The Mate or Meal Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Mate or Meal

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 77,958
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Bondage, Werewolves, Shape-shifters, Sex Toys, MM]

The Lamb Who Cried Wolf

Lunch or lover? That is the question that appears in werewolf Brody’s mind when he meets lamb shifter Carson. The answer is easy. Simply looking into Carson’s innocent blue eyes tells him that the lamb is his mate. If he’s going to eat Carson up, they’ll both enjoy it.

Carson has been isolated by his flock due to his inability to grow into a strong ram. When he is unexpectedly attacked by his half-brother, he does not expect being rescued by a wolf—let alone falling in love with him.

But in spite of Brody and Carson’s feelings, there are other forces at work, and people who don’t agree with Brody’s new plans and diet. If Brody can’t find a way to save their bond, Carson might become lunch, after all.

The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg

Snack or sweetheart? Definitely sweetheart. Or so werewolf Liam thinks when he meets swan shifter Shiloh. Shiloh is everything Liam’s soul yearns for, a gorgeous, feisty spitfire who turns his blood into flame and makes his entire being sing. But Shiloh is reluctant to believe in Liam’s good intentions.

Shiloh has been searching for The One for as long as he can remember. In his quest, he made several mistakes, and now he is reluctant to believe again, especially in a wolf. After all, wolves prey on his kind. How could he possibly entrust his heart to one?

As they struggle through misunderstandings and try to build a relationships, a third member joins their little family—a mysterious swan egg abandoned in front of their door. Will it strengthen Shiloh’s bond with Liam or will it separate them forever?

The Mate or Meal Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Mate or Meal Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Mate or Meal

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 77,958
0 Ratings (0.0)
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The Lamb Who Cried Wolf


“Look who’s out at this hour,” Ray said. “Shouldn’t you be nursing the lambs?”

“They’ve gone to bed,” Carson replied, holding his spine ramrod straight. “And what about you? Shouldn’t you be guarding the outskirts?”

He knew he’d made a horrible mistake in talking back when Ray’s sarcastic expression twisted into one of anger. “Don’t talk back to me.”

Carson backed up, but ran into yet another person. In that moment, he realized he’d somehow become surrounded by Ray’s friends. There were at least four young rams, other than Ray, all giving him disdainful looks.

“We’re going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget,” Ray said fiercely.

Carson tried to escape, but he was surrounded. The hostility emanating from the much larger men around him roused the instinct of self-preservation ingrained in each living being. His panic morphed into anger, and he charged his brother, even if he knew he had no way of winning.

To his satisfaction, he managed to get in a few decent blows. However, moments later, Ray pushed him off and Carson fell, his body colliding painfully with the cobblestone path. “What are you doing?” Ray sneered. “Get him.”

The other four rams obeyed the older Ray and jumped on Carson. There was no place to hide from the blows, no way of dodging them. Distantly, Carson realized that yes, shape-shifters had other feelings, but alas, in Ray’s case at least, they were all wicked and mean.

He would have been able to accept the blows as something passing if the touches hadn’t suddenly turned lascivious. For whatever reason, the rams began tearing Carson’s clothes off. Ray just stood there, laughing, watching them, encouraging them and spouting insults at Carson. “That’s right,” he said. “Carson can be your little ewe. What a great idea.”

A sob escaped Carson at the realization that he would be raped by his brother’s friends. He’d never shared his body with anyone. Ewes focused on strong rams, not underdeveloped ones like him, but Carson had never felt the need to couple with them anyway. He’d come to think himself as not only weak, but also asexual. Still, the thought of his virginity being stripped of him in such a vile manner made his entire being rebel.

“Ray,” he tried to beg, “help me. Please.”

But Ray didn’t help. Just as Carson thought all was lost, a wolf howl sounded somewhere to their right. It was close, so very close. The rams froze and stopped their abuse of Carson. They got up, taking up a fighting stance.

On all fours, Carson crawled away from them and looked toward the general area where he’d heard the wolf howl come from. He half expected the beast to lunge at them from the shadows. Instead, when it emerged, it walked slowly, as if it had all the time in the world and was just taking a stroll through the park.

Carson trembled as he watched the beast approach. It was huge, gray fur covering a massive body and pale green eyes studying them with interest. Carson didn’t doubt the beast could have easily taken a cougar on its own. It was precisely for this reason why their guards stuck together, to fend off such threats. Carson had assumed someone else had taken over the responsibility if Ray and his cronies abandoned their posts. But there were only so many rams, and it seemed Ray’s stupidity left a hole in the defenses. They hadn’t even brought their guns along. Fuck.

