The Fantasy Resort Collection, Vol 2 (MFMM)

Fantasy Resort

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 71,894
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois Romance, Cowboy, Bondage, Sex Toys, MFM]

Deception Fantasy

Diane Bowman, a dork who blossomed in college, unexpectantly runs into her high school football dream hunks, Trace Turner and Jack DeMarco, at a fantasy resort. Neither man recognizes the beauty, but Diana knows once they figure out who she is, they’ll reject her. To avoid a repeat of that humiliating time, she struggles not to get excited by their incredible stimulation. Trace is totally enchanted by Diana’s exciting rock climbing lifestyle and believes she’s his dream woman. Too bad she wants nothing to do with him. Being rich, Trace’s best buddy, Jack, has led a charmed life. When he, too, falls for Diana, he knows she’d never go for a guy who’s spent the last few years of his life traipsing around Africa and working at a resort designed for sexual stimulation. How can both men motivate her to take a chance on a future together?

Fantasy Ranch

As the daughter of a former US senator, Christina Hardgrave has been surrounded by bodyguards and overprotective parents her whole life, until she’s mistakenly sent to a fantasy ranch resort instead of a finishing school. Zach McKenna, a ranch owner and the eldest of three brothers, wants nothing to do with teaching Christina about men, as she has awakened an urge he thought long dead. How will the gentle middle brother, Deke, and the carefree youngest brother, Brett, succeed in introducing her to a loving ménage relationship? What will she discover about her explosive sensuality from three hunky cowboys?

The Fantasy Resort Collection, Vol 2 (MFMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Fantasy Resort Collection, Vol 2 (MFMM)

Fantasy Resort

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 71,894
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Deception Fantasy


This couldn’t be happening. It just couldn’t be. Surely her high school crushes would recognize her. She waited for them to cringe or something, but all they did was exchange glances, looking like they’d won the lottery. Apparently they didn’t remember her. That wasn’t a big surprise. Back in high school these two didn’t seem to know she existed, so why would they identify her now?

If she’d been in a Flagstaff Prep T-shirt, they might recall seeing her in the halls, but being wrapped in two towels made her unrecognizable, she guessed. For that she was thankful. Not to mention the fact she was about thirty pounds lighter, had had a nose job, now wore contacts, and went by her middle name instead of her first. She also hadn’t seen these two jocks who’d turned her world upside down in over fourteen years.

“I’m Diana.”

Please don’t remember me.

Double shit. Her fantasy had been to be “captured and ravished” by two men, but she never expected to find these two. How had she even thought she wanted to give away total control of her life for five days? Was she a complete idiot?

Don’t answer that.

She had a PhD in psychology and was supposedly intelligent, but at the moment she acted like the nerd she was in high school. Could this get any worse?

Trace moved closer. “I’m so glad you came dressed for the occasion.” His cheeks dimpled, and she swore there was a glint in those pretty robin’s-egg-blue eyes of his, almost as if she were their prey. “Jack and I are going to fulfill your every fantasy.” He moved another two inches and her insides nearly exploded.

They’d already filled her dreams every night for four years during school. They were the superstar football players, and she was the school’s valedictorian. The two just didn’t go together.

“I hope so.”



Get out while you can.

But did she? No. She stared at two hunks who were more sexy now than they were back then. Their shoulders were broader, and she bet their abs were more defined, too. From their swagger and stance, they appeared a lot more confident, which would make it harder to resist their charms.

Trace moved back and opened a bag she hadn’t seen before. He pulled out a soft-looking velvet rope. Her heart raced and her muscles froze. Yes, she’d signed up for bondage, but there was no way she’d let these two men see her naked. That just wasn’t going to happen.

“Would it be okay, boys, if we did this another time?” Shit, her voice wobbled as if she was some kind of wuss. Maybe she could ask Sharon to exchange these two for another set.

“Sugar, we promise you’re going to love this. Every woman who comes here is a little shy at first.” He nodded toward his partner in crime. “Jack, why don’t you pour a glass of that red for us. It’ll help this sweet little lady here relax a bit.”

He had to be kidding. To them Laurel Diana Bowman was a dog and a loser, not some sweet little lady. What a bunch of liars.

Jack handed her a glass. “Here ya go, darlin’.”

And where did that “darlin’” stuff come from? They might have grown up in the West, but the cowboy vernacular had never been part of their vocabulary.

