The Sea Island Wolves Collection, Vol 2 (MFMM)

Sea Island Wolves

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 105,414
0 Ratings (0.0)

Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Menage a Trois/Quatre Romance, Contemporary, Werewolves, Bondage, Spanking, Sex Toys MFM/MFMM, HEA]

Chasing Lacie

Everybody knows lycan mates are pampered and indulged, which is just why Lacie Chandler sometimes fantasizes about being matched to one of the large, rough men. None of her dreams, though, ever included being hunted, caught and bound to two determined males. That’s just the kind of seduction Chance and Davis have been plotting for years.

With the threat of a demon lurking in the shadows, Chance and Davis are free to shrug off tradition and give into their more primitive desires. They only have one day to convince Lacie to do things their way or their dreams could all turn to nightmares. The only problem is chasing Lacie down turns out to be a lot harder than either man planned.

Saving Shelly

Shelly Lynn knows her destiny belongs to the three lycans meant to be hers, but after years of waiting for them to come and claim her, her patience is at an end. She wants to have some fun and doesn’t even stop to consider the consequences when a handsome stranger sweeps her off her feet. Even if she did, Shelly could never guess at the danger that lies within the stranger’s illicit embrace.

There is a demon stalking lycan mates. A demon who has set his sights on Shelly. Arik, Rune, and Darby Tait have no intention of letting their mate end up hurt. Returning after spending the last ten years fighting an endless war, all three men are battle hardened and ready to do whatever is necessary to save Shelly.

That is if she lets them. Far from a damsel in distress, Shelly’s used to handling her own problems. What she’s not used to is handling three males at once.

Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Sea Island Wolves Collection, Vol 2 (MFMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Sea Island Wolves Collection, Vol 2 (MFMM)

Sea Island Wolves

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 105,414
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Chasing Lacie



“Oh, for God’s sakes, woman,” Chance groaned, his grumpy expression easing the sudden pain in Lacie’s chest as he rose into view. With one hand, he clutched at the side of the truck, while the other one cradled his head. “My skull is already pounding. I don’t need another damn demonstration of how shrill your voice can be to make it hurt worse.”

“You’re all right?”

“Of course I am. No thanks to you,” Chance snapped. “What the hell you trying to do? Kill me?”

“No.” Her indignation flared at his accusation, but quickly flamed out as she found herself issuing the lamest of excuses. “It was an accident.”

“Oh?” Chance straightened up, shooting her a hard glare. “You just nearly gave me an accidental heart attack by faking an injury? And driving right into my truck, that’s just a ‘whoops’? Ah, God. My truck!”

Chance’s tirade gave way to a plaintive whine as he cleared the back of the bumper of the borrowed truck to confront the damage Lacie had done to his vehicle. She stared down at the disaster and couldn’t find it in her to feel a bit sorry. Ultimately, this was all his fault. He and Davis had started it.

Not that she expected Chance to buy that argument. Eyeing him and the scowl starting to darken his features, she figured she had only minutes left before he started looking for revenge. There wasn’t a damn thing she could do to stop him from taking it.

Glancing down his long, hard length, Lacie couldn’t find an ounce of fat on the man. Muscles thickened his thighs and made his arms bulge with the kind of strength that sent shivers racing through her stomach.

Solid and thick all over, her gaze traced over the hard planes of his chest and down the ridges of his abdomen to trace the fuzzy line of dark hair down from his navel to where his long, thick cock jutted out hard and proud. Too big not to be a little threatening, Lacie couldn’t help but wonder if he wasn’t just a little too much for her.

“Look what you did to my baby.”

Lacie obeyed, dragging her dry eyes back to the red pickup she’d managed to smash up pretty good. “And here I thought I was your baby.”

“Very funny.” Shooting her a hard look, Chance issued the threat she’d been anticipating. “You’re going to pay for this, Lacie.”

“What do you want? A check?”

Lacie knew better than to taunt him, but didn’t figure it made much of a difference now. Nothing she said would change Chance’s intentions. Besides, it felt good to be the one antagonizing him with a smile this time around. Now Chance got to enjoy being flustered and pissed.

“You better watch yourself now, baby,” Chance warned her. “In case you haven’t noticed, the odds are still on my side.”

He might be right, but Chance’s arrogance provoked Lacie’s instinctive need to resist. Maybe there was hope. Somebody had driven Chance’s truck over here. Perhaps they’d left the keys in the ignition. It would probably be too much to hope to pull off the same trick twice, but Lacie dared to dream as she slowly started backing up.

“Now, Mr. Dillon.” Lacie treated him to her most professional smile and best condescending tone as she eased herself around the corner of his truck. “I don’t think there is any need to start threatening each other.”

“I’m not threatening, Miss Chandler.” Chance prowled steadily forward. “I’m promising.”

“And so am I.”

