The Guilty Pleasures Collection, Volume 1 (MF)

Guilty Pleasures

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,407
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Romance, Consensual BDSM, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Bondage, Sex Toys, MF]

In Debt to the Dom

At twenty-eight, Maddie James has risen through the ranks of investment bank Goldstein Rivers to achieve great success. All of that changes when she receives a demand for half a million dollars for the safe return of her sister. Torn between her allegiance to her job and the demands of the kidnappers, she secretly wires the money, hoping to replace it with the sale of her house.

When thirty-six-year-old wealthy businessman Keaton Rivers discovers the money is missing from his company, he suspects Maddie. Will he throw her to the wolves or find another way for her to repay the debt?

As a Dom, Keaton knows Maddie would make the perfect submissive. From the very first moment he laid eyes on her, he’d wanted her. Only this time it will be on his terms...

To save her career, will Maddie make a deal with the Dom?

Bought for the Billionaire's Bed

Thirty-five-year-old self-made billionaire Trent Mavers needs more excitement in his life. The social scene in New York has left him thoroughly disillusioned. When he meets twenty-five-year-old Swedish beauty Mia Johansson at a charity auction, he believes he’s found the perfect woman. Sexy, alluring and highly intelligent, she is dressed to kill and is everything he desires.

However, Mia is not all she seems. She is hiding her true identity. After a night of unbridled passion in the billionaire’s bed, she soon finds herself in serious trouble when her deception is uncovered. The only person who can save her now is Trent Mavers, the very man she has deceived.

Is he acting out of kindness by spending thousands of dollars to help her, or has the billionaire really just bought her for his bed?

The Guilty Pleasures Collection, Volume 1 (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Guilty Pleasures Collection, Volume 1 (MF)

Guilty Pleasures

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,407
0 Ratings (0.0)
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In Debt to the Dom


“What are you going to do?”

“What would you do?”

She hung her head in shame. “Call the cops.”

He picked up the phone. “Good idea. Now we’re thinking in tandem.” His anger, now exasperated by her lack of an explanation, spurred him into action, and he began dialing.

“Please don’t.”


“Please don’t, Keaton. I’ll do anything.”

Her pleading made him disconnect the call. Her submissive tone brought something in him to the surface. Something he had kept locked and hidden away for years.

He stared at her. “Anything? Do you have any idea what anything means?”

“Yes.” Her hands clasped tightly together. “I have a buyer for the house. In just over a month, the sale will go through. I can pay you back then.”

“So, in the meantime, you’ll do anything to keep me from turning you in?”


“Do you know what that makes you, Maddie?”


He stood and walked around his desk. At six foot three, he towered over her small petite figure. She couldn’t be more than five-four. Standing in front of her, he looked down into her trembling features. With a finger under her chin, he angled her face.

“Look at me.”

Her gaze rose to his, and he saw the frightened girl in her eyes. Physical desire spun its way into his body as her pale green irises connected with his. He wanted to dominate and make her compliant to his will. He wanted to seek some sort of satisfaction for her abuse of his trust. He wanted to bury his hands in her hair and love her the way he’d wanted to since the first time he’d seen her.

“I thought you had principles?” He mocked.

“They won’t do me any good now.”

“No, they won’t.”

“I can make up for last week when I was so despicable. I can be whatever you want, whatever you desire.”

“Is that so? Careful, Maddie, because my desires might not be the same as yours.”

“Oh, I think we’re on the same level when it comes to sex.”

He shook his head, and laughed out loud. “You have no idea, do you? Vanilla sex is okay for the right occasion, but I prefer something a little more exciting.”

Digesting what he’d just said, she stared directly at him. A faint blush tinged her pale cheeks. “You wanted me once. You can still have me.” She paused briefly. “However you desire.”

“You put a high price on…” he let his eyes sweep over her before continuing, “your services. Do you really think you’re worth half a million dollars?”

He saw her wince. She was fighting for her survival, and he knew it, yet he couldn’t—wouldn’t—back down. He wanted his pound of flesh. Maddie had broken his trust.

“Until my house sale goes through, I haven’t anything else to offer.”

He stared at her. At that moment, he felt it was possible to crave and despise in equal measure. She aroused a primitive need in him. He thought of the money she’d stolen, and his heart hardened. Either way, she would pay back everything she owed him.

