The Dragon's Soul: Xan

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 67,396
4 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Fantasy Paranormal Romance, HEA]
Remunada Summers is a simple healer leading a quiet life in a small backwater town—until the day the king’s guards drag her from her home and across the continent by “request” of the king to help Prince Anaxandros Minos. Upon arriving at the castle, she faces not only a dragon, but the shocking secrets the Royal Houses have kept hidden for centuries. What can a simple healer do to help the mighty Royal House of Minos? More than Remi expected, since the royals aren’t the only ones with secrets...
Prince Anaxandros “Xan” Minos is in need of help, but only his True One can help him. After his dragon rejects several royal women presented to him as possible mates, he fears for the safety of the entire kingdom if he cannot find his True One in time. Then she arrives: a Healer, outspoken in defense of others, her scent driving his dragon to distraction while her overly large curves tempt the man beyond reason. Forced to deal not only with his problems—trying to convince Remi she is his True One and that they need to mate as quickly as possible—Xan must also address the enemies of the crown who move against his family.
He may be Firstborn and Heir, but how much can a poor princely dragon juggle?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Dragon's Soul: Xan
4 Ratings (5.0)

The Dragon's Soul: Xan

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 67,396
4 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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“You will not be working! I can support you with no problem!” Xan stepped into Remi's personal space and, punching his fists onto his hips, lowered his face until they were standing in identical stances, both glaring at each other.

“I will not be beholden to you for every little thing I need! I have some money. If you would loan me some, I'll hire some people to go back to my house, pack it up and bring it to me. I have a lot of things that I don't want to lose. Things...”

“There is nothing there that I cannot provide for you, if not better!”

“What about my equipment, my supplies? Some of those have been passed down to me through generations! I don't want to lose them! I wasn't even allowed to bring a change of clothing! I can't go around wearing your shirts and appear in public! That would cause a scandal!”

“I like you wearing my shirts and if I say you will stay in my room and wear my shirts that is what you will do!”

By now Remi stood nose to nose with Xan and matched him shout for shout. She was unaware the lower part of his cape had started to gape open showing her legs, or that the staff and soldiers were standing there with mouths hanging open as she argued with Xan. Only Nic seemed to find it hilarious, covering his mouth with one hand and struggling to cover his laughter with a coughing fit.

“I have survived on my own for quite a few years, needing no man's help to live a good life. Just because I'm your True One doesn't mean you own me. What is your problem?” Remi turned at the same time as Xan to stare at his brother. Nic was leaning against the wall, red-faced and coughing up a storm.

“ two...” Nic struggled to catch his breath as the staff hurriedly moved off to the other rooms. Once Nic got control of himself, he stood and wiped his eyes as the soldiers in the room looked anywhere but at the royals and Remi.

“You two are perfect for each other.” Looking at Remi, Nic said “My brother has always been an arrogant, overbearing ass, even if he does it out of concern for the welfare of his family and people. He needs someone strong like you to stand up to him.”

This time Remi's mouth dropped open. “Uhmmm, Prince Nic, I'm not that strong. I know there are better matches for your brother. I just don't believe in treating what is your problem?” This time, Remi swung back to face Xan, who had resumed growling.

He reached out and, grabbing her around the waist, picked her up until her feet were dangling and they were face to face. “You are perfect for me. You are my True One. No one else would ever match me as seamlessly as you do. We will discuss your stubbornness later. Alone. For now, you will oversee the cleaning of your rooms then we will bathe and get ready for the evening meal.” Xan slid his gaze to the side and looked at Lorann, who still stood with Heather in her arms.

“Lorann, you will see to it that my mate has some decent attire for this evening. Nothing fancy, we're just dining with family. Set up some seamstresses to come in the morning and have an entire wardrobe made. You know what all she will need as my queen.” His eyes cut back to Remi as she once again gaped at him. “No arguments on this. We can discuss whatever else you will need, but by the gods, I will supply you with clothes.” Remi watched his eyes, once more going back and forth between his human and dragon eyes. She laid her hands on his shoulders and rubbed on one of them.

“I can agree to that. We'll discuss this later.” 

Nicolas stood to the side, looking bemused, as Xan gently placed Remi back on her feet and kissed her forehead before spinning and storming back down the connecting hall to his rooms. The soldiers quickly followed in his wake, leaving Remi staring after him open-mouthed, Nic looking smug, Lorann and Heather peeking at everyone and Reginald straightening his jacket.

Nic walked to Remi, gently grasped her shoulders and kissed her on both cheeks. “Welcome to the family, sister dear. I will thoroughly enjoy the coming years.” Whistling a jaunty tune, Nic followed his brother down the hall and disappeared with his blond hair flowing behind him.