The wolf took a few more steps, and just like that, the courage seemed to drain out of Ray and his friends. With similar screams, they turned and ran, fleeing as fast as they could and disappearing into the night.

Carson would have very much liked to do the same, but his body hurt and he didn’t even think he could move. He stared at the wolf, frozen. Oddly, he felt thankful the predator had shown up. At least if he died, he would do so with dignity.

Another wolf appeared from behind the first one. For a brief second, it seemed as if the two were communicating, and then, the second one went chasing after Ray. Great, just great. Apparently, this huge animal wanted Carson for himself. At any rate, it didn’t matter anymore. As much as Carson would have liked to flee, he couldn’t make his body move. He was doomed.




Brody clutched the bedspreads with his fists to keep himself from pulling his mate down and just burying himself inside of Carson. His urge to dominate awoke, stronger and more intense than ever. Brody had always enjoyed bondage and power play, even if he’d mostly kept it from his pack. Some would have seen his sexuality as a sign of him wanting to be the Alpha, and Brody couldn’t be bothered with politics, not to mention that he’d never want to fight against his brother. But now, he wanted to share his desire with Carson, and Carson seemed more than willing to accept it.

“Take the lubricant,” he instructed Carson. “Open the tube.”

Carson did as he’d been told, although Brody noticed his mate’s hands still trembled. As Carson uncapped the tube of slick, Brody continued to speak. “Pour a little on your fingers. Get them good and wet.”

Carson obeyed, pouring a generous amount of liquid from the bottle and somehow managing not to make a mess either. “Now reach behind you and thrust them into your ass, like I did yesterday.”

Carson abandoned his position on Brody’s lap and sat back. He lifted his legs into the air and exposed his pretty pink hole to Brody’s greedy gaze. Two slender fingers hesitantly rubbed around the rim, then slowly pushed inside.

Brody almost swallowed his tongue at the sight. Jesus Christ. His mate was going to kill him.

“Am I doing it right?” Carson panted out. His eyes widened and he let out a cry. Brody chuckled when he realized his mate must have accidentally hit his prostate.

“You’re doing great. Just don’t rush it.”

Carson moaned and continued to push his fingers in and out of his ass. He thrashed on the bed, tiny whimpers that sounded like Brody’s name escaping his lips. Brody would have loved to take his time and watch Carson finger-fuck himself, but alas, he was only a wolf, and he had his limits.

He pounced once again, snatching his lover and pushing him under him once more. His mate let out the adorable “baah” again, but this time, it didn’t seem frightened, only surprised, and maybe even a touch relieved. In a flash, Brody retrieved the handcuffs and tied his mate’s arms to the headboard. He was thankful he’d had the foresight to buy the padded type, as he didn’t want Carson to be hurt in any way.

Carson arched against him, his naked body already slick with perspiration. “Please, Brody. I need you now.”

Brody stole a kiss from Carson’s sweet lips, indulging himself just a bit. He then retrieved two of the toys that showed most promise. Moving faster than humanly possible, he went to the bathroom and cleaned the items using the sterilizer they’d also purchased. He then returned to the room, cock ring and anal beads in hand. Carson watched him, his beautiful blue eyes looking like a stormy sea now.

Hastily, Brody slipped the cock ring on Carson. He had a distant thought that perhaps he should’ve had one for himself but discarded it. Even if he did come before he got inside Carson, his recovery time would allow him to still fuck his mate. It would be the same for Carson, but the cock ring in this case had a different purpose. The buildup of pleasure was just as important as the moment of coupling. The night before, Brody had taken Carson in the heat of their first mating, but now, he wanted to spend as many hours as possible fucking the man, touching him, licking him, worshipping all that delicious skin. He wanted to show Carson how beautiful and special it could be between them.

Grinning down at his mate, he took the anal beads and slowly inserted them in Carson’s passage one by one. Carson’s cries increased in volume, encouraging him, but as much as they aroused Brody, he took his time. On occasion, he added more lube, just to make sure.

When the last bead penetrated Carson’s ass, Brody moved them around, all the while massaging Carson’s shaft with his fist. Soon, his mate grew wild and Carson knew it was time for them to couple. But first, he wanted to try something else, to see how Carson took to a bit of pain with his pleasure.

