Together, Anything Is Possible (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Casper 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,509
9 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Small Town, Military, Law Enforcement, MFMMM, HEA]

Elana Fayton is a survivor and she is trying to overcome her PTSD and begin a new life in Casper. She is attracted to Pinto Plummel, the agent who helped to rescue her but feels it's hero worship and isn't real. When she meets his three brothers Lou, Ottis, and Range separately and feels the same strong pull, it becomes pretty clear that it's more than just hero worship, but in fact her destiny. Whenever they are together anything seems possible.

When her ex's brother Raul returns to capture her and make her his woman to imprison for his own pleasure, he threatens to kill Pinto right in front of her so she will submit. She fears that his brothers and their friends will not be able to find them, but then realizes she is a new woman. She is stronger, more determined, and is ready to fight or die trying to save Pinto's life.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Together, Anything Is Possible (LoveXtreme)
9 Ratings (4.7)

Together, Anything Is Possible (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Casper 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,509
9 Ratings (4.7)
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“This is Ottis, and his brother Range. Guys, this is Elana,” Felecia introduced them and he shook her hand first and inhaled the pleasant scent of shampoo or perfume. He felt an instant attraction and that shocked him, but she was beautiful and her blue eyes pretty different and bright. She had full lips, a sweet smile and she shyly looked away and then shook his brother’s hand. She pulled back quickly and wiped her hands along her hips.

“So, Felecia says you have a lot of expertise in this type of work. She explained a little bit about military housing and developments you’ve helped to create and build. I’m looking for something on a small scale, more intimate, and private, but like a resort of sorts. A calming place, with gardens, and other activities, and a place to recoup and heal, for those women who have survived or even escaped abusive relationships.”

Ottis looked around at the building and the property. “This is a great place, but it does need some updating and overhauling. Are you looking to open soon, do you want to wait until the full construction and additions are complete or is it a work in progress?” Range asked her as he kept eyes on her.

She took a deep breath and exhaled. “To be honest, I’m open to suggestions. However, I have already compiled a list of women who need this type of place already.” She turned to look at it and continued speaking, and he took in the sight of her in the blue dress, so sexy and classy. She sure was a gorgeous woman who stood out. He didn’t like to think that she was abused and he didn’t know any details because Pinto didn’t fully explain, but he knew she nearly died. She was feminine and thin and couldn’t protect herself from an aggressive person, never mind a male out to hurt her. It made him feel protective and he didn’t even know the woman.

“I was thinking that perhaps we could get things started in the building and then once it’s complete or almost complete we could begin the additions.”

”That’s a good idea, and whomever you chose for the construction would have time to plan accordingly and in phases,” Felecia said.

“You’re going to shop around for builders?” Ottis asked. She looked at him and then eyed them both over.

“I don’t think I’ll need to, considering that Felecia recommended you immediately and I know your brother, Pinto. Of course we would have to go over things to confirm, but my gut is saying that you’re good guys and will do the job right.”

“We can give you a list of references if you want, and we are reliable, hardworking and we clean up after ourselves. If you’re serious about pursuing this, now is a good time as any because we just finished a large job and were going to take a little break for a few weeks. We could instead sit down with you and go over things in more detail and come up with a budget,” Ottis said to her.

“I think that sounds fair, plus, since you have done this work as a housing developer for the military, then you know I don’t need anything high end, but I want something nice, appealing to the eyes and comforting. These women will be needy and scared, so safety is very important.”

“Will you be hiring security?” Range asked her with his hands on his hips as he looked at her body.

“Eventually, yes. I’ll talk to Lizzy’s men about that or even the Chief of Police,” she said to them.

“We know a great company that can handle security cameras from the smallest level to the highest. So if you want some advice there, we can also help with that too,” Ottis told her and she smiled.

“I think this will work out perfectly,” she said and looked back at the building, looking very inspired.

* * * *

Range couldn’t believe how beautiful Elana was, and as they followed her inside with Felecia, the attraction grew stronger, but then he felt badly because he remembered she had been a victim not long ago and was probably staying clear from men and any relationships. Why he even though the thought surprised him. They didn’t date. Lou definitely didn’t date and disappeared more often than not to go camping or fishing alone or with some military buddies. Pinto was busy with the government job and he and Ottis threw themselves into their work and maybe hung out with friends in town. As Ottis asked her a few questions about her ideas for renovations it became clear that she was not only very organized, but had thought this through. She was professional as well.

