The Journey of a Thousand Miles Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

Journey of a Thousand Miles

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 102,381
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Menage a Trois, Contemporary, Light Consensual BDSM, Spanking, Flogging, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, MFM, HEA]

Alyssa's Choice

Alyssa Fredricks didn’t come from a good family, so she adopted her friends Bella and Jessica to be her family. When Bella asks her to go on a road trip, she jumps at the chance to get away from San Diego and a past she wants to forget.

Grant Hollis and Justin Truman are co-owners of Spread Eagle, a pub in Coltmann County. The first night Alyssa’s in town she gets their attention with her curvy body and her sultry voice. They have been looking for the perfect woman to share and they think Alyssa could be the one they’ve been waiting for.

A surprise twist throws Alyssa off and sends her running back to California. When she comes back with her tail between her legs, will Grant and Justin be able to forgive her? Can a woman with so many insecurities forget the past and embrace the future?

Jessica's Breakdown

Jessica Beckett is in control of every aspect of her life. She started her own online company and loves designing specialty lingerie items. When her friend, Bella, loses her job, they go on a road trip and end up in Coltmann County, Texas. Together, they open a store and set down roots in the small town.

Beau and Chase Austin meet Jessica when she arrives in town. She’s sweaty, tired, and bossy as heck after walking miles. Luckily, that’s the way they like their women. She tells them that it won’t work. She likes being the boss in the bedroom and so do they.

When Jessica goes out of town on vacation, her friend Bella points both Beau and Chase in the right direction. They follow her to a heavy BDSM club called Iron Gate and soon realize that Jessica isn’t the Domme she thinks she is. Maybe the three of them can be together.

Alicia White is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

Journey of a Thousand Miles

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 102,381
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Alyssa's Choice


Alyssa walked into the pub and noticed that the place was full of gorgeous men. How could so many good-looking men be in one place? The odds had to be slim. She walked with Bella to the bar and took a seat. Spread Eagle, the name played around in her mind for a while and conjured up many scenarios. Of course, she was the main star in all of them. When the bartender walked up, he became the main acting role. His dirty blond hair hit his collar, his eyes were blue and not just an average run-of-the-mill blue. They were deep like the ocean on a clear day. He wore a tight, white T-shirt that sculpted his muscular arms and stomach. She licked her lips, wishing she could be the lucky girl to tear that shirt off his body.

“Good evening, ladies, what can I get you?” His voice did things to her she never expected. It was deep, the kind of voice a woman wanted to hear when she was in bed.

She tried to play it off, acting casual. She didn’t want him to notice she was squirming in her seat.

“Can we get two shots of tequila and a couple of beers? Whatever you have on tap’s fine.” The bartender gave a nod and started grabbing some glasses.

“So, are you ladies visiting or are you moving here?” He tried to make casual conversation, although he did seem a bit nervous.

“We’re just passing through. Our car broke down, so I guess we’re here until it gets fixed,” Alyssa told him.

“I’m sorry to hear that. I’m Justin Truman, and my partner over there”—he nodded his head toward the other side of the bar—“is Grant Hollis.”

“Nice to meet you.” Alyssa snuck a peek over her shoulder. She swallowed the lump that suddenly appeared in her throat. Across the room stood a huge man, his thick arms crossed over his chest. He was incredibly gorgeous, and she stared at him, wondering what those arms would feel like wrapped around her. He kept scanning the room, watching everyone. He appeared to be relaxed, but she could tell he was alert. She turned and gave her attention back to Justin, the gorgeous bartender. “I’m Alyssa Fredricks, and this is my friend Bella Williams.” She quickly made the introductions.

Alyssa’s gaze traveled from Justin over to Grant. She wasn’t really paying attention to what Bella was saying to her. She couldn’t seem to focus. What did “partner” mean? Could they both be looking to share? She couldn’t imagine Grant being the type. He looked so in control. The air around him was one of superiority. She turned back to her drink, catching Justin’s eye. He gave her a wink and poured her another shot. The best thing she could do was get a little tipsy then walk back to her motel room, masturbate, and fall into a deep sleep.

