Learning to Trust Her Mates (MFM)

Lost in Space 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,301
13 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Caro’s life as a model has left her cold and lonely. She’s been nothing but arm candy or a way to get ahead for so long she isn’t sure anyone can actually love her. Now she has the chance to start over on a new planet and just maybe find true love.
Gressen and Sabin fall for her instantly but sense her reluctance. There haven’t been females on Levasso for over thirty years and the sound of children would be a welcome addition to their world. They struggle to figure out how to make their female happy and agree to be their mate, but trust for Caro isn’t easy.
They recognize her struggle to fit in and contribute to their society, but will it come with a price too high for all of them? Can Gressen and Sabin give her the love and acceptance she needs, or will their focus be all about making babies?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
Learning to Trust Her Mates (MFM)
13 Ratings (4.7)

Learning to Trust Her Mates (MFM)

Lost in Space 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,301
13 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I buy anything Marla puts out and this is an awesome book.




Caro threw herself down on the bed. Why couldn’t she relax around Gressen and Sabin? They were so nice to her, and had worked hard to make her comfortable, seeing to her every need. Her friend Della, was ecstatically happy with her relationship with Veran and Kane. She talked about how amazing it was to have two men treat her like a national treasure, and that the sex was mind blowing. Even though Kane was from Earth, he was of American Indian heritage and a very proud and handsome man. Veran was Levassian and an important member of their security force, or army, or something. He’d fallen for Della almost immediately, and had welcomed Kane without prejudice.

It’s just me. All my life men have fawned over me, but it wasn’t me they liked. It was my body, or my connections in the industry they wanted. Never me. The real me.

There had been too many times she’d thought she’d finally found someone who loved her, and not her model-like looks, bank account, or contacts. She thought they weren’t out to use her, but she’d been wrong. Time after time, men and women had betrayed her and used her for what they’d wanted. She was so afraid it would happen again.

“I know it won’t be because of my contacts, since we aren’t on Earth anymore, neither is it my money. I don’t have any now, and they don’t use money. From what Della has told me, they value larger, sturdier women with more meat on their bones, so it isn’t going to be my looks that will draw them to me.”

Turning over on her back, Caro stared at the metal-like smoothness of the ceiling. She was afraid that the only reason they really wanted her or liked her was because she was a female who could give them children. Once again, she was afraid that Gressen and Sabin would overlook the real her. They wouldn’t mean to, but it was bound to happen when she wasn’t someone who exerted herself so that she garnered attention. It meant, who she really was got overlooked or ignored.

Caro wasn’t a shallow person. She had dreams and aspirations just like anyone else. She’d wanted to somehow make a difference in the world, but wasn’t sure how. Now, she had no ideas about the world she found herself in. As far as she could tell, it was a sort of paradise with no real problems in their society. At least Gressen hadn’t mentioned any.

They had the wild creature problem, if you ventured out of the city, but nothing that she could possibly help in some way. She needed a cause, or she’d end up being just what she feared, a useless, mentally slow female who just needed a baby on board to feel complete.

It had only been two months, but it felt like a lifetime ago that they’d crashed on the planet of Levasso on their way to planet Omega from Earth. Earth’s sun was dying, and, as a result, it was tearing apart their planet and the atmosphere. The increased amount of radiation and other byproducts of the disaster were also causing women to become infertile. As soon as they’d figured that out, they’d sequestered all females who tested positive to still having viable eggs until they could secure another planet that would sustain human life. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you looked at it, Caro had been one of the few who still had viable eggs. Not only that, but she appeared to be one of the perfect incubators for the little suckers once they were fertilized.

Now, here she was on a very different planet, among people she didn’t know. Even Della was new to her, though she felt like they’d known each other a lifetime. She had the unique opportunity to start over where no one knew her, or what she’d been before. Instead of her modeling career defining who she was to others, it was her ability to have children that did so. How would she ever know if it was her that they saw when they looked at her, or her eggs?

Caro liked Gressen and Sabin. They were kind, caring, and seemed to genuinely care if she was okay or not. They were handsome men, though different.

Gressen stood seven feet tall with golden skin that seemed almost metallic in color. He had wide shoulders and was muscular, yet his body yielded when you touched it. She’d always hated to touch any of the hard-as-a-rock body builders she was often paired with for photo shoots. Even their skin felt hard. But Gressen’s skin was soft. He moved with an easy grace that someone as tall as he, and most of the Levassians, shouldn’t be able to do. His dark green eyes had the Levassians’ golden circle around the pupils that made him look so unique. With his deep, resonating voice and soft-spoken words, he was every ounce a male, but with none of the testosterone bleeding aggression the males from Earth had in spades.

His brother, Sabin, was equally soft spoken, though his voice held a slightly higher tone. He was maybe an inch taller than Gressen and had eyes a slightly darker shade of green encircled with gold. His skin held a slightly less shiny gold tint to it, and was a little more muscular. He had long fingers and, as a healer, she imagined that stood him well. Both brothers had bright yellow hair that was pulled back at the nape of their necks. Despite feeling awkward around them, Caro still wanted to release the tie from their hair and see how it fell and what it felt like.

