Instant Healing (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Casper 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,817
9 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Small Town, MFMMM, HEA]

Flo Mavis is untrusting and just wants to learn to live free and without pain. So risking her heart and giving a menage a chance isn't in the game plan. Fate steps in and has her thinking about sex again. Maybe she should just let things happen instead of overthinking. Maybe if she could do it with no strings, it will work out and be fun. The last thing she expects is to feel so connected to brothers, Brent, Brian, Brogan and Benson Hughes. Now she wants more. But they want less. No commitments, a good time, no pain. Could they have been hurt before too?

When trouble brews and honesty is accepted, they all learn how similar they are and how perfect they could be. There are things to work out and personalities to accept, but all in all, they fall in love and she would do anything to keep them safe. Including bringing down the man who not only hurts two of her men and innocent people but the man who nearly killed her and was the reason she left New York to begin with.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Instant Healing (LoveXtreme)
9 Ratings (4.4)

Instant Healing (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Casper 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,817
9 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing


“Are you a model or actress trying to get discovered?” he asked.

She chuckled. “No, why?” she asked.

He slid his finger along the top of her hand that was over the cloth wiping the bar. “I was going to tell you that I have connections, and I may or may not be able to hook you up with someone who could make you famous. We should spend some time together. Maybe go over your dreams.”

She could sense Benson moving but she didn’t look toward him. Instead she leaned closer. “Are you looking to get lucky tonight?” she asked.

“Hell yeah, baby.”

“Well then, I suggest you don’t come back over here and bother me with your line of bullshit again, because I know people too, and the kind I know can make a guy like you disappear.” She slowly pulled back and he cleared his throat, grabbed his beer and hurried away. When she chuckled and turned to the left she locked on to both Brogan and Benson, who eyed her over but it was Brogan who spoke to her.

“You know people like that, huh?” he asked.

“Nope, just know how to deal with assholes. Did you need another round?” she asked. And both nodded as Brent and Brian walked over.

She turned to get the bottle and then brought it over to pour Brogan and Benson another glass.

“Long time no see, Flo.”

“Hello, Brent,” she said and he widened his eyes and then placed his hand on the bar.

“Oh, it’s ‘Brent’ now, huh? No Officer Hughes.”

She held his gaze and realized that her comment to get out of replying to a date with him had obviously insulted him. “If you prefer Officer Hughes then I’ll stick to that. Did you need a drink?”

“I’ll take a Yuengling, doll,” Brian said to her.

“I’ll take one too and then an answer to my question,” Brent said to her. She hated that he looked so good that it got to her. That his confident attitude and older, more mature demeanor was a turn on. Now here were four brothers sitting before her and she knew how this town worked and she wasn’t biting.

She got the two beers from the cooler, opened them and then set them down. Brent covered her hand over his bottle.

“What’s the answer to my question?”

“The same as earlier today. Now, if you don’t mind,” she said and started to pull back. He released her hand and pulled up the bottle but before he took a sip he held her gaze.

“Would love to know why you don’t date cops,” he said and his brothers all suddenly looked pissed off and Brian spoke up.

“You got something against cops?”

“I didn’t mean it like that. You cornered me, and then I was doing fine on my own and on my own is how I like things,” she replied.

“You aren’t getting away with that answer,” Brent said.

“How do you feel about firefighters?” Brian flirted.

She shook her head but then heard a crash, looked and Eddie dropped some glasses. She went over to help him and saw he cut his hand. “Eddie, your hand,” she said and pulled off her bandana and wrapped it around it.

“Shit, I’m sorry. Let me get some bandages and then clean this up,” Eddie said to her.

“Go get ice on it and grab the first aid kit. Maybe one of the bosses is back there and Gordon and I can clean this up,” she said and then grabbed the broom and the dustpan as Gordon continued filling orders. She knew her top was low cut and revealed a whole lot of cleavage and that was why she wore the bandana but she didn’t think, she just wanted to help when she gave it to Eddie. Feeling extra exposed now to these four men, she avoided them a few minutes until she knew they needed more beers. When she did return with another round they weren’t staring at her breasts but completely into her eyes and her face. She placed down the beers but Brogan and Benson declined more bourbon.