Lacie eased herself past the tire well, feeling more confident the closer she drew to the door handle. If nothing else, she could get into the cab and lock them out. Then he’d have to smash his baby’s window if he wanted to get to her.

“You’ve already paid a high price for your arrogance, Mr. Dillon. Don’t you think it’s time to admit defeat?”

“Oh, Miss Chandler.” Chance smiled. “You’re still not understanding. You can’t win. You can’t escape. You belong to—”


Lacie started with a shriek, whirling around to find Davis blocking her path.

“Hey, honey, having fun yet?”




“It’s my pussy,” Lacie had the audacity to insist.

She looked determined but had conspicuously stopped trying to free her wrists from Chance’s hold. Neither did she bother to try getting away or even close her thighs. Davis’s gaze dipped back to the tempting pink folds, and he had to take himself back in hand.

“And it’s not available for the tasting.”

That was the wrong thing to say to him right then. He’d waited his turn, and she wouldn’t be denying him, leaving him like this. Lifting his eyes back to pin her clear green ones under a hard look, he made sure she knew he wasn’t joking.

“That cunt belongs to us, honey. You belong to us. We swear to protect you and provide for you. In exchange, you submit to our authority.”

“I submit to no man,” Lacie declared with all the haughtiness of a woman who was actually wearing clothes and didn’t have her legs spread wide for the fucking. Davis smiled, appreciating her spirit. Only she’d forgotten one thing.

“I’m not a man, honey.”

Davis leapt over the edge of the truck with ease, landing a foot on either side of her ribs and effectively caging her in. The motion had knocked Chance back and his hold on her wrist free. Davis caught her hands before she could figure out what to do with them and dropped to his knees. In less than five seconds he had her pinned beneath him, breathing his reminder right across her startled lips.

“I’m a lycan. Maybe it’s time we showed you the difference.”

Lacie didn’t whimper or drop her eyes in submission but stretched up to brush her lips across his. Before she could nip him like she had Chance, Davis took control of the kiss, smashing his lips into hers and forcing her mouth wide open for the penetrating pillage of his tongue. She tasted like peaches and honey.

Drowning in her intoxicating taste, he forgot all about the world around him and lost himself to the pleasure of plundering her velvety depths. His hands slid free of her wrists, shifting to hold her cheeks captive and releasing hers to twine around his neck. With a growl, she pulled him down into the kiss as her tongue fought back, trying to take command of his mouth.

That small bit of defiance jolted Davis back to the issue of who demanded and who obeyed. Lifting up, he broke free of the kiss along with her hold. Davis caught her hands as they slipped down his shoulders. Not bothering to threaten her again, he snatched up the rope he’d dropped and began binding her wrists.

Lacie didn’t bother to pretend to struggle. Not offering any resistance, she let him tie her up, watching as he stretched forward to tie the other end to the storage box handle. Bolted to the bed there would be no way she could move it.

Confident in his victory, Davis glanced down to offer her a smug smile, but the gesture never made it to his lips. As their gazes locked, he realized he might have gotten caught in a trap. Lacie’s eyes twinkled with the kind of mischief that had his balls sweating and his cock straining toward the lips a mere breath away from his weeping head.

Davis swallowed hard, going completely still as she shifted ever so slightly forward and parted the lush, full arches of her mouth over the blind eye of his cock. Soft and gentle, her tongue licked right down the length of his cock, causing Davis’s breath to catch as his dick bobbed in approval, silently searching for another caress.

She gave it to him, all the way down to his balls, and there wasn’t anything inexperienced about how hard she sucked them. Davis cursed and jerked, knowing just what her game was and not in any doubt that she could win if left unattended. Trying to finish the knot he’d been working on, he found his normally adept fingers gone clumsy as her teeth crested around the head of his cock and started nibbling.

The small stings lasted long enough to send bolts of molten need shuddering down his cock. She soothed the sting from his tender head with a lick that had Davis choking on another lost breath. Before he could recapture it, Lacie sucked his full length in, taking him so deep he almost fell over as he rocked under the violent lash of pleasure.

She swallowed nearly his whole damn length, taking him all the way to back of her throat before she started pump him straight up the high rise of ecstasy’s mountain. Davis panted, sweating from the strain of enduring the sweet torture of her mouth while he raced to get her hands tied to bed before she made him come. It was a near thing with him tightening off a knot even as he felt the first scorching wave of his seed shooting out of his balls. Grunting under the intense pleasure when she swallowed that warning blast, Davis barely got his own fingers around his cock in time to stop the main load from firing.

It hurt a little to squeeze, but he managed to hold himself in check even if he didn’t do it with much dignity. Bent over her and braced on one arm, he panted as she worked feverishly to undo him. He couldn’t let that happen, and yet he couldn’t stop his own torment, already addicted to the rapture her mouth delivered with each delicious suck.