Alyssa watched Bella go to the stage. She usually didn’t sing. It was funny to think that she was feeling so courageous. The Colton brothers sat in a far booth, all eyes trained on her, as she went on the stage. It was so utterly romantic her heart felt heavy. She downed the rest of her drink and waved over the new bartender who took Justin’s place. The new guy definitely wasn’t as hot, but she didn’t care. Her new goal was to just get trashed and forget that she was single.

Why couldn’t men look at her that way? She got her fair share of attention, but no man had ever looked at her like that. It was romantic, the way their eyes filled with such love. She waved for another shot. The Patrón was going down smooth tonight. How many shots was that? Did it really matter? Nope, she decided to keep it up. The bartender poured her another as Bella walked back to the bar.

“So, Alyssa, it’s your turn. What are you gonna sing?” Bella asked.

“It’s a surprise, just for you. I think I’m up next,” Alyssa told her. She walked on stage and Bella smiled at her. The song started and Alyssa started to sing Train’s “Marry Me.” Her eyes traveled over the crowd, and she saw Grant. He walked closer to the small stage, his eyes trained on her, and she smiled a little, feeling a tingly sensation travel from her stomach to the rest of her body. The intense look in his eyes captured her and held her in place.

People walked onto the dance floor, and she wanted to be one of those girls, having a beautiful man holding her in his arms. She saw Bella and Clint dancing together. They were so cute, the song bringing them closer.

The song ended, and Alyssa walked off the stage, handing off the microphone to the next singer. It was time for another drink. She was almost to her goal. Next was the motel room. Luckily, Bella wasn’t drinking that much. She needed a helping hand. Justin still wasn’t behind the bar, so she ordered another drink and turned to watch Bella being surrounded by her three men. They looked happy. How depressing.

She turned around and faced the bar. Justin stood in front of her with a glass of water in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. She didn’t want either one of them. She wanted another drink. “Where the fuck is my drink?” Her words came out slurred.

Justin quickly answered, “Ladies shouldn’t curse. It doesn’t sound attractive.”

Alyssa yelled back, “Oh, yeah, well fuck you!” She hated men who thought they could boss her around. All she wanted was another drink. She wasn’t driving. This was ridiculous. “Listen, Justin, I’m not driving. I can handle another drink. Bella is gonna walk me back to the motel. Okay.”

“No. You’re cut off. And if you keep up with this attitude, you’re gonna be sorry.” He smirked at her. The asshole actually smirked. Who the hell did he think he was?

“I’ve had enough. Fine. Fuck it! I’m leaving.” She stood up and would have stumbled if Grant hadn’t grabbed her.

“Again with the language, Alyssa. Bad girl. If you’re not going to act like a lady, then you’ll be punished.”




“I want you to lie on your back and open your legs wide. Grant gets the first taste.” Justin climbed onto the bed and kissed her lips, moving farther down, laying nibbles and love bites across her neck and chest. When he reached her breasts, he sucked her nipples tightly into his mouth. She concentrated on the sensations, having him alternate between hard bites and soft licks.

She felt warm air being blown onto her pussy, and she arched her hips, knowing that Grant was going to taste her. Strong hands gripped her thighs and pushed them farther apart, making more room for him. She held her breath, wondering what he would do next. She didn’t have to wait long. Grant pulled apart the lips of her pussy, his fingers moving around, avoiding her clit. She couldn’t see him, but she felt like she was under a microscope, getting an inspection, and she hoped that she would pass his test. He moved closer to her and she felt his face against her pussy, and she knew he was smelling her. When he groaned loudly, she felt her body relax into the bed.

“Does she taste good, Grant?” Justin asked, lifting his face from her chest. Grant nodded but didn’t remove his mouth from her. He started licking, long tongue swipes up and down her crease. She moved her hips, shoving her pussy farther against his face, but he wouldn’t let her take over. Grant moved his hands, shoving them under her ass, holding onto her tight.

She felt Justin move and she opened her eyes. He got to his knees next to her face and started stroking his cock. She didn’t need to be asked. She reached out and grabbed his cock and felt it jolt in her hand. He gasped and moved closer to her, grabbing a pillow and helping her move her head to get her mouth lined up with his hard shaft. Clear fluid gathered on the tip, and she used her thumb to spread it over the head before she stuck her tongue out and licked the head of his cock. His flavor exploded on her tongue, and she was surprised at how sweet he tasted.

