[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Cowboys/Western, MFM, HEA]

ICU nurse Jessica Landry won the hearts of the people of Lusty for her tender care of one of their own. Kate Benedict takes the nurse under her wing, and when she sees the signs of burnout, she convinces Jessica to come to Lusty for a vacation. When her employer grants her an open ended sabbatical, Jessica packs her bags and travels the hour from her apartment to there.

She begins to wonder if she’s in Lusty for more than a rest when Grandma Kate introduces her to Eric and Blake Benedict. She’s never been socially active, but something about those two architects seems to wake up all that is woman within her.

She never imagined that she’d be romanced by two men. But then, she never imagined that some unknown someone would threaten her life, either.

Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author.

Love Under Two Architects (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I just reread most of the series prior to reading this book. I liked the main characters but I have noticed a pattern in recent books including this one. Probably half the book is the characters (both primary and peripheral) talking about their feelings. The books have become very introspective and there is lots of self analysis, much more so than earlier books. They are almost condescending in how the residents of Lusty are so wise and people outside are not. All this has come at the expense of any plot or story. The plot is somewhat thin in this book. I kept waiting for it to start moving. As I look back on my favorite books in the series, they all have more a much more involved plot or story and less talk or self analysis. The characters in this book were likable but the story never reaches its potential.
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They’d reached the porch, and Blake knocked on the wooden door. Moments later it swung opened. Aunt Bernice greeted them with a beautiful smile, and a finger that wagged only slightly. “Welcome, gentlemen, and do come in. But please, you don’t need to knock. Y’all are family, and we were expecting you.”

Eric couldn’t help but return Bernice’s smile. “We’ll try to remember that, Aunt Bernice. These are for you.” He handed her one of the bouquets.

“Why, how thoughtful. They’re just lovely, thank you. Please come in. Abigail is in the kitchen, but everyone else is in the great room.”

Blake headed toward the kitchen with his bouquet, while Eric made his way to the great room, and the recipient of the last of the three bouquets, Grandma Kate.

He heard the voices before he reached the room. And then he stepped in and felt a sense of…. nerves? Excitement? He couldn’t exactly say, but he felt something because sitting on one end of a settee, and chatting with their hostess, was a woman he and Blake had met two weeks before at Lusty Appetites when she’d been lunching with Kate—Jessica Landry.

The men got to their feet when he entered, and the women turned their gazes on him. Never uncomfortable being the focus of attention, he offered them as friendly a smile as his face knew how to give.

“Hello, all.” He took the few steps necessary and gave Kate the bouquet he’d chosen for her. He bent down and placed a kiss on her cheek. “These are for you. Thank you for inviting us to dinner.”

“Oh, aren’t these lovely! And you’re most welcome. I’m delighted you could come.”

When he straightened, he turned his attention on Jessica. “How nice to see you again, Miss Landry.”

“Jessica, please.”

He felt proud of the control he exhibited because she quite simply captivated him. Her hair brushed her shoulders. When they’d met, she’d worn it up. Now, in the good lights of the great room, Eric took in the healthy shine of her auburn highlights. The word delicate came to mind as he took in her face, yet even in this relaxed setting, he sensed a strength in her. He’d thought her eyes a light brown, like Blake’s. But now he saw they were hazel, the green flecks seeming to draw him in.

He waited until she offered her hand—his mother would be proud that all those social niceties she’d drilled into his thick teenaged head were still there—and then used his thumb to gently stroke the back of hers as they completed the customary handshake. He noted the slight shiver. Good. She feels this attraction, too.

Very good, because Blake had entered the room while he still had hold of Jessica’s hand. He stepped back and watched for a moment as his brother also greeted Kate and then Jessica. From what he could see so far, that appealing woman was the only other guest this evening.

Aunt Bernice had accompanied Blake into the room and relieved Kate of the flowers, likely to put them into a vase for her. Eric paid attention and noticed that Jessica appeared to have a similar reaction to his brother as she’d just had to him.

He couldn’t recall ever feeling this sense of rightness before.

Eric took just a moment to meet his brother’s gaze. Blake’s slight nod told him this was something they’d discuss later.




She’d always assumed that having the necessary condom discussion would be a buzz kill, but she was still horny and their cocks were still hard, and as she stared at them in turn, they each produced a tiny drop of a clear, shimmery looking fluid.

Jessica experienced a new craving, the craving to taste those drops. She licked her lips, and both men cursed.

“That’s it, woman.” Eric, on her left, reached out and laid her flat. He rose above her. The heat fairly pulsed off his body and, with it, the wonder of his individual scent.

Then Blake looked down at her from her right side, and his heat and scent surrounded her as well. She drew in a deep breath. And then, drawn by an unseen force, Jessica put her attention on Eric.

He nodded slowly. “Yes, love. Me.”

She’d been right, then, in her assessment of the dynamics between the brothers. Not that she minded which of the two of them would be her first lover…

Eric bent over her and mated his mouth to hers. He took her back to that amazing place of heat and longing, the very promise of all that was sexy and sweet. Her thoughts evaporated like steam on a frosty morning, and all that mattered was this—the heat, the arousal, and the moment.

As Eric used his tongue to thoroughly seduce her, she felt slight movement on her right. Hot moist heat consumed her right nipple, and a sharp tug on the end pulled her back into an arch. She shivered, because the sensation of one lover sucking her nipple while the other drank her down shot her arousal to where it had been just before she’d come in the shower.

Blake released her nipple with a plop and blew cold air on it, which made her shiver again. The mouth eating hers opened in a smile, and because she wasn’t letting Eric go, she smiled, too.

“I’m going to make you fly.”

Eric’s words bathed her lips, and then he began to make his way down her body. His lips kissed and his tongue licked, and she felt the heat of his affection on her neck then her shoulder. He suckled and then nipped her left nipple, and again, her back arched in hunger, as if a wire connecting her breast and her clit had been suddenly drawn tight.

He nuzzled her navel as he moved so that he was between her legs. He spread them wider, and then he lifted his face from her body.

Jessica had closed her eyes in response to the heat and the horniness. But when he stopped, she opened them and looked down her body.

“Your cunt smells so appetizing, love. I know you can see the truth of my words on my face. And now, I’m going to drink you down.”

Whatever response she might have given the man came out as an unintelligible moan, because he buried his face in her pussy and began to drive her wild.

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