The Lost Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

The Lost Collection

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 123,288
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Historical, Western, Menage a Trois, MFM, HEA]

Beaumonts' Brand

Alone in the wilderness, Victoria Fowler hides as men stop at her camp. Ben and Wade Beaumont have been away for months driving cattle to their ranch in Montana. When they catch someone stealing food from their chuck wagon, they're stunned to discover it's a beautiful woman. This is no place for a woman alone. Both enthralled with her, they each think she'll make a wonderful addition to their ranch. They offer to wed her.

Tory's alarmed to discover they want to share her and even more alarmed that she's even considering it. The two brothers are not what she's used to and it isn't easy to live in a harsh world she doesn't understand--a world where a man will use whatever other men hold dear in his quest for revenge.

Amanda's Texas Rangers

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Historical, Western, Menage a Trois, MFM, HEA]

Amanda Keller's only goal was to help her mother and sister escape her father's abuse. She certainly didn't need the two hard-nosed Texas Rangers meddling in her business.

Texas Rangers Zane Owens and Rand Sloane have their own mission. When they catch the raven-haired beauty about to shoot a man, they don't believe a word of her lies but have no choice but to let her go. Once they find her again, however, all bets are off.

Amanda has no option but to lie to them and escape, only to find herself in more trouble than she bargained for. Soon, they not only rescue her, but outmaneuver her and make her an enticing offer of their own, one that would give her the escape she's looking for.

But feelings have a way of sneaking in when she least expects it, turning her world upside down. In a town where their relationship isn't accepted by all, living the way they are could be risky indeed, especially when men are willing to do whatever they have to in order to satisfy their greed.

Lana Dare is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Lost Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Lost Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

The Lost Collection

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 123,288
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Beaumonts' Brand


Ben came awake in an instant, his gun already in his hand. His hat hid most of his face as he saw the small figure work his way clumsily to the chuck wagon. Aware of Wade’s alertness beside him, he remained silent as he watched the figure look around nervously while stumbling forward.

Wearing pants rolled up several times and a shirt that hung down to his knees, the figure looked like a boy in his daddy’s clothes. Moving almost, but not quite silently, he continued to make his way closer and closer to the wagon, staggering like a drunk. The fire burned too low to see the boy’s face clearly. With the kid’s hat pulled so low, Ben wondered if he could even see. Once the boy got close enough to the wagon, he held on as though for support, and it took him three tries before he made it inside.

Ben waved back the hands that stood when he did, putting a finger to his lips as he and Wade moved forward. Tucking his gun away, he approached from one side while Wade approached from the other. Aware of his men moving in behind him, he waved them back, not wanting anyone to accidentally shoot the kid.

Wondering if this kid had anything to do with the four dead men, he shot a glance at his brother and nodded. Wade pointed his gun skyward and reached up with his free hand to grab the kid’s ankles, pulling him from the wagon.

The feminine squeal shocked the hell out of him as the small figure fell to the ground with a thud, drawing a knife that Wade quickly grabbed away.

Kneeling and holding on to her arm, Ben glanced over his shoulder. “Red, bring me a lantern.”

The small figure began thrashing. “Let me go. I didn’t do anything.”

He and Wade looked at each other in surprise. It was a female, one who sounded weak and breathless. He let go, not wanting to add to her obvious fear.

She staggered to her feet, backing away. Her hat fell off and a long, blonde braid now hung down her back. “Please don’t hurt me. I’ll go away. I didn’t steal anything, I swear. I just wanted some food.”

Red came running with a lantern and held it up, allowing them to get a good look at her.

John Dodge laughed, the sound of it making Ben clench his jaw. “Well, looky what we got here.”

Ben heard several gasps from behind him as the men realized it was a woman, one with a dirty, sunburned face. “We won’t hurt you. Were you with those men we found earlier?”




Wade nodded. “Let’s make sure.” He moved so fast she didn’t have a chance to escape him. He lifted her effortlessly, holding her under his arm while raising her skirt.

Kicking and twisting with all her might, she couldn’t get away. “What are you doing? Put me down. I said I was sorry.”

With Ben’s help, Wade hiked her skirt to her waist and tucked it away. “You’re gonna get a spankin’ for doin’ somethin’ you shouldn’ta done. Be still.”

His calm tone scared her more than anything else. “You can’t do this.”