Leaving the beads in, Brody flipped his mate on all fours and slapped Carson’s ass hard. The handprint mark that appeared made his prick throb, more so when Carson screamed. Brody might have thought Carson hated the spanking, but their connection was flooded by Carson’s ecstasy. Growling, Brody applied two more blows, beautifully reddening his mate’s bottom. He couldn’t take it for much longer. He needed to be inside Carson.

Two more hits had Carson incoherent, the cute “baahs” appearing more and more. It seemed they happened in moments of extreme emotion. At last, Brody stopped trying to resist his mate’s allure. He pulled out the anal beads and then positioned his prick at Carson’s hole. In one single thrust, he slid home.


The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg


Shiloh landed in the shadow of a pine tree and shifted into his human form. He took a deep breath, loving the fresh air. This was the life. Why had he left the forest again? Right, his eternal quest for a mate. Well, whatever. This break would do him good.

Naked, he lounged under the tree and closed his eyes. This land wouldn’t be trespassed on. He felt safe, and he could take a few moments to just relax. The kids were at home, safe with their parents, so they wouldn’t accidentally run into a naked Shiloh.

Shiloh smiled as he thought about the past few days. Angel and Clark had warmed up to him quickly. The kids and Shiloh were now the best of friends, much to Brody and Carson’s delight. Shiloh wished he could stay here for more time, but he’d have to go back in a few days. He had a job and a life waiting in LA, and once he recharged his batteries, he could continue with his quest of finding a singing teacher and a mate.

As he thought this, he realized that here, in the middle of nowhere, he could practice without people overhearing and laughing at him. Shiloh leaned against a tree and chose a song from the countless he knew by heart. It was a lullaby, something he’d overheard Carson singing to his kids.

Just as he finished the last line, Shiloh opened his eyes and gasped. He realized he’d been so lost in the song that he’d completely missed the predator approaching. And now, there, in front of him, stood a tall wolf who made no attempt to disguise his presence.

“Wow, that was something,” the man commented.

The wolf grinned, and Shiloh felt his face flame. He shot to his feet, glaring at the stranger. “Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?”

The man lifted his hands, as if to point out he was unarmed. Despite himself, Shiloh couldn’t help noticing he was breathtakingly handsome. The wind played with the stranger’s black locks, making Shiloh want to do the same thing. The wolf’s broad shoulders could have rivaled the width of the trees around them, and his muscular legs seemed to go on for miles. The chiseled features of his face made Shiloh think of the Greek gods of old. And, damn it, the green eyes that twinkled at Shiloh in undisguised amusement threatened to melt him into a puddle of goo. “Whoa there, gorgeous. Don’t frown so much. You’ll get wrinkles, and we wouldn’t want that to happen, now, would we?”

Shiloh had never felt so embarrassed in his entire life. The man had overheard Shiloh’s horrible singing voice, and was making fun of him. He must have realized Shiloh felt attracted to him, too. Wolves could smell that sort of thing, couldn’t they? Shiloh didn’t know.

Shiloh bit the inside of his cheek and struggled to push back the humiliation. “Why would you care? And you still haven’t answered the question. Who are you?”

The wolf began to approach, and, on instinct, Shiloh took a step back. In the end, even if Brody was a good guy, it didn’t mean all the other wolves would be the same. Sure, Shiloh could just fly off, but he hated running away without a fight. Not to mention that he’d hate leaving without knowing the identity of the hunk. Focus, Shiloh. This guy spied on you and laughed, remember? He’s a jerk. Focus.

“I’m Brody’s friend, Liam Denning. And you must be Shiloh, right? It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Shiloh wished for the ground to open and swallow him right then and there. This guy was Brody’s friend? Fuck. Shiloh would most likely be forced to share a house with him. It seemed his holiday would be over before he’d expected.

“Likewise.” He forced himself to take Liam’s hand when the man extended it, but pulled it back as soon as he could. His skin burned pleasantly well after the other man had touched him, and Shiloh cursed to himself. He must have gone too long without getting laid. “Brody and Carson didn’t mention you were coming.”

“We just made arrangements today.” Liam shrugged. “I drop by all the time.”

That was hardly an explanation, and Shiloh wanted to throttle Liam for his arrogance.




