The Clandestine Affairs Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 109,019
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[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Consensual BDSM, Ménage a Trois, Romantic Suspense, Public Exhibition, Spanking, Cropping, Sex Toys, MFM, HEA]

Licensed to Thrill

When American Jodie Bisset, daughter of a senator-elect, is arrested in London, England on terrorist charges, her brother calls in the Clandestine Agency. Former elite soldiers Milo Hanson and Hal Lewis aren’t happy about their assignment. They don’t have time to babysit poor little rich girls who’ve gotten themselves into bad company. But the moment they meet their hot client they realize Jodie is guilty of nothing more sinister than naivety.

With Jodie released into their custody, the guys try to discover who wanted her arrested, suspecting her father’s political enemies. They mix business with pleasure, awakening Jodie’s sensual side and introducing her to their sexy games. Milo even thinks she just might be the one—until he learns of her plans to do charity work in the part of the world that left him permanently maimed. 

With pressure from her father, and Milo’s feelings in conflict, is there any way forward for the three of them…

Dominant Force

Anais Harrison’s soldier husband is classified as missing in action—training action in the Florida Everglades. Stonewalled by the military when she asks how that could have happened, Anais turns to the Clandestine Agency for help.

Hunter Griffin and Lewis Kyler, tough ex-special forces commandos, are sent to help Anais and soon become convinced the military is covering something up. The attraction between them and Anais is instantaneous, electrifying, making this their most important assignment to date. But their determination to discover the truth is hampered by their equal determination to awaken Anais’s sensuality.

Hunter and Lewis make startling discoveries about Gary Harrison’s activities, but they aren’t the only people following his trail, and the stakes could not be higher. Anais recklessly places herself in danger’s path to protect the men she has fallen in love with. Can Hunter and Lewis reach Anais in time to save her…

Zara Chase is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Clandestine Affairs Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Clandestine Affairs Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 109,019
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Licensed to Thrill


“Jodie Bisset?”

She nodded. “Last time I checked.”

“I’m Milo Hanson.” He threw a business card at her. She picked it up and saw that nowadays he made his living as a partner in what they called a solicitors’ office on this side of the pond. Unlike Paul, he’d obviously gotten out of the military. “Your brother asked me to come get you out of here.”

“Can you do that?” she asked a little too anxiously.

“Not sure yet.” He waved toward the other guy. “This is my investigator, Hal Lewis.”

Hal offered her his hand, which was more than Milo had done. His grasp was firm, and as his long fingers engulfed her palm the contact sent an unexpected spiral of lust straight to her pussy. Hell, now wasn’t the time!

“Nice meeting you,” Hal said, giving her an up-close view of sparkling white, very even teeth. “Wish it could have been under different circumstances.”

She rolled her eyes. “You and me both.”

“Let’s get started.” Milo pointed to a chair, which Jodie took, and he then sat across from her. Hal sat to his right with a pad open in front of him. “Do you know what they’ve charged you with?”

“Something to do with terrorism?” She shook her head. “They weren’t too specific, and I was too shocked to push them. But you need to know, Mr. Hanson—”

“Call me Milo.”

“Okay, Milo, you need to know I’m about as likely to commit acts of terrorism as your queen is to go limbo dancing.”

Hal’s lips twitched, but Milo didn’t crack a smile. “Then why are you here?”

“Wish I knew.” Jodie shrugged. “Can’t help thinking it might be something to do with my dad. You know about him?”

“We’ve met.”

Of course they had. Jodie wanted to remind Milo that they’d met before as well, but refrained. He was all business, and so ought she to be. This was her freedom at stake here, but she still couldn’t help thinking that Milo was even more devastatingly handsome than she recalled. Hal was, too. Milo was dressed like a businessman, while Hal, in worn jeans and T-shirt, looked like he was heading for the beach. The contrast was mind-blowing. If the two of them went out, hunting as a pack, the girls would flock them like hounds following a scent.

Remember that, and stop acting like a lovesick kid.

“Someone, somewhere, doesn’t want Dad and his radical views elected to the senate,” she said quickly, flushing when she realized she’d been gawping at them. “Can’t say as I blame them for that, but I take exception to them using me as their conduit.”

“Seems a bit extreme.” Milo hoisted one brow in an adorable gesture that only served to heighten his good looks. It also made it clear that he didn’t believe her, which infuriated Jodie.