With Ben holding her legs, she couldn’t kick anymore. She settled for beating on Wade’s leg. “If you do this, I’ll hate you!”

Wade delivered the first slap, surprising her so much she froze. “You already told us you hate us so that threat won’t work.”

“I didn’t mean it.”

Another slap landed. “You’ve been sayin’ a lot of things you don’t mean lately. We don’t cotton to our wife lyin’ to us, Tory.”

She struggled, but hanging face down at Wade’s side, she couldn’t get any leverage at all. “That hurts! You can’t beat me. I’m not a liar.”

Wade rubbed her bottom, spreading the heat. “Nobody will ever beat you. A spankin’s another thing.” He ripped her pantalettes, tossing them aside and leaving her bottom bare.

“You brute. That’s the only pantalettes I have.”

Ben ran his hands up and down her legs. “Good. Don’t wear ’em no more under your skirt.”

Tory shuddered under their hands. “Let me go.” Their rough hands moved gently over her thighs and bottom, holding her still at the same time.

Wade slapped her bottom again. “Are you going to throw any more water pitchers at me?”

Wriggling, she tried to kick at them again. “I already said I was sorry. Let go of me.”

Wade chuckled. “Not ’til we’re done. Are you gonna threaten to leave again?”

Tory gasped as a hand slid between her thighs. “I told you I’m not leaving.” Another slap made her tighten her bottom. The hand between her legs distracted her into loosening up and another slap landed, one that stung even more.

Tory gasped at the heat and didn’t have enough time to recover before a thick finger slid into her pussy. Surprise rendered her motionless as the finger inside her began to move.

Ben’s low voice poured over her like warm honey. “You’re wet again, darlin’. I think we have a wife who likes to have her fanny spanked. Not so prim and proper now, are you?”

Tory wanted to die of embarrassment. How could this kind of thing make her want to drag her husbands to the bedroom? She tried really hard to stop clenching her muscles and tightening on Ben’s finger moving inside her, but she couldn’t. Fighting for dignity in this position would be hard, but she had to try. “I don’t like this. I’m just afraid.”

Wade laughed. “You like it. You’re gonna hafta stop all this lyin’, darlin’ or you’re gonna find yourself in a heap of trouble.”

“You’re hurting me.”

Ben stroked faster. “Another lie. You’re embarrassed and aroused, but you ain’t hurt.”

“I am.”

Ben stopped his stroking so Wade could deliver another slap. “These lies are gonna keep gettin’ you into trouble.”

Tory kept lifting into his strokes, unable to stop. “You brute. I hate you.”

Ben laughed coldly. “I like the way you hate me. Let’s see if I can make you hate me some more.” He wrapped an arm around her and took her from Wade, holding her against his chest, the material of his pants rough on her warm bottom.

Tory flailed, trying to get loose. “Let go of me. What are you doing? You can’t do this here. Someone could come in.”

Ben placed her on her stomach over a stack of feed, shoving her skirt out of the way and placing a restraining hand on her back. “They will if you keep hollerin’.”

Tory groaned when Ben’s cock began to push inside her pussy, involuntarily lifting her bottom to make it easier for him. Her shock at being taken this way quickly dissipated as the overwhelming lust continued to build.

“That’s good, darlin’. Push back against me. You’re such a wild little thing.”

Tory moaned as he filled her, tightening on him as he began stroking. “I’m, oh my, not wild or oh, not little.” Her protest ended on a moan as he sunk deep and slapped her bottom again.

“You might be tall for a woman, but you’re still little compared to us.” He leaned over her to whisper in her ear. “And you’re wilder than any of them painted ladies in the brothel. And you’re all ours.”

Tory kicked her legs, trying to gain purchase as he began to stroke, slow and deep. “Did you just call me a whore?”

Another sharp slap on her other bottom cheek made her burn even hotter. “No. You ain’t a whore. A whore gives this to every man. This is all ours. I don’t want a proper lady in my bed. I want a wildcat.”

Wade ran a hand down her back and turned her to face him. “It looks like we got one. Look at how she’s liftin’ up.” He bent to kiss her. “God, I adore you.”

Ben’s thrusts came faster now, going deeper in this position. “So good. My wild little wife.”

Tory couldn’t stop moaning. The friction of Ben moving inside her stole the last of her inhibitions. It felt so good, so good that she forgot about being in the stable, forgot about the possibility that someone could walk in, forgot everything except what he and Wade did to her.

