.

When he did, she thought she’d pass out. He whipped his tongue around her clit, then licked her and drank her juices up with a satisfied sigh. He gave her what she’d silently begged for, first circling his tongue around and over her clit in quick flicks only to slow it down to make another full-on tongue-to-the-flesh circle that took forever, but gave so much.

She couldn’t hold on to Duncan’s cock any longer. Instead, she dug her fingernails into the ground and held on, sure that her body would explode if she didn’t ground the electric current running through her, into them, then back to her.

Duncan inched his body closer, pressing his cock against her leg as he swept his tongue over the top of her breast then down to crush it against her nipple. His jaw worked and she found herself clenching her own jaw to match his.

Their hands, tongues, and lips slid over her skin, caressing, fondling, bringing goose bumps. She spread her legs even wider as Lance put his body between them, then wrapped his arms under her legs and flattened his palms against her pelvis. Whether he meant to hold her down as she bucked and writhed or keep himself grounded didn’t matter. She was gone, lost in a torrent of carnal sensations and wild emotions.

Duncan shifted, dragging his tongue down toward her pussy. Just as she thought he would join Lance, he straddled her, putting his knees on either side of her head. With a wild glint in his eyes, he offered his cock to her.

She flicked her tongue out and over the tip of it, getting a taste of his pre-cum. Taking him behind the legs, she pulled him lower and drew his cock to her. He felt even larger in her mouth than he’d looked.

That thought was lost as Lance moved lower to tease the strip of sensitive skin between her pussy and asshole. She cried out, not turning Duncan’s cock loose, as Lance pulled her pussy lips apart and drew in her clit. Her body exploded, erupting with the climax so quick and hard that she could no longer think. All she could do was respond to their touches.

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