How could she possibly not like them when they made sure it was okay with her first with everything they did? In all likelihood, they were sincere and cared about her as someone who mattered, and not because of what they hoped to gain from her.

Still, that little voice inside of her warned that since they had no females on their planet after the Eros scourge, she was a coveted commodity.




In all the years she’d been sexually active, and through every relationship she’d ever had, Caro had never felt this level of arousal before.

Now she knew that it really was possible to drip with need. She’d read hundreds of romance books where the heroine dripped she was so aroused, but had never believed them.

Good Lord! I don’t need any more convincing that I’ve been seeing the wrong men. If Sabin and Gressen do this to me without lifting a finger, I’ll have their young and be a happy mate.

It felt as if every cell in her body was alive for the first time. She felt the air as it moved over her skin. Her heartbeat echoed in her ears and at every pulse point in her body. This was what sex was supposed to be like. It was supposed to awaken things inside of you that you hadn’t even known was there before. It reaffirmed that life was worth living and worth taking chances. Caro had every intention of taking a chance with Sabin and Gressen.

Before she chickened out, Caro licked down Sabin’s neck to his chest, and continued until she found a nipple nestled in a small patch of course hair. The little bud was much larger than a human male’s was. She had much more to hold onto once she closed her lips around the flesh and sucked.

“What? Gressen! She’s sucking on my chest.” Sabin’s surprised and slightly panicked voice almost startled her into letting go, but she managed to resist and sucked even harder on his nipple.

“Does it hurt?” Gressen asked him. “Should I try and remove her?”

“No. It feels good, but I wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t know females did that to us like we would want to suck on their breasts.”

“Neither did I,” Gressen said. “Is she awake?”

Caro smiled and released the treat from her mouth. “I’m awake. Now leave me alone while I enjoy myself. I’ll get to you in a minute, Gressen.”

She returned to Sabin’s yummy chest and attacked the opposite nipple with as much enthusiasm as the first one. Caro loved the way he squirmed and moaned as she sucked and nipped on it. The feel of his hands touching her shoulders, then her hair with barely there pressure made her smile. The poor male was afraid to do anything that might upset her and make her stop what she was doing.

Finally, when she started licking and kissing down his chest to his abdomen, the male dug his hands into her hair and lightly massaged her scalp as if he had no control of his hands. She knew the feeling. Some lust-filled succubus had possessed her and was turning her into something wild and unfettered.

“What are you doing, Caro?” Sabin’s voice sounded breathy and worried. “Gressen, what do I do?”

“Nothing, brother. Let her do as she will with you. Caro would not hurt us, would you, Caro?” Gressen asked.

“Oh, I’ll make it hurt so good, Gressen. You’ll beg me to do it again.” Caro couldn’t believe it was her voice with its sexy, husky sound.

Before either Gressen or Sabin could say anything, Caro pulled Sabin’s pants down and reaching her goal. She licked a long wet line up his impressive shaft before sucking on just the cockhead. She dragged her tongue across the slit at the top, savoring the drop of pre-cum that gathered there, and hummed her pleasure at the odd taste.

Sabin’s yell echoed in the room as if they were in a concert hall. The startled shout had Gressen going to his knees on the bed, positioning himself above them.

“Sabin, did she bite you?”

“Suns, no. She’s sucking and licking on my cock. Gressen, it is amazing. How did we not know of this?” Sabin’s words trailed off as he threw his head back when she took him as far into her mouth and down her throat as she could manage.

“I—I can’t stand it. I’m going to lose my seed. Stop, Caro. Please stop,” he pleaded.

Caro considered ignoring him, but didn’t want to do something that might be wrong in their eyes. She could teach them her ways just as easy as they could teach her their ways. She slowly pulled off of his long, slick dick, giving the rounded head one long last lick before looking up at him.

“Did I do something wrong, Sabin? Didn’t you like it?” she purred with just the right amount of lowered eyelids to add to the effect. She wanted them both under her spell for just once.

“N–no. You didn’t do anything at all wrong, Caro, but I didn’t want to spill my seed in your mouth. I didn’t think you would like that, or I could choke you.” He drew in a deep breath. “That was amazing.”

“This is something that you do on Earth to your males? I know that the males lick your pussy and it is something our males have said was done to give the females release before the actual mating,” Gressen said. “Would you allow us to do that for you, sweetness?”

Caro lost all thought of being a sex kitten and seducing them. Gressen had turned the tables on her with his innocent request. How could she possibly resist them? They seemed to draw pleasure by making her feel good or just seeing her smile. She wanted to embrace that so much, but fear still held a small part of her back.

“Honey, you can do that any time you want to. Believe me, females love it,” she told him.

“Will you let us do that now, Caro?” Sabin asked in a hesitant voice.

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