She should have walked out, but given she was wrapped in two towels, one for her body and one for her wet hair, she had no place to go. In two gulps, she finished off the sweet liquid. Trickles of warmth spread from her belly straight to her pussy, the last place she needed heat to pool.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, gentlemen, I need to change.” Good. She sounded more confident.

“Oh, no you don’t, sugar,” Trace said. “You’re paying good money to have us take control. You know you want our hands on your hot, sexy body.” His brow cocked, daring her to deny his allegation.

He was right, but she certainly wasn’t going to tell them that. Too bad she’d imagined them running their hands over her heated skin for years, just not under these circumstances. They’d humiliated her back in school by ignoring her. If she let it slip who she really was, they’d laugh first then be appalled.

Before she could stop them, Trace lifted her hands away from her body, and the towel slipped to the ground. Their eyes widened. She wanted to scream, to rip her hands from his grasp so she could cover her breasts and her oh-so-bare pussy, but no muscles moved. Incapable of thought, she let the two men ogle her. She glanced to their crotches. They both had huge hard-ons.

Oh, shit. Now what?




Trace rolled her over and pulled Diana up to her elbows and knees. “You weren’t supposed to come. If you came ten times, we’ll have to punish you ten times longer than we planned. Jack, get out the whip.”

“I don’t think so, guys.”

“This is only for a last resort, darlin’. Trace?”

The first slap stung. No womanly hits for them. Jack got in the fray, too. They alternated for what seemed like a full minute. The heat turned from pain to passion, and soon her clit throbbed so much, she was sure she was dripping pussy juice on the bed.


They stopped. “Uncle?”

She rolled over. “Uncle. You know, where I say you have to stop. I have to fuck you right now or I’ll lose my mind. You could ask me for my money, my life, anything, and I’d agree to it.”

Jack chuckled. “Now that’s what I’m talking about. I’ll fuck your bottom until you scream. Trace can be the front man, then we’ll switch.”


“No?” they said in unison.

“I want to make love to both of you at the same time.”

Jack grinned. “Are you saying you want me to be in your puckered hole while you’re fucking Trace?”

The idea of it was so forbidden that her pussy got wet thinking about it. “Yes.”

“Well, I happen to have some lube with me.” He grinned. “I’ve been wanting to wedge into that tight little ring ever since we were in the tent.”

Her chest caved as her breath whooshed out. “Me too.”

“We’re going to take our time with you to make this the most amazing experience for all of us.”

Her dry mouth couldn’t even form the words. She merely nodded.

Jack planted his hands on her hips and squeezed. “You know you changed my life, darlin’.”

Her heart nearly stopped. She wanted to ask him how, but now was so not the time for discussion. His palms slid down her bottom, and he nudged her knees wider, forcing her to scoot lower. The scraping of metal on glass alerted her to a jar opening. Jack smeared cool, thick lube on her puckered anus, slowly working in a finger.

“Oh.” She wiggled her butt to help ease the penetration.

“Easy, there.” Jack withdrew his finger, then pressed it in again, clearly wanting to smooth the way for his large cock.

Trace cupped her face, and she refocused her attention on him. “You’ve got to relax and trust us. Jack’s going to get you ready from behind while I get your delicious pussy all hot and bothered.” He lifted her shoulders until she was kneeling in front of him, her lips inches from his.

He trailed kisses down her throat, and her body went limp from the joy of having him take such care. She jumped when Jack eased in a second finger between her cheeks and stroked her.

“That’s it. Feel the pressure and embrace it.”

His warm voice soothed her as his fingers stretched further her rings of flesh. Erotic pulses filled her body. She wanted Jack. She wanted Trace. All three together would be amazing.

“Please. Jack. No more waiting.”

“Intimacy is the cornerstone to loving. Be patient.” As his two fingers continued to massage her, he lifted her hair off her back and kissed her neck.

The caresses made her moan, and his gentle touch helped relax her muscles. “I like that.” Okay, she more than liked that, but the words were too hard to form.

Seemingly encouraged by her comment, Jack dragged a tongue under her ear, right over her sensitive spot, and she pressed her bottom downward to take in more of his exploring fingers.

Trace also continued his sensual assault. He slanted his lips over hers and devoured her mouth. After what seemed too short a time, he moved his lips down her throat and over to one breast. She sucked in a breath. The tips were extrasensitive after they’d put those clips on her. He sucked harder, causing sparks of need to course through her.

Joy spread to every cell in her body. She had to feel his skin on hers and wanted him to experience the erotic pleasure with her. She touched his hard cock. From his intake of breath, he too was close to climaxing.