Wade’s hands stayed busy, one on her back holding her steady while the other caressed her hair. “That’s it, darlin’. I love those little sounds you make.”

Just as those wonderful shivers started, Ben slowed his strokes. “She’s so damned tight. She’s close. Hold on to her.”

Tory shuddered as Wade’s hand on her back firmed while Ben ran both hands over her hips and bottom. “Please, go faster.”

“I will, darlin’. There’s something else I wanna do first. You got her?”

Wade pushed back her hair and placed his other hand between her shoulder blades. “I’ve got her. Do it.”

Tory got more nervous with each passing second, but found it hard to concentrate on anything other than the way Ben filled her. What would they do to her?

Ben slid his thick cock over flesh so sensitive that every stroke became as necessary for her survival as breathing.

She wanted more. She would never get enough of this.

His big hands moved over her bottom firmly and she fully expected another slap. Instead Ben’s hand covered her bottom cheeks, separating them.

Frustrated that when his strokes slowed again, she tried to move, moaning her frustration when she couldn’t. “Ben, I, what are you, oh God.” Ben’s hand lay splayed over her bottom, his thumb pushing insistently against her bottom hole.

“Relax, darlin’. Hell, she’s tightenin’ on my cock.”


Amanda's Texas Rangers


“Oof!” A hard body landed none too gently on top of her, knocking the air out of her lungs as strong hands wrenched the rifle from her grip and another equally strong hand covered her mouth against her instinctive cry.

“Quiet!” The cold venom in the low tone whispered furiously against her ear had to be the most frightening sound she’d ever heard.

Pressed into the ground by the heavy weight on top of her, she whimpered as the rock at her hip dug in even more painfully, bringing tears to her eyes. She struggled for air, barely able to breathe through the large hand covering her mouth and nose.

Another voice sounded next to her other ear, barely a whisper that she had to struggle to hear. “Be still and be quiet. We’re going to back away from the edge slowly. If you resist, Zane, here, will break your neck. Do you understand?”

Amanda nodded once, her vision blurring from lack of air. Oh, God. There were two of them, and they were going to kill her. Her eyes flew open when she felt the hard bulge press at her bottom.

Or worse.

She’d heard stories about men who kept women alive for days, using them over and over until they’ve had enough of them. Then they’d kill them. She’d rather be killed outright than to have to endure that.

Even in this heat, a shiver went down her spine as fear clawed at her, along with something else, something decadent and dangerous. The man holding her didn’t smell sour the way her father did. He smelled like soap, leather and sweat, and the hand covering her mouth was free of grime. Even the slight beard brushing her cheek was soft, and she barely resisted the urge to rub against it. The strength of the body covering hers was apparent, his movements controlled and sure. Hard-packed muscles pressed over every inch of her back and legs, holding her so firmly that she couldn’t move at all.

He bent close, tightening his hand threateningly over her mouth. “I’ll take my hand away a little so you can breathe. If you make one sound, you’re dead.”

Amanda nodded again, gulping in air as soon as his hand moved away, trying her best to be as quiet as possible so he didn’t cover her mouth again. She found herself lifted slightly and pulled back from the edge, the man handling her as easily as he would a rag doll. Not until he’d pulled her several feet back and out of Rafael’s sight did he loosen his hold, still gripping her arm as he led her down the back side of the rocky ledge to the bottom where she’d left Midnight. The second he let her go, she spun and started backing away, stopping in her tracks when she got her first good look at them.

Holy hell. “Who are you?”

The one who’d just released her put his hands on his hips, his gaze hot as it moved over her. He looked just as muscular as he felt pressed against her. “We’re Texas Rangers, ma’am. What were you doing back there?”




“Since Zane’s so proud of teaching me how to use my mouth on him, I thought I’d let him watch me use it on you.”

Rand grinned. “Hell, yeah!”

Zane groaned and fell backward onto the bed, closing his eyes and dropping his forearm over them. “I’ll never survive it.” He lifted his arm to peer at her. “Can I touch you while you’re sucking Rand?”

Hiding a smile at his disgruntled tone, Amanda ran a finger over Zane’s cock, tracing a bulging vein. When he hissed and clenched his hands into fists again, she couldn’t hide her smile any longer. “No. You have to watch, and then Rand has to watch while I do the same thing to you.”

