The Great Escape (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Casper 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,827
9 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Small Town, Military, Law Enforcement, MFMMMM, HEA]

Bella Gianna is planning her escape from the prison she has been living in for the last eight months. With no family left and no one to help her, she has no choice but to run or die.

During her escape, she encounters a raid and truly fears for her life. She's alone in Mexico when a soldier who was part of the raid finds her and tells her they were coming to rescue her. Together they avoid local crime and dangers to get out alive.

Their attraction and bond are instant and she has no one she can trust, and the danger and reach of the man who held her prisoner puts her in continuous danger as he evades capture and hunts for her.

Meeting brothers Jessup, Jake, Jaslow, Jeremy and Judge and falling in love is the last things she expects after abuse and danger, but she's determined to have a new life after her great escape.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Great Escape (LoveXtreme)
9 Ratings (4.6)

The Great Escape (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Casper 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,827
9 Ratings (4.6)
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Bella Gianna didn’t even know how she was standing. As she washed up quickly with Judge she wished for a bath, to close her eyes and sleep for days. She wouldn’t be able to though. The nightmare wasn’t over. She was going to be living with fear forever unless someone killed Mardello. Judge helped her and he was as gentle as he could be with what limited time they had. She didn’t even care that he saw her in only a bra, helped to adjust the top and cover her bruises. She heard him curse as he saw her cuts and gashes along her back. He whispered to her.

“When I get you to safety I’ll take care of this. You’re doing great. You’re so strong, Bella Gianna. Your brother and father would be proud,” he said to her and when she locked gazes with him something clicked inside of her as she filled up with tears. They put on their disguises, blended in perfectly with the religious group who didn’t bat an eye at the presence of two strangers joining what had to be a tight knit group. Judge held her against his side and she placed her hand over his thigh as they took the long trip across the desert and to the border. In her heart, her gut she felt as if she knew Judge forever, and that this connection went beyond the danger of their escape, and the circumstances that led to their meeting. She just felt it deep to her soul. He was her rock and this bond would never break. Not ever.

They did as the priest had told them and took out the rosary and prayed. No problem there, she prayed many a night while stuck in her prison. She prayed the pain wouldn’t be so bad. She prayed for the drugs to ease her aches and her mind as she was taken against her will and forced to do things she would never do without those drugs and the beatings. She prayed to be free and to never have to fear again. Those prayers were never answered. She made her escape happen. She killed out of fear, of anger, and revenge. The last place she needed to be was on a bus with people who believed in God, in good always winning over evil, and under the illusion that praying worked.

She felt guilty for her thoughts and for forsaking a God, a way of life and a people that right now were their only chances of getting into the United States and finally free from Mexico and all that happened there. She closed her eyes and she prayed. She prayed so hard and so long as she rocked and Judge held her until they got to the border and the police were there to check IDs and to look at them. She smiled softly, bowed her head and waited as one questioned Judge and he replied in fluent Spanish. Her heart pounded so hard inside of her chest she thought she might have a stroke. The priest spoke next and then they chuckled and the police officer or border police got off the bus and then tapped the hood of the van hard, and the driver went through. She blinked her eyes open and Judge squeezed her to him and turned, lowered toward her face and kissed her forehead.

“Almost there, Bella Gianna,” he said and she turned into his neck, held on to the feeling of safety, of security and it clicked that she did trust him. That this whole escape was accomplished because of Judge, his abilities, his brothers, from what he said and his military experience. She gulped and held on to him as the bus stopped, and she could see the market just as his brother, Jaslow he said, had described. He took her hand and her body was numb from exhaustion and pain. They got off the bus, the money for the priest was taken care of and he wished them well and the group walked one way and they walked the other way. She spotted a black SUV and two very large men standing there. Immediately she saw the badges on their hips. One a U.S. Marshal or maybe a Texas Ranger and the other had a gold shield. She stopped and Judge pulled her along.

“That’s them. My brothers. You’re safe,” he said to her and she turned into him and held on to him for dear life. He had become her lifeline, her rock and she feared what she would be able to handle without him by her side. The thoughts invaded her mind as they got closer and both rugged, gorgeous men looked her over and then smiled.

“All good?” one asked as Judge reached his hand out and she gripped his shirt and moved forward with him. His brothers both squinted.

“Good. Let’s get the fuck out of here,” he said and they nodded and one opened the door for them and Judge helped her into the back seat with their backpacks. He got in next to her and instead of sitting in the main passenger seat she remained close to Judge.

She listened as he took the cell phone from his brother and started talking to the Commander. She could hear him getting irate and his voice getting deeper and angrier.

