Made Men 6: The Root of All Evil (MFMM)

Made Men 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,352
19 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M, HEA] 
Giada doesn't think she can ever love again, and definitely not men who live dangerous lives. She lost her first and only love to combat. Getting involved with made men wouldn't be smart at all.
In an attempt to avoid the feelings she has for the Coglonie men, she gives in to a small attraction to two very sexy clients who put her on edge and are definitely interested in taking her to bed. Little does she know, they're connected to a Cuban gang and potential enemies of the Coglonies. Trying to avoid the dangers of being a woman to made men could actually put her into a worse predicament, after all.
Andreas, Dominick, and Giuseppe Coglonie won't accept Giada's denial any longer. They make her see that their love is real and so powerful it can't be avoided. As she accepts their love, they make more demands she isn't ready to commit to—and it nearly costs her life.
Because they are unaware of an enemy out for revenge against them, abducting the most important person in the Coglonie men's lives will give him the revenge he is looking for.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Made Men 6: The Root of All Evil (MFMM)
19 Ratings (4.6)

Made Men 6: The Root of All Evil (MFMM)

Made Men 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,352
19 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
An enjoyable read. Storylines too similar with heroine always getting abducted. But still good.
I have mixed feelings about this book. The main problem was that I didn't care much for Giada. There were a few times I liked her--when she was at the cemetery visiting her old fiancé, I felt her confusion and pain, but also hope for the future, and I liked her occasional feistiness. But more often than not I found her wishy washy and easily manipulated. She just came across as weak to me and for no good reason. Her backstory, while she had a tragic past loss, didn't explain to me why she was so easily manipulated by everyone around her (her co-worker, her uncle etc.). As for the heroes, I liked them much more than Giada. They were extremely patient with her and caring. Finally, I didn't think the storyline with Giada's business, the Cubans was very clear or interesting. The major villain that was revealed was much more interesting, but came late in the story. Overall, this was unfortunately not one of my favorites in the series., but I am intrugued about what Fina's story will be.




Giada exhaled. She really needed this night out. It would be the first in weeks, and finally the idea of loud music, crowds, and drinking didn’t make her head ache and her stomach hurt. Maybe things were finally getting back to normal again?

That thought made her look back at her phone and the text just last week from Andreas Coglonie. He was checking in on her, and she blew him off just like she had been since Rayanna had been found safe and sound and Puento was no longer a problem. More then two months had passed. She thought about Rayanna and seeing her in a couple of weeks when she visited New York. Hopefully she would look and feel a lot better then she had months ago. She swallowed hard. Seeing what Rayanna had gone through, knowing about the dangers of being involved with made men was the perfect remedy to stop her from getting involved with Dominick, Giuseppe, and Andreas. She feared them for so many reasons, despite being attracted to them. It would never work. They were so much older, more experienced, plus huge, filled with muscles, and she was petite. Taking martial arts classes and kick-boxing had built her confidence and was how she’d met Jimmy. He was an instructor when he wasn’t called to active duty.

She exhaled, that ache in her heart still pretty tender after losing him two years ago. Then she thought about Andreas again and the fact that he was Special Forces, just like Jimmy had been. Andreas had that look in his eyes. Everyone was guilty, up to something, and he was distrustful to boot. He was very attractive, had all those muscles, and wore those suits that made him look more like a secret agent than a made man. Some of his employees worked out at the same dojo she did. She’d heard them talk about him as though he was a God. How many medals he had for being a war hero, how quick and capable he was, and mostly what stood out was how they feared him. Saying he wasn’t a man to piss off and was a man you wanted by your side in a dangerous situation.

She swallowed hard. At Jimmy’s funeral, she’d met several of his friends from his troop who had survived. They said similar things, and she felt proud to have known him, but after everyone left and went about their lives, she had difficulty moving on with her life without him and wondered why other soldiers lived and why her soldier had died.

Her eyes welled up with tears, and she pushed thoughts of Jimmy away. She’d trusted him with her body, with being loving and caring with her. Soldiers were special people, but she was different now after losing him. Danger was something she wanted nothing to do with. Made men were dangerous.

The Coglonie men had reputations as powerful, wealthy made men who ran various businesses and were involved with criminal activity. They owned several clubs, bars and lounges—though she only knew Club X—and supposedly organized meetings for negotiations between bosses in the organized crime syndicate. Danger, danger, and more danger. It had been enough nearly being abducted and then nearly killed in her hospital room, all because some psycho was after Rayanna and they were good friends. She still couldn’t get over that incident. Nor could she get over how unaffected Andreas was, shooting that man and comforting her then walking away. These men were killers, criminals desensitized to violence, which was obvious by their ways of life. She hated violence.

She’d lost her one true love to war, and it had broken her heart. Even knowing that Andreas was Special Forces just like Jimmy shouldn’t make her think they were the same or that he was a replacement. There were no replacements. That hit too close to home. It made her think of Jimmy and what they could have had. She couldn’t go through that type of heartache again. The worrying, the fears of something bad happening to someone she cared about. Times that by three and Giada would go insane. She needed to focus on her profession and staying single, or at least staying away from made men. Plus Uncle Les. She really needed to stay clear of him too. He was always getting into trouble and calling her to help. The other night had been so strange, and when she left in the cab, she felt as if someone was watching her. She even got that feeling at the bar, too, as they waited for the cab. It was probably because it was nearly three o’clock in the morning, but it still bothered her.