“What do you do for a living?” he asked her and she glanced at him as Felecia took a phone call to the seller. Apparently they were negotiating offers.

“Really? Come on.”

“What? We don’t know anything about you,” Range replied.

“Oh really? I’m sure Pinto—”

“Didn’t say anything or give details. Not about your life, your profession or anything else. We just know that you were abducted and nearly died and that you were in an abusive relationship,” Ottis replied in a hard tone that seemed to shut her up, which wasn’t his intention. Range cleared his throat and stepped closer.

“It’s just that you seem very professional, organized and like you’ve done this before, that’s all,” he said to her and they locked gazes. She took an unsteady breath. He heard it.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be sensitive to questions. I just assumed since you’re brothers that you, probably like other brothers, share everything.”

“Well, we do share a lot of things, but he didn’t expand on you,” Range said, sounding flirty to his own ears as he looked her over in appreciation. Her lips parted as if shocked and her face went flush.




“Dessert first,” Pinto said and he joined in, slid his palms along her calves as he knelt down on the floor, pushed her dress slowly up her thighs as she locked gazes with Lou. He stared down into her stunning blue eyes and could see the fear, the insecurity but also the desire. She was battling herself and what she wanted against what she feared.

“You’re doing fine, because you know you trust us and we will never hurt you, Elana. We will always put you first. At any point if you feel you need a moment, you let us know. There’s no rush. We have forever. You realize that, right? That we have forever?” he asked as she moaned and nodded her head. Tears filled her eyes.

“I want forever with you and your brothers. I want this so badly I ache.”

“It’s okay, baby. Trust us to take care of you,” Ottis said as he stood on one side of her and Range stood on the other. His brothers joined in.

“I do trust you. Oh God, Pinto. Pinto.” She moaned and closed her eyes. Range caressed her hair and leaned over to kiss her bare shoulder. Lou held her steady as his brother Pinto stroked her cunt while Ottis lifted her thigh up against Lou’s hip on one side.

“Kiss me, baby. Let go and become ours,” Lou said and she did. She tilted up as she rocked her hips back and forth against Pinto’s fingers.

“So fucking sexy. Your thighs are muscular and toned, your ass so fucking perfect,” Ottis said and he kissed her neck as he more than likely was rubbing her thigh to her ass by the feel of his arm moving. She released Lou’s lips and hugged him tight, her cheek against his chest. Range kissed her cheek.

“You’re exceptional.”

“She sure the hell is and absolutely delicious,” Pinto said.

“I want a taste of our sweet woman before we start this date night,” Ottis said and Pinto moved and Ottis took his place, lowered down behind her and massaged her ass.

* * * *

Ottis massaged and kneaded her sexy ass cheeks. He could see her cunt leaking cream, all moist and ready for them. He tilted his head up as he fingered her cunt from behind. Pinto raised her thigh up against Lou’s waist just as he had done earlier, exposing her pussy and asshole. He wanted so much. He wanted every inch of her. Pinto was kissing her as Lou was sliding his palm up under her dress against her back. They were removing her dress. More and more of her perfect skin came into sight as Ottis licked along her lower back and Range unclipped her bra. He ran his free hand up her spine while he thrust fingers into her cunt and kissed what skin he could reach. Ottis felt his dick get so fucking hard his jeans were super tight, as well as his chest. He felt so much. He closed his eyes and prayed to the gods that this was real. That this feeling he had with all of them together made anything possible. He licked along her lower back and ass, right down the crack as he removed his fingers, continued to feast on her asshole and then to her cunt. She was moaning and rocking her hips when she came for him. He suckled and slurped, couldn’t get enough of her taste, of the scent of her body lotion, so enticing and feminine just like Elana. He was lost in the sensations, in the hunger and need for more when he felt the tap to his shoulder.

“I need her, then Lou,” Range said and he nodded his head and nipped her ass cheek. She gasped, and as Ottis stood up, he saw she was completely naked and Pinto was sucking on one breast while Lou was sucking on another. She was so well endowed and they were trying to get more of it into their mouths but couldn’t.

“Fuck, you’re super hot, baby, like a centerfold, holy Christ, we hit the jackpot,” Ottis said and Range took his place.

“We sure the hell did,” Range said and Elana moaned.

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