She sucked his cock into her mouth on a loud slurp, wanting to shove it all the way down her throat. She swirled her tongue around his shaft, feeling his soft satin skin against his powerful, hard length. She moved her mouth faster, wanting to please him, wanting to show him that she loved the feel of his cock in her mouth. She held her tongue rigid, holding his shaft, and slid the head of his cock back and forth across her tongue quickly. She reached one hand back and gently held his balls, kneading them, pulling on them.

“Oh, God, baby, your mouth. Shit. Fantastic!” He grabbed her head, digging his fingers into her scalp, and started fucking her mouth harder. Taking away her control, he used fast movements, and she relaxed her mouth completely. She watched him half lidded, wanting to see his face and watch his reaction when he climaxed. His eyes closed tight, his jaw ridged, and his muscles were flexing.

“I’m so close. Oh, Alyssa. You are perfect!” He threw his head back and yelled out her name and she felt his cock jerk. Warm cum filled her mouth. She swallowed quickly, trying to taste every drop of him. He pulled back, panting, and she stared at him. He looked wild and untamed.

Grant renewed his efforts on her pussy, and she looked down at him, concentrating on the pleasure he was giving her. He had started out slow, tasting every part of her. He devoured her now, shoving his tongue in and out of her pussy hard and fast. She needed more, though, so much more, and she wasn’t sure how long she would have to wait for what she really wanted. She loved his mouth, but she wanted a cock. It had been so long since she had been taken. Fucked. It had been too long without a toy being involved.

Justin must’ve seen the distress on her face. He moved closer, grabbing her nipples and pinching them in between his thumb and forefinger. He pulled hard, making her arch her back as the pain and pleasure rained through her system. He moved a hand down until he reached her clit and massaged in hard little circles, bringing her closer to the edge, letting her feel her climax bloom.

Grant moved his fingers, pushing them into her slowly. She could feel her body tighten on them, and he moved, pumping in and out of her. She was on sensation overload. She was pushed to the edge, closer to climax.

He pumped his fingers faster, and Justin flicked her clit hard, throwing her over the edge. She screamed their names as her orgasm washed over her, through her, shaking her uncontrollably. She felt two sets of hands on her, rubbing her body up and down, making her feel relaxed and calming her breathing. She finally opened her eyes and looked between them. They were both smiling and staring at her as if she meant the world to them.

“You are so beautiful when you come. Hearing my name on your lips, amazing.” Grant moved in and kissed her deeply. She opened her mouth and tasted herself on his tongue. She moaned deeply and pulled him closer, wrapping her legs around his hips. He was still dressed, and she could feel his hard length poking her in the stomach. She wanted to take care of him, as he had just pleasured her. Their kiss deepened, and she groaned.

Grant pulled away from her, and she reluctantly let him go. He stepped back and started stripping off his clothes and she sat up, wanting a better view. She felt warm breath against her neck and leaned into Justin. “Grant is going to lie on the bed, and I want to watch you sit on top of his cock.” She watched Grant expose his hard shaft, and she moaned. “I want you to take his cock like a good girl, nice and slow, while I play with your little asshole.”


Jessica's Breakdown


Love Song belonged to not only Jessica, but also her best girl friends Bella, Alyssa, and Hannah. They had been working hard for quite a few weeks to see this day. They were expecting at least one hundred people, and she had taken a lot of time to make sure that each lady in attendance received a little goody bag with some samples and coupons so that they would come back and shop.

Jessica groaned as she grabbed another disobedient curl and swiped the hot iron through her hair. She had dressed a little sexily and wondered if maybe she should change into something a little less revealing. The skintight black dress didn’t hide a thing, and the four-inch pumps took her normal five-foot-five height and shot her up to model status.