“You need to be careful there, Diana. You don’t need me to explode before you’re ready.”

He called her by her name. She wasn’t just a darlin’ or a sugar to him. That meant more to her than anything. “I’m ready.” Boy, was she ever. Her pussy was mega-wet and pulsating with every suck of his lips.

Jack must have noticed her preoccupation with what Jack was doing. He ran his hand over her head, and then along the side of her face, cupping her chin. “I want this to be perfect. I want you to want me.”

The desperation in his voice tore at her. “I do want you. I love you both.”

Trace moved to the other breast and dipped a finger between her legs. The nerve endings fired in her whole body. “I don’t know how long I can last.”

“You sure you’re ready?”


Trace lay on the bed and pulled her on top of him, his rigid cock between them. He ran his hands down her back and squeezed her rear end. Kneading the flesh, he opened her wide.

“Ride me.”

He didn’t have to ask twice. Diana lifted up and grabbed his cock. She gave a few pumps just to see his breath catch and to connect with him on a different level.

“I told you before, you’re playing with fire there.”

“I know.” A laugh bubbled up at the love in his eyes.

She opened wide and slid down on him. Her eager channel was slick with her juices, but when he lifted his hips, his cock seemed to expand. He gently rubbed her hips, but from the pressure of his hands, he wanted her to stay put.

“Lean forward on your elbows so Jack can have you too.” With that, he pressed upward, tilting her into position.

At the same time she pressed her chest close to Trace’s and widened her legs. “I want you, Jack.”

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear those words.”


Fantasy Ranch


The van drove past a neat, barbed-wire fence for more than ten minutes before turning down a dirt road. Above the entrance swung a Triple-M Ranch banner. So this was it. She was finally here. The butterflies in her stomach flared.

Relax. Be yourself. The brochure promised her an experience of a lifetime, but was she up for such excitement? Probably not, but what was the worst that could happen? They wouldn’t force her to do anything she didn’t want to do. Rod had promised.

Off in the distance, cattle and horses huddled around patches of green grass mixed with sage. There appeared to be a small lake in the middle of the property, but it was probably a mirage unless there was an underground spring providing the water.

The road to the ranch house seemed to go on forever. She couldn’t imagine owning this much land. In town, an acre went for thousands of dollars. This spread might be in nowheresville, but even here, the land wouldn’t be cheap.

Despite the unpaved road, the limo didn’t bounce too much. At the end of the drive, trees shaded a large home that seemed big enough to house twenty people. She wondered if she’d be the only guest, or would Rod send others later?

The driver stopped and opened her door. “The call I just received was from the owner. Someone should be out to meet you in a moment. I’ll get the luggage from the trunk.”

As if on cue, a tall, broad-shouldered man appeared from the side of the house, slapping a hat against his thigh. Dust cascaded off the felt. He looked up and stopped. Then a smile spread across his too-handsome face. Whoa. Not only did he have perfectly straight, white teeth, she thought he would do justice as a cover model for one of her fashion magazines. Sporting a muscled chest, a strong chin, and wide-set eyes, he made her body zing.

He strode up to her. “Hi. I’m Deke. You must be Christina.” He dusted his right hand on his faded jeans and held it out.

“Hi.” His grip was firm, and she liked how the calluses rubbed against her palm. Nothing like the men she knew who had their nails buffed and polished once a week.

“Your trip go okay?”

“Yes.” Now that she’d met him.

“Let me help the driver with your luggage.”

She was about to warn him about the largest case being filled with books, but he unloaded her suitcases with ease, his biceps flexing with each lift. She expected him to comment on her excessive luggage, but he didn’t say a word. Her metrosexual friends would have given her no end of grief.

Deke nodded to the limo driver. “You can leave her cases by the door. I’ll bring them in later.”

The driver thanked Deke and took off. Now she was truly alone with several men on a ranch to learn about her desires and needs. Why had she let her mom talk her into this?




“Okay, hon, here’s what we’ll do. Remember how much you liked that vibrator yesterday?”


“Well, we have another toy to get your sweet behind ready.”

She sucked in her bottom lip and he nearly lost it. Please say yes.

“I don’t know.”

Brett stepped up behind her. “Can I try? If you don’t like it, I promise I’ll stop. I’ll only use the toy. It will take a few days to stretch you out anyway. Your tight little butt couldn’t handle me.”

She glanced at his crotch then back up at Deke. “You think it’s okay?”

“Yes.” His voice came out strangled. “While Brett satisfies you from behind, would you mind putting me out of my misery?” He patted his cock.