A sound somewhere between a groan and a growl passed Zane’s lips as his cock jumped against her hand.

More moisture coated her thighs, and knowing just how much pleasure that cock could give her had her pussy clenching.

Rand frowned. “And no touching?”

“One condition.” Zane’s fight for control could be heard clearly in his deep tone, sending her arousal soaring.

She never really got to see them like this. She was usually so far gone that she missed it. Deciding that this was something she’d have to do more often, she grinned and ran her fingertips up his thighs. “What condition?”

His features appeared carved from stone as Zane jerked upright and gripped her hair, winding it around his fist to tug her head back.

“When we tell you to stop, you have to stop. I’m spilling my seed in your tight pussy, not in your mouth.” He leaned close until their noses almost touched. “Agreed?”

She slid her gaze to Rand as he leaned close, closing her eyes on a moan when he scraped his teeth down her neck.

“And my seed’s going deep in that tight ass.”

Anticipation made her heart beat faster, her body already flushed and trembling. Closing her eyes, she fought back the almost overwhelming urge to forget the whole thing and beg them to take her.

She took several deep breaths and opened her eyes, the fierce heat in Zane’s eyes strengthening her resolve. “Agreed.”

Dying to make them both out of their minds with need, she put a hand on each of their hard chests and pushed, drawing a shuddering breath as soon as they lay back. “Both of you better behave.”

Zane reclined on his side as though prepared to watch, the cool intent on his face filling her with trepidation. “Until it’s our turn.”

Amanda had seen her husbands aroused many times but she’d never seen quite that blatantly sexual look before. She met it with a teasing look, but inside a fire raged, tightening her abdomen and making her clit feel swollen and hot.

Making a place for herself between Rand’s thighs, she hid a smile when he groaned. She ran her short nails up the inner part of his muscular legs, something she’d already learned they both loved, and bent her head to lick the drop of moisture from the tip of his cock, humming her approval of his taste.

His reaction was more than she bargained for.

“Fuck!’ His body bowed, his hands clenching at his sides as his eyes squeezed shut.

Zane never took his eyes from Amanda as he spoke to Rand. “I told you you’d regret being so damned cocky.”

Smiling, Amanda kept shifting her gaze between them as she opened her mouth wide and took as much of Rand’s cock inside as she could. It added to her excitement to see Zane watching her, making her shift to rub her thighs together, to Zane’s obvious amusement.

Her eyes widened when Zane took his own cock in his hand and began to stroke it. A rush of heat flowed from her pussy and she squirmed restlessly as she tried to focus on what she was doing.

She sucked gently, moving her lips up and down Rand’s length. Using one hand to stroke the part of his cock she couldn’t fit into her mouth, and the other to lightly caress his sack, she kept shifting her gaze from his face to Zane and back again.

Distracted by the sight of Zane working his own cock, she jumped, startled, when he spoke.

“Use your tongue the way I taught you.”

Rand’s groans got louder when she followed Zane’s demand, his body tight as he started to reach for her, cursed, and grabbed the headboard instead.

Zane nodded in approval. “Good. I’ll bet your thighs are soaked, aren’t they, sugar? Do you know what we’re going to do to you? You’ll beg for it this time. You’re going to get cock shoved in your pussy and your ass, and we’ll fuck you until you’re ready to come. Then, we’ll stop.”

Amanda’s eyes widened, her pussy and ass clenching as though already full. She sucked Rand a little bit harder, gratified by his answering moan as his body arched again.

Zane continued to run his hand slowly up and down his length. “When you settle again, we’ll start all over. When we finally decide you’ve suffered enough, we’ll fuck you hard while I hold you against me and rub that clit on me.”

Amanda closed her eyes as a wave of need washed over her, trying to ignore the fire at her center and focus on sucking Rand’s cock. She ran her tongue repeatedly over the underside, thrilling at his taste.

His thighs trembled, the sounds coming from him sending her hunger soaring.

Zane’s deep voice held an underlying layer of ice that sent Amanda’s arousal even higher. “Open your eyes, Amanda. You wanted us to watch you. I want you to watch us.”

Stunned by the strength of her hunger, Amanda cupped Rand’s sack, startled when he grabbed her hair.

“Stop! No more, Amanda. No more, damn it.”