“So, my question? Ya got an answer?” Brian asked her.

She shook her head. “How about I make this simple. I don’t date.”




“Do it, bro. Fuck that pussy and claim her.” Brent told him. Brian released her breast to pass a condom. She was doing this and boy, was she turned on.

She heard the wrapper tear and her pussy felt needy as she sensed Brogan’s cock grow thicker somehow.

“Harder,” Brent ordered, his hand in her hair pressing her head over Benson’s cock. They definitely liked full control and as her pussy clenched it was obvious her body liked that a lot. A moment later she felt the tip of Brogan’s cock at her pussy.

“Here I come, Flo. The fun begins now,” he said and eased his cock into her cunt. He nudged and nudged as Brian and Brent tugged on her nipples as Benson held her head.

“Restrain her as you fuck her. Let her know she’s ours,” Benson said and she nearly released Benson’s cock as Brogan gripped her hands behind her back, her wrists with one hand and her hip with the other and began to thrust into her pussy from behind. She came in an instant, the sound filling the room.

“Fuck,” Benson said and held her head as he came in her mouth. She swallowed and panicked slightly, he was so big and came so much but she gave in to the desires. She eased her mouth off of him and laid her cheek against his softened cock and muscular thigh as Brogan thrust into her pussy over and over again until he came. In a flash it was chaos. Brogan pulled out, Brian lifted her up into his arms and pressed her to the bed. He kissed her, aligned his condom covered cock with her cunt and shoved right into her. He raised her hands above her head and held her wrists as he thrust and thrust. He lifted up, she squeezed her thighs against his hips.

“Fuck, I love your breasts. I love your body. You’re all woman,” he said and eased out of her and went to suckle on her tits one after the next. He suckled so hard she gasped but then Brent was there holding down her wrists.

“The first time will be fast. You’re fit for kings,” he said to her and kissed her on the mouth while Brian thrust into her cunt over and over again. He held her hips and then pulled out. Brent released her lips and her wrists and Brian flipped her onto her belly, pulled her down to the edge of the bed and she held on as he fucked her from behind.

“Her ass is beautiful. I want to fuck her ass,” Brian said and thrust faster and deeper.

“Oh God, Brian, no. I’m not ready for that,” she said and they got silent.

“You ever have a dick in your ass, baby?” Brent asked her.

“No. Oh God, no.” She cried out her release.

“Fuck, that’s hot. A virgin ass. Fuck, I’m there,” Brian said and came. He kissed along her shoulders, down her back and was rubbing his palms all over her like he truly loved her body. She was so glad she exercised and had big breasts like they seemed to like a lot. When he stepped away Brent was there. He lifted her up and sat on the edge of the bed. She straddled his hips and he cupped a breast while he slid his palm under her hair and head.

“You okay for more?”

She went to answer when Benson stepped in behind her, his cock hard again as it tapped against her ass and spine.

“She better be. She accepted our bed tonight, and with it our command and control,” he said as he suckled on her neck in a sensitive spot and slid his finger into her cunt and then over her asshole. He repeated the movement and her asshole tingled and suddenly she wanted to try anal sex. It was like she was going for it all tonight with these dominant men.

Brent kissed her on the mouth. She ran her palm along his shaft and slid her palm back and forth.

“I want you to ride Brent while I explore this virgin ass. You fuck him good and hard and we’ll make you come like never before,” Benson said and eased his thumb along her asshole. She lifted up and aligned her pussy with Brent’s cock. She ran her palms up his chest, absorbed the tattoos and muscles galore on him. The man was a god. All four of them were big all over. Her dormant pussy would surely ache by morning.

She gasped when she felt something cool against her asshole. Benson gripped her shoulder. “Rock those hips and feel his cock.”

She did as he commanded and every time she thrust up and down and held on to Brent, Brent would suckle her tit, tug and release it in every motion. Behind her she felt Benson’s finger nudge into her lubricated asshole. She was shocked by the burning sensation but then the vibrations of need that filled her to her core. In and out, up and down, she got used to it and curious about it. How would it feel?



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