“Not really,” she replied acerbically. “The entire western world is paranoid about acts of terrorism, given our recent history, so they tend to overreact if they get a tip-off. And a tip is all they would need, isn’t it?”

“Very likely.” Hal leaned back in his chair, legs splayed, like they were chatting about nothing more important than the weather. “Might be tough finding out whom, though.”

Whom? Aw, gotta love the English! “Do we need to do that? Isn’t it enough just to prove I’m innocent?”

“Ordinarily, yes,” Milo replied. “But the powers that be tend to get a bit twitchy if the word terrorism is used. With good reason, as it happens.”

“Do I look like a terrorist?” she demanded.

“Describe a terrorist’s look,” Milo shot back.

“Calm down, children,” Hal said, waving a placating hand. “We’re on your side, honey, but we won’t be much use to you if we don’t get the whole picture.”

“Right, so let’s start at the beginning.” Milo leaned slightly toward her. She caught a whiff of his bodywash, fresh spicy cologne, and hot, sexy male. The aroma was as out of place in this dreary dump as the man himself was. “Tell me everything. If I’m to help you, then I need to know it all.”

“In what respect?”

“What group were you mixed up with when they came for you? What were you planning? The whole works.”




“Come over here, Jodie, and bend over my knee,” Milo commanded.

She was breathing heavily as she fell across his lap. She was excited, which was good. Milo could work with that. He ran his hand repeatedly across the globes of her ass, stimulating her, talking quietly to her all the time.

“When my hand comes down, it will sting. Roll with the pain, honey, and wait to see what happens. You ready?”

“Yes,” she replied breathlessly.

Her hair cascaded over her face as she lay over him. Milo gathered it up and wound it around his fist, tugging gently at the same time as he spanked her with his other hand. He then slipped his spanking hand beneath her and brushed it against her clit. Her body jolted and she let out a startled oh.

Milo chuckled. “Oh, indeed.”

He repeated the process, spanking her a little harder this time, pulling on her hair just a little more firmly, brushing against her clit for a fraction of a second longer.

“Pleasure and pain,” he reminded her. “Can’t have one without the other.”

“No, Sir,” came the breathless reply.

“You’ve been a real bad girl, and need to be punished.”

She moaned when he spanked her for a third time. “Yes, Master, I do.”

“How does it feel?”

“You’re right. It stings, but then the tingling becomes…well, sensitive, I guess because of where else you’re touching me.”

“Just think how much greater that rush would be if I spanked you with something stronger than my hand.”

“Her pussy’s leaking all over your jeans, Milo,” Hal said, shaking his head. “She needs to be punished for her lack of control.”

“No, she’s had enough for the first time.”

Milo released her hair, and Jodie mumbled something incomprehensible. He and Hal shared another loaded glance, both of them thinking she was complaining. She wanted her punishment to continue. Shit, she was hot!

He righted her on his lap, curled a hand around her nape above her collar, and forced her head lower, so he could coerce her lips apart with his tongue. Her mouth—there was just something about it. He’d been attracted by it when he first saw her at the police station, which ought to have put him on his guard. It had, but he chose to ignore the warning. On a visceral level he guessed he’d always known it would come down to this moment, even when he’d made up his mind that he didn’t actually like her, or what she stood for.

Milo sucked her plump lower lip into his mouth, shuddering as he anticipated those same lips wrapped around his throbbing cock. Fuck it, he needed to move this along! Milo prided himself on his staying power, but Jodie was messing with his control, with his mind, with every goddamned part of him. He broke the kiss and told her to kneel in front of Hal. Milo intended to fuck her first, so it seemed only right that Hal got to have his cock sucked. Besides, Milo was keen to watch, and maybe torment her just a little bit while she did her stuff.

Grinning, Hal shed his jeans, sat back down again, and fisted his massive erection.

“Hal could use some help from your mouth,” he said curtly. “Get on your knees, babe, and show him how much you care.”

She was awkward with her hands cuffed behind her but, to her credit, didn’t hesitate to comply. Her hair was in the way when she leaned forward and sipped at Hal’s arousal, so Milo got behind her and held it back with one hand. With the other, he played with her ass, repeatedly running a finger down the crack between her cheeks.