All his life he’d waited for this moment, for this man. Now, it didn’t matter that they were so very different. It didn’t matter that their positions on the food chain should have marked them as sworn enemies. The only thing Shiloh cared about was this amazing person, who touched him like no other and made him feel things he hadn’t thought possible. “Make love to me.”

He couldn’t remember ever saying that to any man. Even with all the guys who’d fucked him, no one had made love to him. Liam seemed to understand, and he simply smiled back.

Leaning even closer to Shiloh, he pushed a finger inside Shiloh’s anus. The digit slid into Shiloh’s pass easily, and Shiloh moaned, begging for more. All of a sudden, his body seemed to burn with a flame only Liam’s touch could quench.

Liam added another finger, scissoring them gently, with exquisite care. Shiloh didn’t manage to suppress the urge to thrust back onto them, needing a stronger, deeper invasion. But whatever Shiloh did, Liam still took it slow. He rubbed Shiloh’s prostate with merciless insistence, and at one point, Shiloh lost control of himself, thrashing against Liam.

And then, Liam pulled his fingers out of Shiloh’s ass and hugged him tight. He lifted Shiloh’s legs, and he positioned his prick at Shiloh’s opening. “Shh,” he murmured. “It’s okay. I’m here.”

With that, he pushed inside. His cock stretched Shiloh’s anus so perfectly that Shiloh thought he must have fallen in a dream. Shiloh was no virgin—he couldn’t be farther from it—but he still felt like one when Liam touched him. The penetration hurt, but it was also better than anything Shiloh had ever felt. Shiloh bit his lip in a futile attempt not to cry out. He clung to Liam’s shoulders, choking, needing an anchor in a world that no longer made sense. How could this be? How had he never known this type of pleasure? Why was it that only Liam reached a place no one had ever before?

“Just let go, baby,” Liam whispered against his lips. “Don’t be afraid.”

He pulled out of Shiloh and thrust back in, a quick, hard motion that somehow still managed to be tender. Shiloh released a sob. How could he not be afraid? Liam was inside him, inside his body, his heart, and his mind. What would there be left when the man dumped him?

“I’ll never, ever abandon you,” Liam said. “You’re safe now.”

Shiloh didn’t know how Liam had guessed his fears. Perhaps they were written all over his face. Perhaps the wolf could read his mind. Either way, Liam’s words seemed like a balm for the wounds he’d never even realized he carried. He wanted to be safe. He wanted to be with Liam, always.

Liam started a gentle rhythm, in, out, in, out, rocking rather than thrusting. He went slow, always holding Shiloh’s gaze. He didn’t say another word, but it wasn’t necessary, not anymore. Everything Shiloh needed to know was right there, in those gorgeous eyes, along with the reassurance, the acceptance, the lust, and oh, God, the love.

At one point, Shiloh’s vision went blurry for a few moments, and Shiloh realized he’d lost the battle with his tears. He pushed them back angrily, hating looking weak in front of his mate. The thought sent a wave of shock through him, especially because it came so out of the blue and felt so natural.

When Liam gently swept his finger over Shiloh’s cheek and wiped away a stray tear, Shiloh knew there was no way back. For good or ill, he’d already chosen his path, and it lay with this man.

* * * *

Shiloh’s tears would have broken Liam’s heart had they been of pain. But Liam sensed the true emotions behind them. There was so much need, confusion, relief, and affection hidden behind them that they were a treasure. Shiloh himself was a treasure. Unfortunately, the man didn’t know it, but Liam would take the rest of his life to make sure the man understood his own worth.

He continued to push in and out of Shiloh, loving the tight grip of his mate’s ass on his cock, but at the same time, feeling the swan’s pleasure echo inside him. His beast snarled its satisfaction, but he still took it slow, knowing it was what Shiloh needed—making love, not fucking.

On and on it went, and Liam felt each and every one of Shiloh’s barriers break. He held his mate through the passion, reassuring him with soft words. “I’ll always be here, baby. Always.” He’d never tire of saying it, either, because it was true, and he wanted Shiloh to remember it, to never doubt again.

The pleasure increased slowly, like the sea that came closer with the rising tides. Shiloh moved with him, and their bodies fell into a perfect rhythm, into complete harmony. They fit together just right. Shiloh’s scent, the hold of his anus around Liam’s prick, the sparkle of his unshed tears, the beauty of his swollen lips, and his eyes, God, his eyes… Everything about him made Liam want to prolong this moment, to have it last forever.

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