His raw, gravelly voice and the pained look on his face told her just how close to the edge he’d allowed her to take him.

She released him slowly, teasing him with her tongue as she lifted her head. Unable to resist, she took her time releasing his sack, giving it a last caress before she lifted her hand and sat back on her heels.

“I guess I did good. I’ll get even better with practice.”

Rand shot up, eying her hungrily. “Just wait until I get my cock up that ass. You’ll see how good you did.”

He looked over at Zane. “Fuck, I need to cool down some before I take her ass.”

Amanda ran her hand over his cock again. “Don’t you dare.” Pleased when he sucked in a breath, she scooted out from between his thighs and moved to Zane, smiling at him as he rolled to his back.

“I want both of you to feel the way I feel when you take me.”

She eyed Zane’s cock hungrily before looking up to meet his eyes. “I like seeing you both this way.”

Remembering how exciting it was to watch him touch himself, she decided to do the same thing to them. Reaching up, she cupped her breasts, lightly pinching her pebbled nipples, moaning at jolts of pleasure.

Both men watched, their eyes hooded, as she massaged them before sliding her hands down to her pussy. They both sat up when she spread her thighs, their eyes widening when she parted her folds.

Zane’s hands reached for her before he remembered, and pulled them back with a snarl. “When I finally get my hands on you…”

Sliding a finger over her slick folds, Amanda moaned as her finger moved over her clit.

Rand moved to her side. “Don’t you dare fucking come. Move your fingers so I can see.”

Amanda hid a smile and gave him a stern look. “I’m the one in charge here, remember? There were no rules about me touching myself. I can come if I want to.”

Zane bent forward, getting right in her face. “You come and I’m giving you a spanking you won’t ever forget. Get your fucking hands away from your pussy and suck my cock.”

He smiled coldly. “Or are you ready to move on?”

An idea hit her and she decided she’d found a way to get even. “No moving on until I’m done. Lay back, Ranger, and take it like a man.”

Zane reclined back on the pillows and gestured toward his cock. “Have at it, sugar. But I’m warning you, I’m already on the edge from your fucking games. Don’t push me.”

Amanda shook her head. “You agreed to the rules before we started and even made a few of your own. You said I could suck you, while Rand watches.”

Zane’s eyes blazed. “I can’t wait until I get my cock up that pussy. You’re going to pay for teasing me.”

Moving over him, she grinned. “Then I’ll just have to make sure I get my money’s worth.”

She moved up beside him and hooked a leg over his stomach, positioning herself so her slit was over his chest before bending to take his cock in her mouth.

She didn’t tease him the way she’d teased Rand, just sucked him in as far as she could and began to move on him.

Rand shifted on the bed beside them. “Hell and damnation. Christ, Zane, look at her.”

Amanda lifted her head. “Rand, you’re supposed to be watching me.”

“Suck, Amanda.” Zane’s tone was like iron.

“Fuck.” Rand moved to sit beside her. “You got that ass up in the air good, darlin’. I’m watching you, but I’m getting the salve. As soon as Zane says to stop, I’m greasing your ass.”

The bed shifted as Rand moved away, but he came back just as quickly.

Zane lay stiff as a board beneath her, his big body drawn tight, making her wish she could see his face.

With her thighs spread wide, she knew he had to have a good view of everything. The knowledge made her pussy burn, and even more of her juices flow.

She began to rock on him, using her knees to move her up and down on his cock instead of her neck.

Curses flowed out of Zane, the tone of each more desperate than the last.

She used her mouth on him, doing everything he’d taught her to do, her own sharp need growing with every stroke of her tongue. Holding on to his thighs, she felt the muscles quiver, but knew her own did the same.

Suddenly Zane bowed. “Stop.”

He grabbed her hips before she could move, yanked her back, and buried his face between her thighs.

Amanda cried out at the first swipe of his tongue through her slit. Holding on to his thighs, she struggled to escape, the pleasure so sharp it bordered on pain.

Zane held strong, his hands holding her securely as he stabbed his tongue into her and all around her folds.

Amanda could no longer reach his cock with her mouth, but she could with her hands, and used them to stroke him again.

A hard slap landed on her bottom, startling her so much she let go.

Rand smoothed a hand over the place he’d just slapped.

“Enough, Amanda. We played your game. Now, it’s our turn.”

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