Eyes on the Prize (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Casper 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,619
10 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Military, MFMMM, HEA]

Felecia Scarlone gave up on ever loving another man again. She's focused on her job and her new life in Casper, just living each day one at a time. When she meets Diver, Drake, Cooper and Andre Lawson, four soldiers who are friends with Sophia's men, she finds herself falling for their good looks and dominant personalities. They break down her defenses and she shares her life story of loss and heartache, as they confess that they too have given up on finding true love and setting down roots in Casper.

Their love grows stronger and she's about to move in with them to the new home she helped them find as their real estate agent when she is abducted by a man who has been writing her letters for the last year, and whom she never took seriously. His eyes are set on her, and it will take her men's capabilities and resources to try and find her to save her before the man who took her claims her fully as his own.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Eyes on the Prize (LoveXtreme)
10 Ratings (4.5)

Eyes on the Prize (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Casper 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,619
10 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing


“Nice to see you again, Felecia,” Andre said to her and he stepped forward to kiss her cheek hello, which was fine, they all did that when they saw her. People were very friendly in Casper and the whole “my friends are your friends” and so forth rang true more often than not. Andre kept his hand on her hip as Cooper kissed her cheek hello, then Drake and when Diver looked her over first with his gorgeous blue eyes and blond hair, she felt faint.

“Felecia,” Sophia chimed in and Felecia was grateful to put some space between her and these men as Sophia hugged her tight. When she pulled back Felecia looked at Sophia’s face and could barely see the discoloration from the bruising. She touched her cheek.

“Almost all gone,” she said. Sophia smiled.

“Almost. Come on, let’s go over toward the other side of the pool and we can sunbathe and catch up on things. Want a drink?” she asked her and Felecia smiled.


“I’ll bring over some bottles of water to you ladies,” Mosely said and then squeezed Sophia’s shoulder. Sophia slid her arm through Felecia’s and they headed toward the other side of the pool.

“I had no idea they would be coming over. L.T. and Daniel went out riding with them earlier and invited them to stay for dinner. Anyway, Mosely and Mack are going to make us some pina coladas while we lay out and relax.”

“Sounds great.”

Sophia chuckled. “You’ll be fine, plus we have a lot to talk about,” Sophia said and pulled off her cover up. 

“Girl, you’ve been training?” Felecia said as she looked her friend over in the purple bikini.

Sophia smiled. “Thank you, but I don’t compare to you and your body. You’ve been working out for years.”

“It’s a way of life, but if I knew you would have some other company I wouldn’t have worn my sunbathing bikini.”

“Ohhh, sounds like it’s skimpy. The Lawson brothers are going to be even more interested.”

“Shit,” she said and crossed her arms over the dress she wore as a cover up.

Sophia laughed and gave her arm a tap. “Come on, we’re losing rays,” she said and Felecia slowly pulled the dress up and over her head. As she bent to grab her sunblock, she saw all four Lawson men in a dead stare at her and she thought she might topple over. Sophia whistled low. “I love that color on you. It brings out your eyes.”

“Thanks,” she said and then applied sunblock as Sophia began to talk. Mosely walked over the bottles of water and kissed Sophia softly then gave a smile to Felecia.


“No problem,” he said and then he headed back toward the others. The music was playing in the background and the guys went back to talking.

“So, I haven’t really told the guys yet, but I spoke to Frank and Adalen a few times this week.”

“Both of them?”



“And with Bernice moving to Dallas to be closer to her grandkids and children, he offered me the full time position as office manager and assistant. Adalene and Frank are up to their ears in responsibilities with the agency growing. Which means some advertising responsibilities and lots of other things.”

“Oh my God, so you’re going to take it, right?”

“Well, I need to talk to the guys.”

“They are so supportive of you, Sophia. They’ll be thrilled.”

“I’m scared though.”

“Scared of the responsibilities?”

“Not really, more so scared of my emotions, the flashbacks I sometimes have when I allow my mind to wander.”

“That’s post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s normal and expected after what you went through. Frank will understand that, and he’ll be helpful too.”

“I just don’t want to embarrass myself. I feel like I can’t do anything alone or without one of the guys with me because they make me feel so safe and loved.”

Felecia smiled. “I get that, but you were always so independent before and they’ll love that you’re getting your life back and feeling both physically and mentally stronger.”

“You think so?”

“Sweetie, your men are pretty damn lethal and they have reputations as well. They’re tough, so are you, that’s why you’re all so compatible,” Felecia said to her and Sophia smiled.

“So I should talk to them tonight?”

“Definitely,” Felecia said and smiled.

* * * *

Diver was pleasantly surprised when Felecia arrived. She was absolutely stunning, classy and so voluptuous it was hard not to be interested. She did allow them to kiss her cheek hello, so maybe progress was being made. She smelled so good too. He wasn’t sure if it was her shampoo or her perfume but he kept inhaling to get a deeper smell of it. He watched and so did his brothers as she pulled off the dress to sunbathe with Sophia. He felt his dick instantly harden, his heart pound inside of his chest and desire and hunger grow for her. She was a perfect ten and then some. Muscular, toned, round, tight ass, full, extra-large breasts that currently drew together in a light green bikini that caused a deep cleavage in the top. Her abs were defined, her thighs defined too and she looked shy as could be. She didn’t need to be shy or self-conscious she was hot. One glance at Andre and the man gave him a look as if he were pleasantly surprised and shocked too.