She took a deep breath and exhaled. The time they shared together with them acting as her bodyguards had caused a lot of problems. Uncle Les was more involved in her life than ever before, and he seemed awfully interested in her profession too. She didn’t trust him, but she kind of used his hatred for the Coglonie men as a means to keep them away from her.




“Andreas. Oh God.” She smoothed her hands along the different scars. Some deep, some round, others long like knife wounds. Tears escpaed her eyes, and he gripped her cheeks and shook his head. She inhaled his cologne, his masculinity as well as the tension his cousins emitted at seeing Andreas’s many scars. Her eyes widened. She blinked and thought about Jimmy, about how he hadn’t survived being a soldier and then how Andreas had. She wondered what he had gone through and then knew not to ask questions, to just love him and be thankful that he was alive and here with them today.

“Every night, I hardly sleep thinking about all the shit I’ve done and survived. Wondered why the fuck I wasn’t dead like so many of my friends, troops, family.” He glanced at Dominick and Giuseppe then back at her.

He looked at her body. “Now I know why. For you, baby. To protect you, to share you with Dominick and Giuseppe, and to love you.”

She felt a tear escape from her eye, and she reached up and cupped his cheek.

“I need you, Andreas. Now.”

He lifted up, and she watched him undress the rest of the way while Dominick and Giuseppe explored her body. They slid their hands along her ankles then up her thighs to her pussy. They spread her wider, stroked thumbs and fingers along her clit. She gasped and tried to close her legs.

“No you don’t. This sexy, curvy body is all ours to explore, to taste and to possess,” Dominick said and licked along her ribs to the tip of her breast then suckled the tiny bud into his mouth.

“Oh, Dominick.” She moaned.

“From these cute, pink-painted toenails to this bare, pink, wet pussy,” Andreas said to her, lifting her foot, nipping her toes then ankle, calf, and thigh.

She giggled and tried pulling free, but then Giuseppe pressed a finger to her cunt, and she gasped. He pulled it back out, and she held his gaze. He licked his lips.

“You’re already wet for us. I love it,” he said to her.

Andreas continued to slide his hands from her ankles to her thighs, spreading her wider then teasing her cunt. His thumbs stroked her outer lips, and she stared at him, at his sexy, muscular body with all those dips and ridges as well as his thick, long cock.

“She’s so wet and tight. You’re gripping my fingers, baby,” Andreas said as he stroked her pussy.

“Let him in, Giada. Let go and give us complete control,” Giuseppe said as he leaned up and kissed her mouth.

She immediately reached for him and ran her fingers through his hair as Andreas increased his finger thrusts.

“Oh.” She moaned again and felt her pussy cream.

“I need in. Now,” Andreas said very firmly.

Giuseppe pulled back, and so did Dominick.

Andreas reached for her hands and pressed them up above her head.

“Nice and easy, baby. You’re on the pill still, right?” he asked.

“Yes.” She knew they remembered because when they watched over her months ago they had to pick up her prescriptions of birth control.

She had been embarrassed, but part of her was happy they knew. Especially now.

She held Andreas’s gaze while he aligned his cock with her pussy. He kept his hands entwined with hers above her head. The tip of his thick cock pressed against her pussy.

She shivered, felt anxious, nervous, excited, all rolled up in one.

“Nice and slow.”

“I want you. I’m ready, Andreas. I am.”

He gave a soft smirk and began to ease his cock into her cunt. He nudged and nudged. She held his gaze, felt the connection, the emotion as tears filled her eyes. She absorbed this moment. Memorized the intense expressions of all three men, their muscular bodies, Andreas’s tight abs, Giuseppe’s fingers pinching her nipple, and Dominick stroking his cock and watching Andreas make love to her for the first time. It confirmed the fact that she would belong to all three men. That they would be one unit, one family, and she parted her lips and relaxed her muscles to let go and let him, them, in.

“Mine, forever.” He pushed all the way into her. She gripped his hands and pushed upward as he pulled back again and then thrust all the way in. He began to stroke over and over again, and her pussy gushed cream, lubricating those strokes.

They exhaled.

“Oh God,” she said.

“So fucking tight. Mercy, baby,” he said through clenched teeth. He released her hands and slid his palms down her arms to her shoulders, gripping them and then using her shoulders as leverage to thrust in and out of her cunt.

“Andreas!” she cried out, unable to breathe when he stroked into her, his cock so thick and hard. She was panting and moaning. Trying to take in the sight of him with all those muscles and how he towered over her. His thick, hard thighs had her legs spread as wide as they could go. He hammered into her cunt, and she felt that cramping sensation in her core and knew she was going to orgasm.

“Too tight. I needed you for too long, baby. I’m not going to last,” he exclaimed.

She reached up and held on to his shoulders as he lowered down and thrust faster, deeper into her. He was so big, so thick and hard, and then he suckled against her neck hard.

“Mine, now and forever,” he said, and she came, aroused by his possessiveness and the dominant way he took her, claimed her body, and thrust into her so hard and deep.

“Yeah, Giada. Come all over my cock. Come for me. Fuck,” he yelled out and came. He crushed her as he hugged her tight and rolled to the side, sliding a hand over her ass and squeezing her. He kissed her cheeks, her chin and forehead, then her lips. “Never ever like this, woman. Know that. Never like this,” he said to her and continued to kiss her.

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