Lost Without Them (MFMM)

Alaskan Wildlands 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,439
2 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Suspense, Paranormal, Shifter, Reverse Harem, Small Town, MFMM, HEA]

April Carson finds out she’d been duped far too late.

Befriending brother and sister, Jana, and Don Donovan, traveling to Alaska for a shared expenses vacation, she finds out they aren’t nice at all.

After paying for everything, she's beaten, almost raped, and left for dead in the wilderness of Alaska. Hurting, all alone, and almost attacked by a grizzly bear, April thinks she’s going to die.

Kenton, Chad, and Tobias Dermot rescue April from the woods. The three brothers know that she’s their mate as soon as they smell her tantalizing perfume.

When Kent, Chad and Tobi tell her she’s their one, she’s shocked and though she tries to keep her distance, the intense desire she feels for the three men gets too much to ignore.

Agreeing to be their woman, April tells the men what Jana and Don did to her, how they stole from her without her realizing what was happening and she hopes to never see the duo again.

But if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Lost Without Them (MFMM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Lost Without Them (MFMM)

Alaskan Wildlands 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,439
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


If the human woman really was lost and they shifted back to their man skins, he didn’t want her frightened of seeing two naked men in front of her. If she was conscious and she saw him and his siblings morphing she was going to be terrified enough as it was.

Tobi stripped off, dropping his clothes on top of Kent’s and Chad’s shoes and shirts and then they were off, sprinting through the forest heading in a north-easterly direction almost too fast for the human eye to track.

Kent couldn’t help but wonder what had happened for a man and another woman to hurt a female and leave her all alone out in the wilderness of Alaska. If their aim had been to kill her, they’d gone the right way about it.

His tipan bear yowled with anger. He was just as angry as his beast. If he ever found the two assholes, he might have a hard time keeping his beast from ripping the pair apart and killing them.

* * * *

April had managed to stagger to her feet after crawling over to and using the trunk of a tree to help her to get up. Her ribs were sore, hurt when she took too deep of a breath, but she didn’t think they were broken. She knew she was covered in bruises over most of her body, and one of her eyes had swollen shut, but she kept right on walking, ignoring the pain as best as she could.

She had no idea where she was other than about an hour north of that small town. After looking up at the sun shining through the leaves and pine needles, trying to gauge which direction was south, she started putting one foot in front of the other.

With each step she took the hammer in her head slammed into her skull just above and between her eyes. It was hard to see, to judge distance with only the use of one eye and a couple of times she’d almost fallen after tripping over a tree root. The staggering steps she’d taken to circumvent her fall had hurt but she figured hitting the ground would hurt even more.

When she encountered the dirt track she decided it was a good idea to follow it, maybe get back to the main road where she could flag down a car, get a ride back to that town she couldn’t remember the name of.

April had no idea how long she’d been walking but after her encounter with the grizzly and surviving without so much as another scratch, she wasn’t going to stay put and end up another animal’s dinner.

Her legs were trembling, her thighs aching from the punches Don had delivered and her knees felt weak but she kept going. She didn’t know if she’d closed her eyes for too long when she blinked or if her legs had given way on her but when she opened her eyes she was lying in the dirt on her belly, her arms out in front of her and her palms grazed and bleeding as if she’d tried to break her fall.

April lifted her cheek out of the dirt and gravel, gazed around and gasped when she saw her small suitcase about ten yards away on the side of the track. Getting up onto her hands and knees was painful, her palms burning since the skin had been shredded, but she crawled forward, sat back on her haunches, reached for her suitcase, tugged it closer and almost broke down into tears again when she spotted her purse. Shuffling to her bag, she grabbed it, dug in for her cell phone then activated her screen.

Hanging her head with dejection and uselessness when she noticed there was no cell phone reception, she screamed with frustration, anger, fear and then she started crying again.

April’s tears didn’t last long because she quickly got her emotions locked down. She’d never been much of a crier, hated how blotchy her face became, the tip of her nose red as well as her eyes. However, that wasn’t the reason she hated crying. She hated it because she thought it was a waste of time. Tears didn’t solve anything other than making her feel like an idiot for letting her feelings get the better of her.

She was stronger than this, had had to be since she’d been all alone for a long time.

She was also angry with herself for being so damned gullible. She’d never had any real friends before and while she knew that was partly her fault since she didn’t go out of her way to befriend anyone, she should’ve seen there wasn’t something quite right about that bitch Jana. Pulling her wallet out of her purse, opening it, she was shocked and relieved to discover all her credit cards and personal information such as her license was still safely inside. The little cash she’d had was gone.

Picking herself up from the ground wasn’t easy when every inch of her body hurt, but she pushed on, her purse slung over her shoulder, dragging her case behind her and she kept walking. One step at a time.

April had trudged on for what felt like hours, was so tired, hurting too much to keep going. She hadn’t seen the main road Don had turned off of and wasn’t even sure if she’d been walking in the right direction.