The possibility that he could lose the battle kept him so entranced it took him a second to process when she released him with a sudden gasp. Her eyes rounded, her back arched and banged her breast into the undersides of his thighs, and then she dissolved into a frantic mewing as her breath panted out with the rhythmic motions of her body sliding back and forth on the bed.

Davis’s head snapped around, and he snarled to see Chance dick-deep inside their little woman. He’d been staring at where he’d joined their bodies, obviously enjoying the sight of her little cunt eating up his dick as he slid her along his length. It took Davis’s friend a moment, but he paused as his gaze glanced up and he caught Davis’s smoldering glare.

“What?” Chance asked, all innocent.

“Don’t you what me,” Davis barked. “I’m the one who should be what-ing here, as in what the hell do you think you are doing?”

“This?” Chance started fucking their woman with that smooth, easy glide that had Lacie back to moaning as she twisted beneath Davis. “I’m taking care of my business. Besides, you seemed busy.”

“I had plans for that pussy,” Davis growled.

“Well…that’ll just have to wait until I’m done.”


Saving Shelly


“Do you always argue like that? Always picking and bitching at each other non-stop?”

Rune glanced at Darby who glanced at Arik who simply shrugged.

“Yeah,” Arik finally answered her. “But I don’t know if I’d call that arguing.”

“Arguing requires fists,” Rune assured Shelly, who stared back at him like he’d just said the sky was pink.

“That’s called fighting,” she finally corrected him after a long moment.

“Nah,” Darby shook his head. “Fighting causes pain.”

“And don’t fists cause pain to whoever you use them on?” Shelly asked with a heavy hint of annoyance.

“Not the way he uses his.” Darby nodded toward Rune before pinning Arik with a pointed look. “But sometimes you get a little carried away, cuz.”

“I can’t help it if you’re a candy ass,” Arik shot back.

“No. No! And no.” Shelly turned to wag a finger at each and every one of them as she puckered up with the stiff indignation of a school teacher. “There will be no insulting each other. No antagonizing each other. No threatening and definitely no fists.”

“Or what? You going to chunk more paint balls at us?” Rune lifted a brow when his question earned him a dirty look.

“Don’t risk the wrinkles scowling at him,” Darby advised her. “He can’t be changed and he most certainly deserved to be covered in paint. Those balloons were ingenious, by the way. I can’t wait to see what you do next.”

That drew Shelly’s gaze in his brother’s direction. “Are you sure about that?”

“Oh, hell, yeah, but just remember I’m the good one. These are the two you want to aim for.” Darby pointed toward Arik and him as he leaned in close to whisper loudly in Shelly’s ear. “They’re not really domesticated.”

“Now that’s a lie,” Rune instantly objected, ready to smack his brother for trying to ruin his image. “Trust me, honey, I’m so tame I’d let you put a collar on me.”

“Please,” Arik groaned and rolled his eyes. “Women don’t really fall for that cheesy ass come-on, do they?”

“Do they? Are you saying he’s used that line before? On other women?”

“Try all the women,” Arik answered, causing Shelly’s mouth to pucker with the sour look she turned on Rune.

“What?” He held his hands out in confusion. “What works is worth repeating. That is the sign of an intelligent mind.”

“Or an over-indulged one,” Shelly muttered in disgust.

“Well, look who is talking. At least my exes never set fire to a restaurant.”

“Oh, dude, no.” Darby winced.

“What? Ow!” Rune hunched over, his hand dropping to rub the sting out of his leg where Shelly had just kicked him. “That hurt.”

“Then I guess this qualifies as a fight.”

“Now look who is getting all big and puffed up, a little girl who seems to have forgotten she shares her bed with three big bad wolves. You better watch it, little Red, or you might get eaten.”

Rune straightened back up to tower over their mate with a look that would have intimidated most men. Not Shelly. She lifted her chin and stepped right up to Rune and tapped him in the chest.

“Well, maybe you better remember it is my bed and there might only be room for two.”

“Now wait a minute,” Rune interrupted, already seeing the pitfalls of letting Shelly get away with thinking she had that kind of control. “It’s our bed and you’ll be happy to share it with all of us. There’s not going to be any playing favorites or trying to manipulate us with sexual favors.”

“Actually it’s my bed,” Arik interjected in true alpha form. “My bed, my woman. You get yours when I’m willing to share.”

“Excuse me?” Shelly’s jaw dropped so low Rune thought it might hit the ground. “I’m my own woman and I’ll decide what I share with whom.”

Indignation laced Shelly’s words but she couldn’t disguise the faint hint of feminine desire thickening beneath the heavy odor of smoke filling the air. Rune had a feeling it was the idea of being shared that had her pussy dripping. Or maybe it was Arik’s bossiness. Rune had noticed earlier Shelly got hot whenever they got demanding.