“You want me to sit on you while Brett uses the toy on me?”

That’s not what he meant. He would have been content with her finishing the blow job, but if she was willing to have him, then yes. He felt like he’d just won the lottery.

“Yes.” Deke pulled her to a standing position and rubbed his hands over her tits. He needed to touch her more than he needed to breathe. Brett moved behind her, reached around, unzipped her shorts, and pulled them down.

“You came without panties. I think I love you.”

She giggled. The adorable sound made his heart swell. With fingers that weren’t very steady, he unbuttoned the two buttons on her blouse, then untied the knot under her breasts. He pulled open the top and slid the flimsy material off her delicate shoulders. It dropped to the ground.

“I could look at you forever. No, I could look then taste you forever.” He sucked on each nipple.

Naked, he picked her up and placed her on the bed before lying down next to her. “Can you lie on your back?”

Brett moved in behind her. Deke spread her legs wide and dipped his finger in her opening. She twitched when he pressed on her ribbed wall.

“That feels good.”

With his other hand, he grabbed a condom from the side drawer and slipped it on. “I want to eat your pussy before you fuck me.”

She flinched, probably at his harsh word.

“I mean make love to you.”

A small smile lifted her lips. “Okay.”

He could smell her arousal, which ratcheted up his desire. He moved between her legs and licked her pussy up and down, flicking his tongue into her soft folds. She moaned, and her mewlings urged him on. He needed to feel her rippled, slick walls, so he dipped a finger into her. She clenched down on him and her back arched. “Don’t come. Hold on until I’m in you.”

Lust clouded his brain.

“I can’t. It’s too intense.” She almost cried out her response.

No way would he last long either. He had to have her now. He added another finger to stretch her out, and when her juices began to flow in earnest, he pulled out. “Easy, hon.” He looked down and saw the white film coating his knuckles. She was ready.

Brett had his eyes closed. Deke could tell he was waiting for him to drive her, to get her worked up and distract her before he had the pleasure of easing in the plug. This was the moment they’d been waiting for all week. Hell, they’d been ready for this for a lifetime. Yes, they’d shared before, but never with someone so special. Deke kissed her hard and dragged her on top of him so that she straddled him.

“I want you inside me so bad I’m about to explode,” she said. “Take it easy on me.”

She smiled, lifted up, and slid down on his cock so slow he thought he would come right there.

“God.” She rolled her eyes back then squeezed them shut.

He pulled her shoulders forward to give Brett access to her sweet ass.

She jerked a little when Brett rubbed the lubricant over her puckered hole.

“Stay loose, darlin’. That way the glass cock will go in easier, okay?”

She opened her eyes. “Yes.” Then she glanced down at him, and he smiled to reassure her.

“I want to stretch you with my finger.”

With patience, he slipped his finger into her bottom. He’d watched Brett before, and he didn’t recall his brother taking such care. She wiggled her butt, and Brett added a second finger.

“Ooh, that’s a lot.” Her respirations increased.

Brett kept moving the fingers in and out, and even scissored them back and forth.

“I think you’re ready for the plug.”

Christina stiffened the moment Brett started to put the plug into her ass. She looked a little frightened, almost like a newborn calf awakening to the new world, but she didn’t tell him to stop.

Brett rubbed her back. “Darlin’, you have to relax or I can’t work it in. I promise, you’ll love it. It’s going to fill you up so much, you’ll feel like you might burst from the excitement.”

Deke wanted to return her attention to what he was doing. If he could make love to her in the slow way he wanted, she might forget about Brett. Deke steadied her hips and bucked up into her instead of having her pump up and down. This would give Brett a chance to fill her with the plug.

Her eyes widened when he pressed it in farther. “Oh, it’s so big.”

He wasn’t certain which end she was talking about, but he didn’t care. She’d just lifted off his cock and slammed back down, causing him to lose all thought.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see Brett push the plug in all the way. His brother leaned back and came over to her side.

Christina began rocking back and forth. As her juices slicked Deke’s cock, her channel was so wet, he reached the end. The moment he was fully seated in her, he did his damnedest not to come.

“I’ve got to touch you,” Brett said. He rolled his palm over her nipples and she sucked in a breath. “You like that, don’t you?”


He didn’t need his little brother distracting her. “I’m dying here, hon.” He withdrew his cock halfway before diving in again. “I can’t last, Christina. Come for me, babe.”

“I’m so full with both cocks.” Her moans got louder and louder. “Oh, God,” she panted. “Yes!”

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