She took a deep cleansing breath and stared at herself in the mirror. She went through the checklist she always did before leaving the house. “Straight hair, check. Makeup, check. Dress and shoes that make me look super fabulous, check.” She shrugged her shoulders and gave her reflection a little smile, posing briefly. “Purse…where is that darn thing? Oh yeah, front door, check.” Jessica gave her reflection one more smile and walked through the house. She needed to find Alyssa and get to the store.

Her heels clicked along the wood floor and she noticed that Alyssa’s bedroom door was closed. The house was relatively silent, too, and she wondered if Alyssa was still feeling sick. She hadn’t been herself for a couple weeks, but Jessica assumed it was because they had all been working extra hours. She quietly knocked on the door before opening it and peeking in.

“Alyssa,” she whispered. “Are you feeling okay? Do you want me to get a bath started for you? Can I get you anything?” She spotted Alyssa on her bed with the covers pulled over her head. She cringed a little bit knowing that Alyssa had been feeling cruddy. She had been a trooper, though, going into the store every day, making sure the grand opening would be spectacular.

“No. Please go and have fun. I can’t go. I feel too freakin’ sick.” Alyssa moaned and Jessica frowned. They had all worked so hard to see this day happen.

“Okay. If you feel better, call me. I’ll come pick you up.” She closed the door behind her on a soft click and tried to tiptoe out of the house so that Alyssa could go back to sleep. She felt guilty but knew that they couldn’t postpone the grand opening again. They had already done that once, hoping that Diana, her assistant, would make it to town.

Grabbing her purse, Jessica walked out the front door. The warm air washed over her and she was glad she hadn’t changed out of the cotton dress. She lifted her leg up high and climbed into her little SUV. She was so glad that Chase and Beau were finally able to fix her car. She shook her head thinking about that day not too long ago when her car had broken down. They had been stuck in Coltmann County. At the time she thought it was the worst possible thing that could’ve happened during a road trip. Now, she loved the small town and was glad that they had stayed.

She drove down the dirt road, giving herself a pep talk. She knew that Chase and Beau would both be there, and they were wearing down her defenses. She tried to stay strong, tried to joke with them and turn them off but nothing seemed to work. She was sexually frustrated and knew that she needed to leave town soon.

Jessica had started to plan a little trip to Dallas a couple of weeks ago. She loved the city and was really looking forward to going to a wonderful BDSM club that she had been a member of for a few years called Iron Gate. She needed to be away from Coltmann County for a bit and work until she was exhausted and no longer needed or wanted Chase and Beau. Most people planned vacations to exotic, warm locations. Jessica’s vacation was going to her second home. It was a place that she could be in control, where she could be herself.

She hummed as she drove down Main Street, glad that soon she would be off to her vacation and could finally get some much needed rest and relaxation. She had already started packing and as soon as everything was running smoothly here at the store, she was going to leave town for a whole week. Bella, Alyssa, and Hannah could handle things without her.

Cars littered the street and Jessica moved quickly, pulling into the first empty spot she found. She walked up the stairs, the front door already open, welcoming people inside. Justin and Grant were behind the bar and she could see them pouring a pretty pink liquid into plastic martini glasses. Music played in the background and people were already roaming through the store, big smiles plastered on their faces.

Jessica walked toward the front counter, put her purse under it, and moved around the room shaking hands and introducing herself. This was the best part of a grand opening, meeting the future customers, letting them see her and recognize the other owners. She felt a pang of sadness, wishing that Alyssa wasn’t stuck in bed missing the fun.

“Well…if it isn’t the boss lady. You look so damn sexy.” Chase growled in her ear and Jessica smiled and politely nodded at the woman she had been talking to. She was irritated, though, and had Chase been her man, he would be looking at receiving a punishment for interrupting her conversation. She wished that she could take him to the back room and correct his behavior, but he didn’t belong to her and he never would.

Turning slightly, she leaned into him, making everyone around them think she was being sexy and flirty. “Poor Chase, he needs all my attention.” She bit his earlobe hard and he jerked. “If you keep acting like a brat, I’ll have to punish you.”  




“Where do you want to start, Beau?” Chase asked, eyeing her.

“I have a few ideas. Let’s strip her and taste her first.” Together they climbed onto the bed and crawled toward her looking like two fierce predators.