Deciding a few minutes rest wouldn’t hurt, would hopefully help rejuvenate a bit of energy, she eased her sore body down to the ground, propped her back against a fallen tree trunk and closed her eyes.

April dozed on and off, aware of the birds tweeting, small animals scurrying through the brush but in her in between state, time had no meaning.

As she sank deeper and deeper into the restful tranquility the noises around her faded away.




Kent growled when he April orgasmed and quickly licked up the cum from her folds, dipping his tongue into her cunt to get as much of her juices as he could. Her cream was the perfect blend of sweet and salty and he knew he’d never be able to get enough of her honey. Although he wanted to get up on his knees, notch his hard dick with her cunt and drive into her until he was balls deep, he and his brothers needed to prepare her more. Especially her ass.

Glancing up at her, seeing her with his brothers’ dicks in both of her hands, almost sent him over the edge. Widening his thighs, he pressed his balls into the mattress, relishing the bite of pain that had his impending release backing off.

Rimming her cunt with the tip of a finger, he pressed it inside of her, still watching her as he thrust his digit in and out, loving the soft moans and whimpers he and his brothers were eliciting from her.

Adding another finger, he worked them in and out of her tight, wet cunt, swirling his tongue over her clit, and then he pressed a third finger into her pussy. He pumped and scissored them, giving her pleasure while stretching her out. Though he wanted to lick and finger fuck her to another orgasm, he needed to prep her ass so that he and his brothers could all love and claim their woman.

Tobi had thankfully thought ahead, grabbed the lube from the drawer and tossed the tube onto the mattress. Withdrawing his fingers from her pussy, Kent snatched up the lube, squirted some onto his digits and caressed his fingers over her asshole.

She moaned, glanced down at him, then looked at each of his brothers. Before he could work out what she was going to do, she twisted her torso slightly, leaning toward Tobi, latching on to one of his nipples and suckled.

“Fuck!” Tobi groaned. “That feels so fucking good, love. I never knew…” He panted for a few beats then groaned again.

Kent swiped his tongue over her clit and pressed a finger into her ass. Her strong muscles closed around the tip almost instantly, gripping his digit tightly. As soon as he licked over her clit again, she loosened and he pressed his finger all the way into her rear.

She widened her thighs further, released Tobi’s nipple and turned toward Chad, bending toward his brother’s chest, but before she could suck on Chad’s nipple, Chad cupped her breast then slanted his mouth over hers.

Kent closed his eyes, pumped his finger into and out of her ass while occasionally lapping at her clit. He didn’t want her coming again until he and his brothers were inside of her. He wanted to feel her cunt grasping and sucking at his dick when she exploded. Just the thought of how good she was going to feel had more precum spurting from his cock.

Cutting off any and all thoughts so he didn’t explode before he even got inside of her, he added a second finger to her bottom, gently forging his way deeper and deeper into her back channel.

Finally, a good fifteen minutes after he’d started stretching out her ass, she was ready to take one of his siblings. Removing his digits from her asshole, he shoved up onto his knees, between her splayed thighs, cleaned his fingers then he aligned the head of his throbbing cock to her cunt. “Are you ready for me, baby?” he asked.

She gasped, nodded, arched her hips up toward him and reached for him. “Yes. Now, Kent.”

Kent would’ve smiled over her eagerness if he wasn’t so hungry he was shaking, but he wasn’t the only one. April was trembling with need too. Taking a breath, he pushed his hips forward, pressing until the head of his cock entered her hot, wet cunt. “Tight,” he growled, braced his hands on the mattress near her shoulders and when she stopped clenching on him he stroked in further and further until he was embedded in her snug pussy.

* * * *

April moaned as Kent filled her with his hard, thick cock. Her walls were stretched around his erection and each time her muscles squeezed around him reflexively she felt his dick pulse inside of her. When he lowered his body down over hers, covering her with his longer, wider, harder frame, she wrapped her arms around his neck, leaned up and kissed him. He kissed her back with a fiery passion, setting her already hot blood on fire.

He released her lips after rolling them over until he was beneath her. Adjusting her legs on either side of his hips, moving her body more comfortably atop of his, she moaned when his cock jerked inside of her pussy. Before she could get up onto her knees with her hands braced on his chest, Kent wrapped an arm around her waist, holding her still against him. “Stay where you are, April,” he commanded breathlessly.

Chad crawled down the mattress, shifting until he was kneeling between his brother’s legs. He caressed his hands down her back, starting at her shoulders until he reached her ass. He grasped both of her ass cheeks, squeezed then parted them. “I’m coming in, kitten.”

She nodded, shuddered when he notched the head of his lube-covered dick to her asshole and began to breach her.

April panted, closed her eyes tightly and moaned as the head of Chad’s dick penetrated her rear. The nerve laden flesh around her pucker lit up with pleasure and pain. The burning was uncomfortable but it didn’t really hurt.

“Look at me, baby,” Kent demanded. She lifted her head from his chest to meet his hazel eyes. “You okay?”

“Yes,” she answered then groaned when Chad pressed another inch of his cock into her ass.

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