“Depending on how you view things, you may have just made a deal with the devil, Maddie.”




“Now, when I ask a question, answer me directly and truthfully. Otherwise, I may have to discipline you. Do we understand each other?”

“Yes, Keaton.”

“So did you enjoy last night?”

“Yes,” she answered honestly. This feeling of losing control only heightened her arousal more. In all her life, she had thought tender, loving words were the only way she could achieve sexual satisfaction. It appeared she was wrong.

“Good girl.” He clasped her chin and kissed her lips. “Now we’re finally getting somewhere. Hold your hands out in front of you.”

Maddie held her arms out, and immediately they were bound with something soft, like cord or silk. Completely at his mercy, she let out a moan of opposition.

“When you’ve answered all my questions, I’ll let you go. So how do you feel now?”

“Scared, frightened.”

“Anything else?”

She swallowed hard. He must know. Surely he could see her increased breathing. If he looked into her eyes, he would know. Was that why he’d put a blindfold on her? Or maybe he didn’t want her to see his own sexual arousal?

Her nipple was squeezed even tighter. This time he didn’t let go, and she moaned in pain. “That hurts.”

“I asked if you felt anything else.”

“Arousal,” she answered quickly. “Intense arousal.” He let her nipple free, and then sucked it hard, soothing the inflamed flesh with his tongue. She couldn’t help but moan her appreciation.

“I want the truth, Maddie. Just the truth.” He pulled her toward him before roughly pushing her onto the bed. The feeling of being controlled heightened when her hands were secured above her head, onto what she assumed was the brass headboard. She pulled at the restraints.

“There’s no need to tie me up, Keaton. You’re in charge. I won’t try to escape.”

He roughly grabbed her ankles before pulling her legs apart and tying them to the bedstead.

“It will focus your mind. Besides, I told you my tastes in sex are, shall we say, unconventional. I noticed you didn’t object when I was about to call the cops.”

“No, I didn’t object, did I?” she whispered, wondering what was about to happen to her. At the moment, she longed for him to touch her everywhere. The fact that she couldn’t touch him would only heighten whatever he did.

Kneeling between her legs, she felt him lean over her. His hands cupped her face, and he kissed her lips sensuously. An object fell against her breasts, and she knew it was the key that hung around his neck.

“You do have a great body,” he murmured, as his hands trailed a path across her collarbone and down to her breasts. He squeezed both her nipples then kissed her breasts one by one, lashing his tongue over the now prominent peaks. For the life of her, she couldn’t stop her body arching toward him.

Her lips parted as his hands moved lower across her stomach, smoothing a path down, down.

Oh, God. She swallowed as his fingers slipped past her now dripping pussy, just skimming her clit, then smoothing over her thighs. She knew he would be watching every movement, every nuance of her body, as she responded helplessly to his touch.

“Now, I’ve a few questions to ask. If you lie, you get one spank. If you come, you’ll get five spanks. Bearing in mind you’ve already acquired ten spanks for being ten minutes late. You don’t really want to add anymore.”

“I didn’t know the rules, Keaton. I don’t want a spanking.” Anyway, how could she come when she was tied to the bed?

She heard the amusement in his voice. “Very well, we’ll forgo the late arrival this time, as I didn’t warn you in advance, but as we’re assuming the roles, you can start by calling me Master.”

“Yes.” She choked out the word as his hands began travelling back up her thighs.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes—” His fingers grazed across her clit, and he squeezed it momentarily until she gasped, “Master.”

Her stomach rose and fell as she panted breathlessly. Trapped where she lay, she tugged against the restraints. She was powerless to resist. It excited and frightened her at the same time.

He dipped his fingers inside her, and she squirmed from the delicious intensity of it. “It’s good to know you’re sexually aroused by this. Now why did you turn up ten minutes late?”

“To prove a point.”

“To prove a point, what?” He clasped her clit hard, squeezing it until she gasped.

“To prove a point, Master.”

“Which is?” he soothed the swollen nub, caressing it tenderly with his tongue.