They weren’t exactly in any position to be looking to date a woman. They never dated women, nor did they think beyond the moment, the need or desire to screw one. She was commitment material, and she was young too, unscathed by the violence of society, and unknowing to the lives of soldiers. She seemed pure and perfect, which gave them no right to even think they should pursue her.




“Christ, look at her ass.” Cooper said and she was too busy being turned on by Drake. The silent, brooding, complicated soldier who just seemed to bring out the arousal in her in an instant when she was trying to slow things down. Now suddenly she didn’t want slow and especially as he slid the strap of her dress down her arm and cupped her breast. Definitely didn’t want to slow down as Cooper slid his finger into her cunt as he suckled on her neck and ran his palm up under her hair and against her neck. They were controlling her movements, dominating her body and she gave in. As he released her lips to lift her higher to suckle on her tit she cried out.

“Get these out of the way,” Diver said and she felt his fingers on her thong and then heard them tear.

“Oh my God!” She came and she came and she was flowing so much she could hear every stroke of Cooper’s fingers. Drake suckled on her tit so hard she got louder.

“I want you. We all do. Do we need condoms, baby?” Drake asked and he thumbed her nipple he just released and she was so oversensitive, and Cooper suckled on her neck as he continued to stroke her pussy.

“It’s so soon.”

“Is it?” Andre asked. They were all right there as she leaned back slightly and looked at them just as she felt Cooper spread her cream over her puckered hole and teased her asshole. She tightened up.

“Say yes,” Diver commanded.

It wasn’t like she was a virgin. She had been celibate for two whole years and she felt so needy right now and with them seemed so right. Drake nipped her chin and then suckled underneath her throat as she tilted her head back. He pinched her nipple.

“Say yes. Do we need condoms?” he pushed and she made the decision based on her desires and her needs.

“I can’t believe this. I want to. I have an IUD. I’m safe, Drake. But scared. It’s been two years.” He cupped her cheek.

“Two years since you had sex?”


“Then your celibacy was for us, for this moment when we would all become one,” he said and then brushed his lips across hers tenderly.

“This is forever, Felecia. We want it all with you. We want what L.T. and his team have with Sophia,” Diver said to her as Drake released her lips

“Your pussy is so fucking wet. It knows we’re your men. Let us claim you our woman,” Cooper said to her.

“We’ll always be here for you forever. Trust us and let go, and we can let go with you as well,” Andre said to her.

“Yes. I want that too. Yes, I want more.”

“And more you’ll get,” Drake said as Cooper slid fingers from her cunt and Drake stood up with her in his arms, straddling his waist. He walked down the hallway to the master bedroom, set her feet on the floor as he back-stepped her towards the bed, their legs tangled and then he lowered down and lifted her dress up and over her head as Andre undid the clip to her necklace. He passed it to Diver, who put it onto the dresser and they started to undress. She helped Drake with his shirt but then his hands froze on her hips after he released it. “What’s this?” he asked, lowering down to his knee, his thick hard cock tapped forward as he thumbed the tattoo on her lower bikini line. It was an American flag, very small and tiny little blue forget-me-nots trailing under it and behind it.

“Damn, baby, that must have hurt,” Andre said, standing there looking at her fully naked as Cooper undid her bra and Diver took a look as well.

She held Drake’s long, thick finger and traced it.

“Forget-me-nots for Alex,” she said and then Drake and the others looked fierce, jealous.

“He was my fiancé. He was my one and only lover from sixteen to twenty-three before he died while serving in the military with the Green Berets. He’s what has held me off from letting go and trusting any other man. Well, men,” she said and gave a soft smile.

“It’s beautiful, and those are a lot of years of memories to remember and hold on to,” Drake said to her, with his head tilted up toward her. She cupped his cheeks.

“I want this. With the four of you, and I know it’s right because I feel it everywhere.”

He lifted up to kiss her lips and that was it. She let go and just felt and gave them everything she had. She held his cheeks and kissed him tenderly while he ran his palms up and down her hips and thighs. She let go of Drake’s cheeks as Cooper suckled the side of her breast then stepped back..

“Sweet Jesus, woman,” Diver said and cupped a breast on one side while Andre cupped her other breast and Drake began to lick her pussy. As he lifted her thigh up over his shoulder, Cooper held her tight. She felt his mouth against her neck and then Andre and Diver’s mouths suckling her breasts, tugging on her nipples while Drake stroked her cunt and alternated mouth and fingers.

“We’re going to take you in every hole. Claim every inch of you and mark you our woman, Felecia. We want to be your everything,” Cooper said and gripped her hair and tilted it slightly so he could kiss her lips. The move caused her to stretch out her torso and it gave Drake even better space to lick her cunt and asshole back and forth.

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