“If you can manage to say ‘no’ you have the right to deny us anything,” Rune assured Shelly for giving into the happiness bubbling up within in him and grinning. “That is if you can remember to say ‘no’ between the thanking God and begging for more—ow!”




“You know, we’re just two men sitting naked in a hot tub.” Rune glanced from the glass in his hand to the one in Arik’s. “Drinking champagne.”

Arik scowled as he set his glass down and stood up. “I think I’m going to join Shelly in the shower.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Rune followed Arik to his feet but Arik refused to let him pass.

“I think not.”


“You want to arm wrestle for it?” Arik asked, offering up their traditional method of solving disputes. It was also tradition that he won.

“Fine.” Rune gave in with ill grace. “Go on and enjoy the shower. I’ll just sit here and get drunk.”

Arik rolled his eyes but remained silent as he headed off after Shelly. His cousin could pout all night long if he wanted. Hell, somebody had to sleep on the couch and Arik would rather share Shelly’s bed with Darby. The bastard didn’t snore half as loud as Rune. Of course that wouldn’t bother Shelly. She kind of snored a little, too.

Arik wondered how indignant she’d get if he shared that fact with her. He’d save it for later when Darby was around. Something told Arik it would be a lot of fun to ping-pong Shelly between his antagonizing and his cousin’s soothing attitudes. They might even be able to drive her nuts. Arik couldn’t wait until she went wild…this time without the paint balloons. That reminded him that he owed their little mate some payback.

Pausing in the entrance to the shower, Arik watched Shelly turn beneath the fast rush of hot water pouring down from the ceiling. She’d found the waterfall feature and looked even better under it than he’d dared to dream. All wet and slicked down with an endless, glistening stream of water rolling off her plush curves, Shelly looked like a Grecian goddess just waiting to be bent over. The wolf inside him growled its approval at his thoughts but they had a small matter of her punishment to see to first.

With her eyes closed and her face facing into the spray, Shelly must have been dreaming of him because she didn’t even start when Arik stepped up behind her. He settled his hands on her shoulders to hold her still as he snuggled the throbbing length of his erection into the plush softness of her ass, drawing a whimper from Shelly as she shifted away from his hardness.

“I thought we had that conversation earlier. I’m still sore,” Shelly complained with enough bite in her tone to assure Arik she hadn’t forgiven him. Not that he minded. Her resistance was just the right spice to help intensify the moment.

“Ah, don’t worry, babe. That’s not what I had in mind,” Arik assured her as he ran his hands down her arms to capture her wrists. She barely had time to utter his name before he managed to lift her arms up into the cuffs built into the rock wall.

“What the—damnit, Arik!” Panic mended with arousal, thickening her tone into a husky caress that held little bite as she demanded her freedom. “Release me!”

“Soon enough, baby, don’t worry about it. I’m going to take good care of you,” Arik promised her, tracing the delicate line of her spine all the way down to the lush flare of her ass. “But first we got some business to settle.”

“Business? Whaaaaaaaa!”

Shelly’s demands twisted into a shriek as his palm cracked down over the rounded curve of her rear. Arik watched a beautiful pink flush in the shape of his hand spread out over her pearly skin and couldn’t help but deliver a second smack to her other globe, branding her with a pair of prints as she panted and strained before him.

“Damnit, Arik! I’m not a child. You don’t have a right to spank me!”

“I’m your mate. That gives me every right,” Arik retorted just because he knew it would piss her off even more. Sure enough it had Shelly snarling.

“I am so going to get even for this.”

Shelly could bitch and bicker all she wanted, Arik could smell the need dripping from her cunt. It thickened in the air along with the steam in the glass enclosure, assuring Arik she enjoyed the moment as much as him. She was as turned on as him. If she wasn’t then he would have pulled back, but the delicious scent of her pussy unleashed his restraint and he gave into the urge to see her whole ass glowing.

Only once her skin blushed with a beautiful red hue and she panted with her need did he slow up and admire his work. Going to his knees, he soothed away the sting of his slaps with the gentle brush of his lips. Slowly the little whimpers falling from her lips deepened into soft moans as Shelly arched backward in a sensual stretch that invited his attention lower.

Arik nibbled his way down the back curve of her ass, teasing himself with quick, hungry swipes of the cream coating the inside of her soft thigh. He could have dined on her for hours but that wouldn’t be the punishment Shelly deserved. Instead he denied them both and rose back up to his feet to reach for the soap. With slow, deliberate movements he sudded up his hands before setting about meticulously cleaning every inch of Shelly’s body while avoiding touching her with any intimacy.

That didn’t stop her from growing hotter and more desperate. With each stroke of his hands Shelly mewed a little louder, shifting beneath his touch as Arik learned just where she was most sensitive. He recorded every discovery for later use. Right then, he only had one objective.

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