The combination of alternating pleasure and pain made it hard for her to think straight. “I wanted to show that I didn’t need you.” A moan tore from her lips as he pressed his teeth against her sensitized clit, and she added quickly, “Master.”

“But you really wanted to be here with me?” She could almost sense his smile against her pussy.

“Yes, Master.”


Now here was a question. The answer of which eluded her. Whatever she said would feed his ego. As she sought an answer, her clit was squeezed exactly at the same time as her nipple. “Master, I don’t know why. I’ve never known such pleasure before.”

He began to soothe her clit with his tongue, lashing it closer and closer to ecstasy. Then she remembered she shouldn’t come. She didn’t want a spanking, too. “Master, I’m not allowed to come. Please stop.”

She pulled at the restraints securing her to the headboard to try and edge away from his all-powerful tongue, but it was no use. He lapped her whole slit and sucked on her clitoris, drawing it against his teeth. When he inserted two fingers into her wet pussy, she arched up from the bed.

“No, Master. Please, stop. I’m begging you. I won’t be able to…”


Bought for the Billionaire's Bed


When Mia awoke it was still dark, apart from just a little moonlight streaming through the window. It took her a while to realize where she was. The heavy breathing of the naked man lying next to her soon focused her mind.


He lay facedown, a sheet half-draped across his legs. Her gaze traced the delicious contours of his back and thighs, every muscle clearly defined in the moonlight. He was perfect in every way, right down to his gorgeous ass. She breathed in. My God, he’d pleasured her to such an extent that she couldn’t believe her good fortune. When they’d made love for a second time he’d used every trick in the book to make her plead for release, holding her in place while he caressed every part of her body with his tongue.

Mia lay back on her pillows and stared at the ceiling. She was not the person he imagined her to be. Somehow, with the expensive designer dress and her knowledge of art, he’d assumed she was a woman with wealth and breeding. She guessed Trent thought she was financially solvent and well connected. Who wouldn’t think that, considering she was wearing a Galliano dress? Trent might be worth millions, but she wasn’t even worth the haute couture dress she’d borrowed, or was that stolen?

Now she had the dilemma of a lifetime. To tell the truth or not?

Last night had been wonderful in every respect. A fantasy come true. Why ruin a perfect dream with details of reality?

They’d made arrangements for dinner in two days’ time. It was then that she planned to tell him the truth. She knew she couldn’t continue masquerading as something she wasn’t.

Surely when Trent knew the whole story, he wouldn’t want to see her again. So what would be the point?

The fear of rejection made her slip quietly from his bed. Holding her breath, she silently retrieved her clothes and tiptoed from the room. Just before she closed the door she glanced back at the beautiful man lying sound asleep on the bed. His dark hair fell disheveled around his masculine features. The hint of stubble covered his strong jaw. His lips slightly parted in restful sleep. In another life things might have been so very different. Unfortunately, this dependence on wealth and status in society made her skeptical of his intentions. She just couldn’t take the chance. Something as beautiful as last night didn’t deserve to be ruined. It would remain untainted, a memory to cherish and last her a lifetime.

Once in his living area she began dressing. When she stepped into the dress she cursed her stupidity as she heard the loud tear. Just why had she put her high heels on first? Mortified, she looked down at the ripped garment. A large six-inch slit had been torn in the back. Now she would be in trouble. She looked toward the closed bedroom door. Had Trent woken at the sound of tearing material?

With not a moment to waste, she quickly continued, and then gathered her possessions together. She went over to the drinks cabinet and looked at the telephone number she’d written on the notepad the night before. She tore the page from the book, and then scribbled Trent a quick message. With one last look around the wonderful apartment, she made her way to his private elevator and pressed the ground floor button.

During the descent she stared at her pale face in the elevator mirror. She felt terrible. Had she done the right thing? When he woke up, would he be furious? Instinctively she covered her reflection with her hands and lowered her head. She did not wear guilt well.

In Swedish she chanted out a mantra. “It’s better this way. It’s better this way.” Only she didn’t feel better. She just felt empty.




When Trent said he’d tie her to the bed, she hadn’t thought he really would. Straddling her torso, he held her hands above her head and secured her to the bedstead with his silk tie. She had to admit it turned her on and didn’t fill her with the trepidation she thought it might.

He did it so casually, a smile on his face as he wrapped the tie around her wrists. When he was completely satisfied, he leaned down and kissed her lips. “That’s better.”

“Trent, it’s not fair. I can’t touch you now.”

“That’s the idea.” He pointed to his shoulder and the deep scratches she’d unknowingly made. She had been so aroused, she hadn’t realized her sharp fingernails had drawn blood.

“I’m sorry. I guess I became absorbed in what you were doing to me.”

“Mmm, I guess you did. This is much better. Now I can do what I want to your body.” He trailed kisses over her stomach and then licked and sucked her nipples. Mia couldn’t help arching off the bed. The feeling of being out of control only heightened when she tugged helplessly at the silken restraint.

Maybe she couldn’t touch him, but she could see him. Through hooded eyes, she feasted on his half-naked body. The muscles of his well-developed chest were lean and defined. They flexed as he moved lower, tasting and teasing her with his tongue.

A gasp left her lips when he reached her panties and began pulling them from her trembling body. She could see her own breasts and aroused nipples rising and falling rapidly in anticipation. Her stomach quivered with excitement as his fingers grazed her soft flesh. Finally her panties were cast aside, and she reveled in his gaze as it devoured her body.

“Mia, you are perfect in every way. Your pussy is so beautiful.”

He moved from the bed and began shedding the rest of his clothes. Aroused beyond belief, tiny whimpers escaped her lips, and her breasts heaved in excitement.

“Trent, please.”

“Hush, little Mia. We have all night, and I want to kiss every part of your body first.”

The idea made her writhe on the bed, her hips moving of their own accord.


“I’m going to touch every part of your body, very slowly. You’ll like that, my fingers dipping into your wet pussy over and over until you purr like a kitten.” Her whole body arched up. His words seared like a hot poker into her psyche, making her even more aroused.

“Oh, Trent.”

When he was finally naked, her gaze traced his whole physique. He was beautiful in every way. He looked just like a Roman god. His male form appeared flawless as though sculpted from marble. Every muscle perfectly defined, honed, and ready for action.

He smiled as her gaze drifted to his cock standing proud and erect against his taut, lean stomach. He was huge. “I promise this is for you, but later, much later.”

Anticipation flooded her mind as he returned to the bed. He cupped her ankle in his hands and began trailing kisses up her leg. She pulled against the restraint as he reached her inner thigh. Delirious on sexual arousal, she whimpered, “Trent, no.”

He didn’t take no for an answer, and immediately he eased her pussy lips apart with his thumbs. Her heart rate increased as he stared at her most intimate feminine flesh.

“I need to taste you, Mia. I want to savor your arousal.”

Her lungs heaved as she gasped for breath. Her whole body arched and went rigid as his tongue lashed her aching clitoris. It was so forbidden and intense that she screamed out loud.

“Oh, my, God.”

He sucked and teased at her sensitive flesh, licking and tasting like a man possessed. Tight moans began to fall from her lips as he brought her to the very edge of orgasm. He must have guessed she was close because he slowed down, his tongue lapping and caressing her pussy wickedly. When he pressed two fingers inside her vagina, she climaxed, moaning incoherently as she fought against her bound wrists. The intensity of her orgasm was so deliciously powerful that it verged on pain.

Mia found it hard to catch her breath as Trent began trailing kisses over her stomach. With a hand on either side of her body, he held his weight off her. Slowly, he moved to her nipples and circled them with his tongue. They glistened, catching the light with her increased breathing. Eventually, he leaned over her and kissed her lips.

“Mmm, you’re so beautiful, Mia.”

With her senses overdosed on pleasure, she could only answer in a whisper, “Hmm, Trent?”

“You okay?”



He caressed her face with his hands and gently brushed her lips with a finger. When he pressed his thumb into her mouth, she hungrily sucked on it. This feeling of letting go had never happened to her before. His amber gaze mesmerized her. She was his for the taking. He stared at her as he tore a foil packet with his teeth. When he rolled a condom down his potent shaft, she licked her lips expectantly.

A moan reverberated deep in her throat as she felt his hard cock press against her moist pussy. She wanted him so badly it hurt. Her head tipped back, as she drank in his male scent. “Please, Trent.”

“With pleasure, little Mia.”

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