 Remi felt her heart melt that this man, most obviously a warrior, worried that he had frightened women and whether or not he had hurt them. Remi twisted her hands together and took a deep breath. “What exactly do you mean when you say soul mate? I mean, are you talking about me being your mistress or…” She didn’t even get the sentence finished before Xan stood in front of her. One hand tangled in her hair while his other grabbed her chin and angled her head.

“You are mine. My heartbeat. My breath. My reason for living, for being. From the day we bind ourselves together, you will be it for me. I will want no other. I will not be able to cheat on you. If I find out you have cheated, I will kill any man who has touched you, but you I will never hurt. Ever. You will be my wife, my queen. You will rule by my side until we both pass into the next world. If you pass before I do, I will follow you. If I pass before you do, well…the females of a True mating have choices. There are other conditions and problems we can discuss later.”

The next thing Remi knew, the hand in her hair cradled her head, refusing to let her move and his other hand squeezed her hip, pulling her into his embrace. His lips came down on hers, but instead of being forceful, they were gentle and seduced her senses. He nibbled at her bottom lip, pulling it out and sucking on it before letting it go with a pop, only to start again and again. His tongue licked along the curve and tickled at the corner where her upper lip met her lower lip. Only to run along her top lip to the other side and start again.

Xan’s other hand slid from her hip to her ass where it massaged and clenched. Remi gasped, and Xan thrust his tongue into her mouth, exploring and tempting her tongue to chase his back into his mouth. He caressed her tongue with his lips before gently sucking on it. Remi felt her head start spinning as he moaned and squeezed her ass tighter. She gripped the open sides of his shirt and hung on as he seduced her into a haze of pleasure. She had never known kissing could be like this. The fire, the passion, all with a gentleness that touched her soul.

Xan’s hand let go of her head and caressed down her back and joined the first in its squeezing and caressing of her ample backside. As he pulled her tighter against him, she felt his erection through his soft pants. His cock, so hot and hard, pushed against her lower stomach and felt way too big to ever be used for the purpose nature intended. Just as she started to pull away to say something, Xan’s hands found their way under the shirt and clenched on her ass cheeks.

Deep within her, Remi felt her muscles squeeze at nothing and moisture begin dripping from her. She had never felt these sensations for any man, although her mother had told her the signs of lust. When Xan tightened his grip and lifted her off the ground, she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist and moved her arms up around his neck.

Xan moaned deep in his throat again, and his lips got a little rougher as he began walking. Remi’s head fell back, and she gasped as his hard cock rubbed against her pussy. Xan’s mouth moved down her jawline to her throat where he began sucking and nibbling. His hands were still kneading but now were also rocking her against him. Remi felt him sit down, then felt the covers under her feet and legs.

Xan’s hands reached around and pulled her legs from around him. He lifted his head and murmured, “Kneel above me little one. Please.” His voice became rough and gravelly as he helped her kneel astride his lap.

As her pussy came fully into contact with his erection, they both moaned as he grabbed her hips and rocked her back and forth on his cock. The cotton of his pants shot her arousal up as the friction on her clit increased. Even as she threw her head back in pleasure, Xan’s hands came up and, with one great rip, shredded the shirt she wore down the front. Xan pulled the remnants from her and threw them to the side.

His hands returned to her hips, gripping more forcefully as he ground her onto his cock. Xan ducked his head and latched onto one of her nipples. Drawing it deep into his mouth, he suckled strongly, causing her nipple to sting. But it was an exquisite pain, walking the edge of pleasure. Remi threaded her fingers through Xan’s hair and looked down at where his lips and mouth enclosed her.

His eyes were closed, his lashes a dark sweep along his cheeks as his lips worked against her breast. She felt herself clenching again, needing something, instinctively knowing Xan could give it to her. As she watched, Xan released one nipple and nuzzled his way to the other, treating it much the same. As she felt the strong suction all the way to her womb, she ground down harder onto his shaft and pulled his head closer. Remi arched her back trying to get closer to the wonderful feelings Xan produced inside her, whimpering the whole time for something she didn’t understand but knew she needed.

Xan’s arms wrapped around her and Remi felt herself spun around. Her back hit the furs as Xan grabbed her thighs and forced them wider, all without losing suction on her breast. Xan’s hips began thrusting in long strokes, sending the fabric of his pants sliding over Remi’s clit. The friction sent sparks of lightning shooting through her body, setting brush fires as they went. She felt her vagina clenching tighter and tighter the more Xan moved.

Suddenly he moved his hips in a circular motion, and Remi screamed as the fabric ground against her clit. Stars burst and streaked across the back of her closed eyelids as she arched into the pleasure. Nothing had ever felt so good in her life! The pleasure was indescribable as every muscle in her body clenched in perfect harmony prior to going limp in a sweet release.

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