Beau and Chase split up, moving on either side of her, and Jessica didn’t know who she should watch. Rough hands glided up her legs and stopped when they reached the edge of her shorts. They worked together, pulling her soft cotton shorts down her legs, before each grabbed a side of her panties and pulled them off.

“Damn, she’s got the prettiest little pussy I’ve ever seen,” Chase said, leaning down and swiping his tongue along her nether lips.

Beau gave her a quick kiss before he pulled her T-shirt off slowly. Leaning over, he pulled her bra straps down her arms, flipping the cups out of his way. “So beautiful. God, you are perfect.” Her nipples tightened and he leaned down and sucked one into his mouth, before moving to the other one. He alternated, sucking and gently biting the tips with his teeth.

Groaning, Jessica held on to the headboard, trying not to move. Beau lavished her breasts with attention while Chase placed openmouthed kisses on her inner thighs. They worked great together, building her up, making her desire more.

“Open your legs up wide for me, sweetie.” She followed Chase’s orders without argument, hoping that they wouldn’t make her wait too long.

Chase pushed her knees further apart, giving him the perfect view of her naked pussy and ass. She was so glad that she had been waxed before her vacation. He stared at her, inspecting her, and Jessica wondered what he was thinking. He looked up at her, a smile curving his lips before he leaned down and pushed his tongue into her pussy. His hot mouth had her panting, and Jessica closed her eyes, focusing on the sensation.

“Hmmm, you’re so wet for me. Delicious.” The ache in her pussy increased, and Jessica panted, needing more oxygen as both their mouths did wicked things to her.

She watched Chase as his head moved between her legs, sending her closer to the edge of climax. His tongue swirled around her clit and Jessica moved her hips, fucking his mouth. “Oh, God, Chase, I’m so close. Don’t stop!” He flicked his tongue rapidly against her clit, biting down and pushing two fingers inside her, fucking her hard. Her muscles spasmed and Jessica threw her head back hard against the pillows as an intense orgasm rushed through her system.

“Chase!” Her body was shaking and he continued to torment her with his mouth until her clit became too sensitive. Moving away, she finally started begging, “Chase, it’s too much. You have to stop. Please.” One more kiss to her clit and he pulled away slowly, letting her calm down.

* * * *

Beau stared at Jessica. She looked so fucking beautiful, lying in the middle of the bed, naked and exposed. She panted, trying to calm her breathing after the intense orgasm his brother had given her. Her light-brown nipples stood out, hard and wet from his mouth. He knew how sensitive they were and it was obvious she loved having her breasts played with.

He had thought about leaving the playroom and heading to their hotel room, but when she shut the door, the decision to stay had been made. He knew they would end up there eventually, but right now, the three of them needed to be together. It had already been too long.

Jessica was a strong, independent woman. That was one of the things he liked about her. She was a Type A personality with a need for submission. The only problem was that she was used to always being in charge. He was looking forward to introducing her to bondage, but he knew it needed to be a slow process. She had a lot of fears, and he hoped that they could gain her complete and total trust.

Desperately wanting to be inside her, Beau looked over at Chase, gave him a nod and watched as his brother moved, giving him space. Fisting the base of his cock, Beau moved across the soft sheets on his knees, placing his body between her legs.

“Do you want me?” he asked her, taking a condom from Chase. Opening the wrapper, Beau rolled the condom on his cock and waited.

“Please, Beau. I want you.” She shifted her hips, moving closer to him.

“I want you, too. Only you.” Holding his weight from her body, he hovered over her, kissing her mouth. Positioning his cock at her entrance, he pushed in slowly, feeling her internal muscles flex along his cock.


He loved the way she said his name. “Tell me what you need.”

“I need you. Oh, God, I need you and Chase.” She moaned deep in her throat as he pulled out a little bit before pushing into her harder. She wrapped her legs around his hips and Beau moved slowly, loving the way she felt. Moving to his knees, he grabbed her hips and started a nice rhythm.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you and Chase,” she said with more confidence.

She was tight, far tighter than he remembered, and he wasn’t sure he would last too long. She stared at him, and it made him feel powerful.

“Chase, play with her breasts while I fuck her.”

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