“Christ!” Hal sucked in an audible breath. “She’s a bit too fucking good at this. I ain’t gonna last two minutes.”

Milo leaned around her side to get a better look. Her cheeks hollowed out as she filled her mouth with Hal’s cock, licking him from its tip right down to his balls, then letting it slide out of her mouth and sucking hard on its head. Fuck not showing himself. Milo couldn’t take the pain of being restrained for a moment longer. The lighting in here was dim. If he stayed behind her, she’d never notice his ugly scars. Besides, she was fully occupied servicing Hal.

He briefly released Jodie’s hair while he shed his jeans, sighing with relief when his rigid cock finally sprang free from the restricted space. He quickly resumed his position, grabbed her hair again, tugging this time, and ran the tip of his cock down her crack. She made a muffled sound around Hal’s erection, and appeared to suck harder. Hal’s hips gyrated as he shoved himself deeper into her mouth, and his groans grew in volume. She deserved a reward for working so hard. Milo let her hair go and slid a couple of fingers into her slick cunt. She mewled somehow, even with her mouth so completely full.

“Yeah, you’re desperate to have a cock deep inside you, aren’t you, sugar?”

“Shit, babe, keep doing that!” Hal’s voice was a strangled moan. “I’m gonna cream your throat any second now.”

Milo continued to agitate her with his cock against her ass, his fingers working inside her, his thumb rubbing her clit. He felt her spasm at precisely the same time as Hal, and they exploded together. She swallowed down Hal’s shower of sperm, her breathing swift and uneven as she rode Milo’s fingers and he slapped her ass with his free hand.

When she pulled back and Hal’s now half-erect cock slipped from her mouth, Milo helped her to her feet.

“You okay, darling?” he asked.

Jodie sent him a vibrant smile. “Never better,” she replied, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “This is fun. What happens now?”


Dominant Force


Anais took a moment to marshal her thoughts. That was no easy task when surrounded by two such virile males oozing machismo and excess testosterone. Just looking at them did weird things to her head. Or perhaps that was just the gin. Somehow she doubted it. It wasn’t every day a girl got such a treat. These guys weren’t just tough and capable, they were every woman’s fantasy, and then some. Anais excused her wayward thoughts by reminding herself she had been a man-free zone since Gary went AWOL. That didn’t mean she was dead, or blind, which also meant it was impossible for her not to appreciate the view.

All taut muscle, tightly controlled strength and lithe coordination, Anais was finding it increasingly difficult not to gawp at them like a love-struck teen. Less than an hour ago she was frightened half out of her wits, now she was getting hot under the collar, and all points south of it, for very different reasons. Jeez!

Hunter kept his long brown hair held back in a ponytail. His strong jaw was covered in a day’s worth of stubble and his compelling deep brown eyes that appeared to miss little. Just being in the same room with him made her feel safe—and other emotions that had no place in their relationship. Lewis, with lighter brown hair and sea blue eyes, was all wide shoulders and possessed a lazy, mercurial charm that immediately reassured. But there was a downside to every situation, and being confronted by decadent Greek gods with hard unyielding bodies and intoxicating animal magnetism definitely didn’t do much for her cognitive powers.

“Gary was regular army,” she said, resorting to another quick slug of gin to keep her mind where it was supposed to be. “A tactical shooter, he could hit anything from two hundred paces with the wind in the wrong direction. We met as kids in Tennessee, he had been hunting almost as long as he could walk, and guns were second nature to him.”

“He was recommended for SOCOM because of his skills with a gun?” Hunter asked.

“Yes, and he loved it. Loved being part of the elite. Took to it like a kiddie to a sandpit.”

“So you moved to Florida,” Lewis said. “Did you live on base?”


“And,” Hunter promoted when she said nothing more.

She shrugged. “There’s not much more to say about it. Some wives take to military life, some don’t. I’m one that didn’t. I would have preferred to live off base. I had no kids, and not much in common with the other wives, but Gary was away a lot of missions and said he felt happier knowing I had people around me.”

“Do you work?” Lewis asked.

“Yes, I’m a freelance editor. I do some work for a publishing house, and a lot more for authors who want to self-publish.”

“So there was no getting away to the office for you,” Hunter said.

“No, that was part of the problem.”

“How were things with you and Gary?” Hunter asked. “I’m sorry if that sounds personal, but I need to build up a picture of your background. You implied you were childhood sweethearts—”

“Yes, he’s the only man I’ve ever known.”

She noticed the guys share a glance, telling herself she had no reason to feel defensive just because she had stuck to her wedding vows. They probably thought she was hopelessly naïve, but she couldn’t help the way she was.

“So you were happy, I take it.” She nodded in response to Hunter’s assumption. “Why no kids, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I wanted them, but Gary only had another couple of years to go in the army. He wasn’t going to sign on for more. He wanted to wait until he was out and we could be together all the time. He said he wanted to be a hands-on father, but I also think he was worried something might happen to him and didn’t want to leave me alone literally holding the baby.” She blinked back tears. “As it happens, he was right.”

“Tell us what happened.”




“Normally I would have your hands tied before I did this to you,” he said, leaning down and gently nipping at one buttock. “But I figure you need to get used to our ways gradually. Now then, honey, I’m going to spank some obedience into you, then I’m gonna fuck you senseless. You good with that?”

“Yes, Master, it’s what I want you to do.”

He brought his hand down hard, without warning her to expect it. She cried out and jerked her head up.

“Shush, keep quiet and hold your position.” He leaned forward to lick the area he had just spanked. “Just breathe real deep and wait for the slight pain to become pleasurable.” He grabbed his rigid cock and ran it down the crack in her butt, letting her get a good feel for it. “Just imagine how you’ll feel with this filling your tight cunt, darlin’.”

She panted. “Yes, Sir, I already am.”

He spanked her a second time, feeling beneath her at the same time and sliding a couple of fingers into her slick pussy. This time she took it without flinching.

“That’s a good girl. You’re a real quick study. I’m very pleased with you. You okay?”

“Yes, Sir. It hurts, but in a good way.”

Hunter chuckled. “That’s the idea. Every time you sit down tomorrow you’ll be a little bit uncomfortable and it will remind you of what we’re about to do.”

Hunter brought his hand down three more times in quick succession, then told her to stand up. She did so and her eyes widened when she caught sight of Hunter naked, his cock jutting aggressively, pulsating, ready for action.

“Yes, baby, if you’re a real good girl I’ll fill your sweet cunt with this guy in a short time. But first, those tits of yours need some attention. Lay down on the love seat.”

Hunter followed her down, laying on his side as his hands went to work, caressing and molding her lovely breasts, tweaking at the nipples, playing with her, lighting her fires. Her hands came to rest on the back of his neck, which told him it was time to tie her up. She had yet to learn patience, obedience and passivity when aroused. Without explaining himself, he removed her hands and abruptly got up. He dashed naked across the living room, into the guys’ private play room off the back of the garage. He grabbed handcuffs and a condom packet and returned to Anais, who hadn’t moved a muscle.

“Arms above your head,” he said curtly.

He cuffed her wrists as soon as she complied. “Leave them right where they are,” he said, adding a blindfold for good measure. “You sure do look pretty that way, and just about as helpless as it’s possible to get. This is all about trust, you see. You need to trust me to give you pleasure, and the blindfold and lack of touch will enhance your other senses, like taste.” He leaned over her and held the tip of his cock to her lips. “See what that tastes like, sweetheart.”

“Hmm, hot,” she mumbled as her mouth closed around him.

Hunter chuckled and sighed simultaneously as he pulled out of her mouth again. She had got him so riled up that his usual method of control was slipping. If he let her carry on for long, this would all be over in a flash. He returned his attention to her tits, biting at the solid nipples, and was rewarded by a series of increasingly desperate moans from his sub-in-training.

“I get the impression you like that, sugar.”

“Yes, Master, I like it a lot.”

“Hmm, next time we’ll put some clamps on those cute tits of yours, then you’ll really feel something special.”

Hunter knelt on the rug beside the love seat, threw Anais’s legs over his shoulders and gave his full attention to her pussy. She was leaking juices big time now, and started moaning all over again before he had even touched her. She was so damned responsive, so made for this type of loving. He had never indoctrinated a sub from scratch before. All the women he and Lewis played with were already into the life. Introducing someone as greedy for knowledge at Anais was both a privilege and a tad scary. In his enthusiasm, Hunter might go too far. Shit, he hadn’t even discussed safe words with her. What sort of responsible Dom did that make him?

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