“Not going to happen. We can’t take that chance. She’s been through hell and then some. She’ll be with me and not on some base where God knows who is involved with this illegal shit and could kill her or take her back to Mardello. We have the room and the underground security shelter in place. Yes, I understand that but the only men she knew and trusted were Leo and Marcus and they’re dead. I take full responsibility. I knew her brother, her father and Leo and Marcus. I know this operation and as you knew my brothers are involved on their end. We are going to resolve this. No, she is my responsibility now, end of conversation. Now if you don’t mind we’re filthy, exhausted, injured and in need of some serious rest and recuperation. I’ll get her settled in and then we’ll go over intel and the next moves. Understood.” He ended the call and his words stood out in her mind.

She was his responsibility. His job, now that all the people she knew, family, friends were dead. She would never be part of anything or anyone. She was all alone, even with these military men and law enforcement men around her. If this ever ended, she would be a battered, abused victim for the rest of her life. Maybe she should have taken all those pills? Maybe she would regret the decision she made in that moment for the rest of her life.




“You’re all perfect. Make me yours,” she said and he lifted her up and she straddled his waist as he carried her out to the bedroom.

She gasped and then looked stunned.

“Jaslow’s doing,” Jessup said as the room turned into a beach scene with the ocean flowing, the sounds off in the distance. His use of technology was exquisite.

“Like it, or would you rather make love under the stars with us?” Jaslow asked.

“I love it,” she said and Jessup placed her feet on the floor and Jaslow slid down on the bed. Jessup turned her around to face him.

“Look at you, gorgeous. So sexy and are those muscles I see on those arms of yours?” Jaslow teased.

She made a muscle. “Maybe.” 

“Get up here,” Jaslow ordered and she paused. Looked at him and licked her lips as Jessup eyed over her sexy ass, the toned thighs and perfect body. She was sexy as sin.

She ran her palms along Jaslow’s spread thighs and right to his cock.

“Fuck,” he hissed and lifted but then lowered.

“I promised you when I was ready. When I could, I would. I’m free with all of you,” she said to Jaslow and then lowered her mouth to his cock and began to suck him down.

“Oh Bella Gianna. Oh yeah, baby. I’m yours. Do as you please,” Jaslow said and leaned back with his arms behind his head and he let her have full control.

“Oh yeah, sweetie, that is hot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jaslow come undone like this,” Jessup said and snickered then pressed up against her back, gripped her hips to pull her back slightly before he began to do some exploring of his own. He ran his palms along her hips and then down toward the front of her. He pressed a finger to her pussy as he suckled against her neck.

“I love this sexy ass. How it feels to have my hand on it whenever I want to,” he said and eased his other hand over her ass and squeezed. She moaned and pressed back.

“I’m going to take you from behind this first time, sweetie, and explore this ass a little too. You want that? Want us to take you in every hole tonight and make this official?”

She moaned louder and thrust back.

“Oh, I would say that’s a yes and that’s the plan,” Jake said, joining them. He caressed her hair as Jessup lowered down, moved his fingers from her cunt and licked her pussy and asshole from behind. He gripped her ass cheeks, squeezed and massaged them as he stroked his tongue along both holes. Back and forth he explored her and then eased up.

“I need,” he said and aligned his cock with her pussy and slowly nudged right in. The second he was fully in her cunt he moaned.

“Oh my God, she is mine. You’re mine, Bella Gianna. Mine,” he said and began to thrust into her cunt.

“I don’t want to come in your mouth the first time, sweetie. I need that pussy,” Jaslow said to her.

“First ease that lube into her asshole. I don’t want her feeling an ounce of pain,” Judge said and then Jessup slowed his pace, eased fingers of lube to her asshole as they all watched.

“Son of a bitch, look at that. Our woman can handle us. She was made for us. My God,” Jeremy said as he watched.

“Together. She can handle it and we need this. Need her to know how perfect she is,” Judge told them.

“Make love to her, one after the next,” Jake said and then Jessup pulled out of her pussy.

“Take his cock, baby. Make him yours,” Jessup told her and she eased her mouth from Jaslow and Jaslow lifted her higher, kissed her on the mouth before she straddled his hips, aligned her pussy with his cock and lowered down over his shaft. They both moaned.

“Let’s do this,” Jessup said and then eased his fingers into her asshole. She gasped. Jeremy climbed up onto the bed.

“Come on, woman, show me you want me,” Jeremy said.

“Oh God this is wild. I need so badly I ache.”

“Take what you need,” Jeremy and Jake said to her at the same time. They all chuckled as Jessup pushed into her asshole with his cock. He nudged and nudged and then she moaned.

“Oh my God,” she exclaimed.

“I need you,” Jeremy said and she looked down at his cock and then lowered, taking his dick between her lips and exploring him.

“Sweet mother, my God, woman. Christ, I could come,” Jeremy said.

“Don’t. Wait for this hot wet pussy,” Jaslow said as he thrust upward.

“Fuck, I won’t last like this. Oh fuck,” Jessup complained.

“Harder, faster then we all switch,